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English Questions and Answers - Grade 4 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 6

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Complete the sentences using "has" or "have"

  1. They  _____________spread their beds.
  2. She _____________brushed her teeth.

Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the word in brackets.

  1. Jane is the ________________class. (tall)
  2. We bought the ____________________ dress from the shop. (pretty)
  3. A hyena is ___________________than the lion.  (weak)

Write the plural form of the following nouns.

  1. patch
  2. pen
  3. goose

Use "enough", or "a lot" or "a lot of" to complete the following sentences.

  1. There are __________________ of ways to show respect.
  2. We have with. ___________________ balls to play with.
  3. I have ____________________food for today.

Fill in a or an in the following.

  1. This is __________________ nice toy.
  2. Give this child ____________________apple.
  3. Who wants __________________banana?

Complete the following. Follow the example given.
She is a girl. They are girls.

  1. He is calling you.
    _________________ are calling you.
  2. Give her sweets.
    Give ___________________ sweets.

Read the passage below and answer the questions.



Once there was a boy who worked for a king. But the king was cruel to him. So the boy ran away. He met a big lion in the desert. The boy was afraid because the lion looked angry. The lion said, "I am angry because there is a thorn in my foot." So the boy sat down and pulled the thorn out. The boy and the lion became good friends.

One day the boy went back to the town. That day the cruel king went hunting in the desert and he caught the lion in a net. Then he saw the boy in the town and he caught him as well.

"I will punish you for running away. I will throw you to the lion," said the king. So the king threw the boy into the lion's den. But when the lion saw the boy, he lay down and smiled. The boy smiled too and put his arm around his friend. The king was amazed and he let the boy the lion go free.

  1. Why did the boy ran away from the king? The
    1. boy worked for the king,
    2. boy was full of fear.
    3. king was cruel to the boy.
    4. king chased him away.
  2. How did the boy help the lion?
  3. How did the king punish the boy when he caught him?
    1. Taking him back to his house. 
    2. Throwing him to the lion's den.
    3. Taking him to prison.
    4. Beating him.
  4. What did the lion do when he saw the boy?
    1. Swallowed him up.
    2. Growled at him.
    3. Closed his eyes and ignored him.
    4. Lay down and smiled.
  5. What two things did the boy do to the lion in the den.
  6. ___________________
  7. Why do you think the king let the boy and the lion go free?

Read the poem below and answer the questions.

If I wake up before it's dawn
And Mum is still asleep,
I sneck barefoot across the hall
To the kitchen where Bud sleeps.

I shush him if he makes a sound,
I tell him not to bark,
And then we creep back to my bed
And snuggle in the dark.

Then I go back to sleep again
With Bud right by my toes,
And wake to find him licking me
And touch his cold, round nose.

And when Mum's clock is ringing loud,
And she yells out, "Wake up!!?
I put the tea-bags in the pot
Pour milk into our cups.

"Hello," she yawns, her work clothes on.
And Bud jumps up and down.
And she laughs and fusses him,
Calls him a great big clown.

I like it in the mornings
Sitting drinking tea,
Watching the sky change colour,
Just Mum and Bud and me.

  1. What is the name of the dog in the poem?
  2. Where did the dog usually sleep?
    1. Bedroom
    2. Kitchen
    3. Outside
    4. Dining room
  3. Which word in verse 1 means "creep secretly"?
    1. I sneak barefoot.
    2. Still asleep.
    3. I wake up.
    4. Where bud sleeps.
  4. Why do you think Bud is told not to bark or make a sound in verse 2? _________________________
  5. Which of the following sentences is not true?
    1. The child put the teabags in the teapot.
    2. The child poured the boiling water into the teapot.
    3. The child poured milk into Mum's cup.
  6. What made mum laugh and say that Bud was "a great big clown"? Bud
    1. sleeps in the kitchen.
    2. snuggles with the child in the dark.
    3. jumps up and down.
    4. drinks tea.
  7. Why does the child like it in the morning?


Write an interesting composition about.



  1. have
  2. has
  3. tallest
  4. prettiest
  5. weaker
  6. patches
  7. pens
  8. geese
  9. alot
  10. enough/alot
  11. enough
  12. a
  13. an
  14. a
  15. They
  16. Them
  17. C
  18. He pulled the thorn out from lion foot.
  19. B
  20. D
  21. The boy smiled.
  22. Put his arm around his friend
  23. The king was amazed
  24. Bud
  25. Kitchen(B)
  26. I sneak barefoot (A)
  27. Not to wake up mum
  28. The child poured the boiling water (B)
  29. Bud jumps up and down (C)
  30. Sitting drinking tea, with mum and Bud.

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