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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 3

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Read the conversation below. It contains blank spaces 1- 5. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.

Bakari:     Dad is mad with me today.
Ahmed:    What happened?
Bakari:      I rode his bicycle without his permission.
Ahmed:    (1) ____________________________________________
Bakari:      Yes, but everything seem hot air.
Ahmed:     (2) ____________________________________________
Bakari:      Certainly no! seems dad is biased.
Ahmed:     (3) ____________________________________________
Bakari:       I need an elder to talk to my dad.
Ahmed:     (4) ____________________________________________
Bakari:      Thank you for your concern!
Ahmed:     (5) ____________________________________________

    1. Did you abuse him?
    2. Did you apologise to him?
    3. Did you cause any damage?
    4. Did you have permission?
    1. Was there any damage caused?
    2. Was the bicycle in good condition by then?
    3. Was there anyone at home?
    4. Is there anything we can do about it?  
    1. I know it, Bakari.
    2. Don't you worry, all shall be well.
    3. Bakari, you are right.
    4. Be rude to him as well..
    1. Bakari, excuse me.
    2. Suppose you talked to Mzee Hamisi?
    3. Yes, he is sick.
    4. He must be old.
    1. That is normal.
    2. Most welcome.
    3. It is alright.
    4. Thank you, Bakari.

Read the passage below and answer questions 6 to 9.

At first, Jack tried to peep through the window but because of the deep shadow of the trees and darkness inside, he could not make out clearly any object so we lifted the latch and opened the door. We observed that the latch was made of iron and almost caten away with rust. The hinges too were in a similar condition and they creaked as the door swung back.

There was no furniture in the apartment save a little wooden stool and an iron pot, the latter almost caten through with rust.

  1. What was the latch made of?
    1. Gold
    2. Steel and iron
    3. Iron
    4. Steel 
  2. What made the creak as the door opened?
    1. The latch.
    2. The old door.
    3. The rusted hinges.
    4. The old hut.
  3. What furniture was in the hut?
    1. A little wooden pot and stool.
    2. A table and a chair.
    3. A little wooden stool.
    4. No furniture at all.
  4. The opposite of the word latter as used in the passage is
    1. former
    2. later
    3. before
    4. exact

Read the passage below and answer questions 10 to 12.

Once upon time, there lived an elephant and his friend the chameleon. The elephant loved the chameleon very much as he helped him change his colour. The elephant was safe whenever there was war in the forest for nobody would see him and the chameleon. When war was over, the elephant's colour would be back to normal with the help he got from the chameleon. But the chameleon never let his friend know how he did it.

Each day, the elephant would beg him to tell him the secret behind but the chameleon would just make a prolonged laughter.

  1. How many animals are mentioned in the story?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
  2. Who had the secret of changing colour?
    1. Lion
    2. Elephant
    3. None
    4. Chameleon
  3. Chameleon was not a trustworthy friend because he
    1. loved the elephant.
    2. laughed at the elephant.
    3. kept the secret to himself.
    4. always mounted on the elephant's back.

Read the passage below and answer questions 13 to 15.

As the bus sped on, Wandera sat quietly on his seat by the window. He watched the trees and the hills which seemed to be racing in the opposite direction. That was fun, but could not really capture - his full attention. What really mattered to him was that he would soon be in Nairobi.

  1. The trees and hills seemed to be racing in the opposite direction. This suggest that
    1. Wandera was dreaming.
    2. It was a reality.
    3. The bus was moving fast.
    4. The bus, trees and the hills were racing.
  2. Wandera was able to see trees and far away hills because
    1. he put on his sun glasses.
    2. he had sat at the back of the bus.
    3. he had sat by the window.
    4. the bus was moving fast.
  3. The most important thing that could really capture Wandera's full attention was
    1. he would soon be in Nairobi.
    2. he had a lot of fun in the bus.
    3. the bus was fun
    4. he saw trees and hills racing in opposite direction.

Read the passage below. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.

People are ___16___ when they ___17___ how some animals travel ___18___  long distance in ___19___ numbers. These journeys are called ___20___.

   A.   B.   C.   D. 
 16.   shocked   amazed   saddened   excited 
 17.  read  learn  hear  tell
 18.  at  in  for  about
 19.  huge  large  many   small 
 20.  migration   movements   transfers   immigrations 


For questions 21 to 23, use the correct conjuction to fill in the blank space.

  1. Maina is clever ______________________________ he is a bully.
    1. moreover
    2. however
    3. so
    4. because
  2. Boil the potatoes _________________________ I peel the onions.
    1. when
    2. while
    3. until
    4. for
  3. He was already asleep ________________________ thunderstorm began.
    1. when
    2. while
    3. and
    4. although

For questions 24 to 26, use the correct preposition to fill in the gap.

  1. Owiti took his lunch ______________________________ noon.
    1.  in
    2. at
    3. on
    4. for
  2. Katana was resting ________________________________ the cool shade.
    1. under
    2. in
    3. on
    4. below
  3. William was charged _________________________________ murder
    1. for
    2. of
    3. with
    4. off

For questions 27 to 30, use the correct adverb to fill in.

  1. The naughty pupil was punished _____________________________________.
    1. clearly
    2. carefully
    3. severely
    4. kindly
  2. The mountain was ______________________________ steep to climb.
    1. too
    2. very
    3. So
    4. rather
  3. We _____________________________ missed the train to Nanyuki.
    1. really
    2. almost
    3. extremely
    4. fairly
  4. Jane walked ______________________________ after winning all the prizes.
    1. obediently
    2. harshly
    3. proudly
    4. briskly


Complete the story below making it as interesting as possible.



  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B
  6. C
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. C
  13. C
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. C
  19. B
  20. A
  21. B
  22. B
  23. A
  24. B
  25. B
  26. C
  27. C
  28. A
  29. B
  30. C
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