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English Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 3

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1-15. For each blank. space, choose the best alternative from the given four.  

Going to parties can be fun__1__ enjoyable. If you are invited__2__ a party, do call your host up early to inform him whether you will be able to attend. If you want to bring along someone __3__ has not been invited along with you, you should ask for permission first. Remember to __4__ appropriately for the party. You__5__stick out like a sore thumb if you are dressed formally __6__ everyone else is in T-shirt and jeans. If you are not sure of what to wear, do ask your__7__

During the party, you may perhaps __8__ to help your host by offering to serve drinks or wash__9__dishes. Your host would certainly appreciate __10__ efforts. If you happen to be in a party where you do not know__11__, do not try to monopolize the host's attention. This is inconsiderate since your host has__12__ people to attend to and cannot__13__ all his time with you. Instead, learn to mingle with the others at the party. You could try__14__the ice by introducing yourself to someone who is friendly looking.

Before you leave the party, remember to thank your host. If you have the time, you could even offer to help your host__15__the place.

   A   B   C   D 
 1.   and   but   even   or
 2.  for  on  in  to
 3.  whom   whose   who   which 
 4.  put on   dress  wear  clad
 5.  will  could  may  can
 6.  while  whatever   whereas   when
 7.  guest  parents  friend  host
 8.  prefer  like  enjoy  love
 9.  a  some  any  the
 10.   this  those  these  that
 11.  anyone   no one  someone   everyone 
 12.  enough  many  much  a lot
 13.  spend  put  give  take
 14.  cracking   damaging   breaking  destroying 
 15.  clean down   clean up  clean away   clean off

For question 16-20, choose the best. alternative to complete the sentence given

  1. The firefighters managed to, ________________________ the fire after several hours.
    1. put off
    2. put out
    3. put down
    4. put away
  2. Maina brought home fifty paw paws ____________________________ were fresh from the farm.
    1. much of which
    2. of which most
    3. most of which
    4. which most of
  3. When mother arrived home, she was ___________________________ tired that we thought she was unwell.
    1. very
    2. quite
    3. too
    4. so
  4. If I had enough money, I _______________________
    1. will buy a car.
    2. would have bought a car
    3. could buy a car
    4. would buy a car
  5. It was not until midnight ___________________________
    1. that I fell asleep
    2. when I fell asleep
    3. before I fell asleep
    4. as I fell asleep

For question 21-23, choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined word(s).

  1. Father would have bought you a toy car if you had requested him to.
    1. Father will not buy you a toy car unless you request him to.
    2. Father did not buy you a toy car because you did not request him to.
    3. Father will buy you a toy car when you request him to.
    4. Father bought you a toy car but you did not request him to.
  2. The law obliges public service vehicle drivers to drive carefully on the roads.
    1. persuade
    2. forces
    3. asks
    4. requires
  3. The initial idea of starting CBC was good but they rushed it in implementation.
    1. original
    2. earlier
    3. former
    4. starting

Read the information below and answer questions 24 and 25.

Juma, Mwanamisi, Felipe and Halima play various games. Juma plays football, basketball and volleyball. Mwanamisi plays football and volleyball. Felipe plays basketball and volleyball while Halima plays hockey and basketball.

  1. Which is the least popular game?
    1. hockey
    2. volleyball
    3. football
    4. basketball
  2. Which of the following statements is not true?
    1. Juma plays the most games.
    2. Everybody plays at least two games. 
    3. It is only men who play basketball.
    4. Both men and women volleyball.

Read the passage below and then answer question 26-38.

A tense Adhiambo leant on the marble wall. She had been dreaming of this day and when it finally arrived, she could hardly sleep. Her school uniform was well-pressed and her shoes brushed to a shine. She had almost no hair to comb. She wore the white pair of socks that Roselita bought her a month ago. Though she participated in the Luyiah dance which had won in the previous festivals, her mind was on the narrative she was to present and which she knew left the audience in awe. The adjudicators she had met were positive of the narrative and commended her. She had won at the four levels and was now at the national level, where she represented Nairobi County in the week-long festival at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre which went by the short easier name KICC. Their dance had also won. It was her first time at KICC. Roselita and the music teacher had accompanied her and kept on encouraging her,

She looked at the red carpet that covered the corridor. A young woman, dressed in khaki, was using a vacuum cleaner on the carpet. The pupils who lined the long corridor gave her the space to do the cleaning.

"Who will beat me among these pupils?" she studied the pupils, the majority of whom were quiet, probably putting final touches to their poems and narratives.

"Adhiambo, you have the opportunity to prove your ability to the world. You are gifted and have our support," she recalled Roselita's words. "If you win at the KICC, you will visit State House and perform for the President."

She smiled at the thought of visiting State House. It was so exciting a thought that for a moment she forgot what had befallen Rosemary. Her three children had been kidnapped. It had sent a child down Adhiambo's spine to hear that Jeff a cousin of hers may have been killed by the kidnappers after his parents took long to pay the ransom. The issue had gone national with the media giving it prominence. A debate was raging over irresponsible parenting, since the three children were kidnapped late at night after Roselita had left for the day. The guard was killed.

  1. From the first sentence, we can tell that Adhiambo was
    1. thinking hard as she leant on the wall.
    2. stiil dreaming despite being awake on this day.
    3. expecting a very successful day.
    4. impatiently waiting for this day.
  2. From the description of Adhiambo in the first paragraph, we learn that she
    1. was spotlessly clean.
    2. had no other pair of socks.
    3. had well plaited hair.
    4. had to satisfy some conditions in the festivals.
  3. Who do you think Roselita was? 
    1. Adhiambo's parent.
    2. Adhiambo's guardian.
    3. Adhiambo's guradian angel.
    4. Adhiambo's trainer.
  4. Why do you think the music teacher kept encouraging Adhiambo?
    1. In order to drive away fear.
    2. To train her even at the eleventh hour.
    3. To empower her to conqueror all and win. 
    4. To remind her some of the words in the narrative.
  5. According to the passage, the competing children stood aside when the woman in khaki reached them because
    1. they feared her since she looked tough and authoritative.
    2. she needed to clean the corridor.
    3. they were all meditating and did not want any disturbance.
    4. Adhiambo had just joined them and she looked a threat.
  6. Majority of whom means
    1. most of whom
    2. several of whom
    3. a lot of whom
    4. many of whom
  7. From Roselita's words to Adhiambo, we learn that
    1. they anticipated going to State House. 
    2. Adhiambo kept trembling and needed their support.
    3. they had a lot of confidence in her and wanted her to succeed.
    4. the entire school was gifted and supported Adhiambo.
  8. What happened to the winners at the National Music Festivals?
    1. They performed at State House Gala.
    2. They carried home lots of presents.
    3. They became heroes overnight.
    4. They were taken in by the President himself.
  9. Which word can rightly replace recall?
    1. reminisce
    2. forget
    3. restore
    4. remember
  10. How best can we describe Adhiambo?
    1. Hardworking, loving and thoughtless. 
    2. Hardworking, considerate and thoughtful.
    3. Responsible, caring but shy.
    4. Confident, industrious but ungrateful.
  11. Why did Adhiambo feel a chill down her spine?
    1. Jeff's parents had taken long to pay the ransom.
    2. She had a competition and the kidnap to think about.
    3. She was such a caring person.
    4. She feared that the abductors may have murdered her cousins.
  12. Why was the issue of irresponsible parenting being discussed in the media?
    1. The parents of the kidnapped children were missing at the time of the incident. 
    2. The parents were expected to do more.
    3. Roselita left the children all alone.
    4. The kidnappers were ruthless and merciless.
  13. The best title for the passage above would be 
    1. Why parents need to be responsible.
    2. Adhiambo at the National Music Festivals.
    3. How Adhiambo landed at State House.
    4. The kidnap of Adhiambo's cousins.

Read the passage below and then answer question 39-50.

There was once a man who bought a car. He knew that his car could not run without petrol so whenever the tank was empty, he filled it with petrol. Thus, he went on driving for many kilometres. After sometime, there were such terrible noises in the engine that he had to take the car to the garage. The mechanic looked at it, shook his head and told him that it was so badly damaged that it would never again run smoothly without major repairs. This was because although he had known that the car needed petrol to keep it running, he had forgotten that it also required oil and grease to keep the vital parts of the engine running smoothly.

Many people treat their bodies in the same way. It is easy to remember to eat enough to satisfy hunger, just as it is easy to remember to put petrol in a car. But it is often forgotten that body building foods (proteins) and foods to keep the body healthy (vitamins and mineral salts) are also needed to keep the vital parts in good working order. Such foods are important for children especially when they are growing fast.

A new born baby should have the mother's milk. This means that the mother must eat plenty of good food to have sufficient milk. She should also drink a lot of milk, water and fruit juices, but not too much tea or coffee. If she does not have enough milk she should go to a hospital or health centre to learn the proper way of mixing milk with sugar and water for the baby to take.

The feeding of a baby requires special care. For example, one should never feed a baby with the bottle without proper advice from qualified people. In addition, we should ensure that babies get proper food. Drinks like tea and squash are not good for babies.

Even when a baby is breastfeeding, he must learn to feed at regular times. Some people mistakenly think that a baby cries just because he is hungry. There are many things which make a baby cry; his clothes may be wet or he may be uncomfortable and want to be turned over. Most common of all, he may have wind in his stomach. When a baby sucks, he sucks milk and wind so that his stomach becomes full of milk as well as wind. If you do not get wind out after a feed, he will become uncomfortable and soon begin to cry. When you have finished feeding him, pat him gently on the back to make him release some of the wind through the mouth. Then he will sleep peacefully.

  1. Why did the man fill the tank with petrol? In order to  
    1. drive for many kilometres.
    2. make the car run.
    3. keep the engine good.
    4. keep the tank full.
  2. Why do you think the car made terrible noise? 
    1. It had not been oiled and greased.
    2. The owner had forgotten the grease.
    3. The owner had not taken it to the mechanic.
    4. Its engine was completely damaged.
  3. The mechanic shook his head to express
    1. worry
    2. unhappiness
    3. disagreement
    4. shock
  4. From the passage, we can rightly say that well cared for cars 
    1. do not make noise.
    2. cannot get damaged.
    3. always run smoothly.
    4. are always at the garage.
  5. Many people treat their bodies in the same way suggests that
    1. they do not take proper care of their bodies.
    2. they do what the car owner did.
    3. they resemble the owner of the car.
    4. they treat their bodies like damaged cars.
  6. When children are growing fast it is very important for them to
    1. take minerals and salt. 
    2. satisfy hunger and thirst.
    3. take body building foods only. 
    4. take the right variety of foods.
  7. The words a new born baby mean 
    1. a mother's first child. 
    2. a clean fresh baby.
    3. a baby that has just been born.
    4. the last born in a family.
  8. Why is it necessary for a mother to drink a lot of fluids?
    1. To be satisfied all the time.
    2. To have enough milk for the baby.
    3. Because this is her main food.
    4. For the baby to be comfortable.
  9. Feeding a baby at regular times means
    1. feeding him when he has cried.
    2. feeding him frequently.
    3. feeding him at definite times.
    4. feeding him for a given time.
  10. Which of the following best explains why babies cry?
    1. Wanting to be turned over.
    2. Having wind or being wet.
    3. Being fed irregularly.
    4. Being hungry or uncomfortable.
  11. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?
    1. Feeding babies with bottles could be harmful.
    2. Only tea and squash are bad for babies.
    3. Mothers should never drink tea and coffee.
    4. The man mentioned bought a new car.
  12. The story of the car is used to show that
    1. human bodies require salt.
    2. babies should be helped to release wind.
    3. human bodies require proper care.
    4. cars should be well-cared for.


Write an interesting composition starting with the followinig words.

When I got home from school that evening, everyone was looking happy .........................


  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. D
  10. C
  11. A
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. B
  16. B
  17. C
  18. D
  19. D
  20. A
  21. B
  22. D
  23. A
  24. A
  25. C
  26. C
  27. A
  28. B
  29. C
  30. B
  31. A
  32. C
  33. A
  34. D
  35. B
  36. D
  37. A
  38. B
  39. B
  40. A
  41. D
  42. C
  43. A
  44. D
  45. C
  46. B
  47. C
  48. B
  49. A
  50. C
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