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Monitoring Learners' Progress - Grade 5 Competence Based Assessment Term 1 2022 Social Studies Activities


  1. Draw and Name four cardinal points of a compass (4marks)
  2. Name five main elements of a map (5 marks)
  3. Name two example of a museum in Kenya ( 2marks)
  4. Why is a museum important to people (1 marks)
  5. Give 3 examples of Proverbs from your community (3 marks)
  6.  Give two examples of Riddles from your community (2 marks) 
  7. Who are the three leaders in a school administration (3 marks) 
  8. 2 Examples of skills that were put on the African way of education (2 marks)
  9. What are the two duties of a deputy head teacher in a school (2marks) 
  10. Give five examples of relief features (5 marks)
  11. Draw and design a method of instruction used in African traditional education (4 marks)
  12. What are the two things you should do to support leaders in your school (2marks) 
  13. What are the three importance of prefects in a school (3marks)
  14.  Give three examples of Valleys in Kenya (3 marks)
  15. What is a monument (2marks)
  16.  What are the 5 examples of language groups in Kenya (5 marks)
  17. Name two mountains found in Kenya (2marks)
  18. Name two plains found in Kenya (2marks)
  19. What is weather ___________________________________________(2marks) 
  20. Answer the following questions according to the instructions given (3marks)
    1. What is the size of Kenya in square kilometers ________________________
    2. How many countries share a border with Kenya __________________
    3. What is the name of your county_______________________________________
  21. Give three examples of the neighbors of your County (3marks)
Exceeding Expectation Meeting Expectation  Approaching Expectation  Below Expectation 
 50 - 60  40 - 49  20 - 39  0 - 19

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