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English - Class 8 End Term 1 Exam 2021 Set 1

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Fill in the blank spaces numbered 1 ta 15 with the best alternative from the choices given
______1______ years of public awareness campaigns, speed _______2______ the biggest kiler on our roads. When you are ______3______, it is not easy to stop your vehicle or ______4______ it in case of an emergency. ______5______, it is not easy to respond swiftly to ______6______ conditions or situations. The mobile phone is another contributor ______7______ road accidents. Not only is using your mobile phone while driving illegal ______8______ it is also dangerous.  The use of a mobile phone while behind the wheels ______9______ distraction among the motorists.______10______, some motorists still enjoy chatting different social media platforms while driving. If only they ______12______ what dangers they are exposing themselves ______13______.

Drunk diving often ______14______ in accidents. A motorist who drives under the influence of alcohol ______15______ to make good judgement on the road.

    1. Despite
    2. Inspite
    3. In spite
    4. Although
    1. becomes
    2. emerges
    3. remains
    4. appears
    1. overspeeding
    2. speeding
    3. accelerating
    4. racing
    1. manouver
    2. manouvre
    3. manoevre
    4. manoeuvre
    1. Moreover
    2. Therefore
    3. Nevertheless
    4. Nonetheless
    1. bad
    2. unexpected
    3. unplanned
    4. unrealistic
    1. to
    2. in
    3. towards
    4. upon
    1. then
    2. since
    3. and
    4. but
    1. brings
    2. causes
    3. showsS
    4. allows
    1. Unfortunately
    2. Certainly
    3. Already
    4. Amusingly
    1. with
    2. at
    3. on
    4. in
    1. know
    2. have known
    3. knew
    4. could know
    1. in
    2. upon
    3. with
    4. to
    1. results
    2. leads
    3. creates
    4. amounts
    1. cannot be able
    2. would not be able
    3. is unable
    4. cannot

For questions 16 to 18, choose the alternative that best completes the sentence.

  1. The new mobile l bought last week _____________________
    1. costed
    2. has costed
    3. costs luguestios
    4. cost question
  2. Neither my younger brother nor I ________________ planning to travel during the holidays.
    1. is
    2. are
    3. am
    4. were
  3. It was not until he looked outside the house _______________ he realised darkness had crept in.
    1. when
    2. that
    3. then
    4. than

Choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined words in questions 19-21.

  1. The meeting was put off indefinitely.
    1. postponed
    2. cancelled
    3. stopped
    4. delayed
  2. The boy regained consciousness after a few hours.
    1. came off 
    2. came about
    3. came on
    4. came to
  3. It is cruel to look down on other people
    1. hate 
    2. despise
    3. mistreat
    4. ignore

In questions 22 and 23, choose the correst question tag.

  1. The boy claimed that he had left his book at home, ___________________?
    1. didn't he
    2. did he
    3. had he
    4. hadn't he
  2. George hardly ever arrives at school late, _____________________ ?
    1. is it
    2. does he D.
    3. doesn't he
    4. isn't it

For questions 24 and 25, select the word that least fits in thegroup.

    1. stationary 
    2. jewellery
    3. crockery
    4. equipment
    1. boar
    2. buck
    3. bitch
    4. stallion

Read the passage below and answer questions 26 to 38

I had heard a great deal about Miss Beam's school. It was the talk of the town. Many parents wished they could secure a slot there for their children. However, it was not everyone who applied got the nod. I had a burning desire to visit the school and see for myself what happened there. It was not until last week that the chance to visit it came. I was full of mirth as I readied myself for the visit.

When I arrived, there was no one in sight but a girl of about twelve. Her eyes were covered with a bandage and she was being led carefully between the flower-beds by a little boy who was about four years younger. Suddenly, the girl stopped and it appeared as she had asked the boy who had come. He seemed to be describing me to her. Then they passed on.

Miss Beam was all that I had expected - middle-aged, full of authority, yet kindly and understanding. Her hair was beginning to turn grey and she had the kind of plump figure that is likely to be comforting to a homesick child. She received me with open arms as soon as I had introduced myself. Of course she had been expecting me. I asked her some questions about her teaching methods which I had heard were both unique and exciting.

She briefly explained how the school started and what prompted her to employ practical methods of teaching. "Our principal goal is to equip learners with special skills that will enable them demonstrate kindness to others and to be responsible citizens. Take a minute and look out of the window." I went to the window which overlooked a large garden and a playground at the back. "What do you see?" Miss Beam asked.

"I see some very beautiful grounds," I said, "and a lot of jolly children. It pains me, though, to see that they are not all so healthy and active-looking. When I came in, I saw one poor little girl being led about. She has some trouble with her eyes. Now I can see two more with the same difficulty. And there's a girl with a crutch watching the others at play. She seems to be a hopeless cripple.

Miss Beam laughed. "Oh, no!" she said. "She's not really lame. This is only her lame day. The others are not blind either. It is only their blind day." I must have looked very surprised, for she laughed again.

"This is a very important part of our system. To make our children appreciate and understand misfortune, we make them share in misfortune too. Luckily, they are always eager to take part in the activities. Each ter1n every child has one blind day, one lame day, one deaf day, one injured day and one dumb day. During the blind day, their eyes are bandaged absolutely and they are on their honor not to peep. The bandage is put on overnight so they wake blind. This means that they need help with everything. Other children are given the duty of helping them and leading them about. They all learn so much this way -both the blind and the helpers. There is no misery about it. Everyone is very kind and it is really something of a game. Before the day is over, though, even the most thoughtless child realizes what misfortune is. The blind day is, of course, really the worst, but some of the children tell me that the dumb day is the most difficult. We cannot bandage the children's mouths, so they really have to exercise their will-power. Come into the garden and see for yourself how the children feel about it."

Miss Beam led me to one of the bandaged girls. I spent some time talking to them as well as the other children who appeared to have different forms of disabilities. I enjoyed interacting with them and even offered to play the role of a helper whenever necessary.

When I finally had to leave, I told Miss Beam that I was very sorry to go. I wished I had spent the entire term there to learn more essential life skills. As I left Miss Beam's School, I was a changed man. Now I understood why many adults wished to enroll their children there.

  1. Which statement is true about Miss Beam's School according to the first school  paragraph?
    1. lt was the best school in the neighbourhood.
    2. lt was popular with people.
    3. It admitted learners from humble background.
    4. lt had very creative teachers.
  2. The parents who sought admission for their children to Miss Beam's School:
    1. had to visit the school prior.
    2. had limited chances of success
    3. were expected to pay a lot of school fees.
    4. were not guaranteed a slot.
  3. The phrase I was full of mirth as used in the passage shows that the writer:
    1. was very happy.
    2. had been looking forward to the visit.
    3. hoped to have a successful day.
    4. was rather anxious.
  4. Why did the 'blind' and her guide stop suddenly?
    1. They had both seen the visitor.
    2. They had been interrupted.
    3. They wanted to have a conversation.
    4. Their attention was probably drawn to the
  5. How best can we describe Miss Beam?
    1. Impatient but kind
    2. Authoritative but warm
    3. Understanding but authoritarian
    4. Fair and effective
  6. Which statement is true about the meeting between Miss Beam and the writer?
    1. It was coincidental. 
    2. The duo had been eagerly awaiting it.
    3. It was meant to help the school.
    4. It had been preplanned.
  7. The word principal has been used in the passage to mean the same as:
    1. important
    2. insignificant
    3. main
    4. serious
  8. The methods of teaching used in Miss Beamare aimed at:
    1. making the school famous.
    2. helping learners to discover their hidden talents
    3. promoting key virtues among the learners.
    4. helping learners to be social. 
  9. When the writer saw the children demonstrating different kinds of disability, he:
    1. probably sympathised with them.
    2. understood why they were in Miss Beam's school
    3. knew they were acting.
    4. wished to offer them assistance.
  10. Why did Miss Beam laugh when she heard the writer's opinion of her school?
    1. The writer had a sense of humour
    2. The writer was ignorant of what was actually happening in the school.
    3. She was trying to be friendly
    4. The writer had thought of her as cruel.
  11. When a child had a blind day, he or she was expected to:
    1. limit the movement around the school.
    2. spend more time on their own.
    3. undergo a moment of misery in life.
    4. learn to be kind and helpful to the visually impaired.
  12. What shows that the learners approved of the practical methods of teaching used in the school?
    1. They knew they would always have a helper.
    2. They did not experience discomfort of any kind.
    3. They were always ready to play the roles
    4. The methods were very important for the
  13. Why was the writer a changed man as he left Miss Beam's School?
    1. He had a day full of fun.
    2. He had learnt very important skills.
    3. He now understood why parents took their children to that school.
    4. He liked what Miss Beam had told him about the school. 

Read the passage below and answer questions 39 to 50.

Thanks to scientific advances over the last several decades, we human beings are able to lead healthier lives than ever before. We know how important it is to exercise regularly. We know which foods are the best for our bodies. And we certainly know one habit that we shouldn't pick up, because it's unhealthy and can even be fatal. What are we talking about? Smoking, of course! Have you ever read the Warning labels on a pack of cigarettes? Laws now require cigarette packages to contain warnings about the many bad side effects that can be experienced as a result of smoking.

If you look around you, though, you still see people smoking cigarettes. In many areas, it’s no longer lawful for people to smoke cigarettes in restaurants and other public places. These laws help protect non-smokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

If you stand in line at a convenience of store, you're also likely to see several people purchase packs cigarettes. Although the number of people who smoke is on the decline, there are still millions of people around the world who smoke cigarettes, despite the obvious health risks. Why do they do that? One of the main reasons people still smoke today is that they started smoking in the first place. People start smoking for many reasons: advertisements, easy availability of other reasons. And cigarettes, peer pressure, among as most smokers already know, once you start smoking, it can be very, very hard to stop

The fact that smoking is dangerous to your health is well-known today. Smoking has been linked to an increased likelihood to develop cancer and heart disease. Some studies show that your smoking can decrease lifespan by a decade or more. Smoking can also be a huge financial burden, costing thousands of shillings per year.

So why do people continue to smoke despite these negative effects? The answer is addiction. One of the primary ingredients of cigarette tobacco is nicotine, which is highly addictive. Like many addictive illegal drugs, nicotine makes a smoker continue to crave cigarettes if they try to smokers who are stop smoking. Even highly-motivated to stop smoking can have a difficult time withdrawal kicking the habit. Nicotine symptoms can make a smoker feel sick and lead to continuing to smoke despite a desire to quit.

The best way to quit smoking is never to start in the first place! Of course, that advice only helps those who have never smoked before or tried cigarettes. For those who have smoked for some time, it is possible to quit, but it can be a tougher battle than many people realize.

There are many products and strategies available today to help smokers kick the habit. For example, nicotine gum and patches can be used to slowly wean smokers off of the addictive substance. Many smokers, however, find that quitting "cold turkey" is the only way to go. That means that they simply stop smoking cigarettes one day and never smoke again. For people who try to quit smoking in this way, it is often helpful to rely on support groups, such as family, friends, or local groups of former smokers.

If you have someone in your life who smokes, you can help them quit by providing the support and encouragement they need. The first few days are always the hardest, and relapses are common. But, with support, many people are able to break the bonds of nicotine addiction to become smoke-free. When they do, they feel better and can begin to reverse some of the damage done by smoking.

  1. According to the first paragraph, it is true to say that: 
    1. there are uncountable effects of scientific advances.r
    2. regular exercise leads to good health.
    3. all types of foods are suitable for our bodies.
    4. it is everybody's desire to stop smoking
  2. Why do cigarette packages have warning labels? 
    1. To reduce the dangers of smoking.
    2. To discourage people from buying cigarettes.
    3. To educate the potential smokers on the best brands of cigarettes.
    4. To sensitize the public on the dangers of smoking.
  3. The word fatal has been used in the passage to mean:
    1. dangerous
    2. hazardous
    3. deadly
    4. disastrous
  4. Why is it unlawful to smoke in public?
    1. To avoid air pollution
    2. To reduce the effect of smoke on the non-smokers.
    3. To promote good behaviour amongsmokers
    4. To ensure non smokers get more licensed information about smoking.
  5. From the passage, it ís true to say that: 
    1. the number of smokers is negligible.
    2. few people buy cigarette in public places
    3. some laws on smoking are nof effective
    4. there are fewer smokers nowadays.
  6. People start smoking due to:
    1. influence from friends.
    2. advertisements of cigarettes.
    3. the fact that cigarettes are easily available.
    4. different reasons.
  7. It is true to say that smokers:
    1. know the dangers of smoking
    2. cannot stop the habit at all.
    3. regret starting the habit.
    4. have little information about the dangers of smoking.
  8. Which one is not a problem associated with smking? It leads to:
    1. ill health
    2. negative economic impacts
    3. shorter lifespan
    4. arrogance among smokers.
  9. It is not easy for smokers to stop the habit mostly because of:
    1. lack of commitment
    2. the withdrawal symptoms.
    3. the addictive substance in cigarettes
    4. cigarettes are readily available
  10. In order to avoid the effects of smoking, a person should:
    1. smoke less often.
    2. avoid starting the habit.
    3. smoke in private.
    4. buy cigarettes from the licensed dealers.
  11. People who manage to quit smoking:
    1. require some support
    2. often pick up the habit again
    3. find it hard to fit in the society.
    4. do not show withdrawal syptoms.
  12. The best title for the above passage is: 
    1. Dangers of smoking.
    2. How to avoid smoking.
    3. Effects of smoking.
    4. Facts about smoking.


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  11. C
  12. C
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C
  16. D
  17. A
  18. B
  19. A
  20. D
  21. B
  22. A
  23. B
  24. A
  25. C
  26. B
  27. D
  28. A
  29. D
  30. B
  31. D
  32. C
  33. C
  34. A
  35. B
  36. D
  37. C
  38. B
  39. B
  40. D
  41. C
  42. B
  43. D
  44. D
  45. A
  46. D
  47. C
  48. B
  49. A
  50. D
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