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English Questions - Grade 6 KPSEA 2023 Exams

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Question 1 to 3 

Read the telephone conversation below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 3. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.

Pupil:               Hello, Teacher.
Class teacher: Hello. ____1_____
Pupil:                I am Barasa Kabengi, a pupil in Grade 6 Yellow.
Class teacher: Yes, Barasa, how can I help you?
Pupil:                ____2_____
Class teacher: Is there a problem at home?
Pupil:                My young sister is joining Grade 1 today. She has been crying. She wants me to accompany her to school. Grade 1 learners are to                              report at 8:30 a.m. today.
Class teacher: Okay, Barasa. You can come along with her. Make sure you come to see me after she settles down in her classroom.
Pupil:                ____3____

    1. Who are you?
    2. Who is this?
    3. Whom am I speaking to?
    4. Whom do you want to speak to?A
    1. May I be late for school today?
    2. I want to be late for school today.
    3. I will be late for school today.
    4. Must I be late for school today?
    1. That's good, Teacher.
    2. It's okay, Teacher.
    3. It's alright, Teacher.
    4. Thank you, Teacher.

For questions 4 to 5, complete each of the blank spaces with the correct alternative from the choices given.

  1. If I had a lot of money, I ______________________ travel all over the world.
    1. should
    2. would
    3. can
    4. will
  2. Odoko goes to school _________________________ foot every morning.
    1. by
    2. with
    3. on
    4. in

Read the passage below and then answer questions 6 to 9.

Human beings have always kept animals for different purposes. Animals can be kept as pets. A pet is an animal kept for pleasure. We keep pets because we love their company. We play with them. They are just like our friends, so we keep them happy and comfortable. Indeed, the dog, which is a common pet, has been said to be man's best friend.

Animals can also be kept to help human beings do certain tasks. This is because they have special abilities which human beings do not have. For example, donkeys have strength to carry heavy luggage. They can therefore help us in transportation.

Some animals are kept as source of food. Animal products such as milk and eggs are a rich source of nutrients. It is important to realise that whether we keep animals as pets, to help in work, or for food, they deserve kind treatment.

  1. Why do we keep pets?
    1. To help us carry heavy things.
    2. To make us happy.
    3. To provide food.
    4. TO protect the environment   
  2. Which one of the following is true about donkeys and dogs?
    1. They are man's best friend.
    2. They are better than us.
    3. They can do things that we cannot do.
    4. They are always comfortable and healthy.
  3. The word 'special' as used in the passage means the same as _____________________
    1. strange.
    2. unusual.
    3. new.
    4. unkonwn.
  4. What is likely to happen if we do not treat animals kindly?
    1. They will not live with us.
    2. They may not give us enough food.
    3. We may not get enough benefits from them.
    4. We may not be happy and comfortable.

Read the story below and then answer questions 10 to 12.

Hassan likes running errands for his parents. The other day, he was sent to the shop to buy some items. His father had written the prices of the items on a list. The total cost was four hundred and twenty five shillings. His father had given him five hundred shillings. Hassan was expecting a balance of seventy five shillings.
The shopkeeper was very busy on that day. She was serving many customers. When Hassan got the balance, he stepped out of the shop to count the money. He could not believe it. The shopkeeper had given him five hundred and seventy five shillings! Hassan thought this was his lucky day.
He sat down under a tree to plan how he would spend his new found cash. He started counting all the things he wanted to buy. This time he would go to a different shop.
On his way to the shop, Hassan remembered what his father had once told him, "Never take what does not belong to you". He realised the five hundred shillings belonged to the shopkeeper. He walked back to the shop to return the money. The shopkeeper was surprised to see him back so soon. When Hassan handed her the money, she was very grateful and said, "You are an angel. I'm proud of you, young man".
Hassan walked home shoulder high. He knew his father would be very pleased with him.

  1. Why did Hassan's father write the list of items? 
    1. He did not want Hassan to forget any item. 
    2. He did not want Hassan to delay in the shop.
    3. He wanted Hassan to get the right balance from the shopkeeper.
    4. He wanted Hassan to do the totals of the cost of the items.  
  2. The shopkeeper was surprised to see Hassan back because ________________________
    1. Hassan returned the money.
    2. the shopkeeper was very busy that day.
    3. Hassan had just left the shop.
    4. the shopkeeper had given him the balance.
  3. This story teaches us that ___________________________
    1. honesty is the best policy.
    2. hurry hurry has no blessing.
    3. once bitten twice shy.
    4. a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Read the story below and then answer questions 13 to 15.

Many afternoons, Hyena and Hare spent hours in a field cating the farmer's groundnuts. One day, Hare heard that the farmer was complaining that his groundnuts were being stolen. Hare went to him and said, "I will catch the thief for you."

One afternoon, Hare told Hyena that groundnuts are sweeter when you eat them with your legs buried in the ground. Hyena buried his four legs in the ground. He looked at the Hare and asked him, "Hare, why have you not buried your four legs?" Hare replied, "My legs are very short." Hyena was happy with Hare's answer, and he continued eating groundnuts. Hare watched carefully and when he saw the farmer coming, he quickly ran away. Hyena too saw the farmer, and tried to escape, but his legs were stuck in the ground. The farmer caught him and gave him a thorough beating.

  1. Which one of the following is true according to the story?
    1. Hare stole the groundnuts just like Hyena.
    2. Hare was a true friend of the farmer.
    3. Hare was not able to cheat Hyena.
    4. Hare buried oe of his legs in theground.
  2. From the story, Hare is ________________________________.
    1. friendly
    2. funny
    3. busy
    4. tricky
  3. What do we learn from this story?
    1. People need to share what they have.
    2. We should keep the right friends.
    3. Farmers should beat all Hyenas.
    4. We should always do what we are told.

Questions 16 to 20

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.

Asha has a small garden at home. She likes it because it is a gift from ___16___ grandfather. Asha grows ___17___ vegetables in her garden. She ____18____ taking care of her vegetables. She does not like to sit in the house ___19___  play games on the phone. She hopes to sell her harvest 
___20___ month.

   A  B  C  D
 16.   his  hers   him   her 
 17.  different   dry   cooked   plenty 
 18.  begins  accepts  enjoys  admires
 19.  also  and  yet  because
 20.  future  new  next  later

For questions 21 to 28, fill in the blank spaces with the correct alternative from the choices given.

  1. The teacher found the learner ____________________________ the classroom.
    1. to
    2. in
    3. on
    4. over
  2. Ali left the book ____________________________ the table.
    1. with
    2. on
    3. in
    4. from
  3. The children are planting trees, _____________________________________
    1. aren't they?
    2. aren't we?
    3. are they?
    4. are we?
  4. Rudisha did not find the story book in his bag because___________________________________ had taken it.
    1. anybody
    2. somebody
    3. everybody
    4. nobody
  5. The teacher told us to take care of _______________________________during the journey.
    1. themselves
    2. yourself
    3. ourselves
    4. yourselves
  6. The thieves took away our goats _______________________________ force.
    1. with
    2. by
    3. at
    4. under
  7. This is the hen ________________________________ egg broke.
    1. who
    2. whom
    3. whose
    4. which
  8. The class teacher will present. ____________________________us a present.
    1. given
    2. gives
    3. gave
    4. give

In question 29, choose the best alternative from the choices given.

  1. 'Neither Kalusi nor Sofia came late to class'.
    1. Only Kalusi came late to class.
    2. Only Sofia came late to class.
    3. Both Kalusi and Sofia came late to class.
    4. Both Kalusi and Sofia did not come late to class.

Read the following paragraph and answer question 30.

Nasir, Banda and Lona are friends. They all play football. Nasir also plays volleyball. Lona also plays netball.

  1. According to the story, who plays football only?
    1. Nasir.
    2. Banda.
    3. Lona.
    4. All of them.
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