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People and Population - Grade 4 Social Studies Revision Notes

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Interdependence Of People

  • Interdependence means depending on each other.
  • In our county people depend on each other
  • For example we go to the market to buy what we do not have. Other people go to the market to sell what they have in excess.
  • We all need each other.
  • Life becomes easier and enjoyable when we depend on each other.

PAGE 33-34

Ways in which people depend on each other

  • People also depend on each other through various means. They include:
    1. Food
    2. Treatment
    3. Education
    4. Market

PAGE 35-37

Benefits of Interdependence

  • It promotes love and unity among people
  • It brings development e.g. the development of roads which connect different communities.
  • It discourages tribalism, racism and corruption
  • It leads to the exchange of culture, goods and services.
  • Through interdependence people are able to
    1. Live in unity
    2. Get assistance or support
    3. Appreciate each other’s culture
    4. Do what they cannot do on their own
    5. Get what they do not have
    6. Get new ideas and knowledge

Population Distribution

  • Population refers to the number of people living in a given/particular place
  • Population distribution refers to how people are spread over in an area

PAGE 41-43

Population Distribution In The County

  • Population of our county is not evenly distributed
  • Some areas are;
    1. Sparsely populated
    2. Medium/moderately populated
    3. Densely populated
  • Areas with many houses are densely populated.
  • Areas with few houses are sparsely populated.
  • Areas with few houses far away from each other are unevenly distributed.

PAGE 43-46

Common patterns of population distribution   

  1. Linear pattern – this is where the houses are arranged in a line.
  2. Clustered pattern – this is where houses are close to each other.
  3. Scattered pattern – this is where the houses are spread out.

PAGE 47-49

Patterns of population distribution in our county

PAGE 49-51

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