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The Life of Jesus - CBC Grade 5 CRE Revision Notes

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Preparation For The Coming Of Jesus.

John The Baptist.

  • Preparation means to make ready.
  • John the Baptist prepared people for the coming of Jesus Christ. He told them to repent their sins.
  • Parents of John the Baptist were Zachariah and Elizabeth.

The Teachings Of John The Baptist In Preparation For The Coming Of The Messiah.

  • The message of John the Baptist from Luke 3:3 is, “turn away from your sins and be baptized and God will forgive your sins.”
  • According to John the Baptist, God wants us to turn away from sin and be baptized so that He can forgive our sins.
  • Baptism after repentance is a way of turning away from the past and setting towards a new life for the future.
  • John the Baptist addressed the people, tax collectors and soldiers.
  • To the people he instructed them that, “whoever has two shirts must give one to the man who has none and whoever has food must share it.”
  • Instructions to the tax collectors “do not collect more than is legal.
  • To the soldiers he said, “do not take money from anyone by force or accuse anyone falsely. Be content with your pay”

Values Taught By John The Baptist.

  • We should share with the needy.
  • We should be contented with what we have.
  • We should be honest always.
  • We should practice; kindness, caring, justice and faithfulness.
  • We should also practice values such as responsibility, humility, charity, love and honesty.

The Baptism Of Jesus.

  • Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in River Jordan. Through baptism, Christians get forgiveness of sins.
  • John preached and baptized people in River Jordan. After his baptism by John, Jesus began to preach.

Events That Took Place During The Baptism Of Jesus Christ.

  • Read Luke 3:21 - 22
  • Baptism is a Christian rite of admission and adoption into Christianity. It may be performed by sprinkling or pouring water on the forehead or by immersing in water.
    • Jesus was baptized.
    • Jesus prayed.
    • Heaven opened.
    • The Holy Spirit, in form of a dove, came down from heaven.
    • A voice was heard saying, “you are my own dear son. I am pleased with you.”
  • Jesus was baptized to fulfill the will of God.
  • He showed the value of obedience.

Importance Of Baptism In The Life Of A Christian.

  • Through baptism, one becomes a Christian.
  • Through baptism, Christians show their faith in God.
  • It’s a way of showing humility before God.
  • It’s a way of showing the value of obedience to God.

God’s Power Over Nature.

  • God is powerful. We should always rely on him.

Miracle Of Calming The Storm.

  • Read Mark 4:35-39
  • The boat was about to sink due to the strong wind and waves.
  • Jesus Christ commanded the wind to be quiet and the wave to be still. The disciples felt that their live ware in danger.
  • They were sure that Jesus would help them overcome their problem.

Lesson Learnt From The Miracle Of Calming The Storm.

  • The wind and the waves stopped after the command from Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ was able to calm the strong winds.
  • We should rely on God to help us solve our problems.
  • We should have faith and believe in the mighty power of God.

Ways Of Overcoming Challenges By Christians.

  • Christians can help each other overcome challenges.
  • They can pray to God to help them overcome.
  • In case of sickness, we should go to the hospital.
  • In case of hunger, we should get something to eat.

To Avoid Getting Infected With Corona Virus Disease We Should:

  • Wash our hands with soap and water regularly.
  • Keep away from crowded places.
  • Wear a mask.

Compassion For The Needy.

  • Compassion is sympathy and concern for the suffering of others. We should always express love for the needy.

The Feeding Of Five Thousand Men.

  • Read Matthew 15:32-38.
  • Jesus fed people because he looked at them and saw that they were hungry.
  • He felt sorry for the people because they had been with him for three days.
  • It is the responsibility of every Christian to give food to the hungry and help those with varied needs.
  • Examples of needy situations are: the hungry, the sick, the poor, the homeless, the orphans.
  • The bible teaches us to take care of the needy.
  • Jesus used seven loaves and a few fish to feed 4000 men.
  • The disciples collected what had remained.
  • Jesus demonstrated the values of:
    • Charity.
    • Love.
    • Compassion.

Ways Through Which Christians Show Compassion For The Needy.

  • Share food with those without.
  • Visit children homes and offer clothes.
  • Offer basic needs available to the poor.
  • Practice love and care towards the orphans.Visit the sick in hospitals.
  • Help the old in the society.
  • Pray for the needy.

Importance Of Helping The Needy:

  • It boosts self-esteem.
  • It makes the needy feel loved.

Power Of Jesus Over Life.

  • We should entrust our lives to God through Jesus Christ. He is the giver of life.

The Healing Of The Paralyzed Man.

  • Read Mark 2:1-5
  • A paralyzed person suffers from the inability to move some body parts or the whole body.
  • The men who carried the paralyzed man made a hole in the roof right above where Jesus Christ was.
  • They demonstrated faith by:
    • They did all they could to get to where Jesus was.
    • They did not fear what the crowd would say.
  • The values learnt from the men who carried the paralyzed man include:
    • Kindness.
    • Compassion.
    • Love.
    • Courage.
    • Responsibility.

Lessons Learnt From The Healing Of The Paralyzed Man.

  • We should have faith in the healing power of God.
  • We should help those who are disabled.
  • We should practice love, courage, compassion and responsibility.
  • We should strive to support the disabled in the society.
  • Jesus can forgive our sins.
  • Jesus has power over illness and diseases.

Teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • God wants us to live according to the teachings of His son, Jesus Christ. This enables us to set a good example to others.

Recovery of the lost Human Beings.

  • Jesus Christ teaches us to have concerns for others. He wants us to help those lost in sin to get back to him.

The Parable Of The Lost Sheep.

  • Read Luke 15:1-7.
  • The lost sheep are the people who have left the ways of God and are disobeying His commandments.
  • A good shepherd is a person who when he loses one of the hundred sheep, leaves the ninety-nine to look for the lost one.
    • We should look for the people who are lost in sin.
    • We should live righteous lives.
    • We should pray for those lost in sin.

Lessons Learnt From The Parable Of The Lost Sheep.

  • God never gives up on His people even when they get lost.
  • God is happy when one person repents his or her sin and starts a new life.
  • When we sin, we should repent and get back to God.
  • God is always willing to take us back.
  • We should bring back lost members of the church by talking about the importance of the church.

Responsible Living.

  • Good relationships help us to live peacefully and in harmony with God and others.

Virtues Jesus Christ Taught In The Sermon On The Mountain.

  • Read Matthew 5:7-9.
  • A virtue is a particular good habit.
  • Virtues Jesus taught in the sermon on the mountain include: Merciful, purity of heart, working for peace.

Benefits Of Observing The Moral Teachings Of Jesus.

  • Practicing the virtues taught by Jesus helps us to avoid sin. It also helps us to live an upright life.
  • It helps us to have a peaceful co existence.
  • Through observing these virtues we help the needy. God will bless those who observe the virtues.
  • Those who work for peace keep themselves and those around them from trouble and disagreement.
  • Jesus promised that the pure in heart will see God.

Empowering The Needy.

  • There are varied needs in the society.
  • It is our duty as Christians to help the needy joyfully.

The Rich Young Man.

  • Read Matthew 19: 16 – 22.
  • The rich young man asked Jesus Christ what good thing he must do to receive eternal life.
  • Jesus told him. to keep the commandments if he wants to receive eternal life.
  • Jesus Christ also told him to go and sell all he had and give the money to the poor, if he wanted to be perfect.
  • Eternal life is the ability to live forever, a life that continues after death.
  • We should be willing to share what we have with the needy.

Relevance Of The Teachings Of Jesus In The Story Of The Rich Young Man.

  • To obtain eternal life, one should be:
  • Respectful.
  • Obedient.
  • Compassionate.
  • Kind.
  • We should practice virtues of honesty and hard work just as the rich young man.
  • We should keep the commandments of God.

Ways In Which Christians Apply The Teachings In The Story Of The Rich Young Man.

  • We must obey all the commandments of God.
  • We must share what we have with the needy it the society.
  • Build houses for the homeless.
  • Visiting the poor and taking food items and clothes to them.
  • We should be willing to help the needy.

Persistence in Prayer.

  • Persistence means not giving up.
  • Persistence in prayer is praying without giving up

The Story Of A Friend At Midnight.

  • Read Luke 11:5-13.
  • The friend visited at night because he had no food to give to his friend who had come to his house from a long journey.
  • We should be persistent in prayer.
  • We should help others.

The Value of Friendship.

  • We should seek guidance from God to give us good friends.
  • The story of a friend at midnight teaches us to pray without giving up.
  • Good friendship makes us to live well with others
  • We talk to God through prayers.
  • True friends will always be there for us.
  • Good friends help us to behave well.
  • We should share what we have with friends.

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