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Integrated Science Questions - Grade 4 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. Njuguna lives near River Ogopa. He realized River Ogopa is polluted. Which one of the following is a pollutant that is likely pollute
    the river?
    1. Plants
    2. Animal wastes
    3. Small fish
    4. Rain
  2. Mrs. Ogutu asked grade four learners to describe clean water. Four learners wrote the following answers.
    1. Waringa - Tasteless.
    2. Oguda- Sweet.
    3. Nyipir- No smell.
    4. Nyangidi- Colorless.
      Who wrote the wrong answer?
      1. Waringa
      2. Nyangidi
      3. Nyipir
      4. Oguda
  3. Diseases caused by drinking polluted water are called
    1. Contaminated diseases
    2. Water-borne diseases
    3. Common disease
    4. Dangerous diseases
  4. Grade four learners filled one glass with water mixed with oil and another glass with clean water. They planted three bean seeds in each container. What did they observe?
    1. Seeds in the glass with oil germinated.
    2. Seeds in the glass with clean water germinated.
    3. Seeds germinated in both glasses.
    4. Seeds did not germinate in any glass.
  5. Which of the following types of teeth is correctly matched with its function?
     Type of teeth   Function 
     A. Incisors  Tearing food 
     B. Canines  Biting food
     C. Molars  Tearing
     D. Premolars  Chewing
  6. Grade four learners were discussingmexamples of air pollutants during Science and Technology lesson. Which one of the following did they not identify as an air pollutant?
    1. Smoke
    2. Dust
    3. Clouds
    4. Bad smell
  7. Plants make their food through a process called
    1. germination
    2. photosynthesis
    3. reproduction
    4. feeding.
  8. Valentine was doing research on characteristics of living things. Which one of the following is not a characteristic Valentine found out during her research?
    1. Growth
    2. Feeding
    3. Movement
    4. Smell
  9. The picture below shows a goat observed by grade four learners during a nature walk.
    Which characteristic of animals is shown in the picture above?
    1. Reproduction
    2. Feeding
    3. Growth
    4. Dying
  10. The table below shows functions of different parts of the digestive system. Which part of the digestive system is not correctly matched with its function?
     Part   Function 
     A. Mouth   Digestion of food 
     B. Stomach   Killing germs in the food 
     C. Small intestines   Absorption of water
     D. Large Intestines  Absorption of mineral salts 
  11. Grade four learners were asked to take photographs of plants around their school. Which digital device were they likely to use to the photographs?
    1. Radio
    2. Television
    3. Camera
    4. Computer
  12. Grade four learners wanted to make a homemade water filter. The teacher gave them a list of materials needed to make the water filter. Which one of the materials below was not in the list?
    1. Sand
    2. Charcoal
    3. Cotton wool
    4. Clay soil

The picture below shows smoke from a factory observed by grade four learners on their way home. Use it to answer questions 13-15.


  1. Smoke is an example of_____________________________ pollutant.
    1. air
    2. soil
    3. water
    4. animals
  2. Pollution shown in the picture can be controlled by
    1. use of tall Chimneys
    2. using dust bins
    3. burning charcoal
    4. sprinkling water.
  3. The smoke shown in the picture can affect all the following except one. Which one?
    1. Human beings
    2. Aeroplanes
    3. Plants
    4. Birds
  4. Leo saw the boy as shown in the picture while in the hospital. What is the boy suffering from?
    1. Headache
    2. Vomiting
    3. Stomachache
    4. Toothache.
  5. Maria was told her mother to open all windows and doors while cleaning the house. What is the purpose of doing so?
    1. To allow everyone to see what she was doing.
    2. To allow in fresh air.
    3. To prevent other people from getting in.
    4. To throw away rubbish through them. 
  6. It is recommended that children should play to be healthy. What games do we play in our locality?
    1. Baseball
    2. Hide and seek
    3. Truth or dare
    4. Chess.
  7. Children need the following in order to be healthy except
    1. food
    2. clothing
    3. play
    4. videogames.
  8. What is the name of the play item shown in the picture below?
    1. Ball
    2. Chess board
    3. Marbles
    4. Hoola hoop.
  9. Ashley was asked by her mother to sweep the compound. What tool did she require to complete the task?
    1. Broom
    2. Mop
    3. Brush
    4. Sponge
  10. The following are points about healthy habits. Which one is not a healthy habit?
    1. Brushing teeth twice a day.
    2. Bathing every day.
    3. Playing football.
    4. Eating lots of sweets.
  11. Regina has been sent by her mother to buy a toy for her little brother. Which of the following is not a factor she will consider before buying?
    1. Durability of the toy.
    2. The price of the toy.
    3. Popularity of the toy.
    4. Safe to play with.
  12. Which is the most commonly used fuel in the rural areas?
    1. Charcoal
    2. Firewood
    3. Electricity
    4. Gas.
  13. Amos is getting ready to go to school. What type of shoes are most appropriate for him to wear to school?
    1. Plastic shoes
    2. Leather shoes
    3. Rubber shoes
    4. Slippers.
  14. The picture below shows a cleaning material. What is it used for?
    1. Sweeping
    2. Putting rubbish
    3. Dusting
    4. Mopping.
  15. Wendy would like to take good care of her leather shoes for them to last long. Which material is most effective to do that?
    1. Scrubbing brush.
    2. Sponge and soapy water.
    3. Shoe polish.
    4. Oil.
  16. Leonard found his classmate behind the classroom clutching his stomach and vomiting. What should he do?
    1. Give him some medicine.
    2. Take him home.
    3. Tell the teacher on duty.
    4. Leave him alone.
  17. A dentist talked to learners about the dangers of eating too many sweets without brushing teeth. What are the consequences?
    1. Your teeth will get a cavity.
    2. Teeth will grow bigger.
    3. Nothing will happen.
    4. Teeth will become yellow.
  18. Elijah took an old jerry-can and cut it into half and then shaped it till it was flat. What cleaning material was he making?
    1. Dust bin
    2. Duster
    3. Mop bucket
    4. Dust pan.
  19. What safety precautions must you observe when running races?
    1. Take off your shoes in order to run faster.
    2. Push others out of the way to go ahead.
    3. Remove any sharp objects from the track.
    4. Cross in front of the others to win.
  20. You will be participating in athletics. What is the name of the place where the events take place?
    1. Field track.
    2. Athletics track.
    3. Athletics lines.
    4. Football pitch.
  21. What type of start is shown in the picture below?
    1. Jump start.
    2. Standing start.
    3. Sprint start.
    4. Elongated start.
  22. The following are materials that can be used to improvise a soccer ball. Which one is not?
    1. Waste paper.
    2. Sisal string.
    3. Pieces of old cloth.
    4. Sand.
  23. Your class has been selected to participate in a game of soccer. How many players do you need in the game?
    1. Eleven
    2. Five
    3. Ten
    4. Seven.
  24. Before participating in any sport, you must engage in warm up activities. Why is it important to do so? It
    1. helps reduce muscle soreness
    2. makes you look tough
    3. prevents you from getting tired
    4. helps you become strong.
  25. The equipment shown below is used in a particular sport. Which sport is it?
    1. Soccer.
    2. Rounders
    3. Hockey.
    4. Baseball.
  26. What name is given to the technique where you kneel and hold the ball with both hands above your head?
    1. Kneeling head throw.
    2. Kneeling double hand throw.
    3. Kneeling overhead throw.
    4. Overhead pass.
  27. There are different sizes of balls for children of different ages. What size of ball do six- and seven-year-olds use?
    1. Size five
    2. Size four
    3. Size three
    4. Size two.
  28. The following are types of passes used when playing ball. Which one is not used in football?
    1. Chest pass.
    2. Inside of the foot pass.
    3. Instep pass.
    4. Outside of the foot pass.
  29. Which soil holds the most water?
    1. Clay.
    2. Sand
    3. Loam.
    4. Silt
  30. Grade 4 learners were asked to collect materials they were to use to make a compost heap. Who among the following learners collected the wrong materials?
    1. Wageni - Cut grass
    2. Oloo - Kitchen refuse
    3. Rose - Polythene bag.
    4. Peter - Animal waste
  31. Juma established a nursery bed and planted tree tomato seeds. After sometime, he went and removed the excess seedlings. Which activity did he carry out?
    1. Weeding
    2. Pinning
    3. Gapping
    4. Thinning.

Identify the following feature used to scare away some small animals from the farm. Use it to answer questions 44-45.


  1. Which one of the following is not a material needed when constructing the feature above?
    1. Clothes
    2. Clay
    3. Sticks
    4. Grass
  2. Which one of the following small animals is not scared away by the above feature in the farm.
    1. Moles
    2. Weaverbird
    3. Mousebird
    4. Monkeys.
  3. Grade 4 learners were asked to state the uses of water in the farm. Which one of the following is not?
    1. Swimming.
    2. Washing farm tool
    3. Watering animals
    4. Mixing farm chemicals
  4. Identify the type of nursery bed shown below.
    1. Sunken nursery bed
    2. Container nursery bed
    3. Ground nursery bed
    4. Raised nursery bed.
  5. Grade 4 learners were asked to state ways of taking care of established fruit trees. Which one of the following is not?
    1. Fencing
    2. Watering
    3. Cutting them down
    4. Removing excess branches.
  6. During an Agriculture lesson, learners in grade 4 were asked to get information on small wild animals that destroy crops using digital devices. Which one of the following devices was not used?
    1. Manilla paper
    2. Tablet
    3. Laptop
    4. Smartphone.
  7. Which one of the following is not a way of preparing a fruit tree for planting?
    1. Extracting the seeds from fruits.
    2. Washing the seeds
    3. Drying the seeds.
    4. Cutting the seeds
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