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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 1 2023 Set 4

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  1. A child suffering from anaemia should be fed on food rich in
    1. carbohydrates
    2. calcium
    3. iron
    4. proteins.
  2. Which component of blood transport nutrients to all parts of the body?
    1. White blood cells.
    2. Plasma.
    3. Platelets.
    4. Red blood cells.
  3. Tuberculosis is caused by
    1. bacteria
    2. virus
    3. fluke
    4. germ
  4. In which part of the human digestive system does absorption of water and mineral salts occur?
    1. Small intestines.
    2. Colon.
    3. Stomach.
    4. Rectum
  5. To avoid spreading cholera, the person infected should
    1. observe cleanliness
    2. sleep in an isolated place
    3. exercise to lose weight
    4. drink alot of water.
  6.  Which one of the following is not a correct statement about male reproductive system?
    1. Scrotum encloses the testis.
    2. Epididymis stores sperms.
    3. Urethra allows urine only out of the body.
    4. Glands produces fluids.
  7. The diagram below shows electric cables left sagging when erecting poles and cables.
    The main reason for leaving the cables sagging is to
    1. prevent electric shock -
    2. make them visible
    3. allow room for expansion
    4. allow room for contraction.
  8. Which one of the following vaccines is administered on lower part of left arm of an infant?
    1. BCG
    2. DPT
    3. Anti-polio
    4. Anti-measles.
  9. Which animal feed is harvested when it is about to flower and stored in silos when still green?
    1. Hay.
    2. Fodder.
    3. Legumes.
    4. Silage
  10. All the following are physical changes that occurs in adolescent girls only except
    1. breasts enlarges
    2. hips broaden
    3. experiences wet dreams.
    4. experiences menstrual flow.
  11. Which one of the following is the best weather for washing clothes and winnowing?
    1. Windy and sunny.
    2. Sunny and calmy.
    3. Windy and rainy.
    4. Calm and windy.
  12. Which one of the following animals live partly in water and partly on land, have a moist skin without scales and are cold blooded?
    1. Newt.
    2. Lizard.
    3. Chameleon.
    4. Turtle.
  13. The following are reasons for preserving food except
    1. to be available when out of season
    2.  to preserve it from being spoilt
    3. to reduce wastage
    4. to make it cheap.
  14. From the food chain below, tertiary consumers are represented by
    Plants zebra lion → vulture
    1. Vulture
    2. Plants
    3. Lion.
    4. Zebra.
  15. Which part of the plant transports food from the leaves to other parts of the plant?
    1. Root
    2. Leaf.
    3. Branch.
    4. Stem.
  16. All the following are factors affecting the pitch of a sound except
    1. length of the material.
    2. type of material
    3. thickness of the material
    4. colour of the material.
  17. The diagram below represents a home made water filter
    Which material is represented by letter X?
    1. Fine sand.
    2. Charcoal.
    3. Coarse sand.
    4. Pebbles.
  18. Which one of the following is not a way of taking care and maintaining simple tools?
    1. Proper use of tools.
    2. Cleaning after use.
    3. Sharpening all tools.
    4. Proper storage.
  19. One of the following pairs consist of field pests. Which one is it?
    1. Stalkborers and aphids.
    2. Weaver birds and weevils.
    3. Rodents and cutworms.
    4. White-ants and stalkborers.
  20. Which one of the following is a use of the component that makes up 0.03% of air in the atmosphere?
    1. Burning.
    2. Photosynthesis.
    3. Combustion.
    4. Germination.
  21. Which one of the following pairs of processes is as a result of increase in temperature?
    1. Melting and freezing
    2. Freezing and evaporation.
    3. Evaporation and melting.
    4. Condensation and freezing.
  22. The diagram below represents a raingauge
    Why is part of the raingauge placed 30cm above the ground? To
    1. prevent water on the ground from splashing into the funnel
    2. prevent evaporation of collected water
    3.  provide firm support
    4. withstand the harsh weather conditions.
  23. Lucerne as a constituent of balanced diet to animals is a source of
    1. vitamins
    2. proteins
    3. carbohydrates
    4. minerals.
  24. All the following are reasons why animals move from one place to another except
    1. to look for food
    2. to escape harsh weather conditions
    3. to run away from friends.
    4. to look for shelter.
  25. The soil that is best in capillarity also
    1. is best in drainage
    2. is best in farming
    3. spreads easily because of it's texture
    4. used in modelling.
  26. In which one of the following practices is water re-used?
    1. Repairing leaking taps and pipes.
    2. Collecting rain water from the roofs..
    3. Storing water in dams to use in
    4. Watering plants with water that has beenused to wash vegetables in the kitchen.
  27. Which one of the following groups of food stuffs consists of energy giving foods. only?
    1. Maize, meat, bread.
    2. Chapati, egg, mango.
    3. Bread, green bananas, potatoes.
    4. Green bananas, peas, rice.
  28. The highness or lowness of sound is called
    1. pitch
    2. volume
    3. mass
    4. sound amplification.
  29. The list below consists of sources of light
    1. Torch
    2. Sun
    3. Candle
    4. Firefly
    5. Electricity
    6. Lamp
    7. Moon
    8. Glowworm
      Which list consists of natural sources only?
      1.  i, iv, vi
      2. vii, ii, iii
      3.  viii, iv, ii
      4. v, ii, vi
  30. All the following are factors that affect sinking and floating of objects except
    1. type of material
    2. shape
    3. weight 
    4.  size.
  31. One of the following is not a safety measure when dealing with electricity. Which one is it?
    1. By not touching switches with wet hands.
    2. By not overloading sockets.
    3. By not sheltering under trees when raining.
    4. By not putting wires, pencils and even sticks in sockets.
  32. A ruler inside a glass of water appear benddue to
    1. refraction
    2. reflection
    3. dispersion
    4. evaporation.
  33. Class four learners set up the experimentbelow to investigate a certain aspect of pressure in liquids
    What conclusion could the learners make from the set-up?
    1. Pressure in liquids is greatest at the bottom.
    2. Pressure in liquids is equal at the same depth.
    3. Pressure in liquids increases with depth.
    4. Liquids exert pressure in all directions.
  34. Which method can best be used to separate rice from a mixture of rice and maize?
    1.  Winnowing.
    2. Sieving.
    3. Filtering.
    4. Decanting.
  35. Which weed has purple and white flowers, yellow fruits and sharp thorns in the stem and leaves?
    1. Pigweed.
    2. Sodom apple.
    3. Wandering jew.
    4. Mexican marigold.
  36. Which one of the following pairs consists of external animal parasites only?
    1. Roundworm and hookworm.
    2. Fleas and tsetse flies..
    3. Liverflukes and ticks.
    4. Fleas and tapeworm.
  37. All the following are major components of environment.except
    1. water
    2. animals
    3.  light
    4.  air
  38. The diagram below shows a flower
    In which of the labelled parts of a flower does the process of germination of pollen.grains take place?
    1. X
    2. Y
    3. O
    4. P
  39. The following are effects of force except
    1. increase speed
    2. stop objects
    3. start motion
    4. change state of matter.
  40. Which type of soil erosion causes landslides, not easily noticed and occurs on gentle slopes?
    1. Rill.
    2. Sheet.
    3. Gulley.
    4. Splash.
  41.  Which one of the following is not an importance of water in a diet?
    1. Helps in getting rid of waste products.
    2. Helps in making blood.
    3. Helps in digestion.
    4. Helps in provision of proteins.
  42. The planet that has visible rings around it is called
    1. Saturn
    2. Mercury
    3. Venus
    4. Jupiter.
  43. All the following are sources of electricity except
    1. georthermal generators
    2. solar energy
    3. bulb
    4. bicycle dynamo.
  44. The diagram below represents a lever
    Which one of the following shows the correct names of part L, Q and P?
    1. Pivot, load, effort.
    2. Fulcrum, effort, load.
    3. Effort, pivot, load.
    4. Load, fulcrum, effort.
  45. The main reason why coloured water is used in the construction of a liquid thermometer is to
    1.  increase its density
    2.  increase its expansion
    3. make it visible
    4. make it absorb more heat.
  46. Which of the following lists consists of non-magnetic materials only?
    1. Cobalt, copper, silver.
    2. Zinc, brass, aluminium.
    3. Silver, chromium, alinico.
    4. Brass, copper, tin.
  47. All the following are advantages of friction. except
    1. sharpening
    2. erasing
    3. produces unwanted heat
    4. walking.
  48. When choosing a method of separating a mixture of a liquid and a solid it is important to consider the
    1. density of the liquid
    2. weight of the solid
    3. solubility of the solid
    4. size of particles of solid.
  49. Which one of the following best describe the term environment?
    1. The home of a human being.
    2. Land and atmosphere.
    3. The surrounding of a living thing.
    4. Living animals and plants.
  50. Three of the following are main parts of a sperm except
    1. tail
    2. head
    3. nucleus
    4. ovary.


  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  11. A
  12. A
  13. D
  14. A
  15. D
  16. D
  17. B
  18. C
  19. A
  20. B
  21. C
  22. A
  23. B
  24. C
  25. D
  26. D
  27. C
  28. A
  29. C
  30. D
  31. C
  32. A
  33. D
  34. B
  35. B
  36. B
  37. C
  38. A
  39. D
  40. B
  41. D
  42. A
  43. C
  44. C
  45. C
  46. B
  47. C
  48. D
  49. C
  50. D
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