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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 1

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Grade four learners from Nyamakima Academy were asked to draw the four types of teeth. Four learners drew the teeth as shown below. Use them to answer question 1-3.

  1. Who drew a tooth that is not part of the milk teeth?
    1 ffsfsf
    1. Willy
    2. Juma
    3. Amina
    4. Caro
  2. Who drew a tooth that is used for tearing flesh?
    1. Juma
    2. Willy
    3. Amina
    4. Caro
  3. One of the learners drew a tooth that is chisel shaped. Which one?
    1. Juma
    2. Amina
    3. Caro
    4. Willy
  4. A human being has ................. sets of teeth.
    1. 32
    2. 4
    3. 2
    4. 16
  5. Some grade four learners classified a housefly as an invertebrate. What could be their reason for that classification?
    1. It can fly
    2. It has a backbone
    3. It is small
    4. It does not have a backbone
  6. Mulwa carried his smartphone during a nature walk. Why do you think he did so?
    1. To listen to music on the way
    2. To watch videos on the phone 
    3. To take photos during the walk
    4. To chat with friends
  7. Kilimanjaro noticed that his father usually stays in a vest during hot weather. This shows that all animals;
    1. reproduce.
    2. move from place to place.
    3. respond to changes in the environment.
    4. remove waste.
  8. Digestion takes place at each of the following parts of the digestive system except:
    1. stomach
    2. mouth
    3. ileum
    4. pancreas
  9. Feces are temporarily stored in the ........................... before removal from the body
    1. rectum
    2. anus
    3. liver
    4. gullet
  10. When living things give rise to young ones of their kind, we say that they have.
    1. reproduced
    2. moved
    3. removed waste
    4. died
  11. The following are causes of water pollution. Which one is not!
    1. animal waste
    2. oil spills
    3. dust
    4. factory chemicals
  12. Identify one part of a desktop computer from the word puzzle below.
    12 sfsf
    1. Monitor
    2. Mouse
    3. Phone
    4. Code
  13. Poisonous or harmful substances found in the environment are known as
    1. pollution
    2. water pollution
    3. air pollutant
    4. pollutant

Use the diagram below to answer question 14 and 15.

14 fsfs

  1. What is the name given to the part marked Q?
    1. Chimney
    2. Ventilation pipe
    3. Exhaust pipe
    4. Latrine pipe
  2. Which of the following is a way of reducing air pollution by the pit latrine?
    1. Sprinkling water on the floor of the toilet.
    2. Building the toilet far away from the home.
    3. Ensuring that the door is always closed.
    4. Sprinkling ash in the pit of the latrine. 


  1. Grade 4 learners sieved soil particles of lesson. Which of the following statement is a different types of soil during an Agriculture true finding about clay soil?
    1. All the particles remained on the sieve.
    2. Very few particles remained on the sieve.
    3. Most particles remained on the sieve.
    4. A medium number of particles remained on the sieve.
  2. Grade 4 learners from Kingdom Academy carried out an investigation to observe the water holding capacity of different types of soil. Which of the following is not one of the requirements during the investigation?
    1. clock
    2. three containers
    3. a nail
    4. a sieve
  3. Which of the following types of soil holds the least amount of water?
    1. Clay soil
    2. Loam soil
    3. Sandy soil
    4. All the above
  4. In which type of soil does rice grow well?
    1. Clay soil
    2. Loam soil
    3. Sandy soil
    4. Loam and sandy soil
  5. The following are materials that can be used to make compost manure. Which one is not?
    1. kitchen refuse
    2. animal waste
    3. crop remains
    4. factory waste
  6. Why is it advisable to turn the materials for making compost manure frequently?
    1. to increase the rate of decomposition
    2. to make the materials well aerated 
    3. to make the materials well moisturized
    4. to increase the number of nutrients 
  7. What is the importance of adding compost manure on the farm?
    1. to increase moisture
    2. to add nutrients to crops
    3. to change the colour of the soil
    4. to change the size of soil particles
  8. Identify the farming practice shown below.
    23 sffsfs
    1. drip irrigation
    2. drop irrigation
    3. bottle irrigation
    4. plant irrigation
  9. The above practice can also be carried out using
    1. a watering can
    2. a small water container
    3. perforated pipes
    4. a sprinkler

Some grade 4 learners observed the structure below on their way to school. Use it to answer questions 25 and 26.

25 sfsfs

  1. What the learners saw is known as
    1. a puppet
    2. a scarecrow
    3. an image
    4. a shadow
  2. Which of the following animals cannot be controlled by what the learners saw?
    1. a squirrel
    2. a mongoose
    3. a monkey
    4. a mole
  3. Teacher Mwabili advised his grade 4 learners to gather the compost materials under a tree. Why do you think he did so?
    1. To increase the level of nutrients.
    2. To avoid direct sunlight.
    3. To avoid being rained on.
    4. To increase the rate of decomposition.
  4. Which one of the following small animals eats chicken?
    1. mole
    2. weaver bird
    3. squirrel
    4. mongoose
  5. Watering of plants is done.
    1. in the morning
    2. in the evening
    3. at noon
    4. in the mid-morning
  6. Which one of the following tools is required when making a compost manure?
    30 sfsf


  1. Identify the pass shown below.
    31 sfsfs
    1. overarm pass
    2. underarm pass
    3. overhead pass
    4. chest pass
  2. An athletics track is, shape.
    1. oval
    2. circular
    3. rectangular
    4. square
  3. Why is it important to warm up before running?
    1. to be healthy
    2. to win the race
    3. to be stronger
    4. to avoid injury
  4. Fair competition, equality and respect for rules and players is knowns as,
    1. competition
    2. respect
    3. fair play
    4. obedience
  5. What should an athlete do when given the command 'Go'?
    1. kneel down
    2. stand up
    3. stop running
    4. start running
  6. Which of the following statements is not true about standing long jump?
    1. One take-off on both feet.
    2. Landing is done on the balls of the feet.
    3. Taking off is done on one foot
    4. The arms are swung for flight.
  7. During standing long jump, the landing area should be
    1. slippery 
    2. level
    3. stony
    4. sloppy
  8. Working together to achieve set goals is known as
    1. hard work
    2. team work
    3. focus
    4. resilience
  9. The following are some of the steps followed when improvising a ball. Which of the steps should be the last one?
    1. put together the required materials
    2. tie the materials with a strong rope
    3. ensure the materials are in a round shape
    4. fold the papers into a ball
  10. Identify the learner who is performing a bounce pass.
    40 fsfs


  1. Which of the following is NOT needed by a child to grow healthy?
    1. food
    2. play
    3. shelter
    4. sleeping a lot
  2. The following are ways of preventing diarrhoea. Which one is not?
    1. eating well cooked food 
    2. washing hands before eating
    3. washing fruits before eating
    4. washing hands before going to the toilet
  3. Grade four learners ware asked to carry personal items to school. Who carried the right item?
    1. Juma carried a handkerchief
    2. Musa carried soap
    3. Mulwa carried toothpaste
    4. Jane carried a spoon
  4. Play items should be
    1. expensive
    2. huge
    3. safe
    4. heavy
  5. Kinyanjui, a grade 4 learner, was left at home with his younger sister. Which game would you advise them not to play?
    1. swimming
    2. hide and seek
    3. swinging
    4. darts
  6. Which of the following is the best way of storing a ball?
    1. keep in a cool dry place
    2. keep in a dark place
    3. keep behind the house
    4. keep in a basin
  7. Awino was asked to identify an item that is not needed when cleaning an earthen floor. Which item do you think she mentioned?
    47 sssrsr
  8. Grade 4 learners from Mumias Academy cleaned their class one evening. Which of the following do you think was carried out last by the learners?
    1. dust the windows, chairs, tables and desks 
    2. sweep the class and dispose of waste in a dustbin
    3. clean and store the cleaning materials
    4. mop the class and allow it to dry 
  9. Which of the following diseases can be controlled by closing your mouth when coughing?
    1. vomiting
    2. stomach ache
    3. fever
    4. flue
  10. Which of the following should one avoid for proper health?
    1. sweets
    2. vegetables
    3. fruits
    4. plenty of safe water


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