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Social Studies and CRE/IRE Questions and Answers - Class 8 End of Term 1 Exams 2022

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Study the map of Toto area and use it to answer questions 1 to 7

  1. The land in Toto area slopes towards
    1. South East 
    2. North West 
    3. East 
    4. West
  2. What is the approximate length of the tarmac road in Toto area? 
    1. 20km 
    2. 10km 
    3. 16km 
    4. 12km
  3. The settlement pattern found in Toto area is
    1. nucleated 
    2. Iinear 
    3. Clustered 
    4. influenced by drainage
  4. The MAIN economic activity carried out in Tints illusis likely to be 
    1. Trade
    2. Crop farming
    3. transport and communication 
    4. fishing
  5. The climate experienced in the eastern part of Toto area is LIKELY to be
    1. hot and Wet 
    2. Cool and wet
    3. hot and dry
    4. cool and dry
  6. Traders in Dete market obtain their trading licenses from the
    1. chief's camp
    2. police post
    3. county commissioner's oflice
    4. county oflices
  7. Most of the residents in Toto arca are
    1. Muslims 
    2. Pagans 
    3. Christians 
    4. Hindus
  8. Which one of the following groups of needs. compromise of basic family needs only?
    1. Food, clothing and shelter 
    2. Water, shelter and clothing 
    3. Security, food and shelter 
    4. Education, food and clothing.
  9. Which one of the following groups of communities is found in West Africa? 
    1. Shona, Ndebele, Ngoni 
    2. Berbers, Tuaregs, Arabs 
    3. Igbo, Yoruba, Akwapim 
    4. Xhosa, Zulu, Venda
  10. The MAIN reason for rural to urban migration is
    1. inadequate farming land in rural areas.
    2. search for jobs in towns. 
    3. retirement from employment. 
    4. availability of good infrastructure in towns.
  11. Which one of the following is an elfect of the revolution of the earth? .
    1. Occurrence of sunrise, noon and sunset.
    2. Change of the lunar eclipse. 
    3. Occurrence of day and night.
    4. Differences in time along different longitudes.
  12. Three of the following factors promote peace in our country: Which one DOES NOT?
    1. Equal opportunities for all. 
    2. Ganes and sports
    3. Dilogue amongst citizens.
    4. Co-operation with terrorists.
  13. Which one of the following is TRUE about the River Congo? 
    1. It is the biggest river in Africa. 
    2. It has a delta at its mouth. 
    3. It drains it water in the Indian ocean. 
    4. It is not navigable due to rapids and water falls.
  14. Coffee growing in Ethiopia and Kenya is important MAINLY because it 
    1. improves living standards. 
    2. leads to development of infrastructure. 
    3. creates employment in both countries. 
    4. is a source of foreign exchange.
  15. The following are roles of school administrators.
    1. Heading the school disciplinary committee
    2. Admitting new pupils to the school.
    3. Disciplining pupils who fail to observe school rules.
    4. Writing minutes in a stuff meeting.
      Which one of the following are the duties of a school deputy headteacher ONLY?
      1. (i) and (iv)
      2. (i) and (iii)
      3. (ii) and (iii)
      4. (iii) and (iv)
  16. Three of the following are duties of the Mutemi of the Nyamwezi. Which one is NOT? He
    1. was the commander-in-chief of the Nyamwezi army.
    2. controlled trade between the Nyamwezi and Arabs.
    3. expanded his kingdom outside Nyamwezi territory
    4. made judgements on cases of murder.
  17. Which one of the following policies was used by the French to administer West Africa?
    1. Direct rule
    2. Assimilation
    3. Indirect rule
    4. Paternalism
  18. Which one of the following types of trees is found in a planted forest?
    1. Mvule
    2. Oak
    3. Mahogany
    4. Pine
  19. The first African country to gain independence from the European was
    1. Sudan
    2. South Africa 
    3. Ghana 
    4. Egypt
  20. The statements below describe a town in  Kenya.
    1. It is located on a slal aireu suitable for expansion.
    2. It started as an agricultural centre. 
    3. It enjoys a good supply of water from nearby rivers. 
    4. It is a major industrial centre.
      The town described above is LIKELY to be 
      1. Thika 
      2. Nairobi
      3. Nakuru  
      4. Eldoret
  21. The MAIN factor that affects national unity in Kenya is 
    1. corruption
    2. tribalism
    3. equal distribution of resources. 
    4. political differences 
  22. A person may become a citizen of Kenya through registration if he/she
    1. was born in Kenya by non-citizens of Kenya.
    2. visits Kenya as a tourist for seven consecutive years. 
    3. is married to a citizen of Kenya for at least seven years.
    4. is a child who seems to be below cight years of age.
  23. Who among the following African leaders collaborated with the British in Eastern Africa?
    1. Kabaka Mwanga
    2. Mwanawina Lewanika
    3. Chief Nana of Itsekiri
    4. Kabaka Mutosa I
  24. The population distribution in Africa is 'MAINLY influenced by
    1. Pests and diseases 
    2. Urbanisation 
    3. Government policy 
    4. Climate

Use the map of Kenya provided to answer questions 25 to 28

  1. The country marked K is
    1. Swaziland
    2. Lesotho
    3. Switzerland
    4. Botswana
  2. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE about the country marked Z?
    1. It is the largest country in Africa
    2. It is Africa's greatest producer of sugarcane
    3. It is crossed by thic Great River Nile
    4. It was the first country to gain independence in Eastern Africa.
  3. The mountain marked M is called
    1. Ahaggar
    2. Atlas Mountains
    3. Tibesti 
    4. Ras Dashan
  4. The winds marked T are called
    1. The Harmattan 
    2. North East 'Trade Winds 
    3. Westerlies 
    4. South Westerlies
  5. Which one of the following was NOT used in traditional forms of education? 
    1. Story telling 
    2. Composition writing 
    3. Working with adults 
    4. Imitation
  6. The following are conditions that favour a growth of a certain crop in Kenya. .
    1. Warm temperature of about 250 during the growing time.
    2. Moderate ruinfull of between 500mm and 1100mm
    3. well drained fertile soil.
    4. flat land especially where machine's are involved.
      The conditions stated above are suitable for 'the growth of
      1. tea 
      2. cotton 
      3. flowers 
      4. wheat
  7. The MOST effective ways of curbing drug and substance abuse is
    1. creating public awareness on drug and substance abuse.
    2. preventing smuggling of drugs at border points.
    3. ensuring parents become good role models to children.
    4. providing moral guidance to the youth through healthy leisure activities.
  8. The type of democracy practised in the Kenyan government is 
    1. direct democracy
    2. representative democracy
    3. participatory democracy
    4. nominational democracy. 
  9. Which one of the following was a positive effect of European settler farming?
    1. Creation of African reserves. 
    2. Exploitation of Africans.
    3. Creation of agricultural cooperatives. 
    4. Discrimination and racial segregation.
  10. The capital city of Nigeria is
    1. Lagos 
    2. Free Town 
    3. Porto Novo 
    4. Abuja
  11. The MAIN factor to consider before establishing a poultry farm is availability
    1. Water
    2. labour
    3. raw materials
    4. market
  12. The BEST thing to do for people with special needs in the community is to
    1. give them jobs in the community
    2. establish special schools for them
    3. providing them with special equipment they need
    4. create positive attitudes in them.
  13. Which one of the following minerals is CORRECTLY matched with the method of mining involved in its extraction?
    1. Fluorspar - Scooping
    2. Gold - Dredging method
    3. Soda ash - Panning method 
    4. Copper - Stripping method
  14. The MAIN problem facing forestry in Africa is
    1. pests and diseases
    2. drought and famine
    3. rapid population growth
    4. illegal logging

Use the diagram below to answer question 39

  1. The weather instrument shown above is called
    1. In ancroid barometer 
    2. Hygrometer 
    3. A simple barometer 
    4. Mercury thermometer 
  2. Olunga has discovered that his classmate is HIV positive.  As a good citizen, what is the BEST thing for him to do? 
    1. Advise them to seek medical advice
    2. Report the matter  to the headteacher
    3. Tell his close triends.
    4. Avoid playing with the affected classmate.
  3. Jua kali industries are encouraged the government MAINLY because they
    1. depend on local resources 
    2. create sell employment.
    3. require little capital to start 
    4. lead to foreign exchange
  4. Julius Nyerere is remembered in Tanzania MAINLY because he
    1. transferred the capital city from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.
    2. established ujamaa villages.
    3. was a greal teacher.
    4. led Tanganyika to independence. 
  5. Which one of the following was the MAIN reason for the formation of East African community?
    1. To bring closer economic and social cooperation in the region
    2. To create a common market for goods produced in the region.
    3. To promote free movement of people among member states. 
    4. To improve transport and communication in the region.
  6. Most of the countries in Eastern Africa were colonised by the 
    1. French 
    2. Italians 
    3. Germans 
    4. British
  7. Which one of the following fishing methods is MAINLY used in decp sea fisheries? 
    1. Purse-seining 
    2. Net drifting 
    3. Trawling 
    4. Long lining
  8. Which one of the following countries is CORRECTLY matched with her main tourist attractions? 
    1. Morocco - Table mountains, Kruger National park 
    2. South Africa - Warm sandy beaches, the pyramids of Giza. 
    3. Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls, Hwango National Park 
    4. Kenya - The ancient town of Marakech, Berber villlages.
  9. Which one of the following is TRUE about struggle for independence in both Tanganyika and Ghana? The two countries
    1. used peaceful means to fight for independence. 
    2. gained independence before 1960. 
    3. fought for independence from Germans. 
    4. used armed struggle to gain independence.
  10. Horticultural produce in Kenya is transported from major farms by 
    1. road 
    2. railway 
    3. air 
    4. water
  11. In order to effectively communicate at important matter to the masses, the government should use the 
    1. television 
    2. radio 
    3. internet 
    4. government newspapers
  12. Which one of the following is a social right enjoyed by citizens of Kenya? Right to 
    1. work 
    2. education 
    3. thought 
    4. to vote in elections.
  13. The highest and final court in Kenya is the
    1. Court of Appeal
    2. High Court
    3. Chief Magistare's courts
    4. Supreme Court
  14. Kenyan's celebrate their independence day on
    1. 1st June
    2. 10th October 
    3. 2011 October
    4. 12th December
  15. The statements below describe a population structure.
    1. Birth and deaths are few.
    2. Many people practise family planning
    3. The population is aging.
    4. Most of the people live in urban areas.
      The statement above describe the population structure of 
      1. Kenya 
      2. India 
      3. Germany 
      4. Germany and India
  16. The MAIN problem facing trade in Eastern Africa is
    1. production of similar goods. 
    2. high tariffs at border points 
    3. political instability
    4. poor transport and communication networks.
  17. In the past, most communities interacted through 
    1. wars 
    2. games and sports 
    3. intermarriage 
    4. trade
  18. The MAIN role of the legislature in Kenya is to 
    1. formulate government policies. 
    2. make laws. 
    3. amend laws. 
    4. implement government policies.
  19. Which method of conflict resolutions majorly involves the judicial system in the society? 
    1. arbitration
    2. mediation 
    3. litigation
    4. enquiry
  20. Which one of the following is COMMON in the systems of government in both Kenya and Swaziland? In both countries
    1. parliament consists of two houses.
    2. there are no general elections.
    3. members of the parliament are elected by the people
    4. the president rules for a maximum of ten years.
  21. The national government get its revenue MAINLY through
    1. court fines
    2. grants and aids
    3. taxes
    4. foreign exchange earnings.
  22. The first step towards conducting a general election in Kenya is
    1. Nomination of candidates by political parties. 
    2. Dissolution of parliament 
    3. Conducting civic education to the electrórate.
    4. Announcement of election dates by the IEBC


  1. According to Genesis stories of creation, which one of the following statements is CORRECT?
    1. placed him in the garden of Eden.
    2. created a helper for him.
    3. breathed His breath into him.
    4. removed a rib out of him
  2. The following were the promises made to Abraham by God. Which one is NOT?
    1. God would bless his name.
    2. God would make him a great nation.
    3. His descendants would live for three hundred years.
    4. God would give him a promised nation.
  3. Which one of the following reasons BEST explain why Noah built the ark?
    1. To save his family.
    2. To fulfill the will of God.
    3. He wanted other people to die in the floods
    4. People had become so wicked
  4. When the Israelites came to Matah they could not drink its water because it was bitter. What did Moses use to purify the water?Exodus 15:25
    1. A piece of wood
    2. A piece of cloth
    3. Salt 
    4. A stick
  5. From which tribe were Moses, Aaron and Miriam
    1. Judah
    2. Leviit 
    3. Benjamin
    4. Manasseh
  6. Which one of the following BEST explains why the Passover is important to the Jews. Because reminds them of
    1. the death of Egyptians.
    2. about crossing the Red sea.
    3. about the king of Egypt.
    4. their deliverance from slavery.
  7. “You will not build a temple for me David, instead your son is the one who will do it because your hands are full of blood.”
    1 Samuel 7:5- 17. Which one of David's sons built a temple for God?
    1. Solomon
    2. Adonijah
    3. Amnon
    4. Absalom
  8. Which of the following commandments did  King Ahab break when he saw Naboth's Man became alive after God vineyard and wanted to own it? A. 
    1. You should not steal.  
    2. You should not covet. 
    3. You should not bear false witness against someone.
    4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. 
  9. When Naaman was healed of leprosy, Elisha refused to take the gifts he had carried for him. Gehazi the servant of Elisha ran after him and lied that his master had changed his mind and wanted the gifts. Which one of the following values did Gehazi lack?
    1. Humility
    2. Self-control 
    3. Integrity 
    4. Kindness 
  10. According to Exodus 31, who among the following people did God fill with the skills, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts to help in building the ark of the covenant?
    1. Moses and Aaron they could 
    2. Joshua and Caleb 
    3. Eliezar ad Gershom 
    4. Bezalela and Oholiob 
  11. “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are   small among the clans of Judah, out of you will  come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from ancient times” Who among the following prophets prophesied the birth place of Jesus? 
    1. Jeremiah
    2. Micah
    3. Isaiah
    4. Joel
  12. Which one of the following is the MAIN reason why Zechariah became dumb when the angel  of God told him that his wife would give birth  to a baby boy? He 
    1. He was so afraid because his wife was old.
    2. The news about the birth of his son excited him so much.
    3. He doubted the message of the angel.
    4. He fell sick and became dumb.
  13. Why did Mary and Joseph take their baby Jesus  to Egypt? They 
    1. had gone to visit their relatives.. 
    2. were going for census.
    3. were running away from King Herod. 
    4. had gone for the Passover festivals.
  14. John the baptist went round in the whole territory of river Jordan preaching his message. To which group of people did he tell not to take money from anyone by force or accuse anyone falsely and to be also contented with their pay? The 
    1. Pharisees 
    2. tax collectors 
    3. soldiers 
    4. Saducees
  15. Which one of the following is the MAIN lesson that Christian learn from the incident when Jesus was baptized by John the baptist? That Christian should
    1. identify themselves with their church. 
    2. be baptized in order to get new names. 
    3. look for people to baptize them in rivers. 
    4. be ready to be baptized them in rivers.
  16. Which one of the following miracles performed by Jesus shows that he is a universal saviour? Healing of the 
    1. blind Bartimeus
    2. Roman Centurion's servant
    3. paralyzed man
    4. bleeding woman
  17. In which of the following events did Jesus teach us that He is the source of enjoyment?
    1. The healing of Lazarus
    2. Multiplication of fish and bread.
    3. The wedding at Cana of Galilee
    4. The healing of the crippled woman
  18. Which one of the following was NOT an accusation about Jesus brought before Pilate? 
    1. Claiming to be the Messiah 
    2. Organizing riots in Jerusalem 
    3. Telling people not to pay taxes 
    4. Telling people not to obey the laws of Moses.
  19. Who among the following people was the rich man who offered his tomb for the burial of the body of Jesus
    1. Nicodemus 
    2. Simon of Cyrene
    3. Joseph of Arimathea 
    4. Stephen
  20. According to the teaching of Saint Paul, any person who DOES NOT work should not be allowed to 
    1. work
    2. eat
    3. sleep
    4. earn money
  21. Which one of the following is a SIMILAR belief in both Christianity and traditional African communities? 
    1. Life after death 
    2. God the ancestor 
    3. The Holy trinity 
    4. Going to paradise
  22. Who among the following people was NOT religious specialist in traditional African societies? 
    1. Rainmaker 
    2. Magician 
    3. Diviner
    4. Prophet
  23. In African traditional communities, the MAIN reason why people shared their materials things with others was to show 
    1. their wealth. 
    2. respect to the elders. 
    3. concern for other. 
    4. obedience to the ancestors.
  24. According to traditional African communities, children are told folktales MAINLY to 
    1. entertain them. 
    2. keep them busy. 
    3. teach them their history. 
    4. teach them moral values.
  25. A standard 8 boy was reported to his mother for not completing his homework. As a Christian what is the BEST action for the mother to take? :
    1. Beat him thoroughly 
    2. Refuse to pay his school fees 
    3. Advice him on the importance of obedience.
    4. Report him to the nearby police station,
  26. Shantel has no sister or brother. When she first went to school, it was very difficult for her but with time she understood the importance of living and learning together. Which one of the following values did shantel acquire in school? 
    1. Sharing
    2. Writing 
    3. Reading
    4. Working
  27. Martha a standard 8 girls finds two pupils fighting. As a Christian what should Martha do?
    1. Pass and leave them fighting. 
    2. Stop them from fighting. 
    3. Report the matter to their parents. 
    4. Report them at the nearest police station.
  28. Which one of the following is NOT a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Love
    2. Kindness
    3. Faith
    4. Faithfulness
  29. Which one of the following qualities is a hindrance to a happy relationship between friends?
    1. Tolerance
    2. Faithfulness
    3. Betrayal
    4. Humility
  30. Who one of the following activities did Ludwig Krapf involve himself in as a missionary in Kenya?
    1. Planting cash crops.
    2. Building mission centres.
    3. Appointing church leaders.
    4. Building the railway.


  1. Which one of the following is NOT a burden removed from prophet Muhammad (p.biu.h) according to Surah Al-Inshirah?
    1. ignorance
    2. burying daughter alive
    3. gambling
    4. business merchant caravans
  2. Who among the following people were given taurat? The
    1. Jews
    2. Christians
    3. Arabs
    4. Chaldeans 
  3. The holy Qur’an was revealed in the night of
    1. Isra wal miiraj
    2. Hijra
    3. Lailatul qadr
    4. Tahajjud
  4. In the surah Al-falaq, Muslims seek
    1. intervention
    2. refuge
    3. advice
    4. blessings
  5. In surah Al-Asr, man is considered to be at a loss if he
    1. use time poorly.
    2. never embraced Islamic guidance.
    3. used wealth on the way of Allah.
    4. stopped da'awa mission
  6. The hadith of the prophet (p.b.u.h) involves a number of guidance. Which one of these is among them? The
    1. agreements of the Ulamaa
    2. views of the Caliphs.
    3. findings of Swahabas
    4. the approvals of the prophet (p.b.u.h)
  7. Which one among the following vices in Islamic Sharia, is a form of Zinaa?
    1. Apostasy
    2. Fornication
    3. Accusations
    4. Rumours 
  8. All the following are moments in which Muslims need to thank Allah (s.w) EXCEPT when we  
    1. get riza
    2. are relieved off difficulties
    3. give promises to people.
    4. we gain promotions on jobs
  9. When you drink, how many times should you stop to take a breath?
    1. three
    2. two 
    3. five
    4. four 
  10. Which one of the following conditions of swalah CANNOT be seen by any other man? 
    1. Facing Qiblat
    2. Having the intention
    3. Cleanliness 
    4. Covering the A'ura
  11. Muslims travellers are allowed to reduce the amount of rakaats and combine fardh prayers.Which swalats should not be reduced according to Sharia?
    1. Dhuhr and Asr
    2. Fajr and Isha 
    3. Asr and Isha
    4. Fajr and Maghrib
  12. Muslims who fail to fast in the month of Ramadhan for a few days with reasons understood in the sharia, it becomes in other days of the Islamic calendar.
    1. Fidya
    2. Kafara
    3. Sunna
    4. Waajib
  13. Which one of the following information is TRUE ABOUT Umra? It
    1. must be concluded with standing at Arafa.
    2. can be performed repeatedly in life.
    3. must be performed alongside Hajj.
    4. it is used to orientate the new pilgrims.
  14. The special piece of cloth worn during hajj pilgrimate is called
    1. kaffaan
    2. libasu Taqwa
    3. qamis
    4. ihraam
  15. In which takbira of salat janaza should the dua for the dead be recited?
    1. fourth
    2. first
    3. third
    4. second
  16. Milk of animals whose meat we do not eat is grouped under ______ najis. 
    1. light
    2. heavy 
    3. medium
    4. impurity
  17. People having janaba, nifas and heidh are not allowed to do all the following things EXCEPT to enjoy during the occasion of
    1. entering the mosque
    2. listening to sermons
    3. touching the holy Qura’n.
    4. perform swalah
  18. The attribute that Allah (s.w) is known to be “Guider" is
    1. Al-Basit
    2. As-Samii
    3. Al-Adl
    4. Al-Rasheed
  19. Which one of the following was a miracle at the time of prophet Suleiman (A.S)
    1. survived in a blaze of fire.
    2. brought the dead people back to life,
    3. communicated the language of all creatures.
    4. Allah made iron soft for him.
  20. Which one of the following is a pair of angels who perform their duties together?
    1. Isra'iil and israfiil
    2. Munkar and Nakir
    3. Ridhwan and Malik
    4. Jibril and Mikaiil
  21. Which one of the following CORRECTLY shows the Ayyaamul Tashriq days on the Islamic Calendar year? 
    1. 11th, 124, 13th, Dhul Hijja
    2. 25th, 27th, 296, Ramadhan
    3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Shawwaal
    4. 13th, 14th, 15th, Every months
  22. The prophet (p.b.u.h) compared a person who talks in the mosque during khutba to
    1. an empty basket that makes noise.
    2. a burning candle that finishes itself.
    3. a donkey loaded with books.
    4. a defaulter who missed the Jum'a
  23. Which one of the following is the correct date on which the prophet underwent Isra-wal miiraj trip?
    1. 17th, Shaaban year of Birds
    2. 124, Rabiul awwal Year of Elephants
    3. 10", Muharram Year of Hijra
    4. 27th, Rajab year of Sorrow
  24. Walima is a special food prepared for people
    1. Idd.
    2. Nikah
    3. Suhur
    4. Aqiqa
  25. Chaldeans were people from
    1. Thamud
    2. Aika
    3. Ur
    4. Ard
  26. By readily accepting the call to be slaughtered by his father. Nabii Ismail (A.S)exercised
    1. patience
    2. honesty 
    3. generosity
    4. sacrifice
  27. "Allahumma innii, audhubika minal khubuth wal-khabaaithi”. This is recited upon entering
    1. kitchen
    2. toilet
    3. bedroom
    4. house
  28. Which one of the following trades gives a halaal income?
    1. Musical instruments
    2. Intoxicants
    3. Pottery
    4. Photography
  29. Who among the following was NOT one of prophet Muhammad's grandfathers?
    1. Aazar .
    2. Qilabi
    3. Quswayyi
    4. Abdul Manafi
  30. Which pillar of Islam is said to be heavier than the earth and everything in it?
    1. Swala
    2. Hajj
    3. Swaum
    4. Shahada



  1. A
  2. C
  3. C
  4. B
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. B
  12. D
  13. A
  14. D
  15. D
  16. C
  17. B
  18. B
  19. C
  20. A
  21. B
  22. C
  23. D
  24. D
  25. A
  26. A
  27. C
  28. B
  29. B
  30. B
  31. A
  32. B
  33. C
  34. D
  35. D
  36. D
  37. D
  38. C
  39. C
  40. A
  41. B
  42. D
  43. A
  44. D
  45. C
  46. C
  47. A
  48. A
  49. B
  50. B
  51. D
  52. D
  53. C
  54. A
  55. D
  56. B
  57. C
  58. A
  59. C
  60. B


  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. D
  11. B
  12. C
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. C
  18. D
  19. B
  20. B
  21. A
  22. B
  23. C
  24. D
  25. C
  26. A
  27. B
  28. C
  29. C
  30. B


  1. D
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  11. D
  12. A
  13. B
  14. D
  15. C
  16. C
  17. B
  18. D
  19. C
  20. B
  21. A
  22. C
  23. D
  24. B
  25. C
  26. A
  27. B
  28. C
  29. A
  30. D

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