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Science Questions and Answers - Class 7 End of Term 2 2021 Set 1 with Marking Schemes

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  1. You have been given this question paper and a separate answer sheet. The question paper contains 50 questions. 
  2. Make sure that you have written on the answer sheet.


  1. Which of the following is not a way in which plants depend on animals? 
    1. Decomposition 
    2. Pollination 
    3. Support
    4. Manure
  2. Alice was walking near an air strip she noticed a wind sock pointing towards North. Which direction was the wind blowing from? 
    1. South
    2. North 
    3. West
    4. East
  3. Which of the following type of teeth is not part of milk teeth? 
    1. Premolar 
    2. Canine
    3. Incisor
    4. Molars
  4. Which of the following is not an example of rotational grazing? 
    1. Strip grazing
    2. Herding
    3. Paddocking 
    4. Tethering
  5. Roughage in a diet helps in: 
    1. constipation 
    2. absorption of digested food 
    3. removing digested matter 
    4. emptying bowls
  6. Digestion of food ends in the;
    1. large intestines 
    2. ileum 
    3. rectum
    4. anus
  7. Which of the following food preservation methods are both modern and tradition? 
    1. Drying and use of low temperature 
    2. Drying and salting 
    3. Canning and refrigeration 
    4. Proper storage and drying
  8.  Which of the following is a health effect drug abuse? 
    1. Hallucination 
    2. Truancy 
    3. Accidents 
    4. Rape
  9. All the following are signs of ill health in livestock except 
    1. rough coat
    2. coughing
    3. dry muzzle 
    4. glossy coat 
  10. Which of the following is not an insectivorous plant? 
    1. Butterworts 
    2. Sundew
    3. Water lily 
    4. Cobra lily 
  11. Which one of the following materials is opaque?
    1. Mirror
    2. Kerosene
    3. Skylight
    4. Oiled paper 
  12. All the following are factors that increase soil erosion except
    1. ploughing along contours 
    2. slope
    3. human activities
    4. amount of rainfall 
  13. Std five pupils set up the experiment below. 
    q13 hjvartfda
    What observation was made from the experiment above? 
    1. Water level raised in the container 
    2. Water level dropped in the straw
    3. Bubbles were seen in water 
    4. Bottle broke
  14. Three of the following are properties of crops used to prepare green manure. Which one is not?
    1. quick decay 
    2. slow growth
    3. leafy crops
    4. high nitrogen content 
  15. Which of the following plants can give us oil?
    1. Cocoa
    2. Maize
    3. Coffee
    4. Yams
  16. Maize, rice and wheat are examples of: 
    1. cereals
    2. tubers 
    3. legume
    4. vegetables
  17. Which part of a maize seed forms the embryo? 
    1. Endosperm and cotyledon 
    2. Testa and plumule 
    3. Scar and endosperm
    4. Plumule and radicle
  18. The experiment below was used by std 4 pupils. Where they put soil and water in bottle, shook it left it to settle down
    q18 iuygauygda
    What caused the arrangement of the layers shown above?
    1. type of soil 
    2. humus 
    3. density
    4. mass
  19. Drenching is a method of controlling livestock parasites. Which parasite below can not be controlled by drenching? 
    1. tick
    2. liverfluke
    3. tapeworms
    4. roundworms 
  20. Which one of the following processes require loss of heat to the environment?
    1. Freezing
    2. Evaporation
    3. Melting
    4. Boiling
  21. The experiment below was set up by std 4 pupils
    q21 jhgvaytfda
    Which one of the following materials was not needed for the experiment above?
    1. a nail
    2. clay 
    3. tin lid
    4. tin can 
  22. All the following are organic fertilizers except one. Which one is it? 
    1. Farmyard manure 
    2. Muriate of potash 
    3. Green manure
    4. Organic mulches 
  23. The chart below shows classification of plants
    q23 hagfrtda
    Name the plants named M, N and R
                   M              N                     R
    1. Maize      toad stool       beans
    2. onion       algae              mushrooms
    3. cypress      yeast             moulds 
    4. sugarcane   cactus         pine
  24. Which one of the following group contains the foods that promotes body immunity? 
    1. Eggs, milk, beans 
    2. Maize, wheat, rice 
    3. Yams, sugarcane, omena
    4. Lemon, cabbage, carrot
  25. What happens to a lizard when it busk in the sun? 
    1. Its temperature rises 
    2. Its body temperature remain constants 
    3. Its body temperature drops 
    4. It expands
  26. "Which method of rotational grazing is practiced only with few number of animals?
    1. Strip grazing 
    2. Paddocking
    3. Tethering
    4. Zero grazing 
  27. Std 5 pupils classified animals as shown below.
    q27 ugaytgda 
    Which animals were wrongly classified? 
    1. Seal, newt
    2. Bat, salamander 
    3. Bat, seal 
    4. Seal, salamander
  28. Which one of the following is not part of the non-living environment? 
    1. Plants.
    2. Soil 
    3. Water
    4. Air 
  29. All the following are ways of maintaining simple tools, which one is not? 
    1. Sharpening 
    2. Cleaning after use 
    3. Oiling and greasing 
    4. Fiting handle with insulators
  30. When constructing a beam balance the hole you make for the pivot should be: 
    1. very wide 
    2. very small 
    3. at the balancing point
    4. on the base 
  31. Magnetic force is measured in:
    1. beam balance 
    2. spring balance 
    3. kilograms 
    4. newtons
  32. Which statement below is true about all medicines? 
    1. All medicines are drugs 
    2. All medicines cause stimulation 
    3. All medicine cure diseases
    4. All medicines are made from plants 
  33. Which one of the following is formed when ova fuses with sperm? 
    1. Ovary
    2. Zygote 
    3. Embryo
    4. Sex cell 
  34. Which one of the following is not a myth about HIV and AIDS?
    1. AIDS is a curse from God 
    2. Witchcraft can cure AIDS
    3. AIDS has no vaccine
    4. Mosquito can transmit HIV 
  35. Tick feeds by; 
    1. chewing
    2. sucking
    3. butting
    4. nibbing 
  36. The experiment below was used by std 6
    q36 utguyatgda
    What conclusion can be made from the set up?
    1. Candle produce heat and light
    2. Light can be reflected
    3. Light can be refracted
    4. Light travel in a straight line
  37. Which one of the following statement is not true about one kg of salt and one kg of feathers? 
    1. lkg of feather has more volume than 1 kg of salt
    2. They have equal masses 
    3. Ikg of salt has more mass than 1kg of feathers 
    4. They have different volumes but equal masses
  38. The following are signs of certain illnesses
    1. fever 
    2. pain in joints
    3. blood in stool and urine 
    4. pain in the chest
    5. fatigue and dizziness
      Which symptoms above are for malaria?
      1. ii and iii
      2. i and ii
      3. ii and iv
      4. i and v 
  39. When breathing in air is warmed by: 
    1. mucus
    2. hour
    3. blood capillaries
    4. lungs 
  40. The diagram below shows the human heart
    q40 iiyga uyd
    Which heart chamber marked above gets poison last when a snake bite you?
    1. M
    2. R
    3. N
    4. O
  41. What is the role of finger like projections in the human digestive system
    1. produce digestive juice 
    2. increase the surface area for food digestion
    3. store undigested food
    4. facilitate absorption of digested food 
  42. BCG is administered at the age of: 
    1. at birth
    2. 6 weeks 
    3. 9 months
    4. 14 weeks 
  43. Which one of the following is not a source of current electricity? 
    1. Batteries
    2. Bicycle dynamo
    3. Dam
    4. Generator
  44. Std 5 pupils set up the experiment below to investigate heat transfer.
    q44 jgatyfgda
    After some minute pin fell, what made the wax to melt?
    1. conduction
    2. radiation
    3. convection
    4. evaporation
  45. Digestion of oils takes place in the:
    1. duodenum 
    2. small intestines
    3. mouth
    4. stomach 
  46. Which one of the following is not a function of plasma
    1. Transport digested food
    2. Transports carbon dioxide
    3. transport oxygen
    4. transport heat in the body
  47. Which method of separating mixture leads to recovery of one substance only? 
    1. Evaporation 
    2. Filtering
    3. Picking
    4. use of magnet
  48. Which one of the following is not a good conductor of electricity? 
    1. Copper
    2. Graphite 
    3. Carbon rod 
    4. Glassrod
  49. The following are safety precaution against lightnening. Which one is not? 
    1. Fiting lightening arrester on building 
    2. Avoid walking on pools of water 
    3. Wear rubber soled shoes
    4. Avoid inserting objects in sockets
  50. The two gases in the air that makes 99% when combined are 
    1. oxygen and carbon dioxide 
    2. Nitrogen and oxygen
    3. Nitrogen and carbondioxide 
    4. oxygen and innert gases

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