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Creative Arts, Social Studies & Religion Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 1

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  1. The following are factors to consider when drawing forms except.
    1. size
    2. balance
    3. proportion
    4. space

Use the following picture to answer questions 2 and 3.

2 afdada

  1. The shading technique shown in the picture is called
    1. stippling
    2. smudging
    3. cross hatching
    4. crayon etching
  2. How can one create dark effect on a form when shading as shown in the picture!
    1. By using many dots
    2. By evenly spacing the dots
    3. By using fewer dots
    4. By not using dots at all
  3. What is imaginative drawing?
    1. Drawing an object you have not seen before
    2. Drawing an object from memory
    3. Drawing an object from observation
    4. Drawing a still life object
  4. What is the other name for tertiary colours?
    1. Intermediate colours
    2. Mixed colours
    3. Compound colours
    4. Complementary colours
  5. How are different tones in a painting created?
    1. Using the same colour of paint uniformly
    2. Varying the shades of paint between dark and light
    3. Applying different types of paint in a drawing
    4. Using different colours to decorate an artwork
  6. One can create a montage composition based on the theme of wild animals for self-expression using pictures obtained from the following sources except
    1. old magazines
    2. newspapers
    3. calendars
    4. new books
  7. Which one of the following is not a factor to consider when making items using the coil technique?
    1. Uniformity of coils
    2. Craftsmanship
    3. Consistent tension
    4. Colour
  8. Large animals such as buffalos, cattle and camels give us ......................... for making leather items.
    1. hair
    2. hides
    3. horns
    4. hooves
  9. Using coloured beads to make an item more colourful and attractive is called
    1. gluing and stitching technique
    2. coil technique
    3. thonging technique
    4. beading technique
  10. Which of the following line patterns is not used to decorate leather items?
    1. Zig zag pattern
    2. Wavy pattern
    3. Straight pattern
    4. Oval pattern
  11. Which one of the following is not a technique used in pottery?
    1. Coil technique
    2. Slab technique
    3. Carving technique
    4. Pinch technique
  12. Clay glue used to stick slabs together is called
    1. grog 
    2. mud
    3. slip
    4. adhesive
  13. Modelled clay items can be decorated by
    1. embedding and piercing 
    2. beading and incising
    3. embossing and embellishing
    4. texturing and smoothing
  14. Which one of the above is correctly matched with the name?
    15 ahgdgada


  1. The moment of silence in music is called
    1. Semibreve.
    2. rest
    3. Sol-fa.
    4. Harmony
  2. What is structure in music?
    1. The highness or lowness of the music.
    2. Put something together.
    3. A series of notes played in an order that is memorable.
    4. The arrangement and order of the sections of the music.
  3. Which notes are found in the scale of C major?
    1. G-A-B-C-D-E-F-G
    2. C-E-F-G-A-B-G-C
    3. C-E-F-G-A-B-F-C
    4. C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C
  4. The following are instruments matched with the community it originates from. Which one is not correct?
          Instrument        Community
    1. Wandindi            Kikuyu
    2. Adeudeu            Kisii
    3. Orutu                 Luo
    4. Shiriri                 Luhya
  5. Which of the following has a note symbol?
    20 auygdada
  6. What is an Art song?
    1. A song normally played during an art lesson.
    2. A Western song usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment.
    3. Sacred composition intended for worship.
    4. A song sung when looking at a piece of Art.
  7. What is the rest symbol for a dotted minim?
    22 atfdada
  8. What is the name of the following note d
    1. Minim
    2. Semibreve
    3. Dotted minim
    4. Quaver
  9. Which of the following is a rest symbol?
    24 afdada
  10. Controlling your breath during singing of a phrase in music is called
    1. .Articulation
    2. Phrasing
    3. Singing
    4. Punctuation


  1. The following are landlocked countries.
    Which one is not correct?
    1. Burundi
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Uganda
    4. Kenya

Study the map below and answer the questions 27 and 28.

27 agfdgada

  1. Describe the position of Djibouti in relation to the neighbouring countries.
    1. It neighbours Ethiopia to the West and Eritrea to the North.
    2. It neighbours Indian Ocean to the East. 
    3. It neighbours Uganda to the South.
    4. It neighbours Sudan to the East. 
  2. Describe the position of Somalia in relation to the neighbouring water body
    1. Neighbours Ethiopia to the West and Eritrea to the North.
    2. Neighbours Indian Ocean to the East. 
    3. Neighbours Lake Victoria to the South. 
    4. Neighbours River Nile to the East. 
  3. Kitharimo was asked to state the differences between the latitudes and longitudes. He wrote the following information. Which one is not correct?
    1. Longitudes run from North to South. 
    2. Latitudes run from West to East. 
    3. Longitudes influence time. 
    4. Latitudes do not influence time.
  4. Study the map below and describe the position of Eastern Africa longitudes and latitudes.
    30 aygdada
    1. Latitudes 23° N and 12° S, longitudes 22° E and 51° E.
    2. Latitudes 13° N and 12° E, longitudes 12o E and 41° E.
    3. Latitudes 33° N and 42° E, longitudes 32° E and 61° E.
    4. Latitudes 13° N and 22° E, longitudes 12o E and 51° E.
  5. The following are ways of supporting unity of Eastern Africa. Which one is not true?
    1. Supporting the East African Community 
    2. Singing patriotic songs about EAC. 
    3. Speaking Kiswahili.
    4. Closing borders.
  6. Munyaka listed the following reasons why some lakes in the Rift Valley are salty. Which one is not correct?
    1. They do not have an outlet.
    2. They experience high rate of evaporation.
    3. They do not evaporate.
    4. They have salty underlying rocks.

      Study the feature follow and answer question 33.
      33 aytdada
  7. What is the name of the main physical feature formed through the process shown above?
    1. Block mountain
    2. Tarn lake
    3. Volcano mountain
    4. Rift Valley
  8. Eastern Africa has only two lakes that are formed through down warping. Which of the following is true!
    1. Magadi and Albert 
    2. Lake Tana and Kivu
    3. Lake Victoria and Kyoga
    4. Lake Rukwa and Eyasi
  9. Maggie researched on ways in which desert and semi desert climate influence human activities. She listed the following activities. Which of them is not correct?
    1. Tourism
    2. Poor human settlement 
    3. Pastoralism
    4. Paper manufacturing.
  10. Study the diagram below and answer question that follows.
    36 agfdgada
    Which type of vegetation is shown above!
    1. Swamp vegetation
    2. Savannah vegetation
    3. Equatorial vegetation 
    4. Mountain vegetation
  11. Kathomi listed the following historical buildings that are found in Eastern Africa. Which one is not correct?
    1. Kabaka Royal Palace
    2. St Mary's Cathedral- Rubanga
    3. Early Christian Church-Ethiopia
    4. Meroe pyramids
  12. Which of the following communities are Western Bantus?
    1. Abaluhya, Abasuba
    2. Wataita, Pokomo
    3. Agikuyu,Ameru
    4. Mijikenda, Aembu
  13. How does HIV/AIDS influence population distribution?
    1. It increases population in a given area.
    2. It lowers population in a given area.
    3. It reduces dependence ratio.
    4. It increases fertility rate.
  14. Muthoni visits her grandparents during holiday. She assists them in doing household chores. Which aspect of traditional culture does she promote!
    1. Traditional foods.
    2. Upholding moral values.
    3. Use of elders to settle disputes.
    4. Respect for human life and taking care of the old. 


  1. Philip and Jenny wanted to be united in marriage. They visited a County Commissioner's Office. There was a government official who helped them to carry out the process. Soon after, they signed the marriage certificate. They had two witnesses. Which type of marriage did Philip and Jenny carry out?
    1. Civil marriage
    2. Cultural marriage
    3. Traditional marriage
    4. Religious marriage
  2. Which one of the following children needs to develop a better talent?
    Alison says, 'My talent is drawing.
    Jackson says, Muent is playing chess!
    Miranda says, My talent is sleeping!
    Derek says, 'My talent is drawing pictures!
    1. Alison
    2. Derek
    3. Jackson
    4. Miranda
  3. What do we learn from the King's daughter who rescued Moses?
    1. A family should not take care of their children
    2. We should put small babies in the river
    3. God always protects people from danger
    4. Our elder sisters should bully us
  4. Which of the following shows qualities of a false god?
    1. He answers prayers
    2. He is a provider
    3. He is powerful
    4. He does not listen to our prayers
  5. Which was the original language used to write the Bible?
    1. English
    2. Kiswahili
    3. Hebrew
    4. Greek
  6. Which of these is not a value taught by the King Pharaoh's daughter act of rescuing baby Moses?
    1. Hatred
    2. Compassion
    3. Kindness
    4. Responsibility
  7. Which of these skills is not gained from the Ten Commandments?
    1. Assertiveness
    2. Self-control
    3. Irresponsibility
    4. Decision making
  8. How many prophets of Baal were at the contest on mount Caramel?
    1. 300
    2. 450
    3. 200
    4. 100
  9. God's power helped Samson to defeat
    1. The Philistines
    2. The Galatians
    3. The Israelites
    4. The Egyptians
  10. King Belshazzar helps Christians to realise that
    1. God does not bless humble people
    2. A humble person never apologises to his friends
    3. Proud people give good services to the community 
    4. Humility helps people to relate well with others


  1. The sunnah prayer said before fardh prayers are known as
    1. Baadiya
    2. Witr
    3. Qabliya
    4. Dhuha
  2. The angel of Allah who's responsible for revelation (Wahyi) is
    1. Mikael
    2. Izrael
    3. Israfeel
    4. Jibril
  3. Which one of the following prophets of Allah (SWT) was given the Injeel
    1. Issa
    2. Musa
    3. Daud
    4. Mohammed
  4. Taqwa means
    1. Praising Allah
    2. Enjoying good
    3. Fear of Allah
    4. Reliance on Allah
  5. The belief in the last day is one of the pillars of
    1. Islam
    2. Iman
    3. Ihsan
    4. Salat
  6. Which was the first battle fought by Muslims?
    1. Badr
    2. Uhud
    3. Khandaq
    4. Hunain
  7. When a Muslim sneezes it is good for him or her to say
    1. Subhanallah
    2. Yarahamkallah
    3. Alahamdulillah
    4. Yabii
  8. How did the prophet (SAW) treat the Prisoners of war?
    1. Harshly
    2. Roughly
    3. Kindly
    4. Carelessly
  9. The first rite performed for a newborn baby is
    1. Aqiqah
    2. Adhan
    3. Naming
    4. Circumcision
  10. According to the hadith of the prophet (PBUH) a sign of a hypocrite is
    1. Betraying of trust
    2. Having doubts in Allah (SWT) 
    3. Performing acts of worship 
    4. Neglecting swala


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