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Social Studies and CRE Questions and Answers - Class 7 End of Term 2 2021 Set 1 with Marking Schemes

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Study the map of Mawe area and use it to answer questions 1-7.
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  1. The general direction of flows of River Kai is towards 
    1. North West 
    2. South East 
    3. North East 
    4. South West
  2. Mawe area is administred by a 
    1. County commissioner 
    2. Sub country commissioner 
    3. Governor 
    4. County representative
  3. Population distribution at Mawe area has been influenced by 
    1. transport and communication 
    2. drainage 
    3. economic activities 
    4. presence of security
  4. Which one of the following services is offered in Mawe area?
    1. Health
    2. Recreation 
    3. Theatre
    4. Education
  5. Which one of the following industries is likely to be found in Mawe area? 
    1. Manufacturing industry 
    2. Processing industry 
    3. Service industry 
    4. Assembling industry
  6. The main economic activity in mawe area is 
    1. fishing
    2. trading 
    3. mining
    4. maize growing
  7. Which religion is practised in mawe area 
    1. Hinduism
    2. Islamic 
    3. Christianity 
    4. Traditionalism
  8. Which one of the following is a negative impact of rapid population growth on resources?
    1. Increased labour force 
    2. Improved health care
    3. Pressure on the existing social service
    4. Availability of employment opportunities
  9. The council of elder among the Ameru that handles difficult cases was 
    1. Kiama
    2. Njuri Ncheke
    3. Nkomango
    4. Njuri impere
  10. The following is a description of a certain type of vegetation 
    1. tall and evergreen trees
    2. trees have straight trunks and buttress roots
    3. Forests have very little undergrowth
      Which vegetation type is described above
      1. Savannah vegetation
      2. Equatorial vegetation
      3. Swamp vegetation
      4. Mediterranean vegetation
  11. Which one of the following is a service industry?
    1. Textile industry
    2. Ginnery
    3. Dry cleaning
    4. Posho niill
  12. The following countries are crossed by Trans saharan highway except?
    1. Nigeria
    2. Algeria .
    3. Niger
    4. Mali

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 13 ro 16.
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  1. The relief feature marked B was formed through 
    1. folding
    2. faulting and uplifting
    3. volcanicity
    4. denudation 
  2. The multi purpose project marked C was mainly constructed to 
    1. controi floods 
    2. provide water for irrigation
    3. provide cheap power
    4.  establish fishing grounds 
  3. Three of the following statements are true about the climatic region marked Y. Which one is not?
    1. Rainfall is experienced mainly during winter
    2. Rainfall is accompanied by lighting and thunderstorms
    3. The hottest months in the year are march and september
    4. The type of rainfall received is mainly convectional
  4. The lake formed E was formed through 
    1. faulting
    2. downwarping
    3. erosion
    4. deposition
  5. Which one of the following early visitors was a trader? 
    1. Vasco da Gama 
    2. David livingstone 
    3. Henry Morton stanley
    4. William Mackinnon
  6. The following communities Collaborated with European colonial rule except
    1. wiándinka 
    2. Lozi
    3. obawanga 
    4. Maasai
  7. Which one of the following is the main tourist attraction in Egypt?
    1. Willlife
    2. Historical sites 
    3. Sand beaches 
    4. Cultural activities 
  8. The main reason for the establishment of East African community was to 
    1. reduce trade barriers
    2. improve transport in the area 
    3. wide a markets for goods produced
    4. introduce a common currency 
  9. The weather instrument drawn below is used to measure
    q21 jvygvfts
    1. amount of rainfall 
    2. hotness or coldness of a place 
    3. air pressure
    4. strength of wind 
  10. Which one of the following plain nilotes are found in Uganda?
    1. Karamajong, Iteso, Jie 
    2. Toposa, Murle, Azande 
    3. Maasai Burji, Samburu
    4. Nandi, Iteso, Sabaot 
  11. The main cause of accident in most Kenya roads is
    1. driving unroadworthy vehicles 
    2. overloading vehicles 
    3. negligence of road user
    4. following traffic rule 
  12. Which one of the following is the cheapest methods of preserving fish
    1. canning
    2. sun drying
    3. salting
    4. refrigeration
  13. Which one of the following is economic right? 
    1. Right to vote 
    2. Right to privacy
    3. Right to food
    4. Right to be paid well 
  14. The act of taking over the responsibilities and property of a deceased person is called 
    1. a will
    2. succession 
    3. administration 
    4. acquisition
  15. The following are ways of demonstrating patriotism in Kenya except 
    1. payment of taxes
    2. conserving environment
    3. promoting human rights
    4. engaging in corruption
  16. The main problem facing tourism in Africa is
    1. poor marketing strategies
    2. political instability
    3. insecurity
    4. similarity of tourist attraction 
  17. Below is a description of a certain early visitor
    1. was both a missionary and explorer
    2. sent by royal geographical society
    3. did his missionary work in central Africa
    4. fought against slave trade The early described above as
      1. Henry Morton Stanley 
      2. Dr David Livingstone 
      3. Johannes Rebman
      4. John Krapt
  18. Which one of the following fish is caught a marine fishing grounds? 
    1. Mackerel 
    2. Salmon 
    3. Trout
    4. Black bass 
  19. The following factors limit peace in the society. Which one is not? 
    1. Bad leadership 
    2. Political differencof human rights
    3. leadership
    4. Transpareney 
  20. The dispersal point of the River Lake nilotes was at 
    1. Mt Elgon 
    2. Shungwaya
    3. Pukungu Pakwach
    4. Southern Sudan 
  21. The time at town W 40°E is 9.00 a.m. What is the time at town Y 13°W? 
    1. 11:32am
    2. 5:28am 
    3. 7:12am
    4. 10:48am
  22. . The main pastoral community in West Africa is the 
    1. Fulani
    2. Tuaregs 
    3. Tswana
    4. Maasai 
  23. The road sign below indicates
    q35 ytft6rftrfs
    1. drive with caution 
    2. bumps ahead
    3. road junction
    4. give way
  24. Which one of the following is a way the communities may contribute to school development? 
    1. Promote the culture of the communities 
    2. Guides pupils to obey laws of the land
    3. Offer labour to the school
    4. Help learners discover their talents 
  25. The earliest inhabitants in central Africa is 
    1. Bantus
    2. Bambuti
    3. Boers
    4. Arabs 
  26. The main problem facing forestry in the Democratic republic of Congo is 
    1. Forest fires 
    2. Poor harvesting techniques 
    3. Human encroachment
    4. Pest and diseases 
  27. The following countries are crossed by the equator except 
    1. Gabon
    2. Uganda 
    3. Dr Congo
    4. Cameroon
  28. Forests in Africa are mainly influenced by 
    1. drainage
    2. rainfall 
    3. soil fertility 
    4. altitude 
  29. The type of wind found at the side marked A are
    q41 khauygda
    1. cool and wet 
    2. hot and dry 
    3. cool and dry
    4. warm and moist 
  30. The above rainfall is experienced in the following areas except 
    1. Musoma
    2. Kitale
    3. Embu
    4. Arusha
  31. Which one of the following lakes were formed through erosion? 
    1. Wum, Nyos, Paradise 
    2. Tana, Catherine, Tana 
    3. Teleki, Maghra, Gallery 
    4. Kivu, Magadi, Jipe
  32. The main cause of soil erosion at the . Northern part of Kenya is 
    1. deforestation 
    2. overstocking 
    3. heavy rainfall 
    4. mono cropping
  33. Which one of the following minerals is correctly matched with the end product
    1. Flourspar - electric wires 
    2. Soda ash-cement 
    3. Datomite - filters
    4. Limestone - salt 
  34. Which one of the following aspect of culture can be preserved? 
    1. Polygamy
    2. Witch craft 
    3. Polygamy 
    4. Tradition medicine
  35. Which one of the following factors should be considered first before establishing dairy farming? 
    1. The climatic conditions 
    2. The accesibility of the area 
    3. Availability of land
    4. The type of diseases that may attack the cattle 
  36. The main problem facing multi purpose project in Africa is 
    1. prolonged drought 
    2. siltation of the dams 
    3. displacement of people
    4. occurrence of diseases 
  37. The person incharge of election at the county level is 
    1. National returning officer 
    2. Presiding officer
    3. Polling clerk
    4. Returning officer 
  38. The highest court in Kenya is headed by the
    1. judges
    2. attorney general 
    3. chief justice 
    4. chief registrar
  39. The traditional parliament of Swaziland is 
    1. Libandia
    2. Liqoqo 
    3. Tinkhudla
    4. Ngwenyama 
  40. The best form of communication used in mass media 
    1. television 
    2. radio
    3. newspaper 
    4. magazine
  41. In traditional African society education was passed through the following ways except
    1. use of proverbs 
    2. imitation 
    3. writing
    4. apprenticeship
  42. The headquarters of old Ghana kingdom was located at
    1. Wagadu
    2. Bissandugu 
    3. Kumbi saleh
    4. Walafa
  43. Who among the following represent the county in the national assembly? 
    1. Women Representative 
    2. County representative 
    3. Governor 
    4. Speaker
  44. Below are description of a certain prominent le der 
    1. uholished ownership of Waves
    2. founder member of OAU 
    3. introduced new constitution in his country
      The leader described above is likely to be
      1. Julius Nyereere 
      2. Haile Selassie 
      3. Gamal Abdel Nasser
      4. Leopold Senghor 
  45. Most people in Africa prefer transporting goods using road mainly because 
    1. cheap to construct 
    2. faster than other forms of transport
    3. it is the most spread
    4. it is the cheapest 
  46. The following are ways through which Seyyid said used to increase volumes of trade in Eastern African coast except 
    1. Signing treaties 
    2. sending or trade caravans 
    3. inviting money lenders
    4. becoming the Sultan
  47. Which one of the following forms of democracy is practised in Kenya? 
    1. Representative 
    2. Nominational 
    3. Liberal
    4. Participatory
  48. In school staff meeting minutes are written by
    1. Senior teacher 
    2. Deputy headteacher 
    3. Head teacher
    4. Chairperson


  1. According to the Bible story of creation, which one of the following is not a reason why God created a woman? To
    1. be a companion to the man
    2. work for man
    3. be a helper to the man
    4. have children with the man
  2. When Abraham was called by God he was living in
    1. Sinai
    2. Bethel
    3. Haran
    4. Damascus
  3. Which one of the following is the main reason why Moses left midian for Egypt?
    1. He wanted to establish a new home
    2. He was commanded by God
    3. He wanted to talk to the Pharaah of Egypt
    4. He wanted to visit the Israelites in Egypt
  4. The main reason why Noah built an ark was to make him be able to
    1. fulfill God's wish
    2. worship God there
    3. keep the animal
    4. hide his family
  5. Which one of the following was a practise of Israelites during Passover feast?
    1. Drinking wine
    2. Eating unleavened bread
    3. Eating boiled meat
    4. Reciting the ten commandment
  6. Who among the following made a wrong choice?
    1. Moses
    2. Joseph
    3. Abraham
    4. Ananiah
  7. Which one of the following is not a value taught in the sermon on the mount?
    1. Poverty
    2. Humility
    3. Injustice
    4. Purity
  8. "Do not commit murder" Exodus 20:13.Two of the following people broke this commandment, who were they
    1. Abel and Enoch
    2. Noah and Solomon Isaac a
    3. nd Naboth
    4. Cain and David
  9. The parable of Jesus which teaches us about the growth of the kingdom of heaven is
    1. the sower
    2. the mustard seed
    3. the good samaritan
    4. the lost son
  10. Three of the following are gifts of the Holy spirit. Which one is not?
    1. Wisdom
    2. Healing
    3. Peace
    4. Faith
  11. Which one of the following is true about Jesus teaching on prayer?
    1. Prayer should be loud
    2. Do not use many meaningless words
    3. Pray while standing in street corners When
    4. you pray close your eyes
  12. Which one of the following events in the life of Jesus showed that He respected the tradition of the jews. When He
    1. talked to the samaritan woman at the well
    2. attended the passover feast at the age of twelve years
    3. was tempted by the devil
    4. fed the five thousand people
  13. Which of the following is the meaning of being spiritually poor?
    1. Not having wealth
    2. Being a beggar
    3. Being dependent on God
    4. being very poor and not able to give offerings
  14. Special gifts that God has given different people are called
    1. blessings
    2. presents
    3. talents
    4. prizes
  15. The parable of the good samaritan teaches Christians that they should
    1. travel in groups
    2. help those in difficulties
    3. avoid accidents
    4. avoid lonely paths
  16. Which one of the following happened on the day Jesus died?
    1. There was a voice from heaven
    2. Moses and Elijah appeared
    3. There was an earthquake
    4. Angels sang
  17. "Remember me, Jesus when you come asking (Luke 23:42) who said these words? The
    1. Roman thief
    2. Repentant thief
    3. Simon of Cyrene
    4. Simon Peter
  18. Who among the following people died because of cheating the apostles?
    1. Stephen
    2. Ananias
    3. Cornelius
    4. Philip 79.
  19. traditional African practice which is also found in christianity is
    1. offering sacrifices to God
    2. naming children after ancestors
    3. praying to God for our needs
    4. preaching the Bible during worship
  20. Which one of the following statements from the Apostle's creed teaches that Jesus is the son of God?
    1. Descended into hell
    2. Suffered under pontius pilate
    3. Conceived by the Holy Spirit
    4. Crucified died and was buried
  21. In which one of the following towns was David bom?
    1. Bethlehem
    2. Jerusalem
    3. Bethany
    4. Jericho
  22. Which one of these is a secular value?
    1. Popularity
    2. Mercy
    3. Charity
    4. Forgiveness
  23. When people were wealthy in traditional African societies the main explanation given was that they were
    1. blessed by God
    2. hardworking
    3. generous
    4. wise
  24. Below are class seven pupils who among them uses talcats well according to the Biblical teachings?
    1. June - sings in the church choir
    2. Fridah-reads many story books
    3. Dorcas - wrtes good poems
    4. Jane - write good composition
  25. Which one of the following activities by Christians is an example of the gifts of the Holy spirit?
    1. Reading the Bible
    2. Collecting offerings
    3. Cleaning the church
    4. Singing in th choir
  26. A class six teacher has asked the pupils to weed garden. John is not willing to do it because he fells it is manual work. As a Christian what is best advice to give him
    1. ask other pupils to help him
    2. transfer to another school
    3. do the work quickly
    4. do the work as well as he can
  27. Mark your deskmate hides his Christian religious education textbook from you. As a christian what action would you take
    1. stop talking to him
    2. report him to the teacher
    3. teach him about sharing
    4. move away from the desk
  28. Mary is a rich lady who has poor neighbours as a Christian the best advice to give her is that she should
    1. give jobs to the needy
    2. give them food
    3. donate her money to the church
    4. keep her money in a safe place
  29. You have noticed that your friend Philip has been going out of school during class time and you would like him to stop. As a christian you should
    1. go and tell his parents about it
    2. show him why it is important to respect school rules
    3. threaten to end your relationship with him
    4. report the matter to the class prefect
  30. Mary your schoolmate has joined a group of youths who smoke cigarettes. What would be the best thing for you to do
    1. report her to the class teacher
    2. advise her to transfer to another school
    3. avoid any contact with her
    4. tell her to stop the friendship

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