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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1

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  1. The following are functions of the nose during breathing EXCEPT
    1. absorption of the air. 
    2. trapping dust.
    3. moistening air.
    4. warming air.
  2. Cusps and ridges are present in 
    1. premolars and canines 
    2. incisors and molars 
    3. molars and premolars
    4. canines and incisors
  3. The diagram below represents a female reproductive system.
    3 auygduyad
    Which process take place in the part Tabelled
    1.  Egg formation.
    2. Attachment of embryo.
    3. Production of sex cells.
    4. Fusion of sex cells.
  4. Which one of the following physical changes take place in the boys ONLY during adolescence stage?
    1. Hips broaden.
    2. Production of sperms.
    3. Breast appears.
    4. Increase in height and weight.
  5. Which one of the following parts of digestive system is CORRECTLY matched with its function?
                      Parts                 Functions
    1. Small intestine         Absortion of mineral salt.
    2. Mouth                      Produce digestive juice.
    3. Large intestine        Absorption of digested food
    4. Rectum                   Store digested food.
  6. The first stage of HIV infection is known as
    1. window
    2. symptomatic
    3. asymptomatic
    4. incubation
  7. Which one of the following is an effect of HIV/AIDS to the nation?
    1. Loss of income.
    2. Low self esteem.
    3. Shame in the family.
    4. School dropout.
  8. The following are effects of drug abuse?
    1. Lack of concentration.
    2. Truancy.
    3. Impaired judgement.
    4. Drug induced accidents.
    5. Marital conflict.
      Which are the social effects of drugs?
      1. (i), (ii), (iii)
      2. (i) and (iii)
      3. (ii), (iv), (v)
      4. (i), (iv),(v)
  9. Vaccines given at 10 weeks protect an infant against 
    1. Diptheria and Polio
    2. Tuberculosis and Polio
    3. Yellow fever and Measles.
    4. Tetanus and Tuberculosis.
  10. Which of the following is the BEST way of controlling the spread of tuberculosis?
    1. Observing proper sanitation.
    2. Isolating the sick people.
    3. Eating balanced diet.
    4. Using preventive drugs.
  11. Which one of the following component of soil improve its water holding capacity?
    1. Air
    2. Living organism.
    3. Humus
    4. Mineral particles.
  12. The set up below was used to investigate a certain property of soil?
    12 tyfatygdad
    The soil with large airspacesis LIKELY to be represented by letters
    1. K and L
    2. L
  13. Which one of the following is an advantage of organic manure?
    1. Needed in small amount.
    2. Improve soil structure.
    3. Contain specific nutrients.
    4. Has no weeds.
  14. Which one of the following is a human factor that increase the rate of soil erosion?
    1. Mining
    2. Slope of the land.
    3. Type of the soil.
    4. Amount of the rainfall.
  15. In which of the following activities is friction NOT required?
    1. Skating
    2. Writing
    3. Swimming
    4. Braking
  16. Which of the following factor make a small piece of wood floats on water?
    1. Mass of material.
    2. Shape of material.
    3. Type of material.
    4. Size of material.
  17. The MAIN function of mineral salts in the body is to
    1. make blood.
    2. prevent dehydration.
    3. prevent constipation.
    4. maintain good health.
  18. Which one of the following is NOT advisable when spraying with chemicals?
    1. Washing hands after spraying.
    2. Spraying against the direction of winds.
    3. Wearing a gas mask when spraying.
    4. Spraying when the temperatures are low.
  19. The first step in obtaining sugar from a mixture of sugar solution and picces of iron
    1. filtering
    2. picking
    3. use of a magnet
    4. evaporation.
  20. Substances that have definate volume and shape are
    1. solids and liquids
    2. liquids only
    3. liquids and gases
    4. solids only
  21. The diagram below show a set up that can be used to investigate the effect of heat on matter.
    21 aiugdayuda
    The effect investigated is
    1. solids expand when heated.
    2. gases change state on heating.
    3. gases expand when heated.
    4. solids change state when heated.
  22. In which of the following arc both materials CORRECTLY grouped as non magnetic and magnetic?
              Non magnetic      Magnetic
    1. Staple pine          Iron wire
    2. Copper wire        Steel wool
    3. Zinc                     Wood
    4. Razor blade         Aluminium
  23. Which one of the following is the use of gas that cover approximately 21% of the environment? 
    1. Making electric bulb.
    2. Breathing.
    3. Making food in plant.
    4. Fire extinguisher.
  24. During a science lesson, pupils collected small pins and big iron wire and placed them on the water. Which factor that affect, sinking and floating were they investigating?
    1. Shape of the material.
    2. Size of material.
    3. Mass of material
    4. Type of material.
  25. In the solar system, Mars is found between
    1. Earth and Jupiter
    2. Mercury and Neptune
    3. Saturn and Neptune
    4. Venus and Uranus
  26. The clouds that are dark grey in colour are NOT LIKELY to
    1. appear low in the sky.
    2. be mountainous in shape.
    3. bring heavy rainfall.
    4. look like bundles of cotton wool.
  27. Which one of the following statement is TRUE about weather instrument shown below?
    27 auygdyagd
    1. It is a windvane.
    2. It point the direction the wind is blowing to
    3. Measure one aspect of weather.
    4. It only measure the direction of wind.
  28. Which one of the following is an animal that lay fertilized eggs and has a varying body temperature?
    1. Bat
    2. Spiny ant eater
    3. Snake
    4. Dove
  29. Which one of the following method of grazing is important to the farmer in controlling parasites?
    1. Paddocking
    2. Hearding
    3. Stall feeding
    4. Zero grazing
  30. Which one of the following animals is CORRECTLY matched by its product?
            Animal        Product
    1. Goat         Mutton 
    2. heep         Mohair 
    3. Cow          Eggs 
    4. Pig            Milk
  31. Which of the following animal feeds provide animal with energy?
    1. Lucem 
    2. Fish meal
    3. Desmodium
    4. Sweet potato vines
  32. Which one of the following is an effect of parasites on livestock?
    1. Robust growth
    2. Increased production.
    3. Good health.
    4. Irritation
  33. During a science lesson, pupils put a ruler in a transparent container with water as shown below.
    33 auygduaygda
    Which property of light were they investigating?
    1. Bouncing of light. 
    2. Bending of light 
    3. How light travel. 
    4. Spliting of light
  34. A card with word BOARD written on it was placed infront of a mirror. Which one of the following shows how would appear in the mirror?
    1. аяAOa
    2. DRAOS 
    3. DAAOB 
    4. BOARD
  35. Which of the following pairs of the processes require increase in temperature?
    1. Condensation and freezing.
    2. Melting and expansion.
    3. Contraction and condensation.
    4. Evaporation and freezing.
  36. Which one of the following DOES NOT produce electricity?
    1. Batteries
    2. Bicycle dynamo 
    3. Solar drier
    4. Solar panel
  37. The following materials were used to investigate a certain property of light. 
    1. Water
    2. Mirror
    3. Basin
    4. White manilla paper
      Which property of light was being investigated?
      1. Formation of shadow.
      2. Making of a rainbow.
      3. Reflection of light.
      4. How light travels.
  38. The diagram below shows a set up to investigate good and poor conductor of electricity.
    38 uygduagdyad
    Which one of the following material placed at point M, N will make the bulb light?
    1. Hair strand
    2. A piece of wood
    3. Glass rod
    4. Steel wool
  39. Which one of the following are MAJOR living component?
    1. Animal and plants.
    2. Sound and building.
    3. Air and soil.
    4. Animal and air.
  40. Plants that grow in water get oxygen from the
    1. air 
    2. water
    3. soil
    4. plants
  41. A child who feel dizzy and has pale fingernail should be fed in food rich in
    1. protein
    2. carbohydrates
    3. iron 
    4. Vitamins
  42. Which one of the following statement DOES NOT describe dietary fibre?
    1. Has no nutritional value.
    2. Mainly found in vegetables and fruits.
    3. Prevent body from dehydration.
    4. Helping in emptying bowel.
  43. Which of the following list consist of a balanced diet?
    1. Maize, rice, fish
    2. Spinach, apple, beans
    3. Fish, eggs, meat
    4. Pork, kales, chapati
  44. The following are methods of preserving food. 
    1. Smoking 
    2. Canning 
    3. Salting
    4. Drying
    5. Use of honey
      Which of the methods preserve food by removing moisture?
      1. (i) and (ii)
      2. (iii) and (v)
      3. (ii) and (iv)
      4. (iv) and (iii)
  45. Which one of the following simple tool has effort between the head and fulcrum.
    1. Claw hammer
    2. Wheelbarrow
    3. Spade
    4. Crowbar
  46. The followinng activities are carried out when making an improvised beam balance but not in the correct order.
    1. Fix the stand and the arm to the base, 
    2. Make a base, a stand and the arm. 
    3. Suspend the arm to find balance point and mark.
    4. Suspend the tins on both sides of the arm.
      Which one of the following is the CORRECT order of the activities?
      1. (iii), (iv), (ii),
      2. (ii)(iii), (iv)
      3. (iii), (ii), (iv). (i)
      4. (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
  47. Which one of the following activities will lead to the spread of waterborne discases?
    1. Sleeping under untreated mosquito net.
    2. Irregular vaccination.
    3. Poor handling of food eaten raw.
    4. Draining stagnant water around the homestead.
  48. The chart below represents a simple classification of plants.
    48 adaduhauhda
    Which one of the following plants are correctly represented by M, N and P?
    1. Bean, mushroom, bracket tree.
    2. Algae, sunflower, greengram.
    3. Maize, onions, penicillium.
    4. Sisal, moss, yeast.
  49. During a science walk pupils observed a plant with thorn on the branches and produced yellow fruits. Which plant had they observed.?
    1. Thor apple
    2. Black jack
    3. Sodom apple
    4. Wandering jew
  50. Which one of the following is a characteristic of insect pollinated flower?
    1. Large in size.
    2. Dull petals.
    3. Loosely attached pollen grains.
    4. Feathery long styles.


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