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Hygiene and Nutrition Questions with Answers - CBC Grade 2 End Term 2 Exams 2022 SET 1

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  1. A___ is a personal item (toothpaste, towel, textbook) 
  2. We can clean a___ using warm salty water. (toothbrush, hairbrush, handkerchief)
  3. Personal items should not be shared so that we don't spread or get___ (them, germs, clean)
  4. Study the items below.
    The items above can be used to clean our (tongue, hair, shoes)
  5. Tick the item you may need to make you hair neat.
  6. When brushing our teeth, salt can be used instead of___(a toothbrush, water, toothpaste)

Match the given foods to their tastes.

  1. Salt   sweet
  2. Lemon   bitter
  3. Honey   salty
  4. Ginger   sour
  5. We eat the seeds of___(sugarcane, cabbages, maize)
  6. ___of sukumawiki are eaten as food. (Stems, Fruits, Leaves)
  7. ___can be eaten as a snack. (Potatoes, Popcorns, Porridge)
  8. Eating snacks between meals makes us___ (weak, healthy, sleep)
  9. For good health, we should take___meals a day. (four, two, three)
  10. It is good to eat___food. (more, enough, little)
  11. Breakfast is the food eaten in the___ (morning, afternoon, evening)
  12. Colour the food needed most by school going children. 
  13. When we eat too much, food we can___ (faint, vomit, cough)
  14. The food drawn below can be eaten for breakfast. It is called___ (bread, yams, sugarcane)
  15. Dental floss can be used to clean between our___ (eyes, teeth, ears)
  16. Water used for rinsing school uniform can again be used for___(mopping, cooking, drinking)
  17. A___is likely to be found in the bedroom. (pillow, bicycle, tree)
  18. Second hand smoke is dangerous because it affects our___(lungs, teeth, mounths)
  19. The equipment below is likely to be found in the___(kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)


  1. towel
  2. toothbrush
  3. germs
  4. tongue
  5. (second one)
  6. toothpaste
  7. Salt - salty
  8. Lemon - sour
  9. Honey - sweet
  10. Ginger -bitter
  11. maize
  12. leaves
  13. popcorns
  14. healthy
  15. three
  16. enough
  17. morning
  18. (fish)
  19. vomit
  20. yams
  21. teeth
  22. mopping
  23. pillow
  24. lungs
  25. kitchen
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