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Social Studies Questions And Answers - Class 8 End of Term 2 2021 Set 2

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sost map

Use the map of Waso area above to answer questions 1 to 7.

  1. The approximate size of Dera town is
    1. 3.5km?
    2. 7km
    3. 11km
    4. 5.5km
  2. Which one of the following statements about the forest in Waso area is not correct?
    1. It is found in highland areas.
    2. It is a natural forest. 
    3. It protects sources of rivers.
    4. It is a source of timber
  3. Tele town begun at its present site mainly due to
    1. presence of a road junction
    2. high population in the area
    3. flat relief of the land
    4. good climatic conditions
  4. Which one of the following is a social activity carried out in Dera town?
    1. Touris
    2. Gartes
    3. Trading
    4. Mining
  5. The people of Waso area are mainly
    1. christians
    2. muslims and christians
    3. pagan
    4. traditionalist
  6. County development projects in Waso area are supervised by
    1. the county office
    2. the county assembly
    3. the governor
    4. the county commissioner
  7. Land in Waso area generally rises towards
    1. South West
    2. South East
    3. North Eas
    4. North West
  8. The following are traditional methods of 1 weather observation;
    1. Clear cloudless skies. 
    2. High night temperatures.
    3. Shedding of leaves.
    4. Morning dew on the grass
    5. Appearance of locusts.
      Which one of the following combinations shows a dry seasons?
      1. (ii), (i), (iv)
      2. (iii), (iv), (v)
      3. (i), (iii). (iv)
      4. (i), (ii), (v)
  9. Rapid population growth in the rural areas in Kenya has led to
    1. growth of towns 
    2. decrease in farming land
    3. use of dry lands
    4. creation of settlement schemes
  10. Settlements schemes were established in Kenya after independence mainly to
    1. settle landless Africans 
    2. increase food production
    3. create plantations 
    4. reward Africans who collaborated
  11. The diagram below shows the formation of rainfall.
    sost q10
    Which one of the following areas does not receive the type of rainfall shows above?
    1. Slopes of mount Kilimanjaro.
    2. Coastal areas of West Africa.
    3. Lake Victoria basin.
    4. Equatorial region of the Congo Basin.
  12. Britain used indirect rule policy in administering Northern Nigeria in order to
    1. make the Africans to collaborate
    2. acquire raw materials in the region
    3. reduce the costs of administration
    4. put down Africans resistance
  13. Which one of the following groups of countries is made up of members of Economic Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS)
    1. Gabon, Chad, Congo
    2. Nigeria, Ghana, Togo
    3. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
    4. Cameroon, R. Congo, Angola
  14. The main reason why families in Germany enjoys high standard of living is that
    1. the county has a small population 
    2. the country has few old people 
    3. most people live in towns
    4. most people live in rural area 
  15. Continuous emission of smoke from industries has led to
    1. pollution of rivers
    2. death of marine life
    3. increase in food production
    4. increase of atmospheric temperatures. 
  16. When the Lozi people collaborated with the British they were led by
    1. Chief Khama
    2. King Lewanika
    3. King Lobengula
    4. Kabaka Mitesa!
  17. The following are characteristics of a certain type of soil
    1. It has fine particles.
    2. It cracks when dry.
    3. It absorbs too much water.
      The type of soil described above is
      1. sandy soil
      2. volcanic soil 
      3. clay soil
      4. loam soil
  18. Improvement in modern forms of communication systems in Africa has led to
    1. increase in trading activities
    2. migration of people to towns 
    3. increase of population in the rural areas
    4. increase in communication costs.
  19. Which one of the following communities entered Eastern Africa from the South?
    1. Samburu
    2. Galla
    3. Ngoni
    4. Nyamwezi
  20. Which one of the following elements of weather is correctly matched with the instrument that it measures?
      Element of weather  Instrument
    A Amount of rainfall


    B Water vapour Anemometer
    C Speed of wind Raingauge
    D Atmospheric pressure Barometer
  21. Which one of the following factors has caused decrease in life expectancy in Kenya?
    1. Decrease in amount of rainfall. .
    2. HIV and AIDS infection.
    3. Improvement f health care services.
    4. Use of family planning methods.
  22. Which one of the following duties is not performed by the deputy head teacher in school management?
    1. Chairing school management committee meetings.
    2. Teaching subjects in class.
    3. Preparing the school routine
    4. Marking pupils books.
  23. Which one of the following groups is made up of European nations that had colonies in both West and East Africa?
    1. Britain and Germany.
    2. Germany and Italy.
    3. Spain and Portugal.
    4. Belgium and Spain. 
  24. The theory of human evolution was discovered by
    1. Richard Leakey
    2. Cail Peter
    3. Charles Darwin
    4. David Livingstone
  25. Which one of the following statements about the system of government in Swaziland is correct?
    1. General elections are held every 5 years.
    2. The country has a monarchy system.
    3. Head of state is elected by voters.
    4. All members of the senate are elected.
  26. Building of gabions is a soil conservation methods used in areas where
    1. hilly areas have been cultivated
    2. soil has been eroded uniformly
    3. there is little vegetation cover
    4. water has cut deep channels
  27. The most abused drug in Kenya by people of different ages is
    1. alcoho
    2. mandrax
    3. khat
    4. heroine
  28. Areas with swampy conditions are not good for settlement because
    1. they have flat land
    2. they have steep slopes
    3. They have disease causing organisms
    4. they receive low rainfall
  29. The diagram below shows the formation of a mountain.
    sost q29
    Which one of the following mountains in Eastern Africa was formed through the process shown in the diagram above?
    1. Mount Usambara
    2. Mount Longonot
    3. Mount Ruwenzori 
    4. Mount Pare
  30. Which one of the following is a benefit of democracy in the society?
    1. There is creation of wealth.
    2. A country earns foreign exchange.
    3. Citizens are able to make political decisions.
    4. There is exchange of cultural practices. 
  31. Which one of the following groups consist of those that joined organization of Africa Unity (AOU) in 1963?
    1. Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Zambia
    2. Mozambique, Eritrea, Kenya
    3. Swaziland, Namibia, Angola
    4. Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia
  32. Which one of the following is the main challenge facing tourism in Africa?
    1. Political conflicts.
    2. Drought
    3. Inadequate hotels
    4. Long distances between game parks.
  33. Before the colonial period the Khoikhoi people obtained food through
    1. farming
    2. livestock keeping
    3. fishing
    4. trading
  34. Which one of the following colours is correctly matched with features it represents in a map?
    1. Brown Water bodies
    2. Green Highland regions
    3. Yellow Lowland plains
    4. Blue Vegetation
  35. Which one of the following statements correctly describes an age group?
    1. People who are related by blood.
    2. People who live in the same area.
    3. People who have a common ancestor.
    4. People born around the same time.
  36. The main export crop of Ghana is
    1. Cocoa
    2. Cloves
    3. Coffee
    4. Pyrethrum
  37. The following are statement about a prominent African leader
    1. He gave land to peasant farmers.
    2. He initiated the building of a dam. 
    3. He died in 1970 while still in office.
      The person described above is
      1. Leopold Sadar Senghor.
      2. Gamal Abdel Nasser.
      3. Kwame Nkurumah.
      4. Haile sellasie.
        Use the map of Eastern Africa below to 4 answer questions 38 to 41.
        sost q38
  38. The river marked T is
    1. River Rufiji
    2. River Pangani
    3. River Ruvuma
    4. Rive Omo
  39. The mineral mined at the place marked K is used to make
    1. jewelry 
    2. salt 
    3. toothpaste
    4. heat insulator
  40. Which one of the following communities used the route marked M during the migration period?
    1. Baganda
    2. Orm
    3. Turkana
    4. Luo
  41. Three of the following statements about the country marked C are correct. Which one is not?
    1. It was colonized by Britain.
    2. It is a land locked country.
    3. It produces coffee in large quantities. 
    4. It has the highest population in Eastern Africa.
  42. The main reason why the Pokomo people moved from the Shungwaya area was 
    1. outbreak of diseases in the area
    2. attacks by the Galla people
    3. search for better farming land
    4. overpopulation in the area
  43. Which one of the following was a condition for an African to be assimilated during the French colonial period in Senegal?
    1. A person had to accept Christianity.
    2. A person had to own his own land.
    3. A person was to be living in a town.
    4. A person had to work in France
  44. Which one of the following is a processing industry?
    1. Cement making in Athi River.
    2. Fruit canning in Thika.
    3. Paper making in Webuye.
    4. Shoe making in Limuru.
  45. Marine fishing in Africa is faced by the problem of
    1. lack of fish in the seas
    2. poor roads in fishing areas
    3. water weeds growing in the seas
    4. inadequate funds to invest in fishing 
  46. Which one of the following highways connects Mombasa and Lagos?
    1. Trans Saharan Highway,
    2. Great North Road.
    3. Trans Africa Highway.
    4. Lagos Gao Oudja Highway 
  47. Kenyans demonstrate patriotism when they
    1. go to foreign countries to study
    2. attend national day celebrations
    3. take their children to school
    4. work to earn their living
  48. Which one of the following is not a Semitic speaking community in Eastern Africa?
    1. Issa
    2. Afar
    3. Sandawe
    4. Amharans
  49. Which one of the following is not a down warped lake in Africa?
    1. Lake Albert 
    2. Lake Chad
    3. Lake Victoria
    4. Lake Kyoga
  50. The windward slopes of highland regions attract large populations because
    1. they are good for farming
    2. They have gentle slopes
    3. they have thick forest
    4. they have natural resources
  51. Which one of the following statements about a clan is correct?
    1. Members share common names
    2. Members live in the same area
    3. Members are born at the same time.
    4. Members are related by blood.
  52. Large poultry farms are located near large urban centres due to
    1. good roads in urban areas
    2. nearness to market for poultry products
    3. availability of labour in towns
    4. availability of chicken feeds 
  53. The collaboration of the Agikuyu people of Dagoretti with the British was led by
    1. Nabongo Mumia,
    2. Laibon Lenana
    3. Mekatilili wa Menza
    4. Waiyaki wa Hinga
  54. Before Bantu communities migrated to Kenya they lived
    1. in the Nile valley
    2. Southern Africa
    3. the Congo basin
    4. in the Horn of Africa
  55. Which one of the following is characteristic of Mediterranean climate?
    1. Rainfall is experienced in the winter season
    2. There are two dry seasons.
    3. Temperature are high throughout the year 
    4. Rainfall is experienced throughout the year.
  56. Which one of the following is a basic need in a family?
    1. Land
    2. Wealth
    3. Food
    4. Car
  57. Natural forests in the highland regions of Kenya are conserved mainly because 
    1. they provide timber for export
    2. they protect sources of rivers 
    3. they are sources of firewood
    4. they provide raw materials for paper making
  58. The constitution of Kenya is important because
    1. it outlines the rights of Kenyans.
    2. it is taught in schools
    3. it was written after independence
    4. it was written by Kenyans 
  59. An elected member of the national assembly loses a seat if the person
    1. is absent from parliament 
    2. goes out of the country 
    3. is jailed for more than six months
    4. is arrested by the police
  60. The legislative arm of the government is headed by
    1. Attorney General
    2. President 
    3. Chief Justice 
    4. Speaker


  1. The story about the origin of life on earth is contained in the book of
    1. Leviticus
    2. Exodus
    3. Numbers
    4. Genesis 
  2. Abraham went to live in the land of Canaan because
    1. he wanted to obey God's command
    2. there was famine in Haran
    3. his relatives were in Haran
    4. he wanted to sacrifice his son
  3. A Christian value shown by Joseph when he was living in the house of Potiphar was
    1. faithfulness
    2. patience
    3. humility
    4. honesty
  4. When Moses was living in Midian he worked as a
    1. priest
    2. carpenter
    3. shepherd
    4. tanner
  5. The Israelites ate unleavened bread on the night they left Egypt because
    1. there was no yeast in Egypt
    2. they wanted to remember their suffering
    3. they were in a hurry to leave Egypt
    4. it was at night
  6. Which one of the following women served as a judge in Israel?
    1. Hannah
    2. Deborah
    3. Miriam
    4. Ruth
  7. Which one of the following was an achievement of King David?
    1. He built a temple in Jerusalem
    2. He traded with foreign Kings
    3. He made Jerusalem the capital city.
    4. He became very rich.
  8. King Ahab disobeyed God when he
    1. took the wife of Uriah
    2. tried to kill prophet Elijah
    3. married many foreign women
    4. took Naboth's Vineyard
  9. The prophecy made by Micah was that
    1. Jesus would be born in Bethlehem.
    2. God would write his laws on peoples hearts.
    3. there would be a new King in Israel
    4. the Israelites would be slaves in Egypt.
  10. When Angle Gabriel visited Mary he told her that
    1. her son would be called John 
    2. she would conceive by the power of Holy Spirit
    3. her son would be a great prophet
    4. she would live to an old age
  11. Herod wanted to kill Jesus because
    1. Jesus was becoming more famous
    2. people were putting their faith in Jesus
    3. Jesus had condemned the sin of Herod
    4. he wanted to continue ruling 
  12. The main value taught by John the baptist when he preached was
    1. respect
    2. loyalty
    3. repentance
    4. humility
  13. When Jesus called Andrew and Peter he told them that 
    1. they would preach with them in the villages
    2. they were true Israelites
    3. they would suffer with him
    4. he would teach them how to catch fish 
  14. Which one of the following values is demonstrated in the parable of the good Samaritan?
    1. Humility
    2. Kindness
    3. Patience
    4. Honesty
  15. When Jesus changed water into wine he had gone to Cana to
    1. raise Lazarus
    2. preach at the Synagogue
    3. attend a wedding
    4. eat in the house of Zacchaeus
  16. Which one of the following was done by Jesus on the night he was arrested? 
    1. He washed his disciples' feet.
    2. He changed water into wine.
    3. He walked on water
    4. He cursed a fig tree.
  17. Mary Magdalene recognized Jesus near the tomb on the day he resurrected when
    1. Jesus called out her name
    2. Jesus showed her his scars
    3. Jesus preached to her
    4. Jesus performed a miracle
  18. On the day of Pentecost the disciples were able to
    1. perform many miracles.
    2. defend themselves
    3. escape from prison
    4. speak in foreign languages
  19. The person who was chosen to take the place of Judas Iscariot was
    1. Barnabbas
    2. Stephen
    3. Matthias
    4. Paul
  20. Which one of the following people was raised by Paul?
    1. Aeneas
    2. Eutychus
    3. Tabitha
    4. Cornelius
  21. Which one of the following is a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Faithfulness
    2. Faith
    3. Wisdom
    4. Healing
  22. Which one of the following specialists is found in both traditional African and Christian communities?
    1. Herbalist
    2. Priest
    3. Medicine man
    4. Rainmaker
  23. Children are named after ancestor in traditional African communities in order to
    1. please their parents
    2. make their great leaders
    3. keep the family lineage
    4. make them live to old age
  24. Places of Worship in traditional African societies are respected because
    1. they have evil spirits
    2. they are located in lonely places
    3. they are dark
    4. they are considered sacred
  25. When people offend God in Traditional African societies they
    1. offered sacrifices
    2. wear torn clothes 
    3. shave their heads
    4. skip meals
  26. Christians meet together to pray in order to
    1. eat together
    2. strengthen their unity in Christ 
    3. know one another
    4. help the needy
  27. Which one of the following is the best leisure activity for standard eight pupil during school holidays?
    1. Reading magazines 
    2. Playing games 
    3. Attending birthday parties
    4. Visiting the sick
  28. The church promotes education in Kenya through
    1. preaching in schools
    2. establishing schools
    3. baptizing children
    4. teaching children moral values
  29. Husbands are advised to love their wives
    1. as they love themselves 
    2. because their wives love them too
    3. as Christ loved the church
    4. should be loved 
  30. European Missionaries taught Africans how to read in order to
    1. enable them get jobs
    2. make them equal to the Europeans
    3. help them stop their customs 
    4. enable them preach Christianity.


  1. B
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. C
  8. C
  9. B
  10. A
  11. A
  12. C
  13. B
  14. A
  15. D
  16. B
  17. C
  18. A
  19. C
  20. D
  21. B
  22. A
  23. A
  24. C
  25. B
  26. D
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. C
  31. D
  32. A
  33. B
  34. C
  35. D
  36. A
  37. B
  38. A
  39. C
  40. D
  41. A
  42. B
  43. A
  44. B
  45. D
  46. C
  47. B
  48. C
  49. A
  50. A
  51. D
  52. B
  53. D
  54. C
  55. A
  56. C
  57. B
  58. A
  59. C
  60. D
  61. D
  62. A
  63. A
  64. C
  65. C
  66. B
  67. C
  68. D
  69. A
  70. B
  71. D
  72. C
  73. D
  74. B
  75. C
  76. A
  77. A
  78. D
  79. C
  80. B
  81. A
  82. B
  83. C
  84. D
  85. A
  86. B
  87. D
  88. B
  89. C
  90. D
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