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Integrated Science (SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY) Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End of Term 3 November 2022 Exams Set 2

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  1. Which of the following is a characteristic of clouds associated with heavy rainfall? 
    1. They look like thin white sheets covering the whole sky 
    2. Have a flat base
    3. Appear low in the sky
    4. Indicate fair weather
  2. Which group of animals consist of vertebrates only? 
    1. Slug, millipede, spider 
    2. Ticks, scorpion, newt 
    3. Slug, tortoise, alligator 
    4. Chameleon, frog, crocodile
  3. Grade four pupils constructed the simple machine below.
    3 adad
    It is used to; 
    1. compare weight of objects 
    2. compare mass of objects 
    3. measure force
    4. measure capacity
  4. The turning point of a lever or the part that moves when doing work is called;
    1. fulcrum 
    2. effort
    3. load
    4. Ioad distance
  5. Transfer of heat in solids is called; 
    1. convection
    2. conduction
    3. radiation
    4. insulator
  6. Which of the following materials is not needed when makig a fireless cooker?
    1. Basket
    2. Large size sewing needles
    3. Old blanket
    4. Copper wire
  7. Which of the following is not a use of heat? 
    1. Warming ourselves
    2. Cooking
    3. Ironing
    4. Photosynthesis
  8. The diagram below shows a set up used by Grade four pupils to investigate a certain property of light.
    8 asdadaa
    The property of light being investigated is that light;
    1. spreads in all directions
    2. travels in a straight line
    3. is dispersed
    4. is reflected through shiny surfaces
  9. Driving a vehicle with a well maintained engine will mainly control pollution in; 
    1. air and water 
    2. water only
    3. air only
    4. soil and air
  10. Which of the following animals use reflected sound to locate food?
    1. Bats.
    2. Eagles
    3. Flamingoes
    4. Crocodile
  11. All the following materials are transparent except;
    1. clear plastic bottle 
    2. clear glass 
    3. frosted glass
    4. car windscreen
  12. Which of the following is not a factor affecting sinking and floating?
    1. Shape
    2. Material
    3. Weight
    4. Size
  13. Which of the following forms of matter have definite volume and size but no definite shape?
    1. Oxygen and steam 
    2. Toothpaste and milk
    3. Stone and nail
    4. water and vapour
  14. In which part of the digestive system are water and mineral salts absorbed?
    1. Duodenum
    2. Ileum
    3. Colon
    4. Rectum
  15. Which of the following can be used to connect a laptop to the power source?
    15 dadad


  1. Which of the following is added to the compost heap to provide nutrients for the bacteria that bring about decomposition?
    1. Water 
    2. Wood ash
    3. Manure
    4. Top soil
  2. The component of soil that improves water holding capacity is; 
    1. mineral particles 
    2. organic matter 
    3. air
    4. living organisms
  3. Which of the following plants is a legume? 
    1. Peas 
    2. Rice 
    3. Sunflower
    4. Maize
  4. Arrange the following steps of sowing seed in a container gardening in the correct order.
    1. Make drills using a stick 
    2. Mix soil with manure
    3. Sow the seeds
    4. Fill container with soil mixed with manure 
      1. iii, i, iv, ii
      2. ii, iii, iv, i
      3. ii, i, iv, iii
      4. ii, iv, i, iii
  5. Which of the following weeds is used as a vegetable?
    1. Wandering jew
    2. Datura 
    3. Pig weed
    4. Black jack
  6. Three of the following are uses of water in the farm except one. Which one is it?
    1. Fish rearing
    2. Cleaning raw materials
    3. Watering animals 
    4. Mixing chemicals
  7. Which of the following farm tools is used for sharpening cutting tools?
    1. Slasher
    2. File
    3. Saw
    4. Axe
  8. The diagram below shows a simple classification of animals and their products.
    223 adadad
    Which animals were wrongly matched with their products?
    1. Goat and camel
    2. Camel and sheep
    3. Sheep and broilers
    4. Sheep and pig
  9. Which of the following vegetables do we eat the fruit?
    1. Carrot and egg plant
    2. Egg plant and capscum 
    3. Onions and tomato 
    4. Cabbage and kales
  10. Which of the following parts of animals is used to make glue and jewellery?
    1. Skin
    2. Hooves
    3. Teats
    4. Tail


  1. You have been given the following materials; rubber bands, a stick, feathers. Which cleaning tool can you make? 
    1. Dust pan 
    2. Broom 
    3. Duster
    4. Scrubbing brush
  2. Eric feels pain when swallowing. Which disease is he likely to be suffering from? 
    1. Sore throat
    2. Diarrhoea
    3. Earache
    4. Vomiting
  3. A good play item should be; 
    1. inattractive
    2. not durable
    3. light
    4. difficult to use
  4. Juliet and Janet are playing away in the field. Which one is not a security issue they can be affected with during play?
    1. Dragging
    2. Kidnapping 
    3. Child molestation
    4. Good health
  5. When cleaning cemented floor, we should not leave...................... in water to avoid wastage.
    1. soap
    2. gloves
    3. brush.
    4. dustpan
  6. The best material for making open shoes for use in the bathroom is;
    1. leather
    2. canvas
    3. plastic
    4. wool
  7. Four Grade four pupils were asked to name hygiene practices they observe when cookig food.
    Valaria-I wash my hands before I touch food
    Clara-I wear clean clothes when cooking
    Brandon-I leave cooked food open
    Joel-I cover my head with a cap and wear an apron
    Who among the following pupils does not follow proper hygiene practices?
    1. Joel
    2. Clara
    3. Valaria
    4. Brandon
  8. In needlework, a thimble in used to:
    1. take measurement
    2. protect the finger
    3. stick pins
    4. sew
  9. Mr Kamene is a dairy farmer. He preserves excess milk. Which one is not a reason for preserving the milk?
    1. To prevent it from getting spoilt
    2. To make it last longer 
    3. To make it taste sweeter
    4. To conserve it for future
  10. To remove greases from clothes we use; 
    1. an iron box 
    2. soap 
    3. hanger
    4. pegs


  1. The following can lead to dehydration in our bodies except one. Which is it? 
    1. Fever and other illnesses 
    2. Drinking too much sugary drinks 
    3. Drinking enough water 
    4. Hot weather causing you o sweat alot.
  2. A substance of ingredient that promotes growth, provides energy and maintains life is called; 
    1. nutrient 
    2. balanced diet 
    3. carbohydrates 
    4. meal
  3. Which of the following is not a benefit of making healthy food choice during games and sports? 
    1. It helps us fight diseases easily if we get sick. 
    2. Helps our muscles recover quickly after an exercise 
    3. Provides us with the nutrients we need for good muscle development 
    4. Does not give us energy to take part in physical activities
  4. The physical or mental energy needed to do a tiring activity for a long time is called; 
    1. stamina 
    2. flexibility 
    3. endurance
    4. strength
  5. Name the following device used in swimming
    40 sdadada
    1. tyre 
    2. wheel
    3. floaters
    4. parachute
  6. Which is the name of the activity illustrated in the diagram below?
    41 adadada
    1. Forward roll 
    2. Backward roll 
    3. Side rolls
    4. Head roll
  7. Which of the following is not a safety to observe when performing a double bounce? 
    1. Ensure you have the correct rope size 
    2. Ensure you are skipping in an open, flat and safe place
    3. Ensure there are stone on the surface 
    4. Ensure you are not overcrowded
  8. Which of the following is on attacking technique in rounders?
    1. Batting
    2. Bowling
    3. Gripping
    4. Hitting
  9. The equipment is used when playing which game?
    44 adada
    1. frisbee
    2. volley ball 
    3. football
    4. rounders
  10. Grade four learner was juggling the ball as shown below. Which hand juggling skill was she demonstrating?
    45 adadad
    1. One ball juggling
    2. Two balls hand juggling 
    3. Juggling two scarves 
    4. Three balls juggling
  11. The following are the major food groups that make a balanced diet. Which one is not? 
    1. Carbohydrates
    2. Proteins
    3. Vitamins
    4. Fruits
  12. The feelings of joy, pain, sadness, love and anger are called; 
    1. adolescence 
    2. emotions
    3. moods
    4. tension
  13. Which of the following statement is false? 
    1. Human heart is located between the kidney 
    2. Human heart is protected by the ribs in the ribs cage
    3. Human heart pumps blood to the lungs to get oxygen and remove carbon dioxide 
    4. Human heart is located between the lungs
  14. In frisbee game, the type of catch whereby only one hand is used is called;
    1. one handed rim catch
    2. two handed rim catch 
    3. forehand throw 
    4. backward throw
  15. A healthy person needs to drink eight glasses of water a day that is approximately how many litres of water?
    1. 3
    2. 1
    3. 4
    4. 2


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