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English Questions and Answers - Grade 5 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 2

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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Kimeno was woken up by the sounds of gunshots. He was very scared and was afraid to make any sound. When he looked around the hut for his grandmother, he did not see her. Though it was pitch dark, he knew she was not inside the hut. Kimeno had always slept with his grandmother in her hut for as long as he could remember. His younger brothers slept in their mother's hut.

When he got used to the darkness, Kimeno slowly got out of bed and crept to the door. He looked out through the crack that had always been at the side of the door but he couldn't see anything. Everywhere was so quiet that he could hear his heartbeat. It sounded so loud he was afraid the intruders could hear him. He stood by the door for a long time trying to make sense of what was happening and why his grandmother was not in her hut.

After what felt like forever, he opened the door and slowly walked outside. By then the moonlight had appeared and it was quite bright. What he saw outside almost made him faint. He could not believe his eyes. He fell on his knees and vomited right there. All over his compound, there were bodies everywhere. He saw, his mother and two brothers just outside their hut. The sight was so horrible that he felt like his heart was being torn into two. "Who was horrible enough to do something like that?" Kimeno cried out loudly but he already knew the answer. The rival tribe from the other side of the hill. They had always been rivals for as long as he could remember but he did not know why. "I swear that when I grow up, I will make sure that this rivalry is resolved." Kimeno promised himself. Indeed, we need peace in the interior parts of our beloved country Kenya.

  1. What was it that woke Kimeno?
    1. Cries
    2. Gunshots
    3. Earthquake
    4. Thunder.
  2. Kimeno slept in his grandmother's hut. Where did his brothers sleep? In
    1. his grandfather's hut
    2. the granary
    3. their mother's hut
    4. their bedroom.
  3. What did Kimeno do immediately he got outside? He 
    1. fainted
    2. vomited
    3. laughed
    4. cried.
  4. What did Kimeno see on his compound?
    1. Bodies everywhere.
    2. Nothing.
    3. His parents.
    4. His classmates.
  5. Who was responsible for the sight that Kimeno saw at his compound?
    1. His father.
    2. Pirates.
    3. The rival tribe.
    4. The vigilantes.

Read the following passage and answer questions 6 to 10.

Utamaduni day is one of the National holidays in Kenya. The holiday is marked on the tenth of December every year. The holiday is used to celebrate the diversity of Kenyan cultures. In Kenya, there are over forty tribes and each tribe has its own unique culture.

The purpose of celebrating Utamaduni day is to bring together Kenyans from all over to showcase some of their cultural aspects and help other Kenyans to appreciate each culture. This is very important because it brings unity.

Different cultural aspects displayed on this unique day include food, dress code and other artifacts like decorations. There are also songs and dances to showcase each tribe's unique dances and costumes. The Maasai have their special dance by the Morans where they jump high in the air. We have the Kikuyus with their 'mokimo', the kambas with their 'muthokoi', and the Kalenjins with their 'mursik'. All these and more are showcased during this special day. Since the event began a couple years ago, many Kenyans have learned to appreciate each other's culture.

  1. On which date is Utamadumi day celebrated in Kenya?
    1. First May.
    2. Twelfth December.
    3. First June.
    4. Tenth December.
  2. Which unique aspect of their culture do the Maasai showcase on Utamaduni day?
    1. Jumping high in the air.
    2. Their unique food.
    3. Their fighting tactics.
    4. Their language. 
  3. Which tribe has "Muthokoi" as their unique food of choice?
    1. Kalenjins
    2. Maasai
    3. Kikuyu
    4. Kamba.
  4. What is the benefit of celebrating Utamaduni day? It
    1. brings unity
    2. brings revenue
    3. gives Kenyans an excuse not to go to work
    4. gives Kenya a good name around the world.
  5. What is the purpose of Utamaduni day? It
    1. brings Kenyans together to showcase their cultures
    2. is a day of rest
    3. gives people an excuse to celebrate
    4. is written in the constitution.

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow.

Once there lived a beautiful girl called Malaika. She lived with her parents in a village called Moto Moto. In the forest just beyond the village, there lived ogres. Malaika was the most beautiful girl in the village. Other girls were jealous of her beauty and avo -d her. As a result, Malaika was lonely because she had no friends to play with and do things together.

As Malaika grew older, she seemed to get even more beautiful. She got a lot of attention from all the young men who wanted to court her. Since the other girls were angered by this, they made a plan to get rid of Malaika forever.

One day, Malaika was surprised when four girls, Uzembe, Wivu, Chuki and Ushoga, approached her and said that they wanted her to accompany them into the forest to gather wild fruits. Malaika was so happy to finally be included in their group. She ran into the house and took her basket. She and the other girls walked to the forest and when they reached one particular tree, they decided to gather fruits from it. They had been warned not to stay in the forest till dark. Chuki suggested they close their eyes. The one who gathered many ripe fruits would be the winner. They counted one to three and closed their eyes. After some minutes, one said they had gathered enough and they should open their eyes.

Malaika opened her eyes and behold, only her basket was filled with unripe fruits. It turned out that the other girls opened their eyes and picked only the ripe fruits. They told Malaika that she would have to be left behind to gather ripe fruits. They left her there and went home. Malaika was scared but she was determined to fill her basket with ripe fruits. So, she worked fast, but as she was nearly finishing an ogre came and took her away. Malaika was never seen again and her parents and the other villagers were devastated.

  1. What was the name of the village in which Malaika lived?
    1. Wivu.
    2. Moto Moto.
    3. Uzembe.
    4. Chuki.
  2. The other girls in the village wanted to get rid of Malaika because she
    1. was smarter than them
    2. was a bad person
    3. got the attention of all the young men in the village
    4. stole their things.
  3. Who suggested that they close their eyes?
    1. Uzembe
    2. Chuki
    3. Wivu
    4. Ushoga.
  4. How comes Malaika's basket was filled with unripe fruits while all the other girls' were filled with ripe ones? Because they
    1. were experts
    2. were lucky
    3. did not close their eyes
    4. knew which ones were ripe without looking.
  5. What happened to Malaika in the end? She
    1. was taken by an ogre and was never seen again
    2. finished picking her fruits and went home
    3. abandoned her basket and went home 
    4. became good friends with the other girls.


Fill in the blank space numbered 16-20 with the most suitable word.

Eating a __16__ diet is important, __17__ it gives the body all the important nutrients to function. A balanced diet __18__ of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Lack __19__ one of these nutrients can lead __20__ deficiencies and diseases.

   B   C   D 
 16.   good   balanced   great   variety 
 17.  for  and   but   plus 
 18.  is  made   consists   entails 
 19.  of  by   in   at 
 20.  with  on   at   to 

In this section, choose the correct answer to fill the blanks in the given questions.

  1. ___________________________ are celebrated during Mashujaa Day.
    1. Heros
    2. Heroes
    3. Hero
    4. Hiroes
  2. I hurt _____________________________  when I was cutting firewood.
    1. myself
    2. ourself
    3. yourself
    4. himself
  3. We were told that we _____________________________ brush our teeth twice daily.
    1. should
    2. may
    3. might
    4. would
  4. The people said their chief was as greedy as a
    1. lion
    2. leopard
    3. king
    4. hyena
  5. The two girls said that ________________________ cat had disappeared.
    1. there
    2. their
    3. her
    4. theirs
  6. Thomas said that _________________________wants to be a doctor when he grows up.
    1. she
    2. he
    3. they
    4. I
  7. The mangoes from Mutua's farm are the ________________________ in the region.
    1. sweet
    2. sweeter
    3. more sweet
    4. sweetest
  8. My father bought an _________________________ car.
    1. ugly, old, red
    2. old, red, ugly
    3. ugly, red, old
    4. red, ugly, old
  9. We ___________________________ deal with the issue tomorrow.
    1. will
    2. shall
    3. can
    4. could
  10. The rat was found dead ___________________________ the sofa.
    1. in
    2. along
    3. under
    4. at


You have 40 minutes to write your composition.

Write and complete an interesting story about;



  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. A
  11. B
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. B
  19. A
  20. D
  21. B
  22. A
  23. A
  24. D
  25. B
  26. B
  27. D
  28. A
  29. B
  30. C
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