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Creative Arts and Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 6 End Term Exams Term 2 2023 Set 1

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  1. The following are different ways of preparing materials used to make items using the coil and stitch technique. Which one is not?
    1. Dyeing
    2. Plaiting
    3. Tearing
    4. Stitching
  2. The following are different ways that are used to create centre of interest in painting except one. Which one is it?
    1. Placing an object at the centre of the painting.
    2. Using colours that contrast.
    3. Tinting and shading an object.
    4. Making a particular object in the painting bigger than the rest.
  3. Abigael created the picture form below.
    Which technique was used?
    1. Cross-hatching technique
    2. Stippling technique
    3. Smudging technique
    4. Matting technique
  4. Anita designed a book jacket that was meant to protect the cover and the binding of a book to make it look beautiful. Which of the following answers is not part of a book jacket?
    1. Back page
    2. The spine
    3. The flaps
    4. The illustrations
  5. Grade 6 learners of Hekima school drew and decorated different 3D items using different techniques. The following are the techniques used in the decorations of the items except one. Which one?
    1. Cross hatching
    2. B. Smudging
    3. Embossing
    4. Stippling
  6. The following are elements of photography that are supposed to be observed while taking pictures. Which one is not an element of photography?
    1. Focus
    2.  Image quality
    3. Composition
    4. View point
  7. There are different ways of making patterns on a piece of fabric to make tie and dye patterns. Abdi listed on the following ways. Which one is not one of the ways used?
    1. Knotting
    2. Incising
    3. Tying objects
    4. Folding
  8. Which of the following is a conventional surface for mounting 2D artwork?
    1. Hessian
    2. Canvas
    3. Plastic
    4. Paper
  9. Gabriella mixed colours to paint a colour wheel. Which colour did he get after mixing red and orange?
    1. Pink
    2. Purple
    3. Green
    4. Red Orange
  10. Who is a marionettist in the field of Art?
    1. A string used by a marionette.
    2. A puppet moving in different directiors.
    3. A person controlling the marionette.
    4. A type of puppet made to represent human or animal character.


  1. Grade six learners of Jivunia primary school learnt about different types of musical instruments and their specific communities. Which among the following instruments was wrongly matched with its community?
    1. Orutu               -           Luo
    2. Obokano          -          Abagusii
    3. Uta wa Wathi   -           Mijikenda
    4. Adeudeu          -           Iteso   
  2. A grade six learner made a flute. The flute produced sound by
    1. bowing
    2. plucking
    3. hitting
    4. blowing
  3. During music lesson, learners listed down aspects of folk songs. Which one was not correct?
    1. Participants
    2. Instrumentation
    3. Messages
    4. Response
  4. What is the French rhythm of the note drawn below?
    1. Taa-aa-aa
    2. Ta-te
    3. Taa-aa
    4. Taa
  5. A certain community sung different songs to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. The songs that were being sang were most likely
    1. work songs
    2. marriage songs
    3. initiation songs
    4. funeral songs
  6. Singing with unified sound is known as
    1. voice blending
    2. social cohesion
    3. dynamics
    4. choral performance
  7. Which hand sign is represented in the diagram below?
    1. d
    2. m
    3. f
    4. s
  8. The following are components of a folk song except one. Which one?
    1. Message
    2. Formation
    3. Instruments
    4. Dancing
  9. Which one of the following is not a wind instrument?
    1. Bung'o
    2. Ekegogo
    3. Adet
    4. Vilingi
  10. The song 'Njoo twende shuleni' speaks about the importance of education. Under which type of songs can we categorize it?
    1. Topical songs
    2. Patriotic songs
    3. Art songs
    4. Religious songs


Study the map of Dori area and answer questions 21-25

  1. Grade six learners were asked by their teacher to study the map and identify the direction where the river was flowing from. Who gave the correct answer?
    1. Kelly      -    South East
    2. Kerry      -    North West
    3. Carren   -    North East
    4. Salome South West
  2. The population distribution pattern in Dori area is
    1. linear
    2. clustered
    3. nuclear
    4. scattered
  3. What evidence shows that Dori area has security?
    1. Presence of a school.
    2. Presence of the governor's office.
    3. Presence of a police station.
    4. Presence of a church.
  4. Three of the following economic activities are practised in Dori area except?
    1. farming
    2. fishing
    3. lumbering
    4. mining
  5. The elected head of Dori area is a
    1. senator
    2. chief
    3.  governor
    4. county commissioner

Use the diagram below to answer questions 26 - 27.


  1. The lake marked X was formed through the process of
    1. volcanicity
    2. faulting
    3. glaciation
    4. deposition
  2. Which one of the following lakes was formed through the process above?
    1. L. Tana
    2. L. Bunyonyi
    3. L. Kivu
    4. L. Teleki
  3. Grade six learners were asked to name three benefits of historic built environments. Which one was not correct?
    1. Jane         -     Preserves culture.
    2. James      -     Creates jobs for many people.
    3. Dennis      -     Attracts tourists. 
    4. Doriah      -     Leads to unemployment.
  4. A group of people with a common ancestor make a?
    1.  society
    2. family
    3. clan
    4. tribe
  5. A grade six Social Studies teacher asked his learners to identify a group of Cushites only. Which one was correct?
    1. Mbugu, Burji, Hawa
    2. Nandi, Karamojong, Luo
    3. Abaganda, Abaluhya, Yao
    4. Amhara, Afar. Alur
  6. Which one of the following is not a subsistence crop? .
    1. Millet
    2. Potatoes
    3. Tea
    4. Beans
  7. Which one of the following fishing methods is not modern?
    1. Harpooning
    2. Trawling
    3. Purse seining
    4. Net drifting
  8. The following are challenges facing tourism in Eastern Africa. Which one is not?
    1. Insecurity
    2. Poor means of transport
    3. Poaching
    4. Good educational facilities

Use the map of Eastern Africa below to answer questions 34-35.


  1. The country marked X is
    1. Eritrea
    2. Somalia
    3. Djibouti
    4. Ethiopia
  2. Which of the above marked countries is not a member of the East African Community?
    1. K
    2. Y
    3. S
    4. M



  1. Janet and her friends had a conversation on the fall of human beings. They came to a conclusion that the fall of human beings in the garden of Eden was mainly as a resuit of
    1. disobedience
    2. greed
    3. laziness
    4. pride
  2. Early marriages should be discouraged mainly because
    1. parents of the girl get punished.
    2. it leads to family breakups.
    3. it denies the child a right to go to schoo!.
    4. it leads to immature birth.
  3. Christian youths can best make good use of their leisure time by
    1. visiting their friends.
    2. helping the elderly.
    3. reading the Bible.
    4. playing with others.
  4. The Bible is the inspired word of God because
    1. it has many books.
    2. it was written by many people.
    3. its authors were guided by the Holy Spirit.
    4. it took a long period of time to write.
  5. The story of Elisha recovering the axe - head teaches Christians that they should
    1. have faith in God.
    2. be humble.
    3. say the truth always.
    4. love one another.
  6. The power of God helped Samson to
    1. Fight the Israelites.
    2. marry a Philistine wife.
    3. kill a lion.
    4. keep his hair long.
  7. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dreams. This was mainly because he was
    1. faithful to God.
    2. hardworking.
    3. courageous.
    4. kind.
  8. The lesson Christians learn from the temptations of Jesus Christ is that they should overcome temptations mainly by
    1. going to church.
    2. praying for their enemies.
    3. knowing God's word.
    4. talking to trusted people.
  9. The lesson Christians learn from the healing of the ten lepers is that they should
    1. ask for help from religious leaders only.
    2. be thankful.
    3. seek medication.
    4. be fair in what they do.
  10. Teacher Pendo asked her learners to name disciples of Jesus. Cindy, Tommy, Daniel and Judy named as follows:
    Cindy: Simon, Andrew, John and James.
    Tommy: Judas, Peter, John and James.
    Daniel: Thaddaeus, Levi, Philip and Bartholomeus
    Judy: Matthew, John, Philip and Thomas.
    Who correctly named the first four disciples of Jesus?
    1. Tommy
    2. Cindy
    3. Judy
    4. Daniel
  11. From the story of the rich man and Lazarus, Christians should use their wealth to
    1. buy expensive gifts to their children.
    2. help relatives only.
    3. support the needy.
    4. tour places.
  12. A lesson that Christians learn from the healing of the bleeding woman by Jesus is that they should
    1. be ready to serve God.
    2. ask for help.
    3. have faith in Jesus.
    4. obey the word of God.
  13. During the Lord's supper, Jesus
    1. predicted Peter's denial.
    2. forgave the sins of his disciples
    3. shared meals with his parents.
    4. became worried of his sins.
  14. Prince and Elvis had been close friends. Of late, they have a disagreement. As a Christian, you should tell them to
    1. break the friendship.
    2. stop talking to each other.
    3. get new friends.
    4. seek guidance and counselling.
  15. Gabriel heard a group of youth planning to attack a villager whom they were suspecting to be reporting their evil activities to police. Gabriel should:
    1. organise and fight with them.
    2. ignore them.
    3. shout to alert the villagers.
    4. report them to the area chief.



  1. Muhammad a grade six learner is a very impatient person who likes complaining all the time. Which surah would you advice him to read?
    1. Asr
    2. Ikhlas
    3. Falaq
    4. Fatiha
  2. While performing Swalatul Dhuhr, Alwi forgot to recite a certain surah. This made him to repeat the prayer. Which surah do you think Alwi had Forgotten to recite?
    1. Al-Falaq
    2. Al-Fatiha
    3. Al-Kauthar
    4. Al-Asr
  3. Which of the following surahs wants Muslims to only believe in one God?
    1. Al-Quraish
    2. An-Naas
    3. Al-Ikhlas
    4. Al-Maun
  4. Surah Al-Fatiha is known as "Ummul Qur'an." Which of the following is the meaning of the phrase?
    1. The seven repeated verses.
    2. The third of the Quran.
    3. The healer of diseases.
    4. The mother of the Qur'an
  5. Which city was surah At-Takathur revealed?
    1. Madina
    2. Taif
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Makkah
  6. After performing subh swalat, Ja-afar, who is a grade six learner, watched movies the whole day and even forgot to perform other fardh prayers. Which bounty of Allah will Ja-afar be asked to account for on the Day of Judgement?
    1. Wealth
    2. His youth
    3. His time
    4. His health
  7. Which of the following is the fourth pillar of Iman? The belief in
    1. prophets
    2. angels
    3. books
    4. Allah
  8. Rahmalul, a grade six learner, is known as a personwho fears Allah (S.W.T). Which of the following terms is used to refer to the fear of Allah
    1. Tawakkul
    2. Taqwa
    3. Iman
    4. Ihsaan
  9. Which one of the following is one of the characters of the prophet (S.A. W)?
    1. Impatient
    2. Trustworthy
    3. Cruel
    4. Proud
  10. I'm a prophet of Allah. I had eleven brothers. I went through the trials of jail. Who am I?
    1. Yusuf
    2. Ibrahim
    3. Nuh
    4. Yaqub
  11. Three of the following are instances which demand for sunnah ghusl. Which one is not?
    1. After regaining consciousness.
    2. Before going for Eid prayers.
    3. After waking up from sleep.
    4. Before putting on Ihram.
  12. During which month is the fifth pillar of Islam performed?
    1. Muharram
    2. Dhul-Hijjah
    3. Dhul-Qaada
    4. Ramadhan
  13. Husna, a grade six learner, found her friends fighting on the way home. What was the right course of action for Husna to take?
    1. Leave them alone.
    2. Separate them.
    3. Call people for help.
    4. Report them to the nearest police station.
  14. Which of the following is the best place for an Islamic marriage?
    1. Mosque
    2. Public social hall
    3. Playground
    4. The home
  15. Who was the first wife of the prophet (S.A. W)?
    1. Aisha
    2. Asiya
    3. Ummu Salama
    4. Khadijah



  1. D
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
  8. D
  9. D
  10. C


  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A


  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. D
  8. D
  9. C
  10. A
  11. C
  12. A
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. A
  8. C
  9. B
  10. B
  11. C
  12. C
  13. A
  14. D
  15. D


  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A
  11. C
  12. D
  13. B
  14. A
  15. D



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