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Science - Class 7 End Term 1 Exam 2021 SET 2

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  1. The function of haemoglobin in red blood cells is to 
    1. transport digested foods 
    2. clot blood after an injury
    3. combine with oxygen gas
    4. carry carbon dioxide gas
  2. Which one of the following is a social effect of drug abuse
    1. Impaired judgement
    2. Withdrawal
    3. Addiction
    4. Loss of income
  3. The diagram below represents the heart of a mammal.
    class 7 set 2 Et1 sci Q3
    In which pair of blood vessels is the blood under highest pressure?
    1. E and F
    2. Fand G
    3. G and H
    4. E and G
  4. Which one of the following components of environment do all animals depend on directly?
    1. Air and soil
    2. Water and soil
    3. Water and air
    4. Soil and plants
  5. In female reproductive system, which part receives sperms and allows delivery of the foetus?
    1. Ovary
    2. Oviduct
    3. Uterus
    4. Vagina
  6. The diagram below shows the human digestive system.
    class 7 set 2 Et1 sci Q6
    The juice produced at the part labelled Q is used to digest
    1. proteins
    2. vitamin and mineral salts
    3. starchy foods 
    4. body building food
  7. Which of the following parts of breathing system are both involved in cleaning, warming and moistening air?
    1. Trachea and nose
    2. Lungs and trachea
    3. Nose and lungs
    4. Nose and bronchus
  8. The following are characteristics of a certain type of tooth
    1. sharp
    2. chisel shaped
    3. has one root
      Type of tooth described above is likely to be
      1. molar 
      2. incisor
      3. premolar 
      4. canine
  9. Which one of the following consists a group of plants that cannot make their own food?
    1. Mould, lichen, yeast 
    2. Peas, moss, millet
    3. Toadstool, puffballs, mushroom
    4. Fern, mould, moss
  10. Which of the following pair of diseases can be prevented by vaccination? 
    1. Bilharzia, tetanus, measles 
    2. Polio, whooping cough, yellow fever
    3. Diptheria, malaria, cholera 
    4. Marasmus, measles, yellow fever
  11. If anthers of a flower were cut off before they mature, which of the following statements would be correct? 
    1. Germination of pollen grains
    2.  Pollination will not take place
    3. Fertilization will not take place
    4. Ovary will form fruits
  12. Which one of the following activities not a drug abuse? 
    1. Taking less dose of prescribed drug 
    2. Taking prescribed medicines for long time 
    3. Taking medicines prescribed to to be someone else
    4. Using drug to induce sleep 
  13. Which one of the following pair of drugs are harmful but are legal in Kenya?
    1. Tobacco and alcohol 
    2. Miraa and bhang 
    3. Bhang and alcohol
    4. Tobacco and inhalants 
  14. Which one of the following statement is true about vena cava? It carries
    1. oxygenated blood
    2. blood from the lungs
    3. deoxygenated blood
    4. blood from the heart
  15. The vaccines given at nine months after birth protect an infant against
    1. tetanus and yellow fever
    2. diptheria and measles
    3. measles and yellow fevewill
    4. tuberculosis and polio
  16. Which one of the following statements best describes the term environment?
    1. The surrounding of a living organism
    2. he source of food for living organism
    3. The habitat of a living organism
    4. The home of a living organism
  17. Which one of the following physical changes takes place during adolescence in boys only?
    1. Increase in body weight and height
    2. Production of mature sex cells
    3. Chest and shoulders broadens
    4. Enlargement of breast
  18. Which of the following pair consists of  root tuber crops only?
    1. Arrow roots, cassava, sweet potatoes 
    2. Irish potatoes, cassava, carrots
    3. Yams, carrots, ginger
    4. Arrow roots, sugarcane, irish potatoes
  19. Which one of the following statement about HIV and AIDs is true?
    1. HIV and AIDs is curse
    2. During window stage a person tests
    3. People with HIV/AIDs are thin
    4. AIDs develop during incubation period
  20. Which of the following method would not be effective in controlling the spread of malaria disease?
    1. Clearing bushes around our homestead
    2. Isolating patients with malaria
    3. Draining stagnant water
    4. Sleeping under treated mosquito nets
  21. The following are parts of a flower. 
    1. anthers
    2. style
    3. ovary
    4. stigma
      Which pair of parts are involved in pollination? 
      1. i, iv
      2. i, ii
      3. iii, iv
      4. ii, iii
  22. Which of the following shows the 4th and 7th planet from the sun respectively?
    1. Jupiter, Uranus 
    2. Mars, Uranus 
    3. Jupiter, Saturn
    4. Venus, Neptune
  23. When investigating a certain condition necessary for germination bean seeds were placed in a glass container as shown below.
    class 7 set 2 Et1 sci Q23
    The reason why the bean seeds did not germinate was due to lack of 
    1. soil
    2. warmth
    3. moisture
    4. oxygen
  24. A pupil classified some animals as shown in the chart below.
    Class 7 set 2 Et1 sci q24
    Which of the following animal was wrongly classified?
    1. Tilapia
    2. Frog
    3. Snake 
    4. Insects
  25. Which one of the following statement is true about sheet erosion?
    1. Forms small and shallow channels
    2. Controlled by making terraces
    3. Occurs below roofs of building
    4. Removes a thin uniform layer of top soil
  26. Which of the following only consists of energy giving foods?
    1. Lemon and cabbages
    2. Bread and coconut
    3. Fish and milk
    4. Ugali and spinach
  27. In an investigation, pupils observed a raised coin in a glass of clean water. The pupils were investigating 
    1. reflection of light 
    2. dispersion of light
    3. how light travels
    4. refraction of light
  28. Which one of the following diagram shows the shape of the new moon?
    class 7 set2 ET1 sci Q28
  29. The embryo of a seed is made up of
    1. Cotyledon and plumule
    2. Endosperm and cotyledon
    3. Plumule and endosperm
    4. Radicle and plumule
  30. When modelling the solar system, the material used to fix models of the sun and the planets to their respective positions is
    1. manila paper
    2. plasticine
    3. pins
    4. name tags
  31. A heap of fresh garden soil was placed in a container covered with a sheet of glass and then heated. Which of the following component of soil was the set-up used to investigate?
    1. Organic matter
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Living organisms
  32. Which one of the following farm animals are correctly grouped according to their products? 
    1. Poultry-eggs and beef
    2. Sheep -mutton and milk 
    3. Goats - milk and mutton 
    4. Cattle-beef and layers
  33. The following materials were assembled by pupils to make a beam balance 
    1. Two similar tins 
    2. Nails 
    3. base stand i
    4. piece of wood 
      Which one of the following material was missing? 
      1. A string
      2. Soft board 
      3. Scale 
      4. Glass bottles
  34. Which one of the following is an advantage of stall feeding?
    1. The animals feed on pastures directly
    2. It is cheap to start
    3. Requires alot of labour
    4. Feeds are well utilized without wastage
  35. Which of the following pair consists of nutritional deficiency disease caused by lack of minerals in the diet? 
    1. Rickets and marasmus 
    2. Anaemia and rickets
    3. Anaemia and measles
    4. Marasmus and kwashiorkor
  36. Which one of the following is not a  reason for lighting a house? 
    1. To read comfortably
    2. For safety purposes
    3. To avoid accidents
    4. To warm the house
  37. Which one of the following group consists of substances with definite volume and definite shape?
    1. Kerosene, nails and sand
    2. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, inert gases
    3. Stones, pins, milk
    4. Sugar, wood, wax
  38. In our home draining of stagnant water can prevent the spread of
    1. Malaria and bilharzia
    2. Typhoid and malaria
    3. Cholera and typhoid
    4. Bilharzia and cholera
  39. Which one of the following pair of signs and symptoms is for cholera disease only?
    1. Skin rashes and mild diarrhoea
    2. Blood in stool and dehydration
    3. Abdominal pain and sore in the mouth 
    4. Violet diarrhoea and abdominal pain
  40. The diagram below shows water in a sufuria being heated.
    class 7 set 2 ET1 sci Q40
    The heat transfer at point X is
    1. convection
    2. conduction
    3. radiation
    4. expansion
  41. Which of the following group of foodstuffs can be preserved by use of low temperatures in our homes? 
    1. Soda, meat, legumes
    2. Fish, salt, mutton
    3. Fresh milk, meat, fruits
    4. Vegetables, grains, meat
  42. Shadows of objects are formed when light
    1. is refracted as it passes through from the water to the air.
    2. falls on opaque objects, the light is stopped and darkness forms behind the object. 
    3. falls on a shiny polished and smooth surface.
    4. falls on a surface at an angle.
  43. Which one of the following is a transparent material?
    1. Manilla paper
    2. Window panes
    3. Mirror
    4. Milk
  44. The main constituent of a balanced diet obtained by feeding animals with both salt licks and fish meat is
    1. minerals
    2. fats and oils
    3. carbohydrates
    4. proteins
  45. The diagram below represents a pupil observing an object at the corner asing a periscope.
    class 7 set 2 Et1 sci Q45
    For the instrument to work properly a mirror is supposed to be placed at point 
    1. Q
    2. R
    3. T
    4. S
  46. Which one of the following pair consists only of materials that would sink in water when their shape are changed?
    1. Wax and wood
    2. Glass and ship
    3. Sufuria and nail 
    4. Bottle top and metallic plate
  47. Which of the following pair of activity only consists of industrial use of water?
    1. Transport and mixing chemicals 
    2. Boat racing and swimming
    3. Washing utensils and making fountain
    4. Cooling machines and mixing chemicals
  48. The chart below represents proportion of the components of air.
    class 7 set 2 Et1 sci Q48
    Which labelled part represents the gas that is necessary for germination?
    1. S
    2. Q
    3. R
    4. T
  49. Newton is a unit used for measuring
    1. energy
    2. force
    3. mass
    4. pressure
  50. Which one of the following is true about the soil that has high water retention?
    1. Large air spaces
    2. Large soil particles
    3. Low capillarity
    4. Fine texture


  1. C
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B
  11. D
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. C
  16. A
  17. C
  18. A
  19. B
  20. B
  21. A
  22. B
  23. C
  24. C
  25. B
  26. B
  27. D
  28. A
  29. D
  30. C
  31. B
  32. C
  33. A
  34. D
  35. B
  36. D
  37. D
  38. A
  39. D
  40. A
  41. C
  42. B
  43. B
  44. A
  45. D
  46. D
  47. D
  48. C
  49. B
  50. D

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