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Social Studies & RE Questions and Answers - Class 8 End Term 2 Exam 2021 Set 1

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 C8 ET2 SST s1

Study the map of Katana area and answer questions 1 - 7.

  1. The land in Katana area slopes from
    1. south west to north east
    2. north east to south west
    3. north to south west
    4. south east to north east.
  2. Which type of soil is likely to be found near the saw mill?
    1. Sand soil
    2. Black cotton soil 
    3. Red volcanic soil 
    4. Loam soil.
  3. The highest point in Katana area is likely to be found near
    1.  the cattle dip 
    2. the quarry 
    3. Tula Market 
    4. the saw mill.
  4. What is the approximate area of the cattle ranch?
    1. 15km 
    2. 20km 
    3. 10km 
    4. 18km
  5. Which economic activity is not carried out in Katana area?
    1. Crop farming 
    2. Transport 
    3. Trade 
    4. Fishing
  6. Katana Town has grown to its present size mainly because of
    1. security 
    2. education service
    3. county office 
    4. transport network.
  7. The main reason that has influenced the location of the sawmill is
    1. presence of a river 
    2. presence of transport 
    3. nearness to the forest
    4. availability of labour.
  8. The original homeland of the River-lake Nilotes was
    1. the Congo Basin
    2. the horn of Africa 
    3. Bahr-el-Ghazal 
    4. Arabian Peninsula.
  9. Which one of the following titles used in the kingdom of Swaziland is correctly matched with its officer?
    1. Ngwenyama - king 
    2. Ndlovukhazi - family council
    3. Sikhulu - prince's mother
    4. Lusendvo - chief
  10. Which one of the following statements is true about pastoral farming among the Maasai?
    1. they grow fodder crops for their animals
    2. they mainly keep their animals in ranches 
    3. they migrate with their animals in search of pasture and water
    4. they willingly sell their animals to earn income.
  11. Below are duties of a school administration.
    1. Takes care of all facilities bought by the school 
    2. Receives all school funds and keep records of expendiure
    3. Writes minutes during school management committee meetings.
      The duties described above are performed
      1. the deputy headteacher 
      2. the headteacher
      3. the chairperson of the school committee
      4. the school senior teacher.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 12 and 13.

             C8 ET2 SST Q12

  1. The winds marked R are
    1. south west monsoon winds
    2. harmattan winds
    3. westerlies
    4. south east monsoon winds.
  2. The reason why the coastal region near Accra receives less rainfall than Axim is because
    1. Accra is at a low altitude 
    2. winds blow parallel to the coast of Accra 
    3. Accra receives cool and dry winds
    4. Axim is near large water bodies.
  3. Which one of the following communities was ruled by a chief during the pre-colonial period?
    1. Ameru
    2. Abawanga 
    3. Maasai 
    4. Khoikhoi
  4. A Japanese contractor wants to apply for Kenya citizenship. The best advice you can give him is to
    1. marry a Kenyan woman and then apply for citizenship
    2. purchase a property in Kenya and then apply for a citizenship
    3. continue living in Kenya continously for seven years
    4. apply for citizenship immediately he turns 28 years.
  5. In traditional African societies, the appearance of new moon was associated with
    1. the coming of good seasons 
    2. the coming of good harvests
    3. the coming of a dry season 
    4. the coming of rains.
  6. Below are facts about an early visitor to East Africa.
    1. He was the first European to travel to mEast Africa 
    2. He found a shorter route to India 
    3. Defeated the sultan Ibrahim of Kilwa and forced him to pay taxes
      The early visitor described above is
      1. Dr. David Livingstone
      2. Sir William Mackinon
      3. Vasco Da Gama
      4. John Speke.
  7. Which one of the following dams in Africa is correctly matched with the river where it is located?
     Dam   River 
     A. Aswan   R. Volta 
     B. Kariba  R. Zambezi 
     C. Akosombo   R. NIle 
     D. Masinga  R. Niger 
  8. Deserts in Africa experience very low temperature at night. This is because
    1. the sun does not shine at night 
    2. a mass of cool air blows to the deserts at night
    3. the clear skies lead to heat loss at night
    4. the sun is always overhead within the deserts.
  9. Below are achievements of a certain leader in Africa.
    1. Was a founder member of OAU 
    2. Resisted Italian invasion 
    3. France helped him to modernise his army. The leader described above is
      1. Haile Selassie 
      2. Nelson Mandela
      3. Gama Abdel Nasser 
      4. Julius Nyerere.

Study the diagram below and answer questions 21 and 22.

           C8 ET2 SST Q21

  1. Which one of the following statements is true about the population pyramid shown above?
    1. Most of the population is below 15years.
    2. People over 40 years age are few.
    3. Young people are fewer than those above 35 years.
    4. Death rate among children is high.
  2. The population pyramid shown above represents one of the following countries. Which one is it?
    1. Germany
    2. Kenya
    3. India
    4. Tanzania
  3. Which one of the following statements is true about the geographical position of Africa?
    1. It lies to the south of Europe 
    2. It lies to the East of the Indian Ocean
    3. It is found to the west of the Mediterranean sea
    4.  It borders Pacific Ocean.
  4. The main role of the consitution of Kenya is that it
    1. ensures development projects are undertaken by the government.
    2. gives the president powers to dissolve parliament.
    3. contains the records of the laws and rules of our country.
    4. contains policies of the ruling party.
  5. The most widespread means of communication in rural areas is
    1. newspaper 
    2. television
    3. internet 
    4. radio.
  6. The main problem facing road transport in Eastern Africa is
    1. employment of unqualified drivers 
    2. unstable fuel prices
    3. narrow roads with sharp bends
    4. lack of money to construct better roads.
  7. Which one of the following was the title given to ruler of Nyamwezi chiefdom in the 19th century?
    1. Ntemi
    2. Kabaka 
    3. Chief Mkwawa
    4. Minule
  8. Which one of the following minerals is used in making metal pipes and tubes?
    1. Copper
    2. Petroleum
    3. Flouspar
    4. Gold
  9. Who among the following traditional African leaders collaborated with the British during establishment of colonial rule?
    1. Samore Toure
    2. Mekatilili
    3. Lewanika
    4. Kabaka Mwanza
  10. In Kenya, laws to protect county interests are made by
    1. national assembly
    2. senate
    3. cabinet
    4. attorney general.
  11. Which one of the following countries in Africa is correctly matched with its capital city?
    1. Cameroon - Luanda 
    2. Zimbambwe - Harare
    3. Angola - Libreville
    4. Gabon - Yaonde
  12. Which one of the following is the main effect  of destruction of natural forests on the slopes of Mau region?
    1. Shortage of herbal medicine 
    2. Death of wild animals
    3. Shortage of wood fuel
    4. Reduced volume of water in lakes.
  13. The main problem limiting trade among members of ECOWAS is
    1. they use different national languages 
    2. they have poor transport links 
    3. they use different currencies 
    4. they produce similar goods.
  14. The method that was used by the Belgians to administer Congo was
    1. Assimilation
    2. association
    3. direct rule
    4. indirect rule.
  15. The best way to control rill erosion is by
    1. building gabions
    2. planting cover crops 
    3. crop rotation
    4. mulching.

Study the map of Africa below and answer questions 36-39

           C8 ET2 SST Q36

  1. The lake marked R was formed through
    1. erosion 
    2. faulting 
    3. downwarping
    4. deposition
  2. The community that migrated to Eastern
    Africa using the route P was
    1. Arabs
    2. Khoisan
    3. Ngoni
    4. Pokomo
  3. Which one of the following factors does not influence climate of the area marked S?
    1. Shape of the land
    2. Ocean currents
    3. Winds
    4. Latitude
  4. The vegetation in the region marked Q comprises of
    1. sweet smelling shrubs 
    2. trees with large trunks 
    3. tall elephant grass 
    4. plants with thorny leaves.
  5. Which one of the following pre-historic sites is found in Sudan?
    1. Amara
    2. Lalibela 
    3. Koobofora 
    4. Nsongezi
  6. The first African to be nominated to LEGCO in 1944 was
    1. James Gichuru
    2. Harry Thukie
    3. B.A Ohanga
    4. Eliud Mathu.
  7. Which one of the following is a way of promoting peace in the society?
    1. Punishing law breakers
    2. Forming women groups
    3. Encouraging forgiveness
    4. Inviting consultants into the country.
  8. The followimg are conditions favouring growth of a certain crop. 
    1. Temperature 21°C -26°C 
    2. Rainfall of more than 1200mm i
    3. Protection from strong winds
      The crop described above is
      1. tea
      2. coffee
      3. bananas
      4. sisal.
  9. The best way to stop drug abuse in schools is by
    1. fencing the school compound 
    2. punishing drug users
    3. arresting drug dealers
    4. creating awareness on dangers of drugs.
  10. Civil marriages in Kenya are presided over by
    1. clan elders
    2. magistrate
    3. religious leaders
    4. members of parliament.
  11. Which of the following language groups consists of Cushitic speakers only?
    1. Maasai, Jemps, Rendille 
    2. Borana, Galla, Sanye
    3. Kipsigis, Sabaot, Gabbra 
    4. Burji, Somali, Turgen.
  12. The people of Zimbambwe achieved their independence mainly by
    1. using political parties 
    2. peaceful negotiations
    3. armed struggle 
    4. organizing boycotts and strikes.
  13. Which one of the following is a modern method of preserving fish in Kenya?
    1. Salting 
    2. Smoking
    3. Canning
    4. Sun drying.
  14. The minimum age requirement for a person wishing to be a member of the national assembly is
    1. 18 years
    2. 21 years 
    3. 35 years
    4. 30 years.
  15. Which one of the following is a way of managing rapid population growth?
    1. Increasing food production 
    2. Providing family planning services
    3. encouraging immigration
    4. giving child allowances.
  16. Which one of the following is an effect of rotation of the earth?
    1. Causes equinoxes 
    2. Causes seasons 
    3. Causes changes in the position of the midday sun
    4. Causes day and night.
  17. Which one of the following groups of rivers drains to the Antlantic Ocean?
    1. Cunene, Lempopo, Zambezi 
    2. Senegal, Cunene, Orange 
    3. Orange, Shibelli, Niger 
    4. Zambezi, Limpopo, Ruruma
  18. The main way in which people interact today is through
    1. games and sports
    2. education 
    3. trade
    4. social media.
  19. The main objective of the formation of OAU was to
    1. bring greater unity among African countries 
    2. eliminate all forms of colonialism 
    3. fight HIV and AIDS
    4. fight corruption and promote good governance.
  20. Three of the following are problems facing tourism in Eastern Africa except?
    1.  poaching 
    2. frequent accidents 
    3. poor transport 
    4. terrorism.
  21. What is the time in town X located along longitude 40°W if the time in Accra is 12 noon?
    1. 2:40pm
    2. 9:20am
    3. 9:20pm
    4. 2:40am
  22. On which day do we remember the attainment of idependence in Kenya?
    1. 19 June 1963
    2. 12h December 1963 
    3. 20 October 
    4. 12th December 1964.
  23. School routine is important to a school mainly because
    1. it promotes order in a school
    2. pupils get time to rest 
    3. pupils come to school late 
    4. it expresses aims and beliefs of a school.
  24. Which one of the following was a function of Ntemi among the Nyamwezi?
    1. Was the head of the kingdom
    2. Controlled trade in his chiefdom 
    3. Settled land disputes 
    4. Was incarge of collecting taxes.
  25. The method of solving disputes that involves judicial settlement is known as
    1. litigation
    2. arbitration
    3. conciliation
    4. negotiation.


  1. What punishment did God give to Eve because of her disobedience?
    1. Suffering while giving birth
    2. Putting on clothes
    3. Sweating to earn a living
    4. Eating selected fruits.
  2. Who among the following is known as a friend of God?
    1. Noah
    2. Joseph 
    3. Enock 
    4. Abraham
  3. When Moses was called by God, he was living in
    1. Ur
    2. Haran
    3. Midian
    4. Canaan.
  4. Jacob dreamt at
    1. Peniel
    2. Shechem
    3. Bethel
    4. Canaan.
  5. Which commandment was broken by the Israelites when they worshipped a golden calf?
    1. Do not commit adultery
    2. Do not desire another man's property 
    3. Do not make images for yourself
    4. Do not accuse anyone falsely.
  6. David annoyed God when he
    1. killed Goliath
    2. killed Uriah 
    3. killed Naboth
    4. cried over Soul's death.
  7. The jews celebrated the passover to remember when
    1. they were given the ten commandments 
    2. Moses was called by God 
    3. they entered into the land of Caanan
    4. they were delivered from Egypt.
  8. Who among the following prophets was called by God while still young?
    1. Moses
    2. Isaiah
    3. Jeremiah 
    4. Hosea
  9. Who among the following kings was annointed by prophet Nathan? King 
    1. Saul 
    2. David
    3. Solomon 
    4. Ahab
  10. David played the harp for king Saul. This teaches Christians that leisure time should best be used for 
    1. helping others
    2. enjoying oneself 
    3. visiting places 
    4. developing new skills.
  11. Mary mother of Jesus hailed from the town
    1. Jerusalem 
    2. Bethlehem
    3. Bethany
    4. Nazareth
  12. Which one of the following quotes is not a beatitude. Blessed is
    1. he who comes in the name of the Lord
    2. are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted
    3. are merciful, for they shall obtain mercy 
    4. are pure in heart, for they shall see God.
  13. "This is my own dear son with whom am pleased with. Listen to him." These words were spoken during Jesus'
    1. baptism
    2. temptation
    3. transfiguration
    4. crucification
  14. Which one of the following parables does not teach on prayer?
    1. The widow and the unjust judge
    2. The prodigal son 
    3. The pharasee and the tax collector
    4. The friend at midnight
  15. A miracle of Jesus which shows his power over nature is
    1. healing the paralysed man
    2. walking on water
    3. healing blind Bartimaeus
    4. raising Jairus daughter.
  16. The two disciples that Jesus walked with after resurrection were on their way from
    1. Emmaus
    2. Jerusalem 
    3. Jericho
    4. Bethlehem.
  17. Who among the following disciples of Jesus was not a fisherman?
    1. Matthew
    2. Andrew
    3. Peter
    4. James
  18. Before the Roman governor, Jesus was not accused of 
    1. claiming to be the king of Jews
    2. claiming to destroy the temple and build it in three days 
    3. inciting people not to pay taxes 
    4. misleading people and subverting the nation.
  19. During the day of Pentecost, the presence of God was witnessed by
    1. fire
    2. strong wind
    3. dove
    4. cloud and smoke.
  20. What advice did John the Baptist give to the tax collector?
    1. To pay taxes to the emperor
    2. To obey lawful authority 
    3. Not to collect more taxes than required 
    4. Not to accuse anyone falsely.
  21. Who among the following offered his tomb for the burial of Jesus?
    1. Simon of Cyrene
    2. Nicodemus
    3. Simon the Patriot
    4. Joseph of Arimathea
  22. Which one of the following is a common belief between Christians and Africans about God?
    1. God is the creator
    2. God is three in one
    3. God is a jealous God
    4. God lives in heaven.
  23. The following are all religious leaders in African religion except
    1. prophets
    2. priests
    3. bishops
    4. diviners.
  24. Which one of the following virtue was mainly taught to children in African traditional society? 
    1. Respect
    2. Tolerance 
    3. Patience
    4. Courage
  25. The main reason why Christians should obey their leaders is because they
    1. are chosen to rule with justice
    2. are chosen by God
    3. keep peace in the community
    4. have power and authority.
  26. The following are gifts of the holy spirit except
    1. patience
    2. faith
    3. wisdom
    4. preaching
  27. All parents should encourage their children to practice
    1. nepotism
    2. chastity
    3. discrimination
    4. dishonesty
  28. Which of the following is the best way for a Christian to use his wealth?
    1. Going to trips in other countries
    2. Starting community development projects
    3. Building big houses for their families
    4. Saving in the bank for future.
  29. Which one of the following Jewish feast was Jesus celebrating during the last supper?
    1. Pentecost 
    2. Passover
    3. Ascension
    4. New year
  30. Which missionary society sent John Rebman to Kenya?
    1. Holy Ghost Fathers 
    2. Mill Hill Fathers
    3. Church of Scotland Mission
    4. Church Missionary Society.


  1. The following are lessons from surah Al Lahab except one. Which one?
    1. Bad plans can never succeed 
    2. Evil will cause downfall
    3. Allah will punish evil doers 
    4. Disbelievers will enter paradise.
  2. 'Fadhalikala'adhi yadhu'ul yatim.' This verse is found in surah
    1. Al-Maun
    2. Al-Masad
    3. Al-Zilzalah 
    4. Al-Qafirun.
  3. In which of the following surah does Allah promises man that for every difficulty comes relief?
    1. Al-Kauthar 
    2. Al-Masad
    3. Al-Inshirah
    4. Al-Qafirun
  4. A lesson that Muslim learn from surah Al-Kafirun is that
    1. a clear border should be put in worshipping.
    2. Allah has close associates.
    3. Muslims should tolerate by worshiping like others.
    4. anyone can believe in gods.
  5. Which two aspects of the religion have been emphasised in surah Al-Bayyinah?
    1. Swalat and Hajj
    2. Swalat and Zakat
    3. Zakat and Ramadhan
    4. Zakat and Hajj
  6. Which among the following is not a sign of a hypocrite?
    1. Teiling lies
    2. Breaking a promise 
    3. Does not pray 
    4. Does not keep a trust.
  7. Complete the hadith, 'he is not a believer
    1. who annoys others
    2. who annoys parents
    3. who kills enemies 
    4. who does not pray.
  8. Which one among these phrases is not mentioned in the Adhan?
    1. Allahu Akbar
    2. Kadiqamatuh Swalah 
    3. Laillaha Illallah 
    4. Haiyallal Swallah.
  9. Which one among these conditions does not necessitate Tayammum?
    1. Water being inadequate 
    2. Water being cold
    3. Water being surrounded by enemies
    4. A skin condition or disease to the user.
  10. Which one among the following actions nullifies swalah? 
    1. Talking while praying
    2. Facing Qibla 
    3. Taking wudhu before swalah 
    4. covering aura.
  11. According to the eating habits taught by the prophet (p.b.u.h) one should
    1. eat with a spoon
    2. eat everything on the plate
    3. eat while standing
    4. eat what is before him. 
  12. Which statement is true about Haji?
    1. It is a pillar of Iman
    2. It is a pillar of Islam
    3. It is faradh to all Muslim 
    4. It is the pillar of Islam.
  13. HIV/AIDS is a major cause of death. Which one is the best way for school children to use to avoid it? 
    1. Avoiding people infected
    2. Being faithful 
    3. Abstinence 
    4. Having one partner
  14. Which is the best action for Omar to take when he finds a poor inan begging at their gate as he goes to school?
    1. Pray for him and send him away 
    2. Chase him and call police
    3. Adopt him as a brother
    4. Give him food and try find job for him.
  15. Which is the correct order of events that takes place immediately a child is born
    1. Iqama, tahniq, aqiqah, adhan
    2. Tahniq, adhan, iqama, haqiqa 
    3. Iqama, adhan, tahniq, aqiqah
    4. Aqiqah, adhan, iqama, tahniq
  16. Who among the following prophets was given suhut? 
    1. Muhammad 
    2. Ibrahim
    3. Musa
    4. Daud
  17. Which one of these pillars of the religion is a gate pass to Islam?
    1. Swalah
    2. Shahada 
    3. Zakat
    4. Ramadhan
  18. On your way home, you meet a black cat drowning. What is the best thing to do?
    1. Stone it
    2. Run home
    3. Save it
    4. Avoid the route.
  19. Who among the following gave the idea of constructing a trench?
    1. Musab bin Umeir
    2. Zubeir bin Awad 
    3. Salman Al-Farsi
    4. Umar bin Khatab
  20. According to the teachings of the prophet (S.A.W) on trade, which one of these activities is haram in trade? 
    1. Purchasing of goods in bulk
    2. Purchasing of goods on credit
    3. Giving out loans with interest
    4. Making huge profits.
  21. Which one of these commonalities in Islam emphasizes on the importance of punctuality?
    1. Adhan
    2. Wudhu
    3. Hajj
    4. Swalat
  22. Hamza, your classmate, has been fasting. Suddenly he accidentally sip water. What advice would you give him?
    1. Break the fast and eat
    2. Drink enough water and continue fasting
    3. Spit the water and continue fasting 
    4. Break the fast until the next Ramadhan.
  23. Which one of the following is the main reason why the Muslims were defeated in the battle of Uhud? 
    1. Muslims were fearful and few
    2. Muslims had inferior weapons and disunite
    3. Muslims had suffered a great loss in Badr
    4. Muslims disobeyed the prophet.
  24. Who was the first caliphate in Islam?
    1. Omar R.A 
    2. Abubakar R.A 
    3. Ali R.A 
    4. Uthman RA
  25. The following is the meaning of the word Taqwa. Which is the correct one? 
    1. Fear of Allah 
    2. Believing in Allah
    3. Oneness of Allah
    4. Worshipping Allah
  26. You have been invited by a friend for a birthday party. On ariving, you notice alcohol is served. What is the best thing for you to do?
    1. Drink soft drink 
    2. Turn down the offer and go back home
    3. Warn them but take eventually 
    4. Call the police?
  27. The following are terms used while swearing. Which one is not?
    1. Wallahi
    2. Tallahi
    3. Billahi
    4. Bismillahi
  28. The main cause of spreading HIV/AIDS is
    1. blood transfusion
    2. sexual intercourse 
    3. using sharp objects
    4. mother to child
  29. Which one of the following attributes of Allah is correctly matched?
    1. Al-Qahhar - inventor
    2. Al-Malik - the peaceful
    3. Al-Ghaffar - the forgiver
    4. Al-Khaliq - provider
  30. The main reason why the Arabs came to the coast of East Africa was
    1. to spread Islam
    2. for intermarriage 
    3. to trade 
    4. to stop slave trade.


  1. A
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. D
  6. D
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. B
  12. A
  13. B
  14. D
  15. A
  16. D
  17. C
  18. B
  19. C
  20. A
  21. C
  22. A
  23. A
  24. C
  25. D
  26. D
  27. A
  28. A
  29. C
  30. B
  31. B
  32. D
  33. D
  34. C
  35. B
  36. C
  37. C
  38. D
  39. B
  40. A
  41. D
  42. C
  43. C
  44. D
  45. B
  46. B
  47. C
  48. C
  49. B
  50. B
  51. D
  52. B
  53. C
  54. B
  55. B
  56. B
  57. B
  58. A
  59. B
  60. A
  61. A
  62. D
  63. C
  64. C
  65. C
  66. B
  67. D
  68. C
  69. B
  70. A
  71. D
  72. A
  73. C
  74. B
  75. B
  76. B
  77. A
  78. B
  79. A
  80. C
  81. D
  82. A
  83. C
  84. A
  85. B
  86. A
  87. B
  88. B
  89. B
  90. D
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