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Nutrition And Sports Performance - Grade 4 Physical Health Education Revision Notes

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  • Nutrition refers to the process of obtaining nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning and growth of the body.
  • Hydration refers to the state of the body having enough water while dehydration is lack of the required amount in the body..
  • The human body is composed of about 75% water.

How to know when my body needs water.

  • The darker your urine, the more likely you are not drinking enough water to maintain health.

Apart from physical activities, the following could also lead to dehydration.

  • Hot weather causing you to sweat a lot.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Drinking too much sugary drinks.
  • Fevers and other illnesses.
  • Lack of access to safe drinking water.

Ways of Taking Clean Water.

  1. By boiling it.
  2. By adding water guard.
  3. By using simple water purifiers.

Hydration- making the body absorb water or other liquids.

Dehydration- harmful reduction of amount water in the body.

Healthy Eating Habits

  • A balanced diet is a meal that has all the nutrients necessary for proper growth of the body.

Benefits of Making Healthy Food Choices During Games and Sports

  1. Provide us with nutrients we need for good muscle development.
  2. It helps us fight diseases easily if we get sick.
  3. It helps our muscle recover quickly after an exercise activity.
  4. Give us energy to take part in the physical activities.

Nutrients - a substance or ingredient that promotes growth, provides energy and maintains life.

Balanced diet - a meal with all the required nutrients in proportions.

Food Intake During Physical Activity

  • When growing the body needs a lot of energy.
  • Children need a plate that is one-third ratio division. This means that one-third has proteins, the other carbohydrates and the last third vegetables and fruits.
  • One needs to eat a meal rich in complex or whole starch before an exercise.
  • Eating should be done at least 2hrs before you go for sports. This will allow the food to be digested and release energy the body needs.
  • The major food groups that make up a balanced diet include.
    1. carbohydrates - they are energy giving foods eg ugali, bread, chapati, rice.
    2. Proteins - they are body building foods which include: meat, grains , eggs, nuts
    3. Fats and oils: they provide protective shield around major organs like heart, kidney and liver. They include: oily fishes, nuts, avocado.
    4. Vitamins and mineral salts - they are protective elements and are needed in small quantity. They are found in vegetables and fruits.
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