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English Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 2

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Read the conversation below and then answer questions 1-5.


Mother :   Good evening, son?
Fletcher : __1___. Our teacher told us in order to be a good salesperson you need to have good communication skills. You're a                                    saleswoman,__2__?
Mother :  Yes, I am. Mostly you have to be a good communicator in order to succeed.
Fletcher:  What does it take to have good conversational skills?
Mother :  To have good conversational skills, you need to deliver information in a way that is easy for your target customer to be able to                         understand easily.
Fletcher:  What else can I do?
Mother :    For now, focus on improving your English Language by reading more storybooks, watch English movies and note down every                       new word you learn in a diary.

  1. What polite response should Fletcher give his mother?
    1. Good evening.
    2. Good afternoon.
    3. Good evening, mother.
    4. Yes, mother.
  2. What question tag fits the blank space numbered 2?
    1. are you
    2. aren't you
    3. can you
    4. didn't you.
  3. What other name can be used instead of the underlined word customer?
    1. Client
    2. Seller
    3. Victim
    4. Producer
  4. According to the dialogue, the following are ways Fletcher can use to improve his English except?
    1. Reading more storybooks.
    2. Noting down new words.
    3. Have poor conversational skills.
    4. Watching English movies.
  5. What do you think should Fletcher say at the end of the dialogue?
    1. Good evening mother.
    2. Thank you for the advice, mother.
    3. What's for dinner mother?
    4. Good talk.

Read the following passage and then questions 6 – 9.


Drug use is on the rise among the youth today. Young people experiment with both hard drugs and alcohol. Some claim it gives them a shared experience. Others say drugs help them to calm down. There are those who are tricked into believing that drugs would help them solve whatever problems they have. The end result is getting addicted.

Alcoholism for instance, is a chronic disorder in which a person is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol. Excessive drinking damages the liver and leads to liver cirrhosis. The alcoholic has impaired judgement and disturbed sleep.

The government of Kenya has ensured that there is no sale of alcohol for children under the age of 18. In Kenya, it is illegal for minors to consume alcohol. According to the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010, it is an offense for a person to sell, give, or supply alcoholic drinks to a person under the age of 18. It is also an offense for a person under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase, or consume alcoholic drinks.

Surprisingly we still find some rogue businessmen doing the contrary. This menace of drug and substance use should be fought by everyone. It should not be left to the government alone. We all need a society that will develop tomorrow. We all need leaders tomorrow. We all need a generation after us. For us to achieve all that, we must bring up our children in the right way. They should know that drug and substance use is something to be avoided like the plague.

  1. Majority of the youth get into using drugs
    1. knowingly by following in the footsteps of their siblings.
    2. unconsciously by believing that they have a solution to all their troubles.
    3. experimenting with everything they come across.
    4. by watching the celebrities on television.
  2. According to the passage, alcoholism is _____________________
    1. a chronic disorder where one is unable to refrain from consuming alcohol in large amounts.
    2. a person who drinks an excessive amount of alcohol.
    3. consumption of drugs and alcohol.
    4. refraining from taking alcohol.
  3. Which one among the following is not an effect of alcohol?
    1. Impaired judgement
    2. Damages the liver.
    3. Relieving stress.
    4. Disturbed sleep.
  4. It is an offence for a person under the age of 18 to do all the following except?
    1. Purchase alcohol.
    2. Attempt to purchase alcoholic drinks.
    3. Consume alcoholic drinks.
    4. Not to purchase alcohol.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 10 – 12.


The lion, the donkey and the zebra were very good friends. They lived together in the forest. They also hunted together and ate together as well. Whenever the lion went out to hunt, her children would be well taken care of. The problem was she did not know who between the zebra and the donkey looked after her cubs. Every time she dared ask; both would respond and say they did. This confused her even more.

To make matters worse, the lion was unable to identify who the donkey was and who the zebra was because they looked so much alike. One day, the lion came up with an idea to paint stripes so that he could tell them apart. He would thereafter hide somewhere in the bush and watch who actually cared for her cubs. When he did so, all the other donkeys that were in the land felt that their friend the zebra was more beautiful and decided to also paint stripes on themselves.

The hare who did the job for the lion had an idea; he would charge them more. But before he decided on that, he talked to the lion. The lion was not only angry with the hare but also with the donkeys. Eventually the hare charged them double the price and painted them the same way he had done to the zebras. To date, the lion cannot know who is the zebra and which one is the donkey. Their friendship died as well.

  1. Why was the lion unable to distinguish between the zebra and the donkey?
    1. animals looked beautiful.
    2. They both responded whenever the lion asked a question.
    3. They looked so much alike.
    4. They had proved to be caring to the cubs.
  2. The words to date have been used to mean
    1. until now.
    2. ven today.
    3. till kingdom come.
    4. up to when.
  3. The best title for the passage above would be
    1. The lion and the donkey.
    2. Why zebras have stripes.
    3. The lion and the zebra.
    4. The end of the lion, donkey and zebra friendship.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 13-15.

The benefits of being a true sportsperson are many. A successful sportsperson in school gets an opportunity to represent their school at different levels. This builds self-esteem and provides great inspiration to others.

Think of athletes like Eliud Kipchoge, Vivian Cheruiyot, Geoffrey Kamworor to mention just but a few. Do they not inspire you? I believe they do. They all started by participating in sports while in school.

Character and personal growth are other important things you can achieve from sports. Being a true sportsperson requires a great deal of discipline. You mould yourself into becoming the best at what you do. It creates a sense of worth and pride to be a role model to others. One also grows financially. The sports industry is one of the most rewarding industries in the world today. Sportspeople are highly paid, especially when they get to national and international levels.

There is also the benefit of developing teamwork and problem-solving skills. Working to
achieve a common goal in a group teaches group discipline and selflessness. You learn to effectively communicate and reason out the best way for all, as well as to accommodate the views of others. 

  1. What do we learn about successful sportspersons?
    1. They win in all competitions they participate in.
    2. They are applauded by their schoolmates.
    3. they become rich and prosperous.
    4. They get a chance to represent their school at various levels.
  2. Three of the following come as a result of being a good sportsperson except. __________________
    1. You grow in person and character.
    2. You only become a team player.
    3. It creates a sense of worth and pride.
    4. You grow financially.
  3. The passage above talks about __________________________.
    1. The benefits of sports.
    2. Representing your school in sports.
    3. What you get when you run.
    4. Choosing the career of athletics.

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 – 20. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the given four.

Cities __16__ towns like Nairobi tend to have a __17__ mix of culture and __18__ which can help when making new friends and meeting people. Most __19__ are easy to access. Restaurants and cinemas are in __20__ in these busier areas and you often find new attractions will open in a city before anywhere else.

   A   B   C   D 
 16.   and   with   in   to 
 17.  more greater   greater   greatest   great 
 18.  ethnicities  ethnicity   ethnisities   athnicities 
 19.  amenitis  amenities   amenitits   amenites 
 20.  scarce  few   rare   plenty 

For questions 21-27, choose the best alternative to complete the given sentence.

  1. She is a victim __________________ circumstances.
    1. for
    2. by
    3. with
    4. of
  2. This is the teacher _____________________ she called.
    1. who
    2. whom
    3. which
    4. what
  3. The calf was sleeping in_______________________ shed.
    1. it's
    2. its
    3. it has
    4. their
  4. During public holidays, there are __________________________cars on most roads.
    1. few
    2. a few
    3. little
    4. much
  5. "________________________dress over there will have to be mended," said the seamstress.
    1. This
    2. Those.
    3. These.
    4. That.
  6. Kenny is a _______________________.
    1. big, fierce, Kenyan, brown dog
    2. brown, fierce, big, Kenyan dog
    3. fierce, big, brown, Kenyan dog
    4. fierce, brown, big, Kenyan dog
  7. When we were in Mombasa, lunch was served on a ____________________________.
    1. round, white, wooden table
    2. wooden, white, round table
    3. white, round, wooden table
    4. round table, white, wooden.

For questions 28 and 29, choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined word(s) 

  1. The head teacher spoke in very few words.
    1. briefly
    2. angrily
    3. arrogantly
    4. softly
  2. The rude boy was punished severely.
    1. polite
    2. tall
    3. impolite
    4. soft-spoken

For question 30, choose the alternative with the correctly punctuated sentence.

    1. "the dog ate my homework," he said.
    2. "The dog ate my homework, he said."
    3. "The dog ate my homework," he said.
    4. "The dog ate my homework" he said. 


Write a letter to your friend telling him or her how you are doing in boarding school.


  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. D
  10. C
  11. A
  12. D
  13. D
  14. B
  15. A
  16. A
  17. B
  18. A
  19. B
  20. D
  21. D
  22. B
  23. B
  24. A
  25. D
  26. C
  27. A
  28. A
  29. C
  30. C
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