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Describe the social organization of Asante Kingdom in the eighteenth century.

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  1. The kingdom was composed of many communities who spoke Akan or Twi language.
  2. The Asante were organized in clans.
  3. Marriage between members of the same clan was prohibited. They practiced exogamy and polygamy.
  4. There was an annual cultural festivals (Odwira) held at Kumasi to honour the ancestors.
  5. The community was bound together by the Golden stool.
  6. Inheritance of property was matrilineal.
  7. The society was divided into social classes (social stratification).
  8. The Asante worshipped many gods and goddesses.
  9. The King, chiefs and Omanhenes were religious leaders (semi divine).
  10. The ancestors mediated between god and the people.
  11. They believed in a supreme god called Onyame.
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