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Social Studies and CRE Questions and Answers - Class 8 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1

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deti area uygauydga

Use the map of DETI Area to answer questions 1 to 7.

  1. The general direction of flow of River Deti is.
    1. North West to South East. 
    2. Sourth East to North West. 
    3. North to South.
    4. North East to South West.
  2. Which one of the following economic activities is NOT carried out in Deti area?
    1. Crop farming.
    2. Lumbering
    3. Trading
    4. Mining
  3. The approximate length of the tarmac road in Uvui! sub-county is.
    1. 19km
    2. 1km
    3. 8km
    4. 13km
  4. The residents of Deti area are LIKELY to be. 
    1. Christians. 
    2. Muslims 
    3. Pagans
    4. Hindus.
  5. The climate experienced in Uvuu sub-county
    1. cool and dry
    2. hot and dry.
    3. hot and humid. 
    4. cool and wet.
  6. Traders in Deti town obtain their trading licences from the
    1. county offices.
    2. police station
    3. sub-county offices.
    4. post office.
  7. The settlement pattern shown in Deti arcais.
    1. linear.
    2. evenly distributed.
    3. nucleated.
    4. clustered.
  8. Three of the following statements are TRUE about the Kabaka of Buganda. Which one is NOT? He
    1. had centralised government. 
    2. was also known as Ssabataka. 
    3. inherited kingship from his father, usually a former king.
    4. had a council of elders called Wanyamphala.
  9. Which one of the following is a modern way of interaction among Kenyans?
    1. Initiation.
    2. Birthday celebrations.
    3. Wars.
    4. Migrations.

Use the diagram below to answer question 10.
10 aiuhdiuad

  1. Which economic activity is the MOST suitable for the area marked side B?
    1. Bee keeping 
    2. Crop farming.
    3. Livestock keeping.
    4. Dairy farming
  2.  Population distribution in Kenya is MAINLY influenced by
    1. transport and communication.
    2. urbanisation.
    3. The climate.
    4. physical features.
  3. Below are functions of a school committee. Which one is NOT?
    1. Employing teachers.
    2. Instilling discipline in pupils.
    3. Buying learning materials.
    4. Building the school.
  4. Which one of the following factors LEAST explains why the Bantus migrated from  Congo forest?
    1. Need for water and pasture for their domestic animals. 
    2. Population pressure. 
    3. Need for fertile land where they could grow cash crops.
    4. External and internal conflicts in the Congo forest.
  5. Seyyid Said and William Mackinnon have one thing in COMMON. It is that they,
    1. established trade routes in Eastern Africa.
    2. combined exploration and missionary work
    3. were sent by the royal Geographical Society to Africa.
    4. resisted the British.colonial rule in Eastern Africa.
  6. Three of the following were drought-resistant crops grown in traditional farming. Which one is NOT?
    1. Finger millet.
    2. Sweet potatoes.
    3. Sorghum.
    4. Cassava.
  7. Three of the following are roles of a class teacher. Which one is NOT?
    1. Maintaining class discipline. 
    2. Resolving conflicts arising in class.
    3. Providing guidance services to pupils.
    4. Preparing the teachers' duty roster.
  8. Which one of the following weather instruments is CORRECTLY matched with the element of weather it measures?
    1. Barometer - Temperature. 
    2. Hygrometer - Atmospheric pressure.
    3. Anemometer - Speed of wind.
    4. Wet-bulb thermometer - Temperature.
  9. The MAIN problem facing sea fishing in Kenya and Tanzania is,
    1. poor transport.
    2. inadequate market for fish.
    3. bad fishing methods.
    4. lack of modern fishing equipment.
  10. Which one of the following is the MOST effective way of resolving a conflict involving the outcome of parliamentary elections in Kenya?
    1. Dialogue.
    2. Litigation.
    3. Mediation.
    4. Arbitration.
  11. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE about customary marriages in Kenya?
    1. A man is allowed to marry many wives.
    2. They are conducted by clan elders.
    3. They are strictly monogamous.
    4. Dowry is paid to the bride's parents.
  12. Which one of the following countries of Eastern Africa is CORRECTLY matched with the year she gained her independence?
    1. Sudan - 1956
    2. Somalia · 1963
    3. Eritrea - 1977
    4. Uganda - 1961
  13. The statements below describe a climatic region in Africa.
    1. It experiences two dry and two wet seasons. 
    2. It experiences high iremperatures throughout the year
    3. It mainly receives convectional - rainfall. 
    4. The region covers the largest section of Africa.
      The climatic region described above is LIKELY to be,
      1. Equatorial climatic region.
      2. Tropical climatic region.
      3. Mediterranean climatic region.
      4. Temperate climatic region.

Use the map of East africa provided below to answer questions 23 to 26
23 augduyagda

  1. The river marked Kis,
    1. Rufiji.
    2. Tana.
    3. Pangani;
    4. Kagera.
  2. The inland port marked Zis
    1. Jinja.
    2. Mwanza.
    3. Mombasa.
    4. Kisumu.
  3. The national park marked W is known as,
    1. Aberdare National park.
    2. Serengeti National park.
    3. Kidepo Valley National park.
    4. Ruwenzori National Park.
  4. The community that used the migration route marked Tinto East Africa comprised of the,
    1. Nilotes.
    2. Semites.
    3. Cushites.
    4. Bantu.
  5. Which one of the following groups of lakes comprises of lakes formed due to downwarping? Lakes,
    1. Kyoga, Chad and Bangweulu.
    2. Manyara, Eyasi and Magadi.
    3. Shala, Nyds and Itasy..
    4. Teleki, Siwa and Victoria.
  6. The MAIN benefit of the volta River Scheme to economy of Ghana is,
    1. controlling floods in the Lower Volta.
    2. generation of foreign exchange.
    3. generation of electricity.
    4. expanding irrigation.
  7. Three of the following are responsibilites of a Kenyan citizen. Which one is NOT?
    1. Working hard
    2. Rigging in elections.
    3. Protecting our families.
    4. Defending the constitution at all times.
  8. Which one of the following factors promote peace in the society?
    1. Vigilante groups.
    2. Border conflicts. 
    3. Cultures that glorify violence.
    4. Religious freedom.
  9. Miombo woodlands in Tanzania have sparse population MAINLY due to,
    1. mining activities. 
    2. pests and diseases.
    3. insecurity.
    4. harsh climatic conditions.
  10. Below are uses of a mineral.
    1. It is used in preservation of fertilizer.
    2. Making linings for big ovens. 
    3. It is used as a filtering agent in the manufacture of soft drinks.
      The mineral with the above uses is LIKELY to be,
      1. diatomite.
      2. limestone.
      3. flourspar.
      4. soda ash.
  11. The basic unit of a society is,
    1. the clan.
    2. a community
    3. the family
    4. the school.
  12. Which of the following is TRUE about parliamentary democracy? 
    1. It is an indirect type of democracy.
    2. It gives all individuals a chance to make decisions.
    3. It is also called liberal deinocracy.
    4. People own the laws they make collectively,
  13. The Nandi resisted the establishment of colonial rule in their area MAINLY because,
    1. they had superior weapons over the British
    2. they wanted to retain their independence.
    3. the British were against their traditional practices.
    4. they had strong political leaders.
  14. The MOST commonly used method of preserving fish is,
    1. smoking,
    2. Canning 
    3. refrigeration.
    4. sun diving
  15. Which one of the following is NOT a basic principle of African socialismi?
    1. Political instability.
    2. Equal opportunities for all
    3. Shared responsibility.
    4. Freedom from exploitation
  16. The MAIN problem facing sisal farming in Kenya and Tanzania is,
    1. drought and famine,
    2. insufficient capacity to change sisal into finished products.
    3. poor innsport networks.
    4. competition from synthetic fibres.
  17. The MOST important sen port in Eastern Africais,
    1. Dar es Salaam.
    2. Mombasa
    3. Nairobi.
    4. Kampala.
  18. The sun is usually overhead the Tropic of Capricorn in the month of
    1. June
    2. March.
    3. December
    4. September.
  19. Below are tourist attractions in Africa. Which one is NOT?
    1. Wildlife
    2. Warm climate
    3. Political stability, 
    4. Beautiful scenery.
  20. Below are conditions favouring the growth of a crop in Africa
    1. High humidiny: 
    2. Peep fertile soils. 
    3. Constantly high temperatures crveraging 29°c und 30"c.
    4. Rainfall of benreen 1500mm and 2000mm per year.
      The conditions listed above favour the growth of.
      1. cocoa. 
      2. pyrethrım. 
      3. cloves.
      4. sugarcane.
  21. The MOST effective form of communication that the government should use to create awareness on Covid-19 to the citizens o! Kenya is.
    1. radio.
    2. internet 
    3. newspaper
    4. television.
  22. The MAIN reason why pastoralism has thrived in Botswana is.
    1. plenty of land for grazing. 
    2. the government supports her pastoral famers.
    3. plenty of rainfall that favours growth of pasture.
    4. good transport networks.
  23. Which one of the following is a form of child abuse? 
    1. Forcing children to eat healthy foods. 
    2. Failure to buy a boy a bicycle.
    3. Giving children lots of homework.
    4. Failure to take children for vaccination.

Use the diagram below to answer question 46.
46 auyguydgad

  1. Which one of the following groups of mountains shows mountain that were formed through the method shown in the diagram above?
    1. Danakil Alps
    2. Jabal Marra
    3. Atlas
    4. Kilimanjaro
      Mau Ranges
      Karas mountains
  2. The MAIN problem facing forestry in the Democratic Republic of Congo is, 
    1. poverty. 
    2. mining activities. 
    3. deforestation. 
    4. poor harvesting techniques.
  3. The time in Accra at longitude Oois 1:30pm. What is the time in Dakar at 40°W?
    1. 4:10pm. 
    2. 4:10am. 
    3. 10:50am.
    4. 10:50pm
  4. The MOST easterly point of Mainland Africa is in, 
    1. Somalia
    2. Senegal.
    3. South Africa.
    4. Tunisia.
  5. Which one of the following is NOT a responsibility of children in a family? 
    1. Protecting family property. 
    2. To discipline and advice family members.
    3. Helping in doing house chores.
    4. Loving and obeying elderly family members at home.
  6. Three of the following countries took part in the Berlin Conference of 1884. Which one did NOT? 
    1. England. 
    2. Germany.
    3. Italy.
    4. United States of America,
  7. Which one of the following is NOT a benefit of democracy?
    1. Mob justice.
    2. Freedom to choose leaders.
    3. Multi-partism
    4. Rule of law.
  8. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE about the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)?
    1. It was formed by thirty two Independent African States. 
    2. Kwame Nkurumah initiated the formation of OAU.
    3. Addis Ababa became the headquarters of the OAU in 1963.
    4. Its formation was encouraged by European nations.
  9. Which one of the following is an economic use of soil?
    1. Burying the dead.
    2. Decorating hair among warriors.
    3. Making pots, jars and vases. 
    4. Smearing on the bodies of initiates during circumcision.
  10. Processing industries MOSTLY deal with,
    1. crude oil and petroleum products.
    2. agricultural products.
    3. machinery and vehicles.
    4. electronic products. 
  11. Which of the following is NOT among the elements of the constitution of Kenya? 
    1. The Republic.
    2. Representation of the people.
    3. The public service.
    4. Devolved Government.
  12. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is headed by,
    1. a commissioner.
    2. the speaker of the National Assembly.
    3. the Chief Justice
    4. chairperson.
  13. Which arm of government in Kenya implements government policies? The
    1. Judiciary.
    2. Legislature.
    3. Executive
    4. Armed Forces.
  14. One may lose a civic seat if he or she,
    1. is jailed for a period of five months.
    2. loses his or her Kenyan citizenship.
    3. fails to attend three consective sittings
    4. does not support the President.
  15. The Kingdom of Old Ghana was founded by the, 
    1. Soninke people 
    2. Almoravids from the north
    3. Nyamwezi people.
    4. Mandinka people. 



  1. The disobedience of Adam and Eve to God's command in the garden of Eden resulted in,
    1. human beings ab lity to do the work of God. 
    2. God destroying human beings. 
    3. A broken relationship between God and man.
    4. God abandoning human beings to act as they please.
  2. Which of the following was created by God on the first day?
    1. Water and land.
    2. Day and night.
    3. Sea creatures.
    4. Human beings.
  3. "..... I don't know, Am I my my brothers keeper? in Genesis 4:9, who said these words
    1. Abraham.
    2. Noah.
    3. Abel.
    4. Cain.
  4. Which of the following was NOT among the promises given by God to Abraham? He will 
    1. be a father of a great nation. 
    2. be given a son.
    3. will be made famous 
    4. marry many wives
  5. The two wives of Jacob were,
    1. Leah and Rachael. 
    2. Ruth and Orpha. 
    3. Anna and Peninah.
    4. Mary and Elizabeth.
  6. Which prophet of God rebuked King David for practising injustice by killing Uriah?
    1. Elijah.
    2. Elishah.
    3. Nathan.
    4. Isaiah.
  7. How did Bezalel and Ohaliab use their talents? By.
    1. developing them.
    2. building the sacred teni
    3. helping their families.
    4. helping moses.
  8. The Father in-law of Moses was called, 
    1. Jacob.
    2. David.
    3. Jesse.
    4. Jethro
  9. Who among the following people beat his donkey three times until it spoke?
    1. Saul.
    2. Balak.
    3. Balaam.
    4. Elisha.
  10. Which of the following is the tenth commandment given by God to the Israelite's?
    1. Do not covet
    2. Do not steal.
    3. Obey your father and mother
    4. Do not murder.
  11. Gehazi had a dreaded skin disease that was as a result of
    1. his failure to wash himself in River Jordan.
    2. his failure to help the rich woman from Shunem.
    3. he lacked integrity and took gifts from Naaman.
    4. he did not worship the God of Elisha.
  12. Which of the following miracles of Jesus show that he has power over nature?
    1. The miraculous catch of fish.
    2. Healing of the ten lepers.
    3. Raising of Lazarus.
    4. Healing of centurion servant.
  13. Who approved the death of Stephen after he was stoned?
    1. Saul.
    2. Peter.
    3. Barnabas.
    4. Cornelius.
  14. The person whose car was cut off by Peter during the arrest of Jesus was called,
    1. Nicodemus.
    2. Didymus.
    3. Malchus.
    4. Aeneus
  15. "Tabitha, get up" She opened her eyes and seeing Peter, she sat up (Acts 9:40). Peter performed this miracle when he was at,
    1. Lydda.
    2. Joppa
    3. Lystra.
    4. Caesarea.
  16. Which one of the following happenings took place on the day Jesus died?
    1. People spoke in many languages.
    2. The curtain hanging in the temple was torn.
    3. Jesus ascended into heaven.
    4. The stone on the tomb was rolled away.
  17. Which of the following actions of Jesus Christ shows that he was a peaceful Messiah?
    1. Washing the feet of his disciples.
    2. The curtain hanging in the temple was torn in two.
    3. Jesus ascended into heaven.
    4. The stone on the tomb was rolled away.
  18. Three of the following took place on the day of Pentecost. Which one did not?
    1. There was a strong wind.
    2. A voice was heard from heaven.
    3. The disciples spoke in different languages.
    4. Tongues of fire rested on their heads.
  19. What was the MAIN reason why Jesus performed miracles. To show that he had,
    1. power to heal.
    2. power over nature.
    3. power to raise the dead.
    4. came to conquer the devil and his plans.
  20. Three of the following are gifts of the Holyspirit. Which one is NOT?
    1. Faithfulness.
    2. Wisdom.
    3. Faith.
    4. Speaking in tongues.
  21. Which of the following miracles was performed by Elijah?
    1. Prayed for the Shunamite woman to get a child.
    2. Cursed the 42 boys who jeered at him.
    3. Made an axe float on water.
    4. Prayed for fire from heaven.
  22. Which of the follong was NOT achieved by King David?
    1. He made Jerusalem a religious centre.
    2. He judged a difficult case involving two women quarrelling over a child.
    3. He united the tribes of Israel.
    4. He was a skilled musician.
  23. Who among the following is described as the Light of the World?
    1. Angel Gabriel
    2. Peter, the Rock.
    3. Jesus Christ.
    4. Angel Michael
  24. The initiates in traditional African societies were kept in seduction in order to be,
    1. taught their responsibilities
    2. given punishment.
    3. made elders of the community
    4. allowed to marry.
  25. Which one of the following is NOT a rite of passage in traditional African society?
    1. Death.
    2. Baptism.
    3. Marriage.
    4. Initiation.
  26. Which of the following actions leads to the spread of HIV and AIDS? 
    1. Swimming with infected person
    2. Sharing bathrooms and toilet seats with an infected person.
    3. Sharing injection needles with an infected person.
    4. Sharing food.
  27. Your classmate Dorcas has refused to lend you a pen. What would be the BEST action for you to take as a Christian?
    1. Take the pen by force.
    2. Explain to her the importance of sharing.
    3. Buy your own pen.
    4. Report her to the teacher.
  28. Which of the following is NOT a traditional African name of God?
    1. Asis.
    2. Enkai.
    3. Nyasaye.
    4. Yahwch.
  29. Jane was sent by her mother to the shop to buy milk. The shopkeeper gave her less change. What is the BEST thing for Jane to do as a Christian?
    1. Go home and tell her mother about it.
    2. Tell the shopkeeper to give her the correct change.
    3. Cry all the way home.
    4. Shout at the shopkeeper to give her the correct change.
  30. Which one of the following leisure activities should a Christian NOT do on the Sabbath day?
    1. Worshipping.
    2. Doing Christian voluntary work.
    3. Giving and receiving joy.
    4. Taking Alcohol as they relax.



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