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Explain four conditions for polygamy in Islam.

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  1. The number of wives must not exceed four at any one given time.
  2. The husband should be equally fair to all his wives in relation to life’s daily needs such as providing them with clothing, feeding and housing without favor or discrimination to any one of them. Also on the basis of emotional side such as spending the same number of nights with each one equally.
  3. It should be noted that for a man to favor emotionally all of his wives is sometimes beyond the human ability; however, one should not abuse this fact by unjustly mistreating any of the wives. If this condition is not fulfilled, then polygamy is absolutely forbidden because in such a case it would bring injustice and means for misbehaving.
  4. One should be in a position to fulfill the wives conjugal rights before he commits himself to another one, because one of the main objectives of marriage is fulfillment of sexual desires.
  5. One should be financially able to sustain and support tthe wives and the children because it is the man’s responsibility to provide for the family.
  6. Failure to observe the above conditions, a Muslim man is not encouraged to marry a second wife.
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Al ssigha Al aqidaan Al wilayat Ash shuhud Al mahr

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ability to provide all the basic of the wive
ability to give equal treatment to all of the wives with just
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