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Creative Arts & Social Studies Questions - Grade 4 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 3

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  1. What is the direction of the forest from lake?
    1. North West
    2. North East
    3. South West
    4. South East
  2. Grade four learners intended to take part in a tour around Kwanza area. Which one of the following means of transport were they likely to use?
    1. Railway
    2. Road
    3. Air
    4. Water
  3. River Soi flows from which direction?
    1. North East
    2. East
    3. North West
    4. South West.
  4. Michael was asked by his teacher to write down the settlement pattern shown in Kwanza area. Which one of the following is correct?
    1. Linear
    2. Nucleated
    3. Sparse
    4. Scattered
  5. Njuguna lives in the Northern part of the Kwanza area. Njuguna is likely to be a
    1. Christian
    2. Muslim
    3. Hindu
    4. Pagan.
  6. Grade four learners a visited a certain village. They realized that there were so many huts close together in the village. The village can be said to be populated.
    1. densely
    2. sparse
    3. nucleated
    4. uneven
  7. Waikiki visited her uncle during the holiday. She found her uncle in the garden harvesting Maize. The weather was likely to be
    1. rainy
    2. windy
    3. dry
    4. cold.
  8. The diagram below shows an example of historic built environment. The historical built environment is called
    1. museum
    2. creature
    3. human pillar
    4. monument.
  9. Grade 4 learners were asked to state the importance of interdependence. Four learners responded as follows;
    1. Jaye - Enables us get what we lack. 
    2. Sandra-Helps us create wealth.
    3. Mahamat-Makes life easier and enjoyable
    4. Asali - Makes development of our country difficult.
      Who among the learners gave the wrong answer?
      1. Jaye 
      2. Sandra
      3. Mahamat
      4. Asali
  10. Grade five learners were asked to write down as aspects of culture. Which one of the following factors did they write?
    1. Clothing
    2. Television
    3. Animals
    4. Vegetation.
  11. A short statement of what a school believes in is called
    1. core values
    2. school motto
    3. school belief
    4. teachers' remarks
  12. John was asked by his parents to write down words that can be used to describe core values they learnt in school. Which one of the following is not likely to be an example John gave?
    1. Discipline
    2. Hard work
    3. Misunderstanding
    4. Respect
  13. Grade four learners were asked to write examples of phrases that can be used as a motto by a newly established school. Which one of the following phrases is not likely to be used as a school motto? 
    1. Better your best.
    2. strive for excellence.
    3. Boys are better than girls.
    4. Education is the key.
  14. Efedha was asked to write down the meaning of a school routine. Which one of the following answers did he write? A list of
    1. activities the school does everyday
    2. activities learners enjoys doing only
    3. school requirements
    4. activities done by the teachers.
  15. Kenya is divided into ________________________ counties.
    1. 45
    2. 49
    3. 40
    4. 47
  16. Abby saw the following instruments in church; drum, piano, trumpet and guitar. Which of them is played by hitting?
    1. Drum
    2. Piano
    3. Trumpet
    4. Guitar.
  17. Job collected the following materials: Y-stick, bottle tops, a string. Which instrument was he likely to make?
    1. Drum
    2. Shaker
    3. Zeze
    4. Toy.
  18. Bonny was asked to play a drum. He cannot use to play it.
    1. hands
    2. stick
    3. bow
    4. pipe.
  19. Different children were singing songs for various occasions. Which of the following shows a sad song?
    1. Wedding
    2. Burial
    3. Birthday
    4. Baby shower.
  20. Peter was asked to identify the colour on the Kenyan National flag that represents Kenyans. What should he say?
    1. Brown
    2. White
    3. Red
    4. Black.
  21. Grade 4 learners sang the song below. This is a song________________________
    Head, shoulder, knees and toes........... 
    1. sacred
    2. action
    3. religious
    4. lullaby.
  22. A group of Grade 4 learners sang a certain song in turns. This type of song is called
    1. patriotic
    2. folk
    3. round
    4. choral.
  23. One Monday morning scouts sung this line of the National Anthem......Build this our Nation together. This is likely to be found in the ___________________ verse
    1. 2nd
    2. 1st
    3. 4th
    4. 3rd
  24. Tom played a guitar while singing his favourite song. Which type of instrument is this?
    1. Wind
    2. String
    3. Violin
    4. Percussion.
  25. These pupils sung the National Anthem while behaving differently. Who displayed good behaviour?
    1. Ben-Laughing loudly.
    2. Ken-Talking to a friend.
    3. Liam-Standing at ease.
    4. Jean-Standing at attention.
  26. Jaren was planning to create a photo montage on digital devices. Which one of the following materials was he not likely to use?
    1. News paper
    2. Crayon
    3. Adhesive
    4. Magazine
  27. Jackline was making a basket using plant materials. Which one of the following was likely to use?
    1. Bamboo
    2. Acrylic yarn
    3. Sisal fibre
    4. Carbon fibre

Peter displayed the artwork shown below. Use it to answer questions 28 to 31.


  1. Name the elements of art used.
    1. Shapes
    2. Colour
    3. Shading
    4. Lines
  2. Name the technique used to create the above artwork.
    1. Crayon etching
    2. Smudge technique
    3. Painting
    4. Gradation.
  3. Which of the following groups consists of materials used to create the above artwork?
    1. Crayons, painting, adhesive.
    2. Charcoal, black Indian ink, Crayons.
    3. Paper cut outs, adhesives, paint. 
    4. Crayons, soap, black Indian ink.
  4. Which one of the following explains why Peter dried the prepared surface under a shade?
    1. For the surface to dry slowly.
    2. For the surface to dry well.
    3. To prevent the wax from melting.
    4. To make the colour bright.
  5. Grace visited a local art workshop over the holiday break. Which of the following basketry item was she not likely to see at the artwork shop?
    1. Woven door mat.
    2. Earthen Pot.
    3. Woven scarfs.
    4. Fishing basket
  6. During a fun day at Halim academy, pupils participated in a painting competition. Which of the following tools and materials were they not likely to have used?
    1. Water colours
    2. Paint brush
    3. Crayons
    4. Pallette

Mutiso prepared the figure below. Use it to answer questions 34 to 36.


  1. Name the figure displayed above.
    1. Staggered variation strip.
    2. Gradation strip.
    3. Value.
    4. Blended variation strip.
  2. Which of the following is not a dry media that he could use to create the displayed figure?
    1. Paint
    2. Charcoal
    3. Graphite pencil
    4. Coloured Chalk.

(PART 2: Choose a section you have prepared for. Each section is 15 marks)


  1. Grade four learners were revising and came across this words "Human beings were created in the image and likeness of God". According to these words, who is the creator?
    1. Human beings
    2. God
    3. Jesus
    4. Father
  2. The following are feelings of bad thoughts and good thoughts. Which one amongst them is a bad thought? 
    1. Going to my neighbours house and play until late in the evening.
    2. Saying a prayer before going to bed.
    3. Finishing my homework before dinner
    4. Singing gospel songs.
  3. "May you always be joyful in your union with the Lord again I say rejoice"
    The above verse is found in which book of the Bible?
    1. Ephesians 6
    2. Philippians 4:4
    3. Genesis 3
    4. Exodus 2
  4. Getting emotional and angry sometimes is normal. According to Ephesians 4: 26, controlling your anger will help you stay away from
    1. happiness
    2. God
    3. friends
    4. sin.
  5. The following are unique abilities that makes one a unique creation of God. Which one is not?
    1. Honesty
    2. Politeness
    3. Irresponsible
    4. Kindness
  6. Peter was asked to name his family members. Who among the family members named below is not part of a nuclear family? 
    1. Father
    2. Children
    3. Grandfather
    4. Mother
  7. According to 2 Samuel 13:4-14 about the story of Amnon and Tamar, the Bible teaches us that we should not misuse our bodies because our bodies are the temple of
    1. Holy spirit
    2. Jesus
    3. parents
    4. blood.
  8. In the Old Testament books, we have the first five books which are known as the law books. Which of the following is not one of them?
    1. Mathew
    2. Exodus
    3. Genesis
    4. Numbers
  9. The following are the attributes of God according to the accounts of creation. Which one is not?
    1. God is loving.
    2. God is Holy.
    3. God is the sole creator.
    4. God is a sinner.
  10. Which group below contains books from the Old Testament only?
    1. Genesis, Numbers, Acts.
    2. Mathew, Luke, Mark, Leviticus.
    3. Exodus, Isaiah, Psalms.
    4. Genesis, Mark, Luke.
  11. Mr Jimnah taught grade four learners to be very careful when relating with others and they can trust all these people when in danger except
    1. teachers
    2. parents
    3. strangers
    4. guardians.
  12. In the Bible, there is a man who is referred to as the father of faith. Who was he?
    1. Abraham
    2. Jesus
    3. Moses
    4. Aaron
  13. Which miracle shows that Jesus was a universal saviour?
    1. Healing of the Roman officer's servant.
    2. Raising of Lazarus.
    3. Changing water into wine.
    4. Healing the blind man.
  14. Learners in grade 4 were asked to recite a memory verse from the book of Numbers 22:1-12 about the man who disobeyed God. Who was this man?
    1. Balaam
    2. Samson
    3. Saul
    4. Moses
  15. Who among the following were the first disciples to be called by Jesus?
    1. Philip and Thaddeus.
    2. John and Peter.
    3. Peter and Andrew.
    4. John and James.


  1. The mother of prophet Muhammad (SAW) was called
    1. Khadija
    2. Amina
    3. Zulekha
    4. Asiya
  2. Surah Fatiha has ______________ verses.
    1. 6
    2. 10
    3. 7
    4. 4
  3. The word Ikhlas means 
    1. purity
    2. good
    3. excellent
    4. bad
  4. ___________________________ is the book associated with the month of Ramadhan.
    1. Quran
    2. Taurat
    3. Injeel
    4. Zabur
  5. _______________________ is Haram for Muslims to eat.
    1. Camel
    2. Goat
    3. Pig
    4. Cow
  6. The angel in charge of paradise is called
    1. Malik
    2. Ridhwan
    3. Izrael.
    4. Mikael
  7.  Associating Allah with partnership is _______________________
    1. saum
    2. ibadaa
    3. salat
    4. shirk
  8. Qadar means
    1. provider
    2. opener
    3. powerful
    4. strong
  9. Eidul-hajj is also known as Eidul
    1. Mubarak
    2. Fitr
    3. Adhha
    4. Diwali
  10.  ________________ and ____________________ are sons of prophet Mohammad (SAW). 
    1. Ali and Abubakar
    2. Abdallah and Kassim 
    3. Umar and Athman
    4. Jibril and Mikael
  11. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) received the first wahy in cave
    1. Thaur
    2. Hira
    3. Uhud.
    4. Marwa.
  12. Bowing down for prayer is called
    1. Rukuu
    2. Wudhu
    3. Sujud.
    4. salam
  13. After fasting, Muslims break their fast using
    1. soda
    2. cigarettes
    3. honey
    4. dates and water.
  14. Which angel of Allah will blow the trumpet at the end of the world?
    1. Mikael
    2. Jibril
    3. Israfil
    4. Israel
  15. The first wife of the prophet Muhammad (saw) was
    1. Aisha
    2. Zainab
    3. Khadija
    4. Maria
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