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Social Studies and CRE Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exams SET 2 2022

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  1. Group the following qualities of a leader into good qualities and bad qualities. (5mks)
    rude, honest, inspiring, decisive, punctual, compassionate, arrogant, committed, disrespectful, lazy
    Good qualities   Bad qualities
    a)                       a)             
    b)                       b)             
    c)                       c)             
    d)                       d)             
    e)                       e)             
  2. Which industries make the following products? (5mks)
  3. Making good use of resources and protecting them is referred to as              (1mk)
  4. Things that people need in order to produce or create wealth are known as           (1mk)
  5.                   is a people's way (1mk)
  6. List five aspects of traditional (5mks)
  7. Define the following items.(3mks)
    1. Population
    2. Population distribution
    3. Densely populated area
  8. Fill in the gaps on interdependence. (2mks) )
    1.              help children to learn.
    2. We depend on           to make our clothes.
  9. Name four historic built environments found in our country. (4mks)
  10. Draw and colour the following physical features. (2mk)
  11. What is the name of your county? (1mk)


  1. List three attributes of God you have learnt. (3mks)
  2. Study the following items and write whether it is ‘personalor'school property.
  3. The parable of the mustard seed helps us to understand the nature of              (1mk)
  4. In Philipians 4:4 we learn that we should                 in the Lord always. (1mk)
  5. What type of a family has father, mother and children? (1mk)
  6. Who forced Tamar into bed and raped her? (1mk)
  7. We should always keep our bodies pure because they are the                    (1mk)
  8. The Bible is divided into two parts. These are              Testament and           Testament.(2mks)
  9.               was a tax collector who climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus.(1mk)
  10. Who were the parents of John the Baptist? (2mks)
  11. Jesus entered a town called              where the blind Bartimaeus begged by the roadside. (1mk)
  12. How many lepers were healed by Jesus? (1mk)
  13. The story of Jesus raising a widow's son from death shows that Jesus has power (1mk)


  1. The surah that is referred to as the mother of Qur'an is                  
  2. The surah that is known as ‘dua' is                 
  3. The wife of Abu Lahab was known as.                 
  4. We should say                after eating.
  5. The second pillar of Iman is the belief in the                 
  6. The fourth pillar of Islam is                
  7. Mikail is the angel incharge of                
  8. Angels of Allah are neither male nor                 

Name the prophets who are Ulul-Azm.

  5. Virtues are                 qualities of a person.
  6. Ritual purity is referred to as                  
  7. How many times do Muslims pray in a day?
  8. Who was the first man to be created?
  9. The father of prophet Muhammad was known as                     
  10. Najasaatul Mukhafafa is the same as                  
  11. The pillar of Islam that encourages sharing is                    
  12. What is the meaning of Tawheed?



  1.             Good                        Bad
    1. honest                        rude
    2. inspiring                   decisive
    3. punctual                  arrogant
    4. compassionate     disrespectful
    5. committed                   lazy
    1. creamery
    2. car assembly
    3. basketry
    4. shoe making
    5. weaving
  3. conservation
  4. resources
  5. culture
    1. dressing
    2. sports
    3. food
    4. songs and dances
    5. housing
    1. it is the number of people living in a particular area.
    2. it is the way in which people are spread over an area.
    3. it is an area with many houses.
    1. teachers
    2. tailors
  9. monuments, museums, historic sites, cultural centres.
  10. award drawings
  11. mark according to your county.


    1. sole creator
    2. loving
    3. holy
    1. personal
    2. school
    3. personal
  3. the kingdom of God
  4. rejoice
  5. nuclear family
  6. Amnon
  7. temple of the holy spirit
  8. new, old
  9. Zacheaus
  10. Zecharia, Elizabeth
  11. Jericho
  12. 10
  13. over death


  1. Fatiha
  2. Al Fatiha
  3. Ummu Jamil
  4. alhamdulillahi
  5. angels
  6. saum/ fasting
  7. rain
  8. female
  9. Nuh / Musa
  10. Ibrahim
  11. Isa
  12. Mohammad
  13. good
  14. twahara
  15. 5
  16. Adam
  17. Abdullahi
  18. light najasaat
  19. zakat
  20. believing in one God.
    loneness of God

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