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School Based Assessment Literacy Activities Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 2 Term 2 Opener Exams 2023 SET 1

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  1. The teacher assembles all Grade 2 learners and informs them that the task will be a face to face assessment, therefore, learners will be called into the assessment room when their time comes. (one after the other)
  2. The learner should be given a seat facing the teacher.
  3. The teacher talks slowly and clearly. As each learner commences Task 1, the teacher explains the expectations of the Task i.e "I will be asking you questions in English and then you answer in English."
  4. The teacher asks the questions provided in Task 1 part 1 and part II.
  5. Teacher assesses the competency of the learner based on the provided assessment rubrics and records the learners performance level.
  6. The teacher indicates the end of Task 1 and moves on to Task 2.

Part I

The teacher greets the learner. The learner responds. The teacher asks the learner to sit. The teacher says "I am teacher ________________________________.
I would like to ask you questions in English about yourself.

  1. Now tell me, What is your name? (Learner responds)
  2. Tell me, How old are you? (Learner responds)
  3. When do you wash your hands? (Learner responds)
  4. What do you use when washing hands? (Learner responds)

Part II

The teacher tells the learner: "I am going to read a story in English and then ask you questions. Listen to me and tell me the answers in English.

"It was on a Friday afternoon. The weather was calm and the leaves of the trees were moving gently. Kantai, Mogaka and Mawasi were playing football in the field. Suddenly, they heard the roar of thunder. The three boys looked up at the sky. (The teacher repeats)

  1. Who are the boys in the story? (Learner responds)
  2. What did the three boys see in the sky? (Learner responds)
  3. Which games were the boys playing? (Learner responds) 


Akello and Aisha

Akello and Aisha are in the same class, They are also neighbours at home. They work hard in school. Their parents and teachers are proud of them. Akello wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She wants to treat patients in the hospital. She does not like to see someone sick. Aisha wants to be a teacher. She wants to help girls and boys learn to read and write, she enjoys teaching other children at home.

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