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Culture And Social Organizations - Grade 4 Social Studies Revision Notes

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  • Culture is people’s way of life.
  • Each community has its own way of doing things.
  • Communities have different types of foods, dressing, songs, dances, ceremonies and festivals.
  • Culture is passed from one generation to another.

Aspects Of Traditional Culture In The County

 Aspect of culture   What is common in my community  
 1. Food Kalenjins
Drink such as mursik(sour milk)
Animal's blood mixed with fermented milk 
Cereals such as millet (bek/kilipsiongik) and sorghum (mosongik) 
Meat (pendo)
Mushroom (popek)
Vegetables such as isoik
Drink milk and blood and soup
Meat from goats, sheep and cattle
Cereals such as lablab beans (njahi), peas (njugu) and beans (mboco) 
Crops like sweet potatoes (ngwaci), cassava (mwanga), yams (ikwa), and arrowroots (nduma)  
Fruits such as terere (aramantha) stinging nettle kahurura and manage Irio ( mashed beans, maize, potatoes and green vegetables)
 2. Dressing
  • The mode of dressing depended mainly on the occasion
  • Most communities used to dress from animal skins, grass and leaves
  • Among the Maasai, adults plaited their hair and decorated their bodies
  • Warriors had special dressing and weapons
  • Leaders wore special clothes like hats
  • Women wore bangles around their arms and legs and necklaces around their necks
  • Girls wore special dressing before and after initiation
 3. Housing  
 4. Ceremonies
  • A ceremony is an activity or event held to mark ma certain m accession
  • The ceremony may involve songs, dances and celebrations
  • They were held during important events such as birth, circumcision, funerals 
 5. Songs and dances
  •  They were sang for entertainment and pass important messages
  • Song were sang during: Marriage, Initiation, Work, War, Child naming ceremony, Funerals
 6. Games and sports  
 7. Festivals
  •  They are days or the periods of the celebrations
  • They are held to celebrate when something special has happened

Examples: music festivals, harvesting festivals, drama festivals

 8. Traditional medicine practises
  • People were treated by traditional doctors and medicines
  • Learning was done through experts
  • This was called apprenticeship
  • Some women were trained as midwives who assisted mothers when giving birth


Importance of aspects of traditional culture    

  1. Culture promotes unity among the members of the society through sports and games, festivals and ceremonies.
  2. Through culture, young people are able to learn good morals and values.
  3. Culture makes us unique through language, types of food we eat and the dressing styles.
  4. Tourists pay some money to see our culture. This money helps the government to develop our country.
  5. Promote love and kindness
  6. Promote responsible people in the society
  7. Promote honesty
  8. They develop good habits

The school   

  • A school is a place where pupils go to be taught or to learn
  • Is an educational institution designed to provide learning to learners with the support of teachers
  • A school mainly equips learners with knowledge and skills
  • A school trains individuals to be responsible or useful members of the society
  • We have government and private schools

History of the school

  • Every school has a history.
  • The history tells us when and how the school started.
  • It also tells us about the achievement of the school.
  • This history gives the school an opportunity to focus on future plans.

PAGE 59-61

School motto and core values

  • A school motto is a short statement of what a school believes in.
  • School core values are important believes that guide the members of the school.

PAGE 62-64

Practising School Motto And Core Values In School

PAGE 62-65

School routine

  • A daily school routine is a list of activities that the school does every day.
  • Is the programme of activities that have been planned to take place every day in the school
  • Day schools and boarding schools have different routines
  • A school routine is prepared by the school administration
  • School routine should be as per the guidelines of the ministry of education.
  • A school routine is clearly indicated on the school timetable

Importance of a school routine

  • It helps the school to run smoothly
  • It ensures order and harmony in the school
  • Helps in bringing up all round pupils
  • Helps to train pupils to be responsible
  • Helps in proper time management
  • Helps to strengthen discipline among pupils
  • Ensures that all activities in the school are allocated times
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