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Social Studies and CRE Questions and Answers - Class 8 End Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 1

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Mali Area Map

mali uyguys

Study the map of Mali Area and answer questions 1-7

  1. The main economic activity carried out around the sea is
    1. pastoralism
    2. crop farming
    3. mining
    4. fishing
  2. The climate of Mali area can be described as
    1. hot and dry
    2. hot and wet
    3. cool and wet
    4. cool and dry
  3. Which one of the following services is provided at Pori Market?
    1. Health services
    2. Religious services
    3. Educational services
    4. Postal services
  4. The MAIN economic activity carried out in Mali area is
    1. salt mining
    2. cattle keeping
    3. fishing
    4. trading
  5. The natural vegetation found around Peva Market is
    1. mangrove forests
    2. scattered trees
    3. papyrus
    4. scrub
  6. River Mali flows from
    1. South East to North West
    2. South West to North East
    3. North East to South West 
    4. North West to South East
  7. Mali town has developed mainly as a result of
    1. the cattle ranch
    2. The road junction
    3. nearness to water
    4. the cool climate
  8. Which one of the following statements CORRECTLY describes the social organization of the San during the pre-colonial period? 
    1. They lived in small groups of families 
    2. They had a strong clan system 
    3. They lived in permanent homes 
    4. They practised circumcision
  9. Yaounde is the capital city of
    1. Egypt
    2. Angola
    3. Cameroon
    4. Zambia
  10. Who among the following succeeded the king in the Old Ghana?
    1. The Queen mother
    2. His sister's son
    3. His eldest son
    4. His youngest brother
  11. The main problem limiting trade among African countries is that
    1. they use different national languages
    2. they have poor transport links
    3. they use different currencies
    4. they produce similar goods
  12. The main reason for the migration of the Bantus from their original homeland was
    1. search for water and pasture
    2. search for fertile agricultural land
    3. increase in population
    4. attacks by hostile neighbours
  13. Three of the following statements are true about traditional African education in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    1. The youth were taught to be responsible members of the society
    2. The youth were taught how to read and write
    3. Learning took place throughout a person's life
    4. Girls were taught by their grandmothers
  14. Road transport is commonly used for the transportation of goods between Kenya and her neighbours mainly because
    1. it is the most developed means of transport in the region
    2. it is the cheapest means of transport in the region
    3. it is the fastest means of transport in the region
    4. it is the safest means of transport in the region
  15. Which one of the following minerals is CORRECTLY matched with the country where it is mined on large scale?
           Mineral                      Country
    1. Copper                      Uganda
    2. Limestone                 Nigeria
    3. Petroleum                 Tanzania
    4. Soda ash                  South Africa
  16. Which one of the following is the main crop grown in Ghana?
    1. Coffee
    2. Sugarcane
    3. Cocoa
    4. Cotton

The table below represents the rainfall and temperature figures for a station in Africa. Use it to answer question 17

Months  J F A S O N D
Temp in C 28  28  28  27  27  26  26  27 27 27 27 28
Rainfall is mm 41 69  150  201  206  114  66  84 193 226 150 40
  1. Which one of the following statements CORRECTLY describes the climate of the station?
    1. The station is cold throughout the year
    2. The station has one wet season and one dry season
    3. The station is hot and wet throughout the year
    4. The station receives most of the rain at the beginning of the year
  2. Which one of the following statements is TRUE about trees in planted forests in Kenya?
    1. The trees have thorns
    2. Most of the trees have climbers
    3. Most of the trees mature fast
    4. The trees are of different types
  3. Which one of the following statements is TRUE about pastoral farming among the Fulani?
    1. They keep cattle mainly for sale
    2. They mainly keep dairy cattle
    3. They grow fodder crops for their cattle
    4. They migrate with their cattle according to seasons
  4. Which one of the following communities was ruled by a king during the pre-colonial period?
    1. The Khoikhoi
    2. The Abawanga
    3. The Wanyamwezi
    4. The Ameru
  5. Which one of the following dams in Africa is CORRECTLY matched with where it is located?
           Dam                    River
    1. Kariba               Zambezi
    2. Kindaruma        Nile
    3. Aswan               Volta
    4. Akosombo         Tana
  6. The diagram below shows an instrument used for measuring weather
    22 aigdyad
    Which one of the following statements is true about the above instrument? It is used to
    1. determine the direction of wind
    2. record the amount of rainfall
    3. determine the strength of wind
    4. measure wind speed
  7. Three of the following statements are true about Ludwig Krapf. Which one is NOT?
    1. He gained fame as the first European to see the source of river Nile
    2. He established a mission station at Rabai
    3. He wrote the first Kiswahili dictionary
    4. He taught Africans how to read and write
  8. Samoei of the Nandi and Mekatilili of the Agiriama had one thing in common. It was that both
    1. were opposed to the building of the railway
    2. prophesied about the coming of the Europeans
    3. foresaw the defeat of Europeans by Africans
    4. resisted British colonial rule
  9. Which one of the following modern forms of communication is an electronic media?
    1. Bronchure
    2. Newspaper
    3. Telephone
    4. Journal
  10. Which one of the following mountains in Africa was formed as a result of faulting?
    1. Mt. Kenya
    2. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    3. The Atlas Mountains
    4. The Ruwenzori Mountains
  11. River Nile and River Niger have a common characteristic. It is that both rivers
    1. originate from the same highlands
    2. have a delta at the mouth
    3. end in the Mediterranean Sea
    4. are navigable throughout the course
  12. Which one of the following is the MAIN benefit the West African countries have gained as members of the Economic Community for West Africa States (ECOWAS)?
    1. Expansion of trade
    2. Increased production of cash crops
    3. Promotion of free movement of people in the region
    4. Expansion of manufacturing industries in the region
  13. Below are some characteristics of a certain vegetation:
    1. Scattered umbrella-shaped trees
    2. Large areas covered with grass
    3. Thorny bushes and shrubs
      The vegetation whose characteristics are listed above is
      1. Equatorial rainforest
      2. Desert vegetation
      3. Savanna vegetation
      4. Mediterranean vegetation
  14. The cheapest method of preserving fish is by
    1. freezing
    2. salting
    3. sun drying
    4. deep frying
  15. To make one complete rotation on its axis, the earth takes
    1. twenty four hours
    2. twelve hours
    3. seven days
    4. thirty days
  16. Which one of the following minerals is extracted using the drilling method?
    1. Gold
    2. Copper
    3. Soda ash
    4. Petroleum
  17. The government of Swaziland is headed by a
    1. Queen mother
    2. prime minister
    3. president
    4. king
  18. The MAIN factor that influences the location of a furniture making industry is
    1. availability of transport
    2. availability of market
    3. availability of power
    4. availability of raw materials
  19. Which one of the following is the BEST way of conserving wildlife?
    1. Fencing national parks
    2. Educating people on the importance of wildlife
    3. Controlling the selling of wildlife products
    4. Establishing animal orphanages
  20. The MAIN contribution of petroleum to the economy of Nigeria is that it has led to
    1. the development of transport network 
    2. an increase in energy supply 
    3. the creation of job opportunities
    4. an increase in foreign exchange

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 37-41

  1. The shaded area marked K receives low rainfall because
    37 auygduyad
    1. it is a lowland area
    2. it is affected by a cold ocean current
    3. it has little vegetation cover
    4. it is far from the equator
  2. The MAIN economic activity carried out in the shaded area marked K is
    1. crop growing
    2. mining
    3. tourism
    4. nomadic pastoralism
  3. The island marked J is
    1. Madagascar
    2. Cape Verde
    3. Comoros
    4. Zanzibar
  4. The traditional kingdom that existed in the area marked M was founded by
    1. The Soninke
    2. The Khoisan
    3. The Wanyamwezi
    4. The Baganda
  5. The relief feature marked N is
    1. Ahaggar Plateau
    2. Adamawa Highlands
    3. Atlas Mountains
    4. Tibesti Mountains
  6. Which one of the following was the MAIN reason why Kariba Dam was built?
    1. To provide water for irrigation
    2. To create a lake for fishing
    3. To provide hydro-electric power
    4. To control floods
  7. Which one of the following led to the Hehe resistance of the German occupation in Tanganyika?
    1. They were influenced by the prophecy of chief Mkwawa
    2. They wanted to protect their cultural beliefs
    3. They had been promised support by the British
    4. They wanted to show their military power
  8. Which one of the following statements is TRUE about inland fishing in both Kenya and Tanzania?
    1. Fishermen have inadequate modem fish preserving facilities
    2. Fishing is carried out during particular seasons
    3. Fish is mainly for export
    4. Fish is mainly transported by railway
  9. Which one of the following was a result of the settlement of the Arabs along the Coast of East Africa?
    1. Introduction of clove growing 
    2. Introduction of maize growing
    3. Introduction of barter trade
    4. Construction of hospitals
  10. Below are some conditions necessary for the growing of a certain crop:
    1. Deep, well drained soils which are slightly acidic
    2. Gently sloping land
    3. Well distributed rainfall throughout the year 
    4. Temperatures of about 21°C
      The crop that grows under the conditions listed above is
      1. coffee
      2. pyrethrum
      3. tea
      4. wheat
  11. In traditional Kenyan communities, people who were initiated together formed
    1. a sub-tribe
    2. a clan
    3. a generation
    4. an age-group
  12. Nomination of members of parliament in Kenya is done by the
    1. Attorney General
    2. Constituency Development Committees
    3. Electoral Commission
    4. Political parties
  13. The method of fishing shown below is knonw as
    49 aihdiuada
    1. long lining
    2. purse seining
    3. net drifting
    4. trawling
  14. Which one of the following towns in Kenya is an agricultural collection centre?
    1. Eldoret 
    2. Thika
    3. Kisumu
    4. Malindi
  15. Three of the following conditions may make a person's freedom be restricted by the state. Which one may not? When a person's freedom
    1. interferes with other peoples' lives
    2. threatens the security of the state
    3. is a threat to their own life
    4. threatens other peoples' ideas
  16. Which one of the following is a function of the parliament in Kenya?
    1. Implementing laws
    2. Making laws
    3. Judging those who break the law
    4. Advising the government on matters of law
  17. Kenya's national flag is important mainly because it
    1. signifies the country's rich agricultural land
    2. was designed by African nationalists
    3. signifies the struggle for independence
    4. is a symbol of national unity
  18. One may become a Kenyan citizen through
    1. registration
    2. employment
    3. migration
    4. marriage
  19. Which one of the following communities in Kenya make up the Plain Nilotes?
    1. Turkana, Pokot, Tugen
    2. Maasai, Njemps, Iteso
    3. Samburu, Sabaot, Nandi
    4. Kipsigis, Keiyo, Marakwet
  20. In traditional African societies festivals and ceremonies were held MAINLY for people to
    1. meet their friends
    2. eat special foods
    3. mark major events
    4. display their talents
  21. Which one of the following is a negative result of colonial rule in Africa?
    1. Alienation of Africans
    2. Development of transport system
    3. Introduction of commercial crop farming
    4. Promotion of towns in the interior
  22. A good Kenyan citizen is one who 
    1. belongs to a certain religious organization
    2. obeys the laws of the country
    3. belongs to a political party
    4. attends national celebrations diligently
  23. Members of the police service are usually present at public meetings in order to
    1. protect all the people attending the meetings 
    2. ensure that invited guests get a chance to speak
    3. protect the leaders attending the meeting
    4. provide enough seats for the invited guests
  24. Which one of the following age conditions is a requirement for those who wish to be elected president of Kenya? They must have attained the age of
    1. 55 years
    2. 35 years 
    3. 21 years
    4. 18 years


  1. Man was chased out of the gardens of Eden mainly because
    1. he talked to the serpent
    2. he disobeyed God
    3. he failed to name all the animals
    4. he stayed naked
  2.  What was the MAIN reason why God Called Abraham?
    1. To give him land
    2. To bring blessings to the world
    3. To give him many children
    4. To make him famous
  3. Who among the following people was appointed to be king of Israel while still a young boy?
    1. Saul
    2. David
    3. Solomon
    4. Rehoboam
  4. Which one of the following was the MAIN reason why God called Moses?
    1. To make him a leader of the Israelites
    2. To rescue the Israelites from bondage in Egypt
    3. To rescue him from the Pharaoh
    4. To give him blessings
  5. A problem faced by the Israelites during the Exodus was lack of
    1. clothing
    2. leaders
    3. water
    4. livestock
  6. Which one of the following sins was committed by King Solomon? He
    1.  took other people's property
    2. gave the Israelites" land to foreigners
    3. killed the prophets of God
    4. married many wives
  7. Jeremiah refused to accept the call to become a prophet of God because he felt he was
    1. too young
    2. too busy
    3. physically weak
    4. a sinful man
  8. Which one of the the following miracles was performed by both prophet Elijah and Elisha?
    1. Raising the son of the Shunamite woman 
    2. Purification of water
    3. Multiplication of oil
    4. Bringing fire from heaven
  9. Which one of the following is a reason why God gave the Israelites the ten commandments?
    1. To teach them in their relationships
    2. To guide them in their relationships
    3. To reward them for their faithfulness
    4. To stop them from going back to Egypt
  10. During the call of Moses at Mount Sinai, the presence of God was symbolised by
    1. fire
    2. thunder
    3. wind
    4. clouds
  11. The story of the birth of Jesus is written in the book of
    1. Revelation
    2. Romans
    3. Luke
    4. Mark
  12. How did Mary know that her relative Elizabeth was going to have a baby?
    1. She was told by Zechariah
    2. She was told by the wisemen
    3. She read about it in the scriptures
    4. She was told by the angel
  13. The killing of baby boys by King Herod after the birth of Jesus was foretold by prophet
    1. Jeremiah
    2. Hosea
    3. Isaiah
    4. Samuel
  14. Which one of the following qualities did Jesus demand from those who came to Him to be healed?
    1. Love
    2. Hope
    3. Faith
    4. Obedience
  15. The parable of the talents teaches that Christians should
    1. make good use of their abilities
    2. keep their money in safe places
    3. share their wealth with the needy
    4. forgive those who owe them money
  16. Which one of the following Jewish feasts was Jesus celebrating when they had the Last Supper?
    1. Pentecost
    2. Passover
    3. Tabernacle
    4. New year
  17. Which one of the following miracles of Jesus shows that He cared for both Jews and Non-Jews?
    1. The healing of Simon's mother-in-law
    2. The healing of the ten lepers
    3. The raising of Jairus' daughter 
    4. The raising of Lazarus
  18. "Do not collect more than is legal" (Luke 3:13) These words were said by John the Baptist to teach about
    1. honesty
    2. humility
    3. tolerance
    4. mercy
  19. Which one of the following parables teaches Christians to accept others? The parable of the
    1. sower
    2. mustard seed
    3. lost son
    4. rich man and Lazarus
  20. Which one of the following happenings took place on the eighth day after Jesus was born?
    1. The angel appeared to Mary
    2. Jesus was circumcised
    3. The angel appeared to the shepherds
    4. Jesus was dedicated
  21. Who among the following people baptised the Ethiopian Eunuch?
    1. Stephen
    2. Paul
    3. Philip
    4. Peter
  22. Who among the following people in the New Testament is referred to as the 'Apostle' to the Gentiles"?
    1. James
    2. Mathew
    3. Paul
    4. John
  23. Who among the following people prayed for those who persecuted him?
    1. Stephen
    2. Thomas
    3. Mathew
    4. Andrew
  24. Who among the following specialists is found in both African traditional societies and Christianity?
    1. Sorcerers
    2. Pastors
    3. Lay leaders
    4. Priests
  25. Which one of the following beliefs about God is found in the Apostles Creed? He is
    1. Just
    2. Holy
    3. Loving
    4. Almighty
  26. Which one of the following is ais done during worship in both African traditional religion and Christianity?
    1. Baptism
    2. Confirmation
    3. Pregnancy
    4. Marriage
  27. Which one of the following BEST shows that Christians are disciples of Jesus Christ?
    1. Laying of hands
    2. Giving offerings
    3. Speaking in tongues
    4. Preaching the gospel
  28. The MAIN reason why Christians condemn prostitution is because it leads to
    1. unwanted pregnancies
    2. misuse of sex
    3. street children
    4. break-up of families
  29. When a mother gets a new baby in traditional African communities, neighbours bring presents to her as a way of
    1. expressing their sympathy
    2. encouraging her to have more children
    3. maintaining the family unity
    4. welcoming the child
  30. Your friend, John, has been looking for a job without success. What advice would you give him as a Christian?
    1. Tell him to ask his rich relatives to help him
    2. Tell him to give up as jobs are difficult to find
    3. Tell him to ask his family to help him start a business
    4. Tell him to get married as soon as possible


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