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Science - Class 8 End Term 1 Exam 2021 Set 1

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  1. Materials which allow some light to pass through them but one cannot see through them clearly are used to make the following except  
    1. skylight
    2. vehicle windscreens 
    3. toilet window panes
    4. bathroom window panes
  2. Absorption of water and mineral salts in human being takes place in the
    1. stomach
    2. duodenum
    3. Small intestine
    4. large intestine
  3. Broilers are ready for slaughter after being fed for how many months?
    1. Six
    2. Two
    3. Twelve
    4. Eight
  4. Some mammals feed on both flesh and vegetables. Which one of the following is an example of such a mammal?
    1. Dog
    2. Pig
    3. Goat
    4. Cat
  5. The following are examples of tuber crops except
    1. sweet potato
    2. carrot
    3. irish potato
    4. onion
  6. The diagram below shows parts of a flower.
    class 8 ET1 set 1 sci Q6
    Which one of the labelled parts is not correctly matched with its function?
               Part           Function
    1. W              -Receives pollen grains 
    2. X               -Receives pollen grams
    3. Y               -Develops into a seed 
    4. Z               -Attracts insecis
  7. Which one of the following parts of a bean seed is correctiy matched with its function vegetables.
               Part                 Function
    1. Micropyle      - Altaches seed to a pod
    2. Plumule         -Develops into roots
    3. Cotyledon      -Stores food
    4. Testa              -Allows in water
  8. The diagram below represents the model of the breathing system
    class 8 ET1 set 1 sci q8
    The part marked Q represents
    1. diaphragm 
    2. lungs
    3. ribs
    4. bronchus
  9. Which one of the following are the percentages ot rare gases and carbon dioxide 
    1. 0.03 and 78%
    2. 0.97% and 0.03% 
    3. 21%and 9.03% 
    4. 78% and 0.97
  10. The diagram below shows processes which cause changes in the state of matter.
    class 8 Et1 set 1 sci q10
    Which two processes absorb heat from the surrounding?
    1. R and S
    2. P and Q
    3. Q and R
    4. P and S
  11. The set-up below was used to investigate a certain property of matter
    class 8 Et1 set1 sci Q 11
    Which one of the following is the correct observation that will be made in the set-up above when the source of heat is removed?
    1. The coloured water will drop in the straw
    2. The coloured water will turn colourless
    3. The coloured water will rise up the straw
    4. The coloured water will boil
  12. Which one of the following factors does not affect sinking and floating of a material in water? The;
    1. weight of the material
    2. type of the material
    3. shape of the material
    4. volume of the material
  13. In which of the following is friction most needed?
    1. Streamlining
    2. Using rollers
    3. Polishing the surface
    4. Skating
  14. Which one of the following sentences is not correct?

    1. Tools should be cleaned after use


      Tools should be stored in a clean dry place
    3. Tools should be handled carefully
    4. Tools should be thrown away when they break down
  15. Which two physical properties of soil can be investigated using the set-up below?
    class 8 ET1 set 1 sci Q15
    1. Capillarity and drainage
    2. Drainage and soil texture
    3. Water retention and drainage
    4. Capillarity and water retention
  16. Which one of the following consists of materials which cannot be separated using a magnet?
    1. Tin and copper
    2. Zinc and aluminium
    3. Steel and zinc
    4. Brass and iron filings
  17. When breathing out, the 
    1. diaphragm relax
    2. lungs expand
    3. volume of the chest increases 
    4. diaphragm moves downwards
  18. Which is the best way of controlling splash  erosion?
    1. Mulching 
    2. Building gabbions
    3. Contour ploughing
    4. Terracing
  19. The diagram below shows Aringo and Regina balancing on a see-saw. 
    class 8 Et1 set 1 sci Q19
    For Aringo to balance with Regina, 
    1. Aringo should move  away from the fulcrum
    2. both of them should stand 
    3. Regina should move away from the fulcrum 
    4. Regina should move towards the fulcrum
  20. Which one of the following is not a proper storage of medicines?
    1. Always complete che dosage given by the doctor
    2. The medicine cuphoard should be lockable
    3. .All medicines should be kept beyond the reach of children
    4. Medicines should not be stored together with food stuffs
  21. Weeds should be
    1. planted in the field
    2. mixed with other crops
    3. controlled
    4. encouraged to grow in the field
  22. The diagram below represents a set-up that can be used to demonstrate a certain mode of heat transfer.
    class 6 Et1 sci q20
    The process demonstrated is
    1. convection
    2. conduction
    3. diffusion
    4. radiation
  23. Which one of the following statements is not true about the solar system
    1. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.
    2. Jupiter is the largest planet.
    3. We use glue to mount the planets to the orbit
    4. Venus is the brightest planet
  24. Which one of the following is not an effect of noise?
    1. Irritability
    2. Deafness
    3. Madness 
    4. Ringing in the ear
  25. Which one of the following consists of only characteristics of wind pollinated flowers?
    1. Small amount of pollen grains, dull in colour
    2. Loosely held anthers, sticky stigma
    3. Feathery stigma, no scent
    4. No nectar, brightly coloured petals
  26. Which one of the following is not a source of light?
    1. Firefly
    2. Moon
    3. Star
    4. Sun
  27. Which one of the following is an effect of excessive use of fertilizer as a water pollutant?
    1. Excessive growth of water weeds
    2. Water-borne diseases
    3. Suffocation of water animals
    4. Increase of water animals
  28. The last stage when separating a mixture of  sand and salt after addition of water is a
    1. decanting
    2. evaporating
    3. filtering
    4. sieving
  29. Class three pupils placed a glass of water outside in the sun on a hot day as shown below.
    class 8 Et 1 set 1 sci Q29
    What conclusion did the pupils make? 
    1. Water has no air
    2. Air contains water
    3. Water evaporated
    4. Water contains air
  30. Given below are descriptions of a certain stage of HiV infection 


      lt lasts between 6 weeks to 12 years
    2. If a medical test is done, the presence of HIv are discovered in the sample of blood.
    3. The infected person looks normal and healthy
    4. Can infect other people
      Which stage of HIV is described above?
      1. Full blown
      2. Window
      3. Incubation
      4. Symptomatic
  31. Which constituent of balanced diet do animals get when they are fed on bone meal?
    1. Minerals 
    2. Protein
    3. Carbohydrates
    4. Fats and oils
  32. Which one of the following activities is not a way of using water sparingly
    1. Using drip irrigation
    2. Closing taps after use
    3. Repairing leaking pipes
    4. Mulching
  33. Pale skin, dizziness, white palms and eyelids are treated by eating a lot of
    1. Ripe banana
    2. spinach
    3. sweet potato
    4. bacon
  34. Given below are nutrients needed by plants healthy growth, Which one of them is a micro-nutient? 
    1. Chlorine 
    2. Hydrogen 
    3. Magnesium
    4. Phosphorus
  35. Which one of the following is a function of Vitamin A in the diet? 
    1. For good eyesight
    2. Making strong bones
    3. Helps to make the blood healthy 
    4. Helps in the clotting of blood
  36. A person suffering from cholera loses a lot of water through
    1. diarrhoea and sweating
    2. diarrhoea and vomiting
    3. vomiting and sweating
    4. diarhoea and tears
  37. The following are characteristics of image formed on a plane mirror. Which one is not? 
    1. Image is upright 
    2. The image forms behind the mirror
    3. Image is inverted. 
    4. Image is same size as object
  38. Which one of the following animals correctly matched with how it feeds?
       Animal   How it feeds 
     A   Grasshoper     pecking
     B  Spider    sucking 
     C  Rabbit      chewing 
     D  Butterfly     chewing
  39. Which one of the following animals belong to the same group as a scorpion?
    1. Crab
    2. Locust
    3. Millipede
    4. Tick
  40. The diagram below shows a windsock. The suitable material for making part X is
    class 8 Et1 set 1 sci Q40
    1. mosquito net
    2. plastic sheet
    3. polythene paper
    4. manila paper
  41. Which one of the following examples of levers has the position of load between the positions of effort and fulcrum when in use?
    1. Wheelbarrow
    2. Spade
    3. Lid opener
    4. Crowbar
  42. The diagram below represents a set-up that is used to investigate a certain property of light
    class 8 ET1 Set 1 sci Q42
    The property investigated is that light
    1. is refracted 
    2. travels in a straight line 
    3. is dispersed 
    4. does not pass through opaque materials 
  43. Which one of the following sentences about a hurricane lamp is not correct?
    1. It has chimney that prevents the flame from flickering 
    2. It uses paraffin
    3. It can safely use spirit 
    4. It has a wick
  44. Which one of the following is not a reason its for lighting a house?
    1. For safety 
    2. To scare away pests
    3. To wam the house
    4. To read comfortably
  45. An object is pulled towards the ground by the 
    1. weigh
    2. force of gravity
    3. inertia
    4. force of magnet
  46. Which one of the following effects of drug abuse consists of only health effects?
    1. Theft and lack of concentration
    2. Induced accidents and truancy
    3. Rape and withdrawal symptoms
    4. Addiction and loss of consciousness
  47. A grade four pupil was observing the sky. She saw a thick white feathery clouds. These were signs of
    1. heavy rain falling soon
    2. low temperature
    3. fine weather
    4. strong winds blowing
  48. Which one of the following groups of foods make a balanced diet?

    1. Milk, bread, sweet potato

    2. Meat, beans, fish

    3. Meat, cabbage, ugali

    4. Rice, green grams, milk

  49. The component of soil that improves water holding ability is 

    1. mineral salts


    3. organic matter
    4. living organism
  50. Which one of the following consists of pairs of biotic components of environment?
    1. Elephant and maize plants
    2. Soil and water
    3. Air and plants
    4. Animals and water


  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. B
  5. D
  6. A
  7. C
  8. A
  9. B
  10. A
  11. A
  12. D
  13. D
  14. D
  15. C
  16. C
  17. A
  18. A
  19. C
  20. A
  21. C
  22. A
  23. C
  24. C
  25. C
  26. B
  27. A
  28. B
  29. D
  30. C
  31. A
  32. D
  33. B
  34. A
  35. A
  36. B
  37. C
  38. B
  39. D
  40. C
  41. A
  42. B
  43. C
  44. C
  45. B
  46. D
  47. C
  48. B
  49. C
  50. A
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