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Living The Christian Faith - Class 8 CRE Revision Notes

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Living The Christian Faith

The Meaning of Prayer

  • Prayer is communicating withy God
  • There are two types of prayers namely:
    1. Private prayer
    2. Public prayer
  • During prayer Christians hold a conversation with God. 4. In prayer, one talks to god and also listens to Him.
  • There are four elements of prayers
    1.  Adoration
    2. Confession
    3. Thanksgiving
    4. Supplication
  • Adoration involves praise and worship
  • Supplication involves petition and intercession
  • Petition is a prayer on behalf of oneself.
  • Intercession is a prayer on behalf of others.
  • Prayers should be made in faith and humility.


  1. Confession should be accompanied by
  2. The parable of teaches about humility in prayer.

Private and Public Prayers

  • Prayer is a conversation with God.
  • There are public and private prayers
  • Private prayer is when one converses with God
  • It is called individual or solo prayer
  • Public prayer is made in a group
  • It is also called communal or corporate prayer
  • Public prayer is made aloud
  • Such prayers are made in schools, homes or churches
  • Public prayers are also made during occasions such as
    1. Church services
    2.  Weddings
    3. National holidays
    4. Christian holidays
  • God answers public and private prayers


  1. State the meaning of the following Christian groups abbreviations
    1. C U
    2.  YMCA
    3. YWCA
    4. CA
  2.  Acts 2:42 says________________

Answers to Prayers

  • God listens to and answers prayers
  • We know God has answered our prayers when what we pray for happens
  • Christians expect answers to both public and private prayers
  • God can answer prayers in three ways namely:-
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Wait
  • God answers prayers according to his will
  • When God answers “no” it might be that we prayed for something that can harm you
  • God answers “wait” when the time is not appropriate for our requests.
  • Saul consulted a medium at Endor when God failed to answer his prayers.
  • God was angry with Saul because of his disobedience.
  •  We should obey God so that our prayers get answered.


  1. Write a prayer before exams
  2. State four elements of prayers

Difference Between Prayer and Magicians

  1. Magic is manipulating forces in the universe to achieve results.
  2. It can be used for good or evil purposes
  3. Consulting magicians comes from lack of trust in God.
  4. Traditional Africans used magic to produce :-
    1. Wealth
    2. Luck
    3. Success
    4. Good health.
  5. Magic creates dependence on magicians who may control victims to their detriment.
  6. Prayer, unlike magic has positive effects on a Christian.
  7. It is guided by the free will of a Christian
  8. Christian prayers lead to peace and reconciliation with God, oneself and others
  9. Simon of Samaria used magic to do wonders.
  10. He tried to buy the Holy Spirit using money which offended God.


  1. The words magician utter are called_________________
  2. Magicians cast__________________ on their victims.

The Relationship Between Fasting And Prayer

  • Fasting and prayer are Christians practices.
  • Fasting is voluntarily denying oneself food and spend time in prayer.
  • It involves self denial and disciplined commitment
  • Fasting intensifies the effects of prayers
  • Jesus taught his disciples to be humble when praying and fasting.
  • He taught that fasting should not be done for a public show.
  • One can fast to pray for personal or individual needs.
  • Fasting can also be done to intercede for others.
  • Genuine fasting is rewarded by God.
  • Prayer and fasting brings one nearer to God.


  1. State three bible personalities who went without food for forty day
    1. _____________________
    2. _____________________
    3. _____________________
  2. Jesus taught that prayer and fasting should be done in_____________________

Self-Denial in Service to Others

  • Self-denial is depriving oneself of certain things so as to serve others
  • Fasting is an example of self-denial in order to pray.
  • Christians also sacrifices money and other resources to serve God.
  • Christians also sacrifice their time to serve
    1. The aged
    2. Destitute children
    3. Prisoners
    4. People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Jesus taught that following Him is about self denial
  • He taught that Christians must put the interest of others before their own
  • Following Jesus involves carrying the cross daily.
  • The cross is a symbol of suffering.


  1. List five ways through which Christians demonstrates self-denial
    1. _______________
    2. _______________
    3. _______________
    4. _______________
    5. _______________
  2. Celibacy means______________

Faith in Daily Actions

  • Christians face many challenges that require them to demonstrate their faith
  • A committed Christian should trust in God even in difficult circumstances
  • Christians can demonstrate their faith by :-
    1. Obeying God’s commandments
    2. Observing set rules and regulations
    3. Reporting crime to lawful authorities.
    4. Being role models
    5. Helping the needy.
    6. Self-denial
    7. Practicing honesty and integrity.
  • The bible teaches that Christians should offer themselves as a living sacrifice.
  • They should dedicate themselves to God’s service
  • Christians should please God in all they do.
  • They should allow God to transform them inwardly to be like Him
  • We should emulate the example of patriarchs who had total faith in God.


  1. ________________was considered blameless and walked with God
  2. God called a man after my own heart.

The Meaning of Living Faith

  • Living faith involves actions dictated by gospel values.
  • Gospel values include :-
    1. Honesty
    2. Integrity
    3. Love
    4. Mutual caring
    5. Sharing
  • Apostle James teaches that Christian’sfaith should be meaningful
  • Living faith is accompanied by actions
  • It involves practically showing concern for the needy.
  • Faith without action is dead.
  • James also taught that Christiansshould confess their sins to one another
  • A prayer made in faith by a righteous person has power to heal.
  • Jesus taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
  • We should demonstrate living faith in all we do.


  1. The crippled beggar at the Beautiful gate was healed by _______________ and ______________
  2. State three reasons for fasting
    1. ______________________
    2. ______________________
    3. ______________________
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