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Creative Arts & Social Studies Questions and Answers - Grade 6 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023 Set 6

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PART 1 (Answer all questions in this section)

  1. During a social studies lesson learners wrote the three arms of government in Kenya on a chart. Which one is not?
    1. Parliament.
    2. Executive.
    3. Police station.
    4. Judiciary.
  2. Below are descriptions of a certain lake in Eastern Africa.
    1. It is shared among three countries.
    2. It is the largest in Eastern Africa.
    3. The main activity carried out here is fishing.
      The lake described above is ________________________________.
      1. L. Tanganyika.
      2. L. Nakuru.
      3. L. Tana.
      4. L. Victoria.
  3. Tiffany is from Rwanda; she wants to become a Kenyan citizen. Which one of the following ways will she use?
    1. Registration.
    2. Voting.
    3. Travelling to Kenya.
    4. Schooling in Kenya.
  4. Mountains formed through the process of eruption of magma are called:-
    1. Horst Mountains.
    2. Volcanic Mountains.
    3. Crater Mountains.
    4. Block Mountains.
  5. Grade six learners were asked to state the name of the council of elders of the Ameru.
    Which one is it?
    1. Mugwane.
    2. Kabaka
    3. Njuri Ncheke
    4. Mugwe
  6. Which one of the following are the correct combination of the main latitude and longitude respectively?
    1. Latitude and prime meridian.
    2. Equator and Greenwich Meridian.
    3. Tropic of Capricon and prime meridian.
    4. Equator and tropic of Capricon.
  7. Use the diagram below to answer questions 7 and 8. 
    What is the part marked A? 
    1. magma. 
    2. Dyke.
    3. Crater.
    4. Lava.
  8. Which of the following mountains were formed through the above process?
    1. Mau ranges and Ruwenzori Mountains.
    2. Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro.
    3. Danakil Alps and Pare.
    4. Mount Meru and Aberdare Ranges.
  9. Three of the following are vegetation zones in Eastern Africa, except one. Which one is it?
    1. Desert vegetation.
    2. Mangrove forest.
    3. Savannah vegetation.
    4. Mediterranean vegetation.
  10. Below are communities found in Kenya. Which communities belong to the Plain Nilotes?
    1. Agikuyu, Luo, Maasai.
    2. Tugen, Luhya,Kisii.
    3. Maasai, Iteso, Samburu.
    4. Oromo, Borana, Pokomo.
  11. Countries that have no coastal line are called __________________________________countries.
    1. landlocked
    2. island
    3. deserts
    4. coastal lands
  12. Which one of the following is a river that does not drain its water in Lake Victoria?
    1. R. Nyando.
    2. R. Yala.
    3. R. Katonga.
    4. R. Omo.
  13. Which lakes are formed when water is collected on top of the depression of a volcanic mountain?
    1. Tarn.
    2. Lava-dammed.
    3. Corrie.
    4. Crater.
  14. The lakes found on the floor of the rift valley were formed through the process of:- 
    1. Volcanicity.
    2. Down-warping.
    3. Erosion.
    4. Faulting.
  15. The block or horst mountains in East Africa were formed through the process of:-
    1. Faulting and sinking.
    2. Erosion.
    3. Faulting and uplifting.
    4. Volcanicity.
  16. Valeria, a grade six pupil in Ushindi academy was asked to write down factors to consider when appraising a song. Which one of the following is not a factor that she mentioned?
    1. Clarity of words
    2. Voice blend
    3. Appropriate gestures
    4. The language used to sing the song.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 17 and 18.  


  1. The role of the part marked T is to :-
    1. decorate the drum
    2. produce sound
    3. make the drum tight
    4. tune the drum
  2. John was asked to name the material likely to be used to make part X. Which of the following is the right answer?
    1. Nylon string
    2. Leather strip 
    3. Wire
    4. Rope
  3. Grade six learners came across the note symbol below during their music lesson.
    Which one of the following statements is NOT true about the note symbol?
    1. It is called a crotchet
    2. Its note value is one count.
    3. It is made of two quavers.
    4. Its note value is two counts
  4. Four learners from Kalimoni academy wanted to perform a folk dance. They shared out roles as follows:
    Chebet: Soloist
    Grace: singer
    Lavender: instrumentalist
    Warren: Dancer
    Who among the following learners will lead during the performance?
    1. Chebet
    2. Grace
    3. Lavender
    4. Warren
  5. Mr. Warui told his learners to ensure that they pronounce words clearly when singing. Clarity in pronunciation of words is called?
    1. Diction.
    2. Dictation
    3. Voice blend
    4. Tempo
  6. Grade 6 learners were asked to write down the roles of different types of folk songs. They wrote the following roles of a certain folk song.
    1. Praise and give thanks to God our creator
    2. pray for God's care and protection
    3. Appeal for God's blessings
      Which one of the following types of folk songs did they write about?
      1. Naming song
      2. Sacred song
      3. Marriage song
      4. Work song
  7. The picture below shows a popular musical instrument known as wandindi.
    The instrument is from which community?
    1. Luo
    2. Kikuyu
    3. Luhya
    4. Kalenjin
  8. The table below shows musical instruments from different communities. Which community is correctly matched with its instrument?
       Community   Instrument  
     A.   Luo  Abu 
     B.  Luhya  Obokano
     C.  Kikuyu  Nzumari 
     D.  Kalenjin  Wandindi 
  9. Grade six learners visited Bomas of Kenya to watch a live performance. Towards the end of the performance there was a section of the song characterized by louder singing, louder playing of instruments and more vigorous singing and dancing. This section. is known as:-
    1. climax
    2. structure
    3. mood
    4. action section
  10. Mutiso drew the art work below. What principle of art is displayed by the art work?
    1. Texture
    2. Proportionality
    3. Rhythm and movement
    4. Forms
  11. Grade 5 pupils were making wax crayons. Why did they melt the wax under controlled temperature?
    1. To melt it slowly
    2. To prevent accidents since wax is flammable
    3. To ensure they attain a proper colour
    4. To ensure the wax doesn't evaporate.
  12. Grace a grade 5 pupil at Aim school was preparing materials for weaving. Which of the following methods would she use to prepare sisal?
    1. Cutting
    2. Stripping
    3. Splitting
    4. Scraping
  13. After learning about leather work, Meryl decided to make a pencil case using the following steps.
    1. Measure, mark and make holes along the edges of the cut out design.
    2. Measure, mark and draw the plan of the design on the piece of leather.
    3. Cut thongs for lacing the pieces of leather. iv. Fold the cut-out shape to form the pencil case.
    4. Lace the leather in place according to the design.
      Which of the following combination show the correct procedure for making a pencil case?
      1. i, iv, v, iii, ii
      2. ii, iii, v, iv, i
      3. ii, iv, i, iii, v
      4. i, iii, iv, ii, v
  14. Silvia a grade 6 pupil was making coil pots over the holiday for sell. The following are methods she would have used to decorate the pottery items except:-
    1. stamping
    2. embedded
    3. scratching
    4. polishing
  15. Rashid displayed the paper cut out shown below. Which method of letter construction was used to come up with the letter?
    1. Block Uppercase lettering
    2. 2 D lower case lettering
    3. 3 D upper case lettering
    4. Lower case lettering
  16. During a group discussion grade 6 learners listed the following as ways of creating balance in art work. Which one of the responses is incorrect?
    1. Placing objects at the center of the drawing space.
    2. Arranging forms in a way that the left and the right side of the composition are unequal.
    3. Overlapping forms with correct Proportionality.
    4. Arranging forms in a circular manner.
  17. Anna listed items required for a painting activity in art and craft lesson. Which of the items is not required in painting?
    1. Paper
    2. Canvas
    3. Paint brush
    4. Cloth
  18. Grade 5 learners drew the diagram shown below. Which colour is likely to be represented by letter B?
    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Yellow-Green
    4. Red-Orange
  19. Grade 5 learners listed examples of mounting surfaces. Which one of the following is an example of unconventional mounting surfaces?
    1. Manilla
    2. Cartridge
    3. Glass
    4. Sugar paper

PART 2: Answer one area that you well prepared in CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

  1. The students of grade six were discussing about unique skills and talents given to us by God. Which of the following is a talent?
    1. Singing
    2. Sleeping.
    3. Eating
    4. Walking.
  2. We learned from the bible that various people were given talents to serve God. Who according to exodus 31:3 was given special ability to work with every kind of artistic work?
    1. Joshua
    2. Bezalel
    3. Mirriam
    4. Moses 
  3. Music is one of the ways through which we can nurture our talents. Which of the following is a talent related to music?
    1. Playing the piano.
    2. Drawing.
    3. Playing football.
    4. Painting.
  4. The following statements show ways in which we can nurture our talents at school. Which one is not?
    1. Singing during the assembly.
    2. Teaching other students how to play musical instruments.
    3. Teaching others how to draw pictures.
    4. Showing others how to break locks.
  5. God is always happy when we use our talents and abilities; he gave us to:-
    1. serve ourselves.
    2. brag to everyone.
    3. serve God. 
    4. serve our friends.
  6. Which one of the following describes a civil marriage?
    1. Conducted in a place of worship by a pastor or priest.
    2. Conducted in the office of the registrar of marriages by government official.
    3. Conducted according to customs of traditional African community.
    4. Conducted in the streets by a DJ.
  7. In marriage, dowry is paid by the bride groom to:-
    1. show appreciation to bride's family.
    2. show the bride's family that he is rich
    3. buy the bride from her family.
    4. bribe the bride's family into accepting him.
  8. You came across a poster discouraging early marriage. What is the reason for discouraging early marriage?
    1. Because it leads to abuse of a child's right to education.
    2. Because it takes away labor from one's family.
    3. Because it is not appealing.
    4. Because it increases burden to families.
  9. Early marriage is a statement used to refer to a situation when a girl is involved in marriage while she is below ______________________________ years of age.
    1. 30
    2. 10
    3. 18
    4. 16 
  10. The following statements show the inappropriate ways of spending our leisure time. Which one is not?
    1. Engaging in drug abuse like smoking and drinking alcohol.
    2. Engaging in irresponsible boy-girl relationship which may lead to early pregnancy.
    3. Idleness which can lead to bad activities like stealing
    4. Playing football with friends. 
  11. Which of the following statements best describe active leisure? 
    1. Riding a bicycle,
    2. Listening to music.
    3. Watching videos.
    4. Meditating.
  12. You have learned that leisure is important because:-
    1. it enables us to develop our skills and talents.
    2. it enables us to compensate for waking
    3. it enables us to cook a lot of food.
    4. it enables us to go drink alcohol with friends
  13. According to genesis 2:1-3, God rested on the ____________________________day.
    1. Seventh
    2. First
    3. Third
    4. Second
  14. Elizabeth wants to use her leisure time properly after studying. Which value will help her use her leisure time properly?"
    1. Responsibility.
    2. Strength.
    3. Joy
    4. Happiness.
  15. According to teachings from Genesis 2:1-3 God rested to show us the importance of:-
    1. leisure time.
    2. creating Adam and Eve
    3. finishing his creation within a short time.
    4. creating heaven and earth 


  1. The following are verses from suratul Takathur except:-
    1. until you visit grave
    2. no! You are going to know
    3. the fire of Allah kindled
    4. you will surely see the hell fire
  2. The word aura means:-
    1. beautiful
    2. nakedness
    3. smartness
    4. ugliness
  3. The following are examples of charity. Which one is not
    1. Planting trees
    2. Cleaning school compound
    3. Greeting your classmates
    4. Sleeping during lessons
  4. Which one is not the pillars of Iman?
    1. Believing in His Angels
    2. Believing in the last day
    3. Believing in Qadar
    4. Believing in zakat and saum
  5. People who have taqwa is...
    1. Muumin
    2. Muhajjirun
    3. Muttaqin
    4. Musalin
  6. Reliance on Allah (SWT) is...?
    1. Taqwa.
    2. Tawakul
    3. Mutawakul
    4. God fearing
  7. Asking forgiveness from Allah (SWT) is known as:-
    1. Mujahid 
    2. Alghafar
    3. Towba
    4. Adala
  8. Muslims run between Swafa and Marwa to remember.... 
    1. Musa.
    2. Ismail.
    3. Hajar.
    4. Sara
  9. Which prophet of Allah were his people punished by flood?
    1. Nuh.
    2. Isa.
    3. Zakaria.
    4. Daud
  10. Which one of the followings fardh prayer doesn't have Baadiyah prayer?
    1. Fajar
    2. Dhuhur
    3. Maghrib
    4. Isha
  11. The Sunnah prayer perform after Isha during Ramadhan is:-
    1. Witri
    2. Taraweeh
    3. Tahajud
    4. Salatul leyli
  12. Complete the following hadith of the prophet "I have been sent for the purpose of perfecting:-
    1. bad morals
    2. killing non- Muslims
    3. good morals
    4. knowledge
  13. Before eating Muslims should say:-
    1. Bismilllah.
    2. Alhamdullilah
    3. Allahu Akbar
    4. Oh Jesus
  14. Attribute of Allah (SWT) "Al- Malik" means?
    1. Provider.
    2. King.
    3. Knowing.
    4. Judge
  15. The angel that records good deeds is?
    1. Atid.
    2. Mikail.
    3. Ridhwan.
    4. Raqib



  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. B
  9. C
  10. C
  11. D
  12. D
  13. D
  14. C
  15. C
  16. A
  17. B
  18. D
  19. D
  20. A
  21. A
  22. B
  23. B
  24. A
  25. A
  26. B
  27. D
  28. C
  29. D
  30. B
  31. C
  32. C
  33. D
  34. A
  35. A


  1. A
  2. B
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. D
  11. A
  12. A
  13. A
  14. A
  15. A


  1. B
  2. D
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. C
  7. C
  8. A
  9. A
  10. B
  11. C
  12. A
  13. B
  14. D
  15. B
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