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Jesus Christ's Victory Over Pain and Suffering - Class 8 CRE Revision Notes

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Jesus Christ's Victory Over Pain and Suffering

Causes of Suffering

  • Suffering is the feeling of pain, sorrow or discomfort.
  • All people experience suffering in different ways
  • Suffering is caused by:-
    1. Natural calamities
    2. Negligence
    3. Sickness and death
    4. Irresponsible sexual behavior
    5. Armed attacks e.g. by robbers
    6. War and ethnic clashes
    7. Violence in homes, at school
    8. Drug substance abuse.
    9. Jesus taught that suffering can be caused by sins
    10. He forgave the sins of the paralyzed man and took away his suffering.
  • Suffering can also come so that God’s glory may be seen
  • Jesus took away the suffering of the blind man when He sent him to the pool of Siloam.
  • We should trust in God to overcome all forms of suffering.


  1. The Word Siloam means?
  2. Write three examples of natural calamities.

Pain and Suffering

  • Pain and suffering are the same or related
  • There are three main types of suffering:
    1. Physical suffering
    2. Emotional suffering
    3. Mental suffering
  • Physical suffering involves inflicting pain on the body.
  • Emotional suffering involves feelings such as guilt, sadness or joy.
  • Mental suffering relates to the mind
  • Job suffered mentally, emotionally and physically
  • He suffered physically because he got sores all over his body.
  • He suffered emotionally because he lost the children he loved
  • Job also suffered mentally when he lost everything he owned.
  • We should remain faithful to God who helps us overcome suffering.


  1. State three types of suffering each with a valid example
  2. Name another person in the bible other than Job who suffered physically.
  3. Job 2:10 says_____________________

Varieties of Mental Suffering

  • Any problem that affects the mind causes mental suffering
  • Not all people who suffer mentally are mad
  • Some people may be depressed while others are retarded.
  • Mental suffering can be caused by:-
    1. Diseases
    2. Injury to the brain
    3. Disturbing experiences
    4. Being naturally born in such a state
    5. Drug and substance abuse.
  • Jesus healed a man who suffered mentally in Gerasa territory.
  • The man had an evil spirit which made him mad.
  • He was called legion or mob because the demons in him were many
  • Jesus has the power to heal those who suffer mentally.


  1. The evil spirits in legion begged Jesus not to__________
  2. Mad people are also called_____________
  3.  To be possessed means__________________

Varieties of Physical Suffering

  • Physical suffering occurs when pain is inflicted in the body.
  • Physical suffering can be caused by :-
    1. Injury
    2. Deprivation
    3. diseases
    4. Brutality
    5. War
    6. Poverty
    7. injustice
  • Jesus taught the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.
  • The rich man lived in great luxury and comfort
  • Lazarus had sores on his body and no food to eat
  • The rich man did not show love and concern for Lazarus.
  •  Lazarus competed with dogs for left over’s from the rich man’s table
  • Lazarus trusted in God and ended up being rewarded in paradise.


  1. List down four examples of suffering
  2. The _____________of _________________, the first Christian martyr made him suffer physically.

Varieties of Emotional Suffering

  • People suffer emotionally when they feel rejected or unloved.
  • Other cause of emotional suffering may include :-
    1. Conflict between friends or relatives
    2. Failure in exams
    3. Harassment and bullying
    4. Loss of loved ones
    5. Breakdown in relationship
    6. Unemployment or loss of a job.
    7. Poverty.
  • When people suffer emotionally they cry or weep.
  • Emotional suffering can be overcome through prayer and moral support.
  • It can also be dealt with through guidance and counseling.
  • Jesus was tried both by Pirate and Sanhedrin.
  • He suffered emotionally because of the false accusations brought up against Him
  • Like Jesus, we should always trust in God to help us overcome suffering.


  1. Which actions of the soldiers made Jesus suffer emotionally?
    1. ______________________
    2. ______________________
  2. Jesus persevered because his suffering had_____________________

Jesus Christ Triumphs Over Pain and Suffering

  • Jesus underwent pain and suffering
  • He persevered suffering in humility and silence
  • He accepted his suffering to save mankind from sin.
  • Jesus was the final sacrifice for the deliverance of man
  • He suffered to accomplish a mission which was the will of God.
  • Prophet Isaiah referred to Jesus as the suffering servant.
  • While on the cross Jesus said the following things
    1. Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani
    2. Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.
    3. Behold your mother, behold your son.
    4. Today you will be with me in paradise
    5. I am thirsty
    6. Father, into your hands I place my spirit.
    7. It is done it is finished.
  • Christians remember Jesus victory over pain and suffering during Easter.


  1. The man who repented after he was crucified with Jesus was________________
  2. After Jesus’ death, the centurion said__________________

The Purpose of Suffering

  1. Suffering is worthwhile when it has a purpose
  2. Africans suffered as they fought for independence
  3. Jesus died in order to save us from our sins
  4. Jesus died physically but resurrected from the dead.
  5. Christians share the experience of Jesus through baptism.
  6. We share the privilege of Noah, who together with his family was saved from the flood.
  7. When we suffer because we are Christians, we shall be rewarded. Christians should not suffer for immoral things.
  8. Apostle peter taught that those who suffer for Christ glorify God.
  9.  In suffering Christians should trust God because He keeps His promises.


  1.  A martyr is________________
  2. _________________was the first Christian martyr
  3. Jesus sweat blood in the_______________ of ______________


  • A martyr is a person who suffers or dies for their faith.
  • Throught history, many people have died or suffered because they refused to denounce their faith.
  • Kabaka Mwanga’s rule in the Buganda kingdom led to the death of many Christian
  • Among those who died were Charles Lwanga, Joseph Mukasa kizito and Mathias Mulumb
  • There is a shrine dedicated to the martyr at Namugongo
  • Stephen was the first Christians martyr
  • He was one of the seven deacons
  • The seven deacons were
    1. Philip
    2. Nicanor
    3. Prochorus
    4. Nicolaus
    5. Permenas
    6. Timon
    7. Stephen
  •  Stephen was opposed by the Libertines, the synagogue of Freedmen.
  • Jesus promised us the holy spirit to help endure suffering.


  1. Mention tha North African Martyrs
  2. Acts 7:60 says_________________

Christian Suffering Today

  • Some Christians suffer rejection from their friends and relatives
  • They are considered traitors because of forsaking their traditional way of life
  • Some people are sent away from home after responding to the call for salvation.
  • Persistent prayer and faith in God strengthens one’s resolve to follow Christ
  • The bible teaches that Christians should share in Christ suffering.
  • God rewards those who remain faithful even when persecuted.
  • God also saves people from danger and provides them with their needs.
  • We should pray for Christians undergoing persecution.


  1. State three types of suffering
  2. The words spoken by Stephen similar to those spoken by Jesus were_______________________

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