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Explain five factors that led to emergence of Japan as an industrial power.

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  1. The government made education compulsory and encouraged research leading to creative ideas
  2. People were encouraged to study aboard leading to technological advancement.
  3. There was financial assistance from the USA for industrialization
  4. The availability of raw materials like coal, cotton and iron from within and outside Japan
  5. The culture of hard work among the Japanese
  6. The government policies encouraged local and foreign investment
  7. The cheap and skillfully made products attracted markets locally and abroad.
  8. The topography was unsuitable for agriculture. This made her to develop other sectors thus diversifying the economy.
  9. The development of hydro electric power provided energy for industrialization
  10. The prevailing peace in the country promoted industrial development
  11. Improvement in transport accelerated the process of industrialization
  12. Availability of skilled and unskilled labour.
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