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Career and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Social Studies - Grade 7 Social Studies Revision Notes

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Career And Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Social Studies

  • Social studies is a learning area that includes History, Geography and Citizenship
  • The study of social studies provides us with career and entrepreneurial opportunities in different fields.
  • Careers are occupations undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress in life
  • Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or taking on financial risks with hope of making a profit

Importance Of Social Studies For Personal Development And Service To Humanity

  1. Social studies prepares learners to join various career pathways
  2. Learners are able to utilise available resources to come up with entrepreneurial projects which help them meet their needs.
  3. By learning political development and governance learners are exposed to different styles of leadership
  4. By understanding systems of government, learners are able to make informed decisions once they take up leadership roles in future for the benefit of the community
  5. The historical understanding of some prominent people in the past is key in shaping learners future
  6. Social studies encourages learners to appreciate different cultures, values and traditions from national and global perspective which can be adopted in our locality
  7. learners are able to integrate key aspects of the constitution such as integrity when making decision about governance
  8. Learning of key aspects on democracy, rule of law, responsible citizenry helps learners living harmoniously in the society.
  9. Skills and knowledge in personality, human identity and personal well being in promoting inner peace are all meant to enhance understanding of personal growth and development
  10. Research skills in field work equip learners with data collection, analysis and presentation skills that will help in solving problems affecting our society
                                                               Importance of Social Studies  
   Personal development  Service to humanity  
 1.   Helps one to understand the real world around us    Helps us to utilize the available resources to serve humanity 
 2.  Helps us to become good citizens    Helps us to appreciate and relate well with other people
 3.  Helps us to know the current affairs  


Career opportunities related to social studies

  1. Law -Advocate -Lawyer
  2. Geology –
  3. Museology –
  4. Cartography
  5. Urban planning
  6. Meteorology and climatology
  7. Aviation
  8. Archaeology
  9. Medicine
  10. Teaching
  11. Survey
  12. Engineering
 Geography   History   Citizenship  
 Land economics   Archaeology   Public administrator  


Entrepreneurial opportunities for social studies  

Some of the entrepreneurial opportunities for social studies in our socisty include

  1. Pottery
  2. Basketry
  3. Ecotourism
  4. Horticulture
  5. Agro forestry
  6. Fishing
  7. Dairy farming

Gender Stereotypes Associated With Career Choices And Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Social Studies

Gender is the state of being male or female in relation to social and cultural roles.
Stereotypes are fixed general ideas or images that assume that a person behaves in a particular way.
Stereotypes limit aspirations and development of talents.
They create gender differences.
These gender differences ought to be addressed using appropriate strategies.
A strategy is a careful plan or method of dealing with an issue
We can address gender stereotypes in career and entrepreneurial opportunities related to social studies through the following strategies

  1. Committing and encouraging both males and females to take a full range of careers and business opportunities
  2. Ensuring representation of both genders in leadership
  3. Treating both males and females equally by using texts and circular that does not promote gender bias
  4. Develop policies, law and decision making process that represent both males and females

Recognising Biological Difference Devoid Of Stereotypes In Career Choices And Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Social Studies

  • There are biological differences between male and female people.
  • Biological difference should never be a hindrance to one’s career choice and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Both male and female should be given equal opportunities to pursue their dreams

Demonstrating respect for one’s gender identity in pursuit of social studies careers and entrepreneurial opportunities

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