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Art Craft and Music Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exams SET 2 2022

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  1. List three methods of decorating modelled clay items to make them look attractive. (3mks)
  2. What do you call a technique used in weaving where a warp and two sets of wefts are used? (1mk)
  3. List any four materials you require when making a montage composition. (4mks)
  4.             is the lightness or darkness of a colour. (1mk)
  5. What do you call the art of creating pictures or images by applying colour on a surface?(1mk)
  6. Use a pencil to create a blended tonal variation strip on the rectangle shown below. (1mk) 
  7. Grade 4 learners at Mtwapa primary school were told by their Art and Craft teacher to name four flexible fibres they can use to weave mats. What do you think they named? (4mks)
  8. Name and draw one traditional leather item. (1mk)
  9.                  lettering is done without the use of geometrical instruments, unless the person is drawing the guidelines. (1mk)
  10. List the three parts of a letter.(3mks)


  1. Percussion musical instruments are categorized into two main groups. These are      and        percussion instruments. (2mks)
  2. Grade 4 learners at Matopeni primary were told by their music teacher to bring four locally available materials in order to make a shaker. What materials were they likely to bring? (3mks)
  3. Draw the shaker the grade 4 learners are likely to make using the materials named in question 2 above. (2mks)
  4. Write the definitions of the following types of songs. (5mks)
    Type of song Definition
    a) Sacred songs   
    b) Patriotic songs  
    c) Lullabies   
    d) Topical songs   
    e) Action songs   
  5. Use the diagram below to answer the questions below.
    1. What do you call the above musical instrument?(1mk)
    2. Which method can you use to play the above musical instrument?
    3. Name the parts labelled. (3mks)
  6. Name three body parts that can be used to make movements when dancing. . (3mks)



    1. incising
    2. stamping
    3. scratching
  2. twining technique
    1. old magazines or newspapers.
    2. printed photographs
    3. mounting surface
    4. cutting tools
    5. adhesives and any other relevant item
  4. tone
  5. painting
  6. should be shaded dark to light without breaking it
    1. sisal fibres
    2. reeds
    3. paim leaves
    4. banana fibres 
  8. award any: drum, sandals, beit, bags,shield, sheaths, jewellery, masks, hats, furniture, among othes
  9. free hand
    1. ascender
    2. descender
    3. body


  1. melodic, non- melodic
    1. Y-stick
    2. wire
    3. bottle tops
    4. nails
  3. Award drawing
    1. songs sung to praise and worship God
    2. songs sung to praise a country and its leaders
    3. song sung to sooth a baby.
    4. song sung to pass message on things that happen in the society.
    5. songs performed with actions.
    1. descant recorder
    2. blowing
    3. sound holes
      mouth piec
    1. lower body
    2. shoulders, head, waist
    3. hands, legs and any other relavant part. 

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