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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 9

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  1. Which of the following parts of the human body are used in digestion?
    1. Diaphragm and duodenum
    2. Ileum and oesophagus
    3. Air sacs and colon
    4. Trachea and stomach
  2. Which of the following functions of the plasma is incorrect?
    1. Transports digested food
    2. Transports mineral salts
    3. Transports blood cells.
    4. Transports oxygen
  3. The following statements are true about capillaries except that they
    1. join veins and arteries
    2. allow movement of digested food and oxygen into body cells
    3. have valves to prevent back flow of blood
    4. allow movement of waste products out of the body cells
  4. Which one of the following is the last stage of HIV infection?
    1. Death
    2. Incubation
    3. Full blown
    4. Window
  5. Which one of the following is not a way of misusing drugs?
    1. Continuing with drugs even when you are healed
    2. Taking sleeping pills
    3. Buying medicine without doctor's instruction
    4. Sharing medicine
  6. Which of the following need not be the same when investigating capillarity in soil?
    1. Diameter of capillarity tubes
    2. Amount of cotton wool
    3. Size of soil particles
    4. Amount of soil
  7. The soil that spreads easily has
    1. best capillarity
    2. inability to make ribbons
    3. moderate drainage
    4. small air spaces
  8. The diagram below shows a set up used to investigate a certain component of soil.
    8 auda
    The component of soil that was investigated is
    1. moisture
    2. air
    3. mineral salts
    4. organic matter
  9. Which of the following types of soil erosion forms shallow channels?
    1. Rill
    2. Splash 
    3. Gulley
    4. Sheet
  10. The various food substances that the body needs in order to maintain good health refers to:-
    1. food
    2. nutrition
    3. nutrients
    4. balanced diet
  11. The following types of foods are rich in both proteins and energy except
    1. groundnuts
    2. beans
    3. cashew nuts
    4. coconuts
  12. Mary dropped her science textbook on the surface of her desk at different heights. She was likely investigating
    1. noise
    2. amplifying sound
    3. echo
    4. loud and soft sounds
  13. James placed a jiko at the centre of the sitting room. Heat spread in the whole room by
    1. conduction and radiation
    2. radiation only
    3. radiation and convection
    4. convection only
  14. The diagram below shows a structure of the heart
    14 safsafa
    Name the blood vessels marked E, F, G, H respectively
    1. Vena cava, Pulmonary Artery, Pulomonary vein, Aorta
    2. Vena cava, Pulmonary Artery, Aorta
    3. Pulmonary vein, Aorta, Pulmonary Artery, Venacava
    4. Vena cava, Pulmonary Artery, Aorta, Pulmonary vein
  15. Baraka had the following signs and symptoms after taking a certain substance 
    1. Difficulty in breathing
    2. Vomiting
    3. Drowsiness
    4. Memory loss
      Which substance was likely abused by Baraka?
      1. Glue
      2. Mandrax
      3. Heroin
      4. Cocaine
  16. The following are health effects of abusing drugs except
    1. impaired judgement
    2. drug induced accidents.
    3. withdrawal
    4. addiction.
  17. Which one is not an excretory organ? 
    1. Skin
    2. Lungs
    3. Kidney
    4. Heart
  18. Which of the following statements is false about the three states of matter? 
    1. Occupy space
    2. Definite size
    3. Expand and contract
    4. Definite mass
  19. Which of the following materials allow light to pass through and one can see through?
    1. Windscreen
    2. Tissue
    3. Milk
    4. White paper
  20. The percentage of air that is used by legumes to make proteins is
    1. 0.03%
    2. 21%
    3. 0.97%
    4. 78%
  21. Which of the following pairs of substances has indefinite size and definite mass?
    1. Paper, sand
    2. Milk, kerosene
    3. Smoke, cooking gas
    4. Stone, salt
  22. The following are effects of force except changing direction
    1. changing direction
    2. wearing out of machines
    3. causing motion
    4. changing shape
  23. Which one is not an example of force?
    1. Gravity
    2. Weight
    3. Mass
    4. Friction
  24. Jayden was diagnosed with the following signs and symptoms after attending a birthday party.
    1. Vomiting
    2. Severe abdominal pains
    3. Rice water diarrhoea
    4. Dehydration
      Which disease was he likely suffering from?
      1. Typhoid
      2. Cholera
      3. Food poisoning
      4. Bilharzia
  25. A casual labourer in an irrigation scheme is likely to suffer from which diseases?
    1. Bilharzia
    2. Covid 19
    3. Malaria
    4. Typhoid
  26. Which one of the following is a way of storing water in small scale?
    1. Tanks
    2. Drums
    3. Dams
    4. Buckets
  27. Which of the following is false about the use of water in the farm?
    1. Rearing fish
    2. Drinking
    3. Mixing chemicals
    4. Washing tools
  28. Which pair of blood vessels carry oxygenated blood?
    1. Pulmonary Artery and Pulmonary Vein
    2. Venacava and Aorta
    3. Pulmonary Vein and Aorta
    4. Pulmonary Artery and Venacava
  29. The following are characteristics of premolars except
    1. two roots
    2. cusps
    3. wide
    4. chisel shaped
  30. Which one of the following parts of the male reproductive system is not correctly matched to its function?
    1. Penis Allows passage of sperms
    2. Testes - Produce sperms
    3. Glands Transport sperms
    4. Urethra carries urine and sperms out of the body
  31. The following physical changes during adolescence occur in girls except
    1. hips broaden
    2. menstrual flow begins
    3. shoulders broaden
    4. breasts enlarge
  32. The following are some characteristics of a certain vertebrates.
    1. Body is covered with dry scales
    2. Cold blooded
    3. Lays fertilised eggs
    4. Breathes through lungs
      The animal with the above characteristics is likely to be
      1. toad
      2. chameleon
      3. ostrich
      4. shark
  33. Which one of the following is not an effect of HIV and AIDS to the family?
    1. Lower standard of living
    2. Lack of parental care
    3. Sadness
    4. Shame
  34. Which of the following is true about the immunization schedule of infants?
    1. BCG vaccine is given at 6th week and birth
    2. DPT vaccine is given at birth and 10th week
    3. DPT and yellow fever vaccines are given at 9 months
    4. Polio and DPT vaccines are given at 14th week.
  35. The best way to prevent the spread of HIV among a newly married couple is
    1. abstinence
    2. creating awareness
    3. faithfulness
    4. use of VCT
  36. Which one of the following plants is classified as non-green and non flowering?
    1. Mould
    2. Moss
    3. Liverworts
    4. Algae
  37. The diagram below shows classification of drugs
    37 asfsfs
    Which drugs are correctly classified?
    1. Tobacco and cocaine
    2. Bhang and cocaine
    3. Miraa and coffee
    4. Bhang and cocaine
  38. The following refer to useful fungi except
    1. mushroom
    2. yeast
    3. pencillium
    4. ringworm
  39. The following are functions of external parts of a plant
    1. Absorption
    2. Support 
    3. Food storage
    4. Transport of food, water and mineral salts
    5. Reproduction
      Which one is performed by flowers?
      1. (ii)
      2. (iv)
      3. (iii)
      4. (v)
  40. Which one of the following weeds can be used as food?
    1. Sodom apple 
    2. Pigweed
    3. Mexican marigold
    4. Black jack
  41. The following are characteristics of nimbus clouds except
    1. dark grey in colour
    2. indicate heavy rainfall
    3. have flat base
    4. mountainous in shape
  42. The diagram below shows parts of a bean seed
    42 adada
    Which of the following correctly identifies the parts labelled Q, S, R respectively?
                Q               S             R
    1. Micropyle    Testa       Hilum
    2. Micropyle   Fruit scar Seedcoat
    3. Plumule    Style scar   Radicle
    4. Plumule    Radicle      Testa
  43. Which of the following groups of planets are found on the 2,4 and 7 positions from the sun?
    1. Mercury, mars, uranus
    2. Venus, mars, Uranus
    3. Mars, Earth, Staturn
    4. Earth, Jupiter, Neptune
  44. Which sexually transmitted infection causes the following?
    1. Pus-like discharge from penis
    2. Burning sensation when urinating
    3. Pain in the testicles
      1. Gonorrhoea
      2. Syphilis
      3. Herpes
      4. Chancroid
  45. Which is the first stage after fertilization of an ovum?
    1. Embryo 
    2. Foetus
    3. Zygote
    4. Baby
  46. The following are similarities between a toad and fish except
    1. cold blooded
    2. scales
    3. lay eggs
    4. external fertilization
  47. Which part of a flower attracts insects for pollination?
    1. Sepal
    2. Stalk
    3. Petal
    4. Stigma
  48. Which of the following processes brings about formation of a rainbow?
    1. Refraction
    2. Movement of light in a straight line
    3. Dispersion
    4. Reflection
  49. Which of the organism mentioned below is a producer in a food chain?
    1. Cabbage
    2. Grasshopper
    3. Hen
    4. Snake
  50. Class 5 learners dipped a young plant into coloured water as shown below.
    50 sfsfsf
    After some time they cut across the stem and leaves. The learners were most likely investigating
    1. transpiration
    2. transport of water and mineral salts
    3. making food
    4. transport of food




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