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Social Studies and Religious Studies Questions and Answers - Class 8 End term 2 2022 Set 1

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Study the map of Como Area above and use it to answer questions 1 - 7.

  1. Which one of the following economic activities is NOT practised in Como Area?
    1. Trading
    2. Fishing
    3. Quarrying
    4. Crop farming
  2. The administrative head of Como Area is most likely to be a;
    1. County representative
    2. Deputy county commissioner
    3. Senator
    4. Governor
  3. Which one of the following services is NOT offered in Como town?
    1. Education 
    2. Administrative
    3. Health
    4. Transport and communication
  4. The land in Como Area rises from;
    1. West to East
    2. South West to North East
    3. East to West
    4. North West to South East
  5. If you were a member of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which development project would you give the first priority in Como Area? Construction of a;
    1. church
    2. water treatment plant
    3. fire station
    4. hospital
  6. The type of settlement in Como area can be  described as;
    1. clustered
    2. sparse
    3. linear
    4. scattered
  7. The cash crop grown in Como area is used for;
    1. flavouring food .
    2. making insecticides
    3. making beverages
    4. making perfumes
  8. Who among the following traditional leaders is correctly matched with his response towards the  establishment of colonial rule?
      Leader Response 
    A  Lewanika  Resisted
    B  Lenana  Collaborated
    C  Nabongo Mumia  Resisted
    D  Kabaka Mwanga  Collaborated
  9. The following are mountains in Africa;
    1. Atlas mountain
    2. Mt Kilimanjaro 
    3. Usambara mountain
    4. Mt Elgon 
    5. Danakil Alps
      Which of the following sets of mountains is referred as horsts?
      1. (i) and (ii
      2. (iii) and (v)
      3. (ii) and (iv)
      4. (iv) and (v)
  10. Which of the following will help MOST in reducing corruption cases in Kenya?
    1. Advising leaders to be repentant
    2. Electing class secretaries
    3. Educating the citizens on the disadvantages of  corruption
    4. Hiring a new.Attorney General to prepare charges against the corrupt individuals
  11. Which of the following countries is NOT crossed  by the Tropic of Cancer (23½°N)?
    1. Morocco
    2. Algeria
    3. Egypt
    4. Mauritania
  12. The following statements describe a prominent  leader in Africa;
    1. He was a great writer
    2. He represented his people in the French  parliament 
    3. He negotiated for his country's  independence
    4. He retired voluntarily from active politics
      The leader described above is;
      1. Julius Nyerere
      2. Haile Sellasie
      3. Leopold Senghor
      4. Nelson Mandela
  13. The weather instrument shown below is used to  measure a certain element of weather called;
    1. humidity
    2. temperature
    3. air pressure
    4. rainfall
  14. Which one of the following statements correctly describes the position of Kenya in relation to her  neighbours?
    1. Kenya lies to the South of Ethiopia
    2. Kenya lies to the West of Uganda
    3. Kenya lies to the North of South Sudan
    4. Kenya lies to the South East of Tanzania
  15. Which of the following groups consists of inland  species of fish only?
    1. Tilapia, mud fish, black bass 
    2. Mullet, salmon, barracuda
    3. Omena, sardine, mullet
    4. Tilapia, mullet, dagaa
  16. Which of the following would be the best way of curbing drugs and substance abuse among the youth in Kenya?
    1. Arresting all drug traffickers to 
    2. Putting warnings on labels of drugs
    3. Putting strict rules on drug trafficking
    4. Educating young people on the dangers of drugs
  17. In which one of the following ways would pupils practise democracy in school?
    1. Choosing the subjects to learn
    2. Employing many young policemen
    3. Choosing the teachers to teach them
    4. Electing the president of the school
  18. Which one of the following gives the correct order of evolution of man?
    1. Homo Habilis →Homo Erectus Homo Sapiens 
    2. Homo Habilis → Homo Sapiens → Homo Erectus
    3. Homo Sapiens → Homo Erectus Homo Habilis
    4. Homo Erectus → Homo Habilis → Homo Erectus
  19. The following are factors that promote peace in the society except;
    1. unemployment
    2. games and sports
    3. obeying the law
    4. tolerance
  20. The following are conditions favouring the growth of a certain crop;
    1. high temperatures of about 27°C
    2. deep fertile well drained soils
    3. low altitude
    4. high humidity
      The above conditions favour the growth of;
      1. cocoa
      2. pyrethrum
      3. tea
      4. cloves
  21. Which of the following multipurpose river project  is correctly matched with the river in which it is  constructed?
    1. Aswan high dam - R. Volta
    2. Akosombo dam - R. Nile 
    3. Seven forks dam - R. Niger
    4. Kariba dam - R. Zambezi
  22. The following are functions of a certain town in Kenya.
    1. It is an agricultural centre 
    2. It is an educational centre   
    3. It is a tourist centre
    4. It is a market centre
      Which town has the above stated functions?
      1. Kisumu
      2. Nairobi
      3. Nakuru
      4. Mombasa
  23. Which of the following is likely to be the major cause of soil erosion in the Northern parts of Kenya?
    1. Monocropping
    2. Overstocking 
    3. Deforestation.
    4. Heavy rainfall
  24. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about the population structure of Kenya?
    1. Majority of the people live in rural areas
    2. The infant mortality is low
    3. The dependency ratio is high
    4. Majority of the people are young

Use the drawn map of Africa below to answer  questions 25 - 28.

  1. The climatic region marked Y receives rainfall during;
    1.  Summer
    2. Spring
    3. Winter
    4. Autumn 
  2. The MAIN tributary of the river marked R rises  from; 
    1. the Adamawa highlands 
    2. the Fouta Djalon highlands 
    3. Lake Chad 
    4. the Congo forest 
  3.  The main export crop from the country marked P 
    1. cotton
    2. cocoa
    3. rubber
    4. cloves 
  4. It is winter in the latitude marked T in the month of; 
    1. June
    2. March 
    3. September
    4. December 
  5. Most lakes found in the Great Rift Valley were  formed as a result of;
    1. deposition
    2. faulting 
    3. human activities
    4. volcanic activities
  6. Which of the following statements is true about bush fallowing?
    1. The practice is carried out in dry areas 
    2. The farmers practice large scale farming 
    3.  The fertility of the soil is improved by the use of  fertilizers 
    4. The farmers use a portion of land at a time 
  7. The function of a school administration is to;
    1.  retain the culture of the community 
    2.  help parents to take care of the children
    3.  ensure that the school has enough teachers 
    4.  help in the daily running of the school
  8. Who among the following early visitors to Eastern  Africa was a trader? 
    1. John Speke
    2. Ludwig Krapf
    3. HM Stanley
    4.  William Mackinnon
  9. Urbanization can best be described as the;
    1. making of towns beautiful
    2. creation of counties
    3. building of permanent houses
    4. growth of towns
  10. Which one of the following is the MAIN crop grown in the Perkerra irrigation scheme?
    1. Onions
    2. Water melons
    3. Chillies
    4. Seed maize
  11. The MAIN reason for establishing settlement schemes in Kenya was to;
    1. increase food production
    2. create reserves for Africans
    3. settle the landless people
    4. reclaim waste land
  12. Which of the following may cause lawlessness in a society?
    1. Morality  
    2. Literacy
    3. Integrity
    4. Poverty
  13.  Which one of the following is NOT a problem facing main towns in Kenya?
    1. Congestion and traffic jams
    2. Inadequate of social amenities
    3. Lack of employment
    4. Increased labour supply
  14. Who among the following people conducts customary marriages in Kenya?
    1. Religious leader
    2. Magistrate
    3. District Commissioner
    4. Clan elder
  15. Below are some uses of minerals;
    1. making of water filters
    2. making of glass
    3. making of electric wires 
    4. manufacturing of cement
    5. manufacturing of paints
      Which one of the following combinations of uses listed above is for diatomite?
      1.  (i), (ii) and (iii)
      2. (i), (ii) and (v)
      3. (ii), (iii) and (iv) 
      4. (iii), (iv) and (v)
  16. The best way of protecting children from child abuse is by;
    1. leaving them under the care of relatives
    2. making them do their homework
    3. employing people to take care of them
    4. making them aware of common abuses .
  17. A group of people with a common ancestor forms;
    1. an age set
    2. a family
    3. a clan
    4. an age group
  18. Three of the following were functions of the Organisations of African Unity (OAU). Which one was not?
    1. Carrying out joint military action to enforce resolutions by members 
    2. Supporting various liberation movements in Africa 
    3. Acting as a forum through which Africans spoke in one voice in international meetings
    4. Encouraging close cultural interactions among African states
  19. Which one of the following is an effect of rural urban migration on rural areas?
    1. Development of infrastructure
    2. Inadequate labour in the farms
    3. A ready market for agricultural goods
    4. Shortage of residential houses
  20. The cheapest method of preserving fish is;
    1. salting
    2. canning 
    3. smoking
    4. sun drying
  21. The following pairs of communities are found in Central Africa except;
    1. Shona and Ngoni
    2. Lozi and Ovimbundu 
    3. Tonga and Bemba
    4. Mossi and Soninke
  22. Which of the following is an effect of the rotation of the earth around the sun?
    1. Causes changes of seasons
    2. Causes differences in length of day and night
    3. Causes day and night
    4.  Influences the position of the mid-day sun
  23. The following are problems facing beef farming except;
    1. pests and diseases
    2. lack of good roads
    3. inadequate water supply
    4. inadequate pasture
  24. Which one of the following factors does NOT influence the climate of Africa?
    1. Latitude
    2. Longitude
    3. Altitude
    4. Relief .
  25. Which one of the following types of migration affects agricultural production negatively?
    1. Urban-rural migration
    2. Rural-rural migration
    3. Urban-urban migration
    4. Rural-urban migration
  26. The use of legal means as a way of resolving conflict is known as;
    1. negotiation
    2. mediation
    3. litigation
    4. dialogue
  27. What name was given to the traditional Buganda parliament?
    1. Omulamuzi
    2. Lukiko
    3. Omwanika
    4. Katikiro
  28. The traditional method of learning where learners learned as they practice the skill is called;
    1. imitation
    2. role play
    3. apprenticeship
    4. story telling
  29. In Kenya, who nominates the members of parliament  during the elections?
    1. The president
    2. The speaker
    3. Political parties
    4. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
  30. The national governing council of the government of Swaziland is known as;
    1. Ndlovukazi
    2. Ngwenyama 
    3. Libandla
    4. Liqoqo
  31. The headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are located at;
    1. Lagos
    2. Gaborone
    3. Abuja
    4. Lusaka
  32. The main difference between forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Swaziland is that;
    1. forests in Swaziland are natural unlike Democratic Republic of Congo which are planted
    2. forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo are natural unlike Swaziland which are  planted
    3. forests in Swaziland produce hardwoods unlike in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    4. in Democratic Republic of Congo forests are in  planted plantations while in Swaziland they are natural
  33. Which one of the following African countries is correctly matched with its capital city?
    1. Zimbabwe - Lusaka
    2. Niger - Bamak
    3. Mozambique - Lilongwe
    4. Gabon - Libreville
  34. The body in-charge of conducting elections in Kenya  is headed by;
    1. the chief Justice
    2. the National Assembly
    3. the Attorney General
    4. a chairman
  35. Which African country was led to independence by a political party called Convention Peoples Party (CPP)?
    1. Tanzania
    2. Egypt
    3. Zimbabwe
    4. Ghana
  36. According to the constitution of Kenya, which chapter deals with human rights?
    1. Chapter eighteen 
    2. Chapter one
    3. Chapter four
    4. Chapter twelve



  1. According to Genesis stories of creation, which one of the following is correctly matched with what was created?
    1. Day 3 - sun, moon and stars
    2. Day 4 - land, sea and vegetation
    3. Day 5 - birds, fish and sea creatures
    4. Day 6 - domestic and wild animals.
  2. The following characteristics describe a certain patriarch.
    1. Has told to leave his relatives and native
    2. God promised to make his name great.
    3. God commanded him to circumcise all his male descendants.
      Who among the following people is described above?
      1. Moses
      2. Abraham
      3. Isaac
      4. Jacob
  3. Which one of the following is the main lesson  that Christians learn from the story of Noah and the flood?
    1. Those who sin are punished.
    2. Families are important.
    3. They should protect their lives. 
    4. They should protect their families
  4. According to Exodus 3:5, Moses 100k or his sandals during his call. This symbolized
    1. faithfulness
    2. courage
    3. holiness
    4. obedience
  5. Which one of the following is a reason why God gave the Israelites the ten commandments at Mt. Sinai? To
    1. prevent them from going back to Egypt.
    2. help them enter the promised land.
    3. make them defeat their enemies
    4. guide them in their daily lives.
  6. Which one of the following activities was performed by the Israelites on the Passover night in Egypt? They
    1. sand songs of praises to God.
    2. collected golden bangles and necklaces.
    3. smeared blood on their door posts.
    4. selected new leaders who would lead them.
  7. The Lord is with you, you mighty man of  valour" Judges 6:12. To whom were these  words said by the angel of God?
    1. Gideon
    2. Samson
    3. Abraham
    4. Deborah
  8. Which one of the following is the main reason why king David is remembered in Israel?  Because he 
    1. composed many psalms.
    2. he killed Goliath.
    3. conquered the enemies of Israel.
    4. brought back the ark of covenant that God was far from them.
  9. The following are descriptions of a certain king  of Israel.
    1. He became impatient and offered a  sacrifice to God.
    2. He failed to follow God's instructions of  destroying the Amalekites
      Who among the following kings is described  above?
      1. David
      2. Saul
      3. Solomon
      4. Jeroboam
  10. Rejoice greatly people of Zion, shout for joy, you people of Jerusalem. Lo, your king comes to your, triumphant and victorious but humble and riding on a donkey." The above prophecy concerning Jesus was made by
    1. Zechariah
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Isaiah
    4. Hosea
  11. Who among the following miracles was  performed by both Prophet Elijah and Elisha?
    1. Calling fire from heaven,
    2. Multiplication of oil.
    3. Healed the bitter water.
    4. prophesied 3 years drought.
  12. When emperor Augustus ordered a census be taken, Joseph went to the town of Bethlehem. This was because
    1. it was near Nazareth.
    2. it was religious center.
    3. He was commanded by an angel. ..
    4. it was his ancestral birth place. 
  13. During the dedication of Jesus in the temple, there were people present. Who among the following was present?
    1. Simeon
    2. Simon or Cyrene
    3. Joseph of Arimathea
    4. Mary Magdalene
  14. Which one of the following the main reason why Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist?
    1. Jesus wanted to shows people that John was great.
    2. Because Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins.
    3. In order to fulfill God's will and righteousness.
    4. To show that Jesus was a son of God.
  15. According to Matthew 4:1-1 during the temptation of Jesus Christ, the devil tempted Jesus three times but the overcame them through?
    1. Prayer
    2. Miracles
    3. Parables
    4. Word of God
  16. Which one of the following miracles of Jesus shows his power to forgive sins?
    1. Healing the paralyzed man.
    2. Healing the blind Bartimaeus,
    3. Walking on water.
    4. Changing water into wine.
  17. During the sermon on the mount, Jesus taught the following teachings except? Matthew 5:1-10 1.
    1. Blessed are the merciful
    2. Blessed are the joyful
    3. Blessed are the pure in heart
    4. Blessed are those who mourn.
  18. Which one of the following teachings of Jesus should not be done when one is fasting? Being
    1. tidy and cheerful.
    2. sincere and purposeful.
    3. untidy and neglect your duties. 
    4. avoiding anything that can lead to sin.
  19. The following events took place during Transfiguration which one did not?
    1. Jesus face suddenly shone brightly.
    2. Jesus' clothes became dazzling white.
    3. 1 voice was heard from heaven.
    4. The Holy Spirit came down in form of a dove.
  20. Who among the following people requested Pilate to allow him bury the body of Jesus Christ?
    1. Simon of Cyrene
    2. Joseph of Arimathea
    3. Mary Magdalene
    4. Joseph the father of Jesus
  21. After Jesus was taken to heaven the disciples went joyfully to the temple to pray and worship God as they waited for the Holy Spirit. In which town did they go to wait for the Holy Spirit?
    1. Bethlehem
    2. Nazareth
    3. Jerusalem
    4. Judea
  22. During the day of Pentecost Peter urged people to repent and be baptized. How many people were converted and baptised
    1. 3000
    2. 30 000
    3. 5000
    4. 10 000
  23. Which one of the following fruits of the Holy Spirit helps Christians to overcome pride?
    1. Joy
    2. Humility
    3. Self control
    4. Faithfulness
  24. Three of the following are rites of passage in the traditional African society. Which one is not?
    1. Marriage
    2. Birth
    3. Death
    4. Pregnancy
  25. Which one of the following a leaching found in both African traditional communities and Christianity?
    1. Would be like God
    2. Were created on the last day.
    3. Should take care of God's creation.
    4. Were created in the image of God.
  26. In the traditional African communities, the dead were mainly remembered by
    1. pouring libation.
    2. mourning the dead.
    3. shaving of the hair.
    4. tattooing the body.
  27. Naliaka was given money to go to offer in the church but she wants to go and buy sweets  and biscuits, As a Christian what is the best  advice you can give to her?
    1. Use the money but not tell anyone.
    2. Use half of the money and offer the  remaining half.
    3. Not to use money that is meant for God.
    4. Buy biscuits and sweets and share with friends,
  28. Your neighbour is very rich. He like sharing his belonging with the needy people. What Christian value does your neighbour have?
    1. Kindness
    2. Faithfulness
    3. Humility
    4. Self-control
  29. Which one of the following ways can help the young people avoid contracting HIV and AIDS?
    1. Using protective methods.
    2. Avoiding being with members of the opposite sex.
    3. Practicing purity by avoiding sexual relationships.
    4. Avoiding mixing with older members of the opposite sex.
  30. Who among the following were the two missionaries who started the first mission school at the coast?.
    1. Dr. Livingstone and John Robman.
    2. Dr. John Krapf and Vasco da Gama.
    3. Bishop Hannington and Dr. Livingstone.
    4. Dr. Johann Ludwig Krapf  and John Rebman

Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. A
  5. D
  6. A
  7. B
  8. B
  9. B
  10. C
  11. D
  12. C
  13. C
  14. A
  15. B
  16. D
  17. D
  18. A
  19. A
  20. D
  21. D
  22. C
  23. B
  24. B
  25. C
  26. A
  27. B
  28. D
  29. B
  30. D
  31. D
  32. D
  33. D
  34. D
  35. C
  36. D
  37. D
  38. D
  39. B
  40. D
  41. C
  42. A
  43. B
  44. D
  45. B
  46. C
  47. B
  48. B
  49. D
  50. C
  51. B
  52. C
  53. C
  54. D
  55. A
  56. B
  57. D
  58. D
  59. D
  60. C


  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  11. B
  12. D
  13. A
  14.  C
  15. D
  16. A
  17. B
  18. C
  19. D
  20. B
  21. C
  22. A
  23. B
  24. D
  25. C
  26. A
  27. C
  28. A
  29. C
  30. D


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