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Plants - Class 7 Science Revision Notes

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This is the dependence of one person on another;or one living thing upon another.

Plants depends on animals in the following ways:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Pollination
  • Animal waste
  • Nutrients

Animals depends on plants in the following ways:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Medicine
  • Oxygen

Plants depends on other plants for the following ways:

  • Support
  • Shade
  • Habitat

Animals depends on other animals in the following ways:

  • Transport
  • Food

Examples of Insectivorous plants

  • Venus flytrap
  • Cobra lily
  • Sundew
  • Bladderwort
  • Butterwort
  • Picher plant.

Food Chain.

A food chain is a relationship in which living things depends a feed on one another directly.

Examples of a food chain:

  1. Grass   ---->    Grasshopper     ---->      Chicken          ---->        Hawk
    (Producer). (Primary cosumer).       (Secondary consumer).    (Tertiary consumer)
  2. Algae---->Small fish----->Big fish---->King fish
    NB:Learners are always asked what happen if one group is exempted:
    What will happen if all chicken died because of a disease kin the first example;
    • Grasshopper will increase since what feeds on them are dead
    • Grass will reduce since grasshoppers are more in number
    • Hawk will decrease since their food is not there

Crop Pest.

A pest is a troublesome or harmful thing,animal or insect.

They damage crops

Types of Pest

Pests are classified into two ie

  1. Field Pests
    • cutworms
    • Aphids
    • Stalk borer
    • Weaver birds
  2. Storage pests
    • Weevils
    • Termites
    • Rat
    • Mole

Crop Pest and their Effects on Plant

 Pest    Crop attacked  Type of damage caused
Stalk borer  maize,sorghum,sugar cane
  • bore holes on the stalk
  • makes large holes on leaves. 
Aphids cabbage,beans,oranges,maize
  • Suck plant sap
Cutworm cabbage,tomatoes,beans,irish potatoes
  • Cut the stems of young seedlings especially at the base of the plant.
Weevils maize,beans,cowpeas,bananas,cashew
  • Bore holes on cereals.
  • Bore hole in the growing point eg banana.
  • Make holes on stem just below the bark eg cashew nuts
Termites cassava,sugarcane,maize,sunflower
  • They eat planmaterials afterplanting.
Birds e.g weaver bird maize,rice,millet,sorghum. 
  • Eat grains before grains mature and therefore they dry up.

Pest Control Measures

  • Scaring .
  • Trapping .
  • Hand picking.
  • Weeding.
  • Spraying.
  • Prunning.

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