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The Church - CBC Grade 5 CRE Revision Notes

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Meaning Of Unity Of Believers

  • Unity of Believers is the oneness of those who have faith in God.
  • It can also be defined as those who meet together because of their common believe in God.

Activities Which Promoted Unity In The Early Church

  • Working together.
  • Praying together.
  • Treating people with respect.
  • Shared belongings.
  • They welcomed others to their homes.
  • They read the word of God together.

Strategies Used By Christian To Promote Unity

  • They promoted unity by praying together.
  • Reading the word of God together.
  • Sharing meals.
  • Sharing belongings.
  • Working together in helping the needy.
  • Taking donations to children’s homes.
  • Visiting the elderly and perform household chores.
  • Unity of believers as the people of God are those people who follow Jesus
  • Christ and his teachings. Christians from different backgrounds are united with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Unity of believers as a community of believers are those people who believe in Jesus Christ, pray together. They love and care for all.
  • Unity of believers as a family of believers are the people who study God’s word and honour God through worshipping together. They also support each other.

The Lord’s Supper

  • The Lord's Supper is the last meal that Jesus Christ shared with his disciples before his crucifixion.

Events That Took Place During The Lord’s Supper

  • Read Luke 22:14-20.
  • Jesus took his place at the table.
  • He took a cup and gave thanks to God.
  • He gave the cup to his disciples to share among themselves.
  • He took a piece of bread, gave thanks to God and broke it.

Significance Of The Lord’s Supper To Christians Today

  • Jesus shared the meal with the disciples to prepare them for his coming death. Other names of the Lord’s Supper: Eucharist, Holy Communion, last Supper, Lord’s Table, holy Sacrament.
  • Christians learn that they should celebrate the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus Christ.
  • Christians learn to be humble.
  • Christians learn that they should share with others.
  • It unites Christians as they fellowship with each other. It is a sign of obedience to Jesus Christ.

Values Required During The Celebration Of The Eucharist

  • These values include:
  • Happiness.
  • Peace.
  • Joy.
  • Obedience.
  • Sharing.
  • Humility.
  • Respect.
  • Unity.

The Role Of The Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to believers for the good of others.
  • The Holy Spirit purifies and enables believers to bear good fruits in their lives.

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

  • Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-12.
  • They include knowledge, wisdom, preaching, faith, performing miracles, speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, healing, differentiating spirits, and love.

How The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit Helps In Promoting God’s Work

  • Read Galatians 5:22-23.
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, self-control.

Values That Influence The Life Of Christians From The Gifts And Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

  • Love helps us to assist the needy which is doing God’s work. Self-control assists us to behave well.
  • Knowledge helps us to analyze the right from wrong.
  • Through the gifts and fruits, we are able to serve God and others.
  • We should pray to God to give us the Holy Spirit who helps us to do good things.

Power Of Intercessory Prayer

  • We pray for different things.
  • A prayer for self is a petition prayer.
  • Intercessory prayer is the prayer we pray for others.

The Story Of Peter’s Miraculous Rescue

  • Read Acts 12:3-17.
  • The people of the church prayed for Peter.
  • An angel of the Lord came to the cell.
  • He shook Peter by the shoulder and woke him up.
  • The chains fell off Peter’s hands.
  • The angel told Peter to fasten his belt, put on his sandals and cloak.
  • Peter obeyed.
  • The angel then commanded Peter to flow him.
  • As he followed the angel, he thought he was seeing a vision.
  • They passed the first and second guards then came to the last gate, which led to the city.
  • The gate opened itself and they went out.
  • God rescued Peter from prison.
  • God has power to save us from any difficult situation.
  • We should pray for other people for God to meet their needs.

Ways Christians Demonstrate Their Faith In God

  • Praying to God
  • Caring for God’s creation. Helping the needy.
  • Visiting the sick.
  • Singing and praising God. Reading the bible.
  • Repenting sins.

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