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Hygiene and Nutrition Activities - CBC Grade 2

Sub-strand 1.1 Importance of breakfast

  1. What is breakfast?
  2. Draw and colour the following foods eaten for breakfast




    Bread Banana Cup of tea An egg
  3. Name two reasons why we eat breakfast
  4. We eat food to______ (grow big, grow thin)
  5. Pupils' eat breakfast______ going to school. (after, before)
  6. We eat in the morning so as to get to______ learn and play. (energy, sleep hygiene)
  7. The first meal we eat in the morning is called______ (lunch, breakfast)

Sub-strand 1.2 Oral hygiene

  1. You should visit a dentist at least______ in a year (twice, once)
  2. Hard foods make out teeth______ (weak, strong)
  3. Circle the things that you do that are good for your teeth

Sub-Strand 1.3 Use of different rooms in a house

  1. Match the following rooms with their uses
    Room Uses 
    Bedroom room Eating 
    Kitchen room Sleeping
    Dining room  Cooking
  2. Name and say where they are found
  3. Always make sure you stay in a______house. (clean, dirty)
  4. A tidy room is ______(attractive, dark)
  5. A room where visitors and family members rest after work is called
  6. We wash our body in the______ (kitchen, bathroom)
  7. Food is eaten in the______ (dining, kitchen)
  8. We cook food in the______ (kitchen, bathroom)

Sub-Strand 1.4 Cleaning of utensils

  1. Name these items used to clean utensils
  2. Find out the meaning of the words from an adult at home
  3. Utensils
  4. Storing
  5. Drying
  6. Sponge
  7. We use water and______ to wash utensils. (soil, soap)
  8. Utensils should be______ after use
  9. Greasy and______ utensils should be soaked in warm soapy water before washing.
  10. Steel wire is used for scrubbing______utensils.(wooden, metallic)

Sub-strand 1.5; Dangers of second hand smoke

  1. A______a harmful thing that people smoke. (tea,cigarette)
  2. Second hand smoke is can also harm little ______(trees, babies)
  3. We should always stay______from people who are smoking. (near, away)
  4. People who smoke may have______eyes.(red,white)
  5. This is a______sign (no smoking, smoke)
  6. Second hand smoke can cause______(sickness, happiness)
  7. ______ is the smoke you breathe in from a smoker
  8. Smokers have ______fingers. (clean, burnt)

Sub-strand1.6; Keeping water safe from contamination

  1. What is water contamination?______(making clean water dirty, keeping water)
  2. Drinking water should be(filtered, boiled)
  3. Stored water should be(covered, uncovered)
  4. Contaminated water has______smell
  5. When people throw rubbish in the river, water becomes(clean, contaminated)
  6. Passing urine in water makes water (clean, contaminated)
  7. Avoid washing hands in______water(stored,running)
  8. This girl is______ water (purifying, contaminating)
  9. She is doing a______ thing (good, bad)

Sub-strand 1.7; Re-using water and soap at home

  1. Re-using means (washing, using again)
  2. We re-use water to reduce (recycling, wastage)
  3. Water that has been used to wash clothes can be used to (drink, mop the floor)
  4. Water that has been used to rinse utensils can be used to (water plants, bath)
  5. Name the following uses of soap and water at home;
  6. Soap can be re-used by making a (soap gel, soap flake)
  7. Say "True" or "Fa lse"
    1. Re-using water and soap is good to the environment
    2. We should not re-use soap and water
    3. Soap flakes are small pieces of soap
    4. Water Used to bathe can be re-used to water plants

Sub strand 2.1 Personal items

  1. Items that should not be shared are called ______
  2. Name these personal items
  3. We can get______ when we share personal items (diseases, healthy)
  4. We can make a toothbrush from a______(pen, chewed stick)
  5. We can make a handkerchief from______(towel, an old piece of cloth)
  6. How to clean a face towel
    Arrange the sentences well on how to clean a face towel
    1. Add some soap
    2. Wash you face towel
    3. Put some water in a basin
    4. Hang to dry
    5. Rinse in clean water
  7. Circle the items you should not share from the word puzzle.
  8. Fill in the blank spaces usina words in the box.
    Toothbrush Nail cutter comb towel tooth paste
    1. After bathing, I use a______ to dry myself.
    2. After eating I use a and______to clean my teeth.
    3. I use a ______to comb my hair.
    4. I use a______ to cut my nails.


  1. Name four basic taste of food
  2. Group these foods according to their taste
    Salty food
  3. Most fruits are______when ripe. (salty, sweet)
  4. A ______is sour when ripe and when raw. (mango, lemon)
  5. When salt is added to food it makes the food (salty, sugary)
  6. Which food do you like most (salty food, sugary food)
  7. Name the tastes of the food below

Sub-strand 3.2; Eating habits

  1. Name five foods your family members like eating
  2. Tick the food and drinks that your friend likes
  3. Name five other foods found in your community
  4. The meals eaten between breakfast and lunch is called______(snacks, supper)
  5. Below is what Terry eats on Tuesday
    7.00am Breakfast
    9.30am Snacks
    11.30am Snacks 
    1.00pm Lunch 
    3.00pm Snacks 
    7.30pm  Supper
    Say what time Terry eats the following
    1. Lunch
    2. Breakfast
    3. Supper 

Sub strand 3.2 Meals and snacks

  1. What is a meal?
  2. How many meals do you eat in a day?
  3. Food eaten at any time of the day is called
  4. Draw and colour two snacks you eat at home
  5. Match the following foods with the parts they come from
  6. Name two other seeds we eat as food and
  7. Name three other roots we eat as food
  8. Name foods we get from these animals
    1. Cow
    2. Hen
    3. Bee
    4. Pig
    5. Goat

Sub strand 3.4 Food for school going children

  1. Name two foods you eat for lunch at school
  2. We should eat______ food (a lot, enough)
  3. Eating too little food can make us (strong, weak)
  4. Eating too much food can make us ______and______(healthy, vomit, fat, unhealthy)
  5. Which plate shows the right amount of food to be eaten? (little, too much, enough)
  6. You should not throw away______ (garbage, food)
  7. We should eat ______and______ to avoid getting sick. (meat, banana, ugali, cabbage)

Sub strand 3.5 Food advertisement

  1. Food______is a message that tells us to buy food (advertisement, news)
  2. Food can be advertised on (books, television)
  3. We should always choose______ foods (buy, healthy)
  4. The poster below is advertising which food
  5. Say True or False
    1. Some food advertisement can make us like certain food
    2. It is not good to advertise food
    3. We should buy all the foods being advertised.
  6. Messages that tell us to buy some foods are called______
  7. These messages can be through______,______or______

Sub strand 3.6 Food safety

  1. We wear a clean ______when cooking (shirt/apron)
  2. We should wash our hands ______eating. (before eating, after eating)
  3. Name these items that are won when handling food.
  4. A cook should serve food in ______ utensils. (dirty, clean)
  5. Buy food from ______ places (dirty, clean)
  6. Tick from which food vendor you would buy food from.
    A vendor with a very bad display without apron and a cap
    A vendor with a cap, apron and a good display

Sub strand 4.1 Safety Education

  1. Look at the picture below
    Write what has made this classroom dirty
  2. In a classroom we put waste in a container called ______(dispose, dustbin)
  3. Empty the classroom dustbin (everyday, twice a week)
  4. Name, draw and colour the container you put in waste in your classroom
  5. Write reasons for keeping the classroom clean
  6. Accidents are ______(cuts, injuries)that happened to our body,
  7. We should keep the classroom ______(clean, warm)to prevent accidents,
  8. Name these things /items that can cause accidents in a classroom
  9. Razor blades can cause  ______ to our bodies (pricks, cuts)
  10. We can knock our heads and get  ______ (bumps, cuts)
  11. A ______ is a list showing turns for doing a duty. (timetable, duty rota)
  12. We cover the wound with a ______ (bandage, cloth)
  13. When accidents happen we do ______before going to the hospital. (treat, bath, first aid)
  14. If you get pricked, apply a ______ in the affected areas. (oil, disinfectant)
  15. If you get a bump put a ______ piece of cloth on the bump.
  16. Look at the picture below and write 3 sentences about it


Strand 1.0

  1. Food we eat in the morning
  2. Drawing
    1. To grow
    2. To stay health
    3. to give energy
  4. Grow big
  5. Before
  6. Energy
  7. Breakfast

Sub-strand 1.2

  1. Twice
  2. Strong
  3. 1st, 3rd. 5th

Sub-strand 1.3

  1. Sleeping
  2. Cooking
  3. Eating
    1. Television - living room
    2. Towel - bathroom
    3. Cup - Kitchen
    4. Hammer - stole
  5. Clean
  6. Attractive
  7. Sitting/living room
  8. Bathroom
  9. Dining
  10. Kitchen 

Sub-strand 1.4

    1. Sponge
    2. Superbrite
    3. Maize cob
  2. Different answers
  3. Soap
  4. Washed
  5. Oily
  6. Metallic

Sub-strand 1.5

  1. Cigarette
  2. Babies
  3. Away
  4. Red
  5. No smoking
  6. Sickness
  7. Second hand smoke
  8. Burnt

Sub-strand 1.6

  1. Making clean water dirty
  2. Boiled
  3. Covered
  4. Bad
  5. Contaminated
  6. Contaminated
  7. Stored
  8. Contaminating
  9. Bad

Sub-strand 1.7

  1. Using again
  2. Wastage
  3. Mop the floor
  4. Water plants
    1. Bathing
    2. washing bicycle
    3. washing hands
  6. Soap gel
  7. True
  8. False
  9. True
  10. False

Strand 2.0

  1. Personal items
    1. Comb
    2. toothbrush
    3. socks
    4. handkerchief
  3. Diseases
  4. Chewed stick
  5. An old piece of cloth
  6. (c), (a), (b), (e) (d)
  7. Cross word
    1. towel
    2. Toothbrush, tooth paste
    3. Comb
    4. Nail cutter

Strand 3.0

    1. Sour
    2. Salty
    3. Sweet
    4. bitter
  2. Salty food
    Sweet food
    Bitter food
    Sour food
  3. Sweet
  4. Lemon
  5. Salty
  6. Different answers
    1. Sour
    2. Bitter
    3. Sour
    4. Sweet

Strand 3.1

  1. Different answers
  2. Different answers
  3. Different answers
  4. Snacks
    1. 1.00prn
    2. 7.00arn
    3. 7.30prn

Strand 3.2

  1. A food eaten at a certain time
  2. 3
  3. Snacks
  4. Different answers
  5. Matching
  6. Maize, beans
    1. Cassava
    2. Potatoes
    3. Yams
    1. Milk, meat
    2. Chicken, eggs
    3. Honey, wax
    4. Pork
    5. meat, milk

Sub strand 3.4

  1. Different answers
  2. Enough
  3. Weak
  4. Fat
  5. b
  6. food
  7. banana, cabbage

Sub-strand 3.5

  1. advertisement
  2. television
  3. healthy
  4. chips 7 chicken
    1. True
    2. False
    3. False
  6. Food advertisement
  7. Radio,magazines

Sub strand 3.6

  1. Apron
  2. Before eating
    1. apron
    2. cap
  4. Clean
  5. Clean
  6. A vendor with a cap, apron and a good display

Strand 4.0

    1. Water
    2. Paper
    3. Dirty plates
    4. Sticks
  2. Dustbin
  3. Everyday
  4. Drawing
    1. To make it look cleand and tidy
    2. To avoid getting sick
  6. Injuries
  7. Clean
    1. Razor
    2. Nail
    3. Stones
    4. Broken chairs
    5. Thorns
    6. Banana peels
    7. Broken glasses
    8. pins
  9. Cuts
  10. Bumps
  11. Duty rota
  12. Bandage
  13. First Aid
  14. Disinfectant
  15. Cold
    1. The class looks neat and tidy
    2. The desks &  chairs are neatly arranged
    3. Accept more different answers

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