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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 5 End Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. Grade 5 learners observed the animal shown below during a nature walk.
    Which animal belongs in the same group with the animal shown above?
    1. salamander
    2. turtle
    3. chameleon
    4. gecko
  2. The following are factors that affect floating and sinking. Which one does not?
    1. size 
    2. shape
    3. material 
    4. weight
  3. How many senses does a dumb person have?
    1. 3
    2. 5
    3. 6
    4. 4
  4. Jamila poured water in different containers as shown below.
    From the diagram, it can be concluded that;
    1. liquids take the shape of the container.
    2. liquids have no volume.
    3. liquids have definite shape.
    4. liquids have weight.
  5. A set of instructions that can be followed by a computer are known as;
    1. code
    2. digital information
    3. digital technology
    4. data
  6. Zawadi noticed that when he throws a ball against a wall, the ball bounces back. What conclusion can we make from that observation? 
    1. Force can change the shape of an object.
    2. Force can change the direction of movement.
    3. Force can stop movement.
    4. Force can change the size of an object.
  7. Charleen saw an elephant and its calf eating grass. Which two characteristics of animals could be observed from what she saw?
    1. animals can feed and grow
    2. animals can reproduce and grow
    3. animals can reproduce and feed
    4. animals can grow and remove waste
  8. A human being has ___________________ incisors on one jaw.
    1. 8
    2. 4
    3. 2
    4. 6
  9. In the breathing system, the other name of the trachea is __________________.
    1. gullet
    2. Oesophagus
    3. windpipe
    4. food pipe
  10. The following diagram was obtained during a grade 4 Science and Technology lesson. What conclusion could be obtained from the diagram?
    1. Gases have definite shape.
    2. Gases have weight.
    3. Gases have definite volume.
    4. Gases have mass.
  11. Chausiku was unwell with the following signs and symptoms.
    1. Coughing and chest pains
    2. Shortness of breath
    3. Low body temperature
    4. Feeling tired and trouble breathing
      It is likely that Chausiku was suffering from;
      1. asthma
      2. tuberculosis
      3. pneumonia
      4. flu
  12. Which of the following statements is true about mammals?
    1. All mammals live on land.
    2. All mammals reproduce by giving birth.
    3. All mammals feed the young ones through mammary glands.
    4. All mammals move by walking.
  13. Penicillin is important because;
    1. it can be used as food.
    2. it can be used as antibiotic.
    3. it can be used in baking.
    4. it adds vitamin to the body.
  14. Reptiles are cold blooded, that means that;
    1. Their blood remains cold whether the weather is cold, warm or hot.
    2. Their body temperature remains the same whether the weather is cold, warm or hot.
    3. Their body temperature remains low when the weather is cold and rises when the temperature is hot.
    4. Their body temperature remains high when the weather is cold and becomes low when the temperature is hot.
  15. I am part of the human skeleton. I protect the brain. Who am I?
    1. ribcage
    2. skull
    3. backbone
    4. limbs


  1. Which of the following pairs of crops can be grown on the same type of soil?
    1. Rice and cabbages
    2. potatoes and sugarcane
    3. carrots and coconut
    4. maize and groundnuts
  2. Learners from Milimani Academy wrote the characteristics of different types of soil as shown below.
    1. it retains moderate amount of water
    2. it has large particles
    3. it retains the highest amount of water
    4. it has small particles 
    5. It has moderate soil particles
    6. Iit retains the lowest amount of water 
      Which pair of characteristics refers to soil?
      1. vi, ii
      2. v, i
      3. ii, v
      4. iv, iii
  3. The following are the steps of preparing seeds for planting.
    1. washing and cleaning the seeds
    2. drying the seeds
    3. removing the seeds from the fruit
      Arrange the steps in the right order.
      1. iii,ii,i
      2. iii, i, ii
      3. ii, iii, i
      4. i, iii, ii
  4. Which of the following statements is not true about mulching?
    1. It controls weeds on the farm.
    2. It increases the rate of evaporation on the land.
    3. It causes high growth rate of crops.
    4. It helps to ensure high moisture content.
  5. It is true that the soil that is carried away during soil erosion;
    1. is of no importance in farming.
    2. has no nutrients.
    3. can be recovered.
    4. cannot be recovered.
  6. Learners from Mpeketoni Primary school went to recover soil that had been deposited on the fence of the school. What should they use to carry the soil back to the farm?
    1. wheelbarrow
    2. spade
    3. tractor
    4. small tins
  7. The settling of eroded soil on certain land sites is known as __________________.
    1. soil erosion
    2. soil deposition
    3. soil recovery
    4. soil improvement
  8. Grade 5 learners from Emuberi Academy wanted to identify the farm that needed soil improvement. How would they identify the farm?
    1. They should improve the farm that produces high yields.
    2. They should improve the farm that is highly fertile.
    3. They should improve the farm with healthy crops.
    4. They should improve the farm with unhealthy crops.
  9. The following are examples of organic waste that can be used in an organic waste pit except;
    1. kitchen waste
    2. factory waste
    3. animal waste
    4. crop remains
  10. Which of the following statements is true about shading.
    1. It hardens the crops before transplanting.
    2. It ensures that a few healthy crops remain in the nursery.
    3. It is a source of plant nutrients.
    4. It prevents excessive water loss from the soil.
  11. Which of the following statements is true about an organic waste pit?
    1. Crops are grown on it after removing therotten waste. 
    2. All kitchen waste can be put in it.
    3. Crops are grown on it when the waste is fully rotten.
    4. It cannot be constructed if we don't have kitchen waste.
  12. The following are ways of conserving water on the farm. Which one is not?
    1. irrigation
    2. shading
    3. cover cropping
    4. mulching
  13. Which of the following small animals can be controlled by fencing the farm?
    1. mole
    2. weaverbird
    3. mongoose
    4. eagle
  14. Which one of the following statements is true?
    1. It is not advisable to apply ash on the compost manure.
    2. The compost manure materials should be kept moist by sprinkling water on it.
    3. The compost manure materials should be rained on.
    4. The compost manure will be ready after three weeks.
  15. ____________________ is the excess water that runs on the surface.
    1. soil erosion
    2. rain water
    3. run off
    4. water conservation 


  1. Which of the following practices helps to prevent the spread of diseases to other people?
    1. Washing hands after visiting the toilet or latrine
    2. Eating well cooked food
    3. Washing hands before eating
    4. Covering the mouth when coughing
  2. Identify the most common fuel in the village.
  3. ______________________ is removal of dust using a vacuum cleaner.
    1. dusting
    2. suction
    3. brushing 
    4. mopping
  4. Which fuel can be used to cook, heat or warm the house and provide light?
    1. charcoal
    2. gas
    3. electricity
    4. paraffin
  5. Which of the following practices may cause cholera?
    1. walking in the cold
    2. drinking dirty water
    3. not having a balanced diet
    4. taking a lot of sugar
  6. Arrange the following steps of cleaning shoes in the right order.
    1. Rinse the shoes well in clean water.
    2. Dry the shoes in the shade.
    3. Dip the shoes in the soapy water.
    4. Scrub the shoes using a cloth or a soft brush.
    5. Remove any mud from the soles using a blunt stick.
      1. v, iii, iv, i, ii
      2. iii, v, iv, i, ii
      3. iii, iv, v, i, ii
      4. v, iii, i, iv, ii
  7. Which one of the following equipment should not be used to cook when doors are closed?
    1. paraffin stoves
    2. charcoal jiko
    3. gas cooker
    4. electric cooker
  8. Which of the following refers to the last step of cleaning a house?
    1. Gather dust together and collect using a dustpan
    2. Collect all required equipment and materials
    3. Close windows and doors
    4. Rearrange room and open windows and door
  9. The following are equipment used in the house. Which of them is the odd one?
  10. Which one of the following rooms is the largest in the house?
    1. dining room
    2. bedroom
    3. living room
    4. kitchen


  1. A relay batons should not be;
    1. light in weight
    2. easy to carry
    3. easy to see
    4. heavy in weight
  2. In the game of Rounders, hitting the ball from the frontline of the batting square by the player to the direction he or she chooses is known as;
    1. fielding
    2. gripping
    3. bowling
    4. batting
  3. Identify the first step in performing a forward roll.
    1. tuck the chin and head towards the chest
    2. squat
    3. roll forward
    4. stand without using your hands for support
  4. The normal heartbeat of an adult is ________________beats per minute. 
    1. 30-50
    2. 100-150
    3. 10-40
    4. 60-100
  5. Before a sporting activity, grade 4 learners were asked to observe safety precautions during the activity. This is because;
    1. It ensures that the sporting equipment is safe.
    2. It entertains the spectators.
    3. It helps to ensure personal safety.
    4. It ensures victory during the activity.
  6. __________________is touching a post by the fielder using the hand with the ball.
    1. stamping
    2. batting
    3. fielding
    4. catching
  7. The skill shown below is known as;
    1. overhead throw
    2. underarm throw
    3. chest pass
    4. overarm pass
  8. Which one of the following games is not related to the rest?
    1. rounders
    2. baseball
    3. softball
    4. tennis
  9. In rounders, if the batter reaches 2nd or 3rd post in one hit. The team scores _________________.
    1. 2 rounders
    2. half a rounder
    3. one rounder
    4. quarter a rounder
  10. Field events are divided into _________________ and __________________.
    1. sprints and long races
    2. races and throws
    3. sprints and jumps
    4. jumps and throws


  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. D
  11. C
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. B
  16. A
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. C
  21. A
  22. B
  23. D
  24. B
  25. D
  26. C
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. C
  31. D
  32. D
  33. B
  34. C
  35. B
  36. A
  37. B
  38. D
  39. C
  40. C
  41. D
  42. D
  43. B
  44. D
  45. C
  46. A
  47. A
  48. D
  49. B
  50. D
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