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Integrated Learning Areas Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 6 End of Term 1 Exams 2022 Set 1

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Science and Technology

  1. Complete. the table below by naming four parts of a plant and their functions. (8 mks) 
    Part of the plant             Functions
  2. Draw the following roots. (4 mks)

    Fibrous root  Tap root 
  3. State two medicinal plants found in your locality. (2 mks)
  4. Name three plants with fibrous root system. (3 mks)
  5. Mammals are examples of animals with a backbone and constant body temperature. State three examples of animals in these group? (3 mks)
  6. State an invertebrate with three body parts?____________________. (1 mk)
  7. What is sound pollution? (3 mks)
  8. A grade five student was seen doing the following activity. What was the student investigating? (1 mk)


  1.  Write one example of indigenous crops in Kenya.
  2. State one way of taking care of a vegetable nursery.
  3. In order to earn income, what can Kiprotich do with his surplus vegetable seedlings?
  4. Below is an indigenous food crop grown in Kenya.
    State the nutrition importance of the crop above

    State the functions of each of the following domestic animals
  5. Pig
  6. Dog
  7. Camel 
  8. Write one example of a climbing fruit tree.
  9. Write one use of sandy soil.
  10. The illustration below shows a climbing fruit tree.
    Write the function of the structure marked W
  11. How can a farmer use a scarecrow in his farm?
  12. Write one-way of dealing with moles in the farm.
  13. Name the type of irrigation shown below.
    Name the following' gardening equipment.


Home science

  1. A person going through puberty is referred to as? . (1 mks)
  2. Name four good grooming habits. (4 mks)
  3. You were asked to advice fellow students on physical exercises. State three physical exercises for an adolescent. (3 mks)
  4. State three importance of physical exercise. (3 mks)
  5. Fill the table below by naming three examples in each case. (6 mks)
    Body building foods Protective foods 

  6. It's important to wash hands regularly. State three instances when one Must wash hands? (3 mks)
  7. State accessories used by adolescents? (4 mks)
  8. Name three embroidery stitches, (3 mks)
  9. State three types of media you can use to achieve after decorating your apron. (3 mks)

Physical Education

Name the sports items drawn below

  3. The following are activitiesinvolved in hurdles
    1. Clearance
    2. Approach
    3. Flight
    4. Take off
      Arrange them in order beginning with the first one.
  4. In which sports activity do we practise elongated started?
  5. The technique shown below is used in Frisbee. Name it.
  6.  When practising handwalk, which parts of our bodies do we hold high?
  7. Why are long jump pits filled with materials?
  8. What is the last activity in long jump?
  9. Straddle and straddle cross is a common technique in ___________ work.
  10. Draw a volleyball field in the space provided

    Write two examples of passes used in soccer.
  11. _______________________________
  12. _______________________________
  13. How many players are there in one soccer team?
    Write two contents of a first aid
  14. _______________________________
  15. _______________________________

Social Studies


  1. The general flow of rivers in Mwakitu area is towards?
  2. The settlement in Mwakitu area can be described as
  3. The plantation in Mwakitu grows?
  4. What is the direction of the church from the plantation?
  5. The growing of tea in Mwakitu area indicates that the climate is
  6. River Susi has _______________ tributaries.
  7. Who is the head of Mwakitu area ______________________?
  8. State 3 elements of the map. (3 mks)
  9. Name two countries found in East Africa. (2 mks) 
  10. Name three arms of the National Government of Kenya. (3 mks)
  11. Differentiate between a latitude and a longitude? (1 mk)
  12. Name three main physical features in Kenya? (3 mks)
  13. What is the meaning of a climate?
  14. Identify the three major language groups in Kenya. (3 mks)
  15. Write two ways one can become a Kenyan citizen. (2 mks)

Christian Religious Education

  1. What is the other name for the Lord's table?
  2. Write one gift of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Write one quality of a good friend.
  4. Write one result of unhealthy boy-girl relationship.
  5. When Jesus Christ baptised, a voice came from heaven saying
  6. What is the lesson Christians learn from Jesus' parable of the lost sheep?
  7. When Jesus fed the multitude, how many baskets of food remained?
  8. In which mountain did the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal take place?
  9. During the call of Moses, in which form did God appear to him?
  10. State one way through which king Solomon used the wisdom he asked from God.
  11. Write one example of commonly abused drugs in Kenya.
  12. When Jesus portrayed His power over nature, on which vessel were they travelling?
  13. Which Christian value do Christians learn from the story of the friend at midnight?
  14. Write one way of taking good care of school property.
  15. Which of Jesus' parables teaches Christians about the kingdom of heaven?

Islamic  Religious Education

  1. Name the five ulul Azm prophets.
  2. Name two pillars of swalah. (2 mks) 
  3. Write two miracles of Nabii Issa (as) (2 mks)
  4. Name three nullifiers of saum. (3 mks) 
  5. Give the meaning of the follow ing attributes of Allah ( 5WT). (2 mks)
    1. Al-Ghaffar
    2. Al-waahid
  6. What is hadith'?


  1. Why do folk dancers use ornaments when dancing?
    Name the three parts of descant recorder.
    Put notes B, A and G against the correct solfa notes,
  5. doh
  6. re
  7. mi
  8. Name the wind instrument drawn below.
  9. Study the diagram below.
    What is the function of the parts labelled W?
  10. A whistle produces sound when
    Write two examples of percussion instruments
  11. __________________________________________         
  12. __________________________________________       
  13. Tufanye sote bider is a line in Kiswahili Kenya National Anthem. In which verse is the line found?
    Write the French rhythms for the following.
  14. Quaver
  15. Crotchet

Art & Craft

  1. What makes an object to be referred to as 2D? (1 mk)
  2. Write your school's name in 3D. (4 mks)
  3. What is weaving?. (1 mk)
  4. Shade the following picture using stippling technique. (3 mks)
  5. What is balance of forms?
  6. State three elements of art? (3 mks)
  7. Draw two tools used in drawing? (4 mks)


  8. State two materials that can be used for weaving?(2 mks)
  9. Name three traditional technique which can be used to decorate a carved cooking stick. (3 mks)
  10. Name two weaving techniques. (2 mks)

Marking Scheme

Science and Technology

    Part of the plant             Functions
    Leaf   Allow exchange of gases
     Flower  It grows into fruit
     Roots  Holds the plant firmly in the soil
     Stem  Holds the plant upright
  2.  Student should draw tap and fibrous roots correctly.      
    1.  Neem
    2. Cinnamon
    1. Onion
    2. Maize
    3. millet   
    1. Birds
    2. human being
    3. elephants
  6. insects
  7. It's the contamination of something
  8. Force of gravity.


  1. African Nightshade, Spider Plant, Amaranth, stinging nettle, pumpkin leaves, cowpeas and Slender Leaf etc
  2. Mark any correct answer given
  3. Sell them
  4. Gives carohydrates
  5. Food
  6. Security
  7. Food/ milk, carrying objects and people
  8. passionfruit, kiwi fruit, grapes
  9. building
  10. to keep the plant upright/ support
  11. to scare destructive animals
  12. digginf trenches, planting barrier plants
  13. Drip
  14. Watering can
  15. Wheelbarrow

Home Science

  1. An adolescent
    1. Body cleanliness, dressing well, caring for clothes, cleaning your body every day.
    2. Washing your hands withsoap after going to the toilet.
    3. Brushing your teeth twice a day
    4. Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue ( or your sleeve) when sneezing or coughing
    5. Washing your hands after handling pets and other animals
    1. Playing volleyball
    2. Playing touch football
    3. Gardening
    4. Walking
    5. Shooting baskets
    1. Improves your memory and brain function(all age groups)
    2. Protect against many chronic diseases
    3. Aid in weight management.
    4. Lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
    5. Improve your quality of sleep
    6. Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  5. Body building           Protective
    Beef                          Mangoes
    Beans                        Kales
    Green grams             Water melon
    1. After visiting the toilet
    2. Before eating food
    3. When preparing to cook.
  7. Jewelry , bangles, scarves, caps   
    1. Chain
    2. Satin
    3. Stem
    1. Radio
    2. television
    3. Magazine

Physical Education

  1. Rounders Ball
  2. Racket
  3. Approach, take off
  4. Athletics
  5. Double ahnded rim catch
  6. Legs
  7. For safety
  8. Landing
  9. Rope
  10. Learner to draw
  11. backheel pass/through pass/ Forward-pass (mark correct any other appropriate answer)
  12. through pass/backheel pass/ Forward-pass (mark correct any other appropriate answer)
  13. 11
  14. bandage/ scissors, cotton, spirit (mark correct any other appropriate answer)
  15. Check 14 above

Social Studies

  1. Southwest
  2. Linear settlement
  3. Tea
  4. West
  5. Cool and wet
  6. One
  7. Chief
  8. Frame, tile compass, scale, key
  9. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
  10. The Executive, Legislature, Judiciary
  11. Latitudes All parallel circles from the equator up to the poles are called parallels of latitudes.
    Latitudes are measured in degrees.
    Longitudes: The vertical lines running North-South join the two poles. They are called the meridians of longitude. They are spaced farthest apart at the equator and converge at a point at each pole.
  12. Volcanic and block Rift Valleys, Lakes, Plains
  13. Climate is the description of the long-term pattern of weather in a particular area.
  14. Cushites
  15. Birth

Christian religious Education

  1. Eucharist
  2. love/joy/ peace/ patience/ kindness/ goodness/faithfulness/ humility/ self-control/gentleness (mark any one)
  3. trustworthy (mark any other appropriate answer)
  4. pregnancy/ abuse/ STIs (mark any other correct answer)
  5. This is my son with whom I am pleased
  6. Calling christians to the church
  7. 12
  8. Carmel
  9. Burning bush
  10. Student should give appropriate answer
  11. Student should give appropriate answer
  12. Boat
  13. Persistence in prayer
  14. Student should give appropriate answer
  15. Mustard seed

Islamic Religious Education

  1. Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Issa (as), Muhammad(SAW)
  2. refer to no. 1
  3. refer to no. 1
  4. refer to no. 1
  5. refer to no. 1
  6. Qiyam, rukuu, itidaal, sujuud, jalsa
  7. refer to no. 6
  8. Raised the dead, healed lepers/blind, 
    he spoke when he was very young
    (mark correct any correct answer)
  9. refer to no. 8
  10. Eating intentionally/ deliberately,
    drinking intentionally,
    vomiting intentionally
  11. refer to no. 10
  12. refer to no. 10
  13. Forgive
  14. The holy one
  15. Hadith is what the prophet (SAW) said or the sayings of the prophet (SAW)


  1. To make the dance real
  2. Head joint/ MIddle joint/ foot joint
  3. Refer to no. 2
  4. Refer to no. 2
  5. G
  6. A
  7. B
  8. trumpet
  9. To let air out when playing
  10. blown
  11. Mark appropriate answer
  12. Mark appropriate answer
  13. 2nd
  14. ta
  15. ta-te

Art & Craft

  1. It has a length, width and height
  2. Ensure the name is in 3D
  3. It's a process in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.
  5. Refers to how elements of art relate to each other within the composition
  6. Line, shape, colour, value , space, form
  7. The drawings should include items such as pen, pencils, crayons etc
  8. Banana fibres, raffia, grass, sisal
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