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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 1

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tatu adda

Study the map of latu area and answer questions 1-7

  1. The land in Tatu area rises from
    1. south to north
    2. north to south
    3. south west to north east
    4. north east to south west
  2. What is the approximate length of river Nami?
    1. 11.0 kilometres
    2. 9.5 kilometres
    3. 8.0 kilometres 
    4. 14.0 kilometres
  3. The settlement pattern in Meto subcounty can be described as
    1. nucleated
    2. sparse
    3. linear
    4. clustered
  4. Three of the following factors contributed to the establishment of Mseto irrigation scheme. Which one did not?
    1. Availability of labour.
    2. Nearness to Tatu town.
    3. Availability of reliable water source. 
    4. Availability of arable land.
  5. What evidence from the map shows that Tatu area has modern means of communication? The presence of
    1. a post office. 
    2. all weather roads.
    3. a dam.
    4. a communication mast. 
  6. Traders at Befo market obtain their trade licence at the
    1. chief's camp. 
    2. post office.
    3. sub-county offices.
    4. police station.
  7. If Mori ranch was to be converted into a farming land, which one of the following crops would be grown there?
    1. Cotton
    2. Tea
    3. Pyrethrum
    4. Coffee
  8. Which one of the following is a negative effect of rivers on human activities?
    1. Establishment of multi-purpose river projects
    2. Mining 
    3. Flooding
    4. Settlement
  9. Three of the following statements are true about the continent of Africa. Which one is not?
    1. It forms about 20% of the world's land mass
    2. It is narrowest in the north
    3. It is surrounded by several islands
    4. Its most easterly point is cape Guardafui
  10. Which one of the following groups of industries consists of primary industries?
    1. Salon shop
      Fruit canning
      Bicycle repair
    2. Tourism
      Paper making
    3. Furniture making
      Leather tanning
      Timber sawing
    4. Wheat flour
      Steel rolling
      Shoe making
  11. Which one of the following is a traditional method of predicting weather?
    1. Recording daily weather observations.
    2. Observing changes in the sky.
    3. Using a raingauge to record rainfall.
    4. Measuring the speed of wind.
  12. The following are reasons for rapid growth of towns in Africa:
    1. Mining activities
    2. Rich agricultural neighbourhood
    3. Port activities
    4. Tourism activities
    5. Government policy
      Which of the following combinations of the reasons may have led to the growth of Mombasa town?
      1. i, iii, iv
      2. ii, iv, v
      3. i, ii, iii
      4. iii, iv, v
  13. Mambo has been injured during a PÉ lesson. The immediate action the teacher should take is to
    1. call a doctor to treat him
    2. give the boy permission to go home
    3. give him first aid
    4. call his parents to come for him
  14. Which one of the following countries of Africa is wrongly matched with its capital city?
          Country          Capital city
    1. Chad               N'Djame'na
    2. Liberia             Monrovia
    3. Swaziland       Mbabane
    4. Congo             Kinshasa
  15. Which one of the following statements is not true about the establishment of colonial rule in Kenya?
    1. The missionaries and traders played a big role in colonization
    2. The British declared the whole of Kenya its protectorate in 1895
    3. At first, company rule was used to run the territory
    4. All top administrative posts were held by the British
  16. Which one of the following road signs shows that a motorist should slow down and check if the junction is clear?
    16 zgdad
  17. Three of the following are reasons for rural-rural migration. Which one is the least?
    1. Retirement
    2. Establishment of water reservours
    3. Employment
    4. Political displacement
  18. Which one of the following members of the National Assembly of Kenya ensures order and security in the chambers?
    1. Speaker
    2. Sergeant at arms
    3. Clerk
    4. Leader of the majority
  19. Which one of the following cities in Africa are connected by the Trans-Sahara Highway?
    1. Yauunde' and Tunis
    2. Lagos and Oudja
    3. Algiers and Lagos
    4. Monrovia and Algiers
  20. Who among the following African leaders was not a founder member of OAU?
    1. Haile Selassie
    2. Siaka Stevens
    3. Robert Mugabe
    4. Gamal Abdel Nasser
  21. Which one of the following statements least explains the importance of tea growing to the economy of Kenya? It
    1. encourages decentralization of industries. 
    2. has resulted to infrastructural development.
    3. is a major foreign exchange earner.
    4. leads to rural-urban migration.
  22. Below are factors that lead to population growth:
    1. Low mortality rate
    2. Use of family planning methods
    3. Practising polygamy
    4. High cost of living
    5. Changes in cultural practices
      Which one of the above combination of factors contributes to slow population growth?
      1. i, iv, v
      2. ii, iii, iv
      3. iii, iv, v
      4. i, ii, iii
  23. Which one of the following statements is true about the population structure of Germans?
    1. Males are more than females 
    2. It is characterised by low mortality
    3. It has a high number of dependants
    4. Most people live in the countryside
  24. Natural forests in Kenya are fenced round using electric fences in order to
    1. protect indigenous trees.
    2. stop burning of charcoal. 
    3. preserve water towers.
    4. reduce poaching.
  25. Below are events that took place in Eastern Africa;
    1. Outbreak of the Hehe rebellion
    2. Formation of the OAU
    3. Kenya became a British colony 
    4. The Maji maji uprising started
    5. Formation of the East African community.
      What is the correct order in which the above events occured starting with the last?
      1. i, iv, iii, v, ii
      2. iii, v, i, ii, iv
      3. iv, iii, v, i, ii
      4. v, ii, iii, iv, i
  26. Which one of the following reasons best explains why bananas are widely grown in Eastern Africa? They
    1. survive in a variety of climatic conditions. 
    2. are the staple food in the region.
    3. are mainly grown for export.
    4. are not attacked by diseases and pests. 
  27. Which one of the following is not a factor influencing rapid industrialization in South Africa?
    1. Large market
    2. Availability of capital
    3. Its membership to two regional organizations
    4. Availability of labour
  28. When mob justice occurs, the victim is denied the right to
    1. escape.
    2. defend himself.
    3. surrender the stolen goods.
    4. be taken to court.
  29. Below are roles of voters in the electoral process. Which one is not?
    1. Respecting the views of others
    2. Attending campaign rallies
    3. Monitoring the election process
    4. Assisting in tallying of votes
  30. The most commonly abused drug in Kenya is
    1. alcohol.
    2. inhalants.
    3. tobacco.
    4. medicine.
  31. Which one of the following statements is true about the Njuri Ncheke council of elders among the Ameru in the pre-colonial period? 
    1. It was based on age-groups
    2. It could not change existing laws 
    3. It had different levels of authority 
    4. Its members were drawn from newly married men
  32. The most economical method of poultry farming for small scale farmers is
    1. battery system.
    2. free range system. 
    3. deep litter system. 
    4. fold system.

Use the map of Kenya provided below to answer questions 32 to 35

33 adad

  1. The pre-historic site marked W is
    1. Kobi Foora.
    2. Nario Kodome.
    3. Kanapoi.
    4. Lothagam.
  2. The river marked P is river
    1. Nyando.
    2. Nzoia.
    3. Mara.
    4. Yalla.
  3. The town marked K is
    1. Garissa.
    2. Marsabit.
    3. Wajir.
    4. Mandera.
  4. The migration route marked M was followed by a language group known as
    1. Cushites.
    2. Semites.
    3. Bantus.
    4. Nilotes.
  5. The authority to distribute the estate of a deceased is only granted to the following parties except
    1. public trustee.
    2. elder son of the deceased. 
    3. court of law.
    4. an administrator appointed by court of law. 
  6. The leading export mineral of Kenya is
    1. fluospar.
    2. limestone.
    3. soda ash.
    4. diatomite.
  7. One of the functions of Lukiiko in the Buganda kingdom was to
    1. collect taxes.
    2. make the budget.
    3. pass judgement.
    4. keep financial records.
  8. Which one of the following groups comprises of fish that are caught from marine fishing grounds only?
    1. Parrot fish, tuna, trout
    2. Nile perch, mullet, mud fish 
    3. Oysters, mullet, sail fish
    4. Prawns, tilapia, shell fish
  9. Three of the following statements are true about coffee growing in Kenya. Which one is not?
    1. It is grown by both large and small scale farmers
    2. Most of the coffee farms are located in the highlands
    3. Some farmers have their own processing factories
    4. It is the leading export crop of Kenya 
  10. One of the following communities of Kenya was not affected by the European settler farming. Which one is it?
    1. Agikuyu
    2. Samburu
    3. Akamba
    4. Abagusii
  11. A School Management Committee is made up of all the following except
    1. representatives from the local community 
    2. the head teacher
    3. representatives from the sponsor
    4. local member of parliament
  12. Australopithecus is said to have evolved from
    1. Homo habilis
    2. Ramapithecus
    3. Homo sapiens
    4. Zinjathropus boisei
  13. Which one of the following areas in Africa have a high population density?
    1. Major towns, most of Angola and Central Tanzania
    2. Coast of Libya, mining areas, and Northern Sudan
    3. Coast of West Africa, the Nile valley and the Lake Victoria Basin
    4. Northern Nigeria, Botswana and Namibia 
  14. Which one of the following methods of soil conservation increases soil fertility?
    1. Contour ploughing 
    2. Crop rotation
    3. Construction of check-dams
    4. Afforestation
  15. One of the problems facing urban centres in Eastem Africa is traffic congestion. Which one of the following is an effort being made by the govemments in the regions to reduce this problem?
    1. Grounding all unroadworthy vehicles 
    2. Phasing out small public service vehicles 
    3. Opening up more bus terminuses
    4. Expanding roads and building new ones 
  16. Who among the following early visitors to Eastern Africa was a trader?
    1. Johannes Rebman
    2. Carl Peters
    3. Dr. David Livingstone
    4. Vasco Da Gama
  17. Which one of the following factors is likely to undermine peace in the society?
    1. Distributing national resources equally 
    2. Cattle rustling
    3. Loyalty
    4. Engaging in dialogue
  18. In Tropical rainforests, there is little or no undergrowth. This is mainly as a result of
    1. continuous vegetation cover
    2. wild animals consuming all the grass
    3. out break of wild fires
    4. very low temperatures
  19. Which one of the following crops in Tanzania is mainly grown for export?
    1. Maize
    2. Sisal
    3. Sugarcane
    4. Cloves
  20. The development taking place in the pastoral communities in Africa are mainly aimed at
    1. making the communities to have permanent settlements.
    2. encouraging them to practice mixed farming.
    3. improving their life styles and quality of animals.
    4. increasing collection of government revenue.
  21. Which one of the following groups of trees is made up of exotic trees only?
    1. Okoune, cypress, obeche, olive
    2. Wattle, cedar, eucalyptus, pine
    3. Meru oak, cypress, mahogany, blue gum.
    4. Iroko, mvule, fir, ebony.
  22. Below are conditions that favour the growth of a crop in Africa;
    1. Rainfall between 1 000 mm - 1 500 mm per year.
    2. Deep, well-drained fertile soils.
    3. Temperatures below 15°C.
    4. Intensive labour during harvesting.
      The crop favoured by the above growth conditions is likely to be
      1. coffee.
      2. cocoa.
      3. maize.
      4. pyrethrum.
  23. The colour used to show mountains and highlands on a map is usually
    1. brown.
    2. green. 
    3. blue. 
    4. yellow. 
  24. Which one of the following groups of towns in Ghana form the Cocoa triangle?
    1. Kumasi, Koforidima, Tema
    2. Yepei, Accra, Fesi
    3. Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi
    4. Takoradi, Akosombo, Kpandu
  25. The location of an oil refinery at Changamwe in Mombasa was mainly influenced by
    1. nature and form of transport for the crude oil.
    2. high demand for petroleum products in Mombasa
    3. good means of transport and communication.
    4. availability of power.
  26. Togo and Cameroon were colonized by
    1. France 
    2. German 
    3. Italy 
    4. Portugal
  27. The European powers met in Berlin in 1884 in order to
    1. plan how to develop African nations.
    2. decide where to establish urban centres in Africa,
    3. share the spheres of influence in Africa peacefully.
    4. resolve conflicts on areas occupied by two or more nations in Africa.
  28. The most suitable form of transport of bulky goods over long distances is
    1. road. 
    2. railway.
    3. air. 
    4. water.


  1. Which one of the following statements from the Bible shows that God wanted human beings to take care of the environment?
    1. Let us make man in our own image
    2. Let the earth produce all kinds of animal life
    3. Have many children and fill the earth
    4. Live all over the earth and bring it under control
  2. Joseph the dreamer was the father of
    1. Reuben and Naphtali 
    2. Ephraim and Mannasseh
    3. Benjamin and Judah
    4. Gad and Ephraim
  3. God changed the name of Abram to Abraham because He wanted to
    1. make him a father of nations.
    2. give him a new land.
    3. make him rich.
    4. give him protection.
  4. According to Exodus 18:17-23, Moses was advised by Jethro his father-in-law to
    1. appoint rulers.
    2. marry Zipporah. 
    3. circumcise his sons. 
    4. return to Egypt. 
  5. Which one of the following is the main reason why the Israelites celebrated the passover? It reminded them of
    1. their departure to Egypt.
    2. God's saving power from Egypt. 
    3. the manna they ate in the desert. 
    4. their suffering in the desert. 
  6. Who among the following people was the only female judge in Israel?
    1. Miriam
    2. Naodiah 
    3. Racheal 
    4. Deborah 
  7. Which among the following priests anointed King Solomon?
    1. Aaron
    2. Zadok 
    3. Zechariah
    4. Samuel 
  8. Who among the following kings was punished by God because of sparing the life of King Agag?
    1. Saul
    2. David
    3. Solomon
    4. Rehoboam
  9. The boy who was resurrected by prophet Elisha was the son of the
    1. widow of Nain
    2. widow of Zarephath
    3. rich woman of Shunem
    4. widow of Shunem
  10. Jeremiah refused to accept the call to become a prophet of God because he felt
    1. too young
    2. too busy
    3. physically weak
    4. a sinful man
  11. 'Don't be afraid, you will become pregnant and give birth to a son and you will name Him Jesus," (Luke 1:30-35). Into which town was the angel sent by God to take this message?
    1. Bethlehem
    2. Bethsaida
    3. Nazareth
    4. Jerusalem
  12. Which one of the following happenings took place on the eighth day after Jesus was born?
    1. The angel appeared to Mary
    2. Jesus was circumcised
    3. The angel appeared to the shepherds
    4. Jesus was dedicated
  13. One of the strange happenings when Jesus was born was that
    1. a bright star was seen in the sky.
    2. there was an earthquake.
    3. the Holy Spirit descedend upon Him in form of a dove.
    4. a group of angels sang.
  14. The parable of the friend at midnight teaches Christians that they should
    1. ask for advice from neighbours
    2. be ready to forgive others 
    3. ask for food from neighbours 
    4. pray without giving up
  15. The miracle of healing the ten lepers teaches Christians to
    1. remember to say thank you.
    2. be generous.
    3. be humble.
    4. preach the word of God.
  16. Pilate washed his hands after trying Jesus to show that
    1. Jesus was a king of Jews.
    2. he was afraid of the Jews.
    3. he had nothing to do with the case.
    4. he was obedient to the Jewish law.
  17. Nicodemus went secretly at night to Jesus to seck advice on
    1. where to bury Jesus.
    2. how to protect Jesus from the Romans. 
    3. how to become a Pharisee.
    4. what he should do to enter the kingdom of God.
  18. After the resurrection of Jesus, He told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit who would help them to
    1. become healthy.
    2. conquer the Roman empire.
    3. serve the Jewish Council.
    4. preach the good news.
  19. Which one of the following beliefs about God is found in the Apostles creed? God is
    1. just. 
    2. holy. 
    3. loving.
    4. almighty.
  20. The prayer of Cornelius was answered by God because he
    1. was a good soldier.
    2. served the king.
    3. gave alms.
    4. was a polite man.
  21. What is chastity?
    1. Mental purity.
    2. Soul purity.
    3. Sexual purity.
    4. Body cleanliness.
  22. Who among the following was also known as
    "The apostle of non-Jews?
    1. Peter 
    2. Philip 
    3. Paul 
    4. Timothy
  23. Taboos and rules are important in traditional African Community because they
    1. limit people's activities in the community. 
    2. indicate punishment for law breakers.
    3. guide human relationship in the community
    4. interfere with people's freedom in the society.
  24. In traditional African communities, people worshipped facing a mountain because it was
    1. God's dwelling place.
    2. near heaven.
    3. a sign of God's purity.
    4. the source of rain.
  25. Margaret, a std eight pupil finds out that her classmate is taking alcohol. What is the best action for her to take?
    1. Tell the other membes of the class 
    2. Advice the classmate to see a counsellor
    3. Report the matter to the nearest police station
    4. Avoid talking to the classmate
  26. One of the best ways to treat people with HIV/AIDS is by
    1. abandoning them.
    2. not giving them jobs.
    3. giving them moral support. 
    4. isolating them.
  27. Which one of the following is an emotional suffering?
    1. Sadness
    2. Blindness
    3. Madness
    4. Stomachache
  28. Why should Christians conserve wildlife?
    1. are beautiful to watch. 
    2. attract tourists.
    3. are part of God's creation.
    4. they are a source of food.
  29. The main reason Christian fast is to
    1. strengthen their faith in God.
    2. fulfill God's commandment.
    3. help them overcome temptations. 
    4. help them to overcome suffering. 
  30. The first person to translate the Bible into a local language was
    1. Dr. David Livingstone. 
    2. William Mackinnon. 
    3. Bishop Hanington.
    4. Dr. Ludwig Krapf.


  1. The prophet (p.b.u.h) was showed that way to perfect the knowledge he was learning is by use of a pen. This was in surah
    1. Al-Kauthar.
    2. Al-Aadr.
    3. Adhuhaa.
    4. Al-Alaq.
  2. Which one of the following is a vice over which Muslim are warned in surah Humaza? 
    1. Piling of wealth 
    2. Giving false witness. 
    3. Backbiting others.
    4. Injustice in measure.
  3. It was Allah's favour to guide the prophet in Surah Dhuhr, otherwise He used to wonder in 
    1. Cave Hira.
    2. Holy Kaaba.
    3. In the jungle.
    4. In the market.
  4. ............................................carried pebbles that were used in the battle against the army of Abraha Ashram.
    1. Army men
    2. Elephants
    3. Angles
    4. Birds
  5. In which chapter does Allah (S.W) swear by two trees, the fig and the olive?
    1. Surah Asr.
    2. Surah Tiyn. 
    3. Surah Aadiyaat.
    4. Surah Ghaashiya.
  6. A person who fights to make sure that Allah's mission is the most high is
    1. on fil sabilillah 
    2. A Walad swaleh
    3. a Twalabul lim
    4. Akhaliilullah
  7. Which of the following things make Allah's happy according to the prophets traditions? When His servants
    1. fight non Muslims.
    2. play and win gambling. 
    3. earn from halaal jobs.
    4. argue over religion.
  8. The prophet wamed" He is not .................................... ,he who eats to his fill when his neighbour is hungry."
    1. an honest.
    2. human.
    3. mindful.
    4.  a believer.
  9. Which one of the following is performed to rectify any error that may have been made in the course of praying swalah?
    1. Rakkatul shakka 
    2. Sijdat sah wa.
    3. Salaam.
    4. Sunna prayer
  10. Which group of hadith should Muslims not rely heavily on their guidance? Hadith
    1. swahiih.
    2. qudsi.
    3. Hasana
    4. Dhwayirf.
  11. Which one of the following phrases is used to bid bye bye to Muslims as you travel?
    1. Yarhamkallah.
    2. Tawakaltu ala Liah.
    3. Hasbnnallah.
    4. Fii amanillah.
  12. Najis mutawasit should be cleaned until three things cannot be felt. Which one is not among them?
    1. Colour 
    2. Texture
    3. Smell
    4. Taste
  13. Who among the following is not among the eight receipients of zakaat?
    1. Al-Fuqaraa
    2. Fii Sabilillah.
    3. Al-Masaagin.
    4. Al-Yatiim
  14. The prophet (p.b.u.h) encouraged Muslims who intend to fast to eat suhuur means of the past midnight because they have
    1. privacy.
    2. satisfaction.
    3. blessings.
    4. swaum. 
  15. Muslims are allowed to combine some prayers and shorten the number of rakaats only if they are
    1. on long journeys.
    2. very tired.
    3. not in good health.
    4. too busy.
  16. The angel of Allah (S.W) charged with the responsibility to welcome those rewarded at the gate of paradise is
    1. Ridhwaan.
    2. Malik.
    3. Israfil.
    4. Jibril.
  17. The prophets of Allah received wahyi through any of the following three ways except through
    1. ancestral spirits. 
    2. dreams.
    3. angels.
    4. veils
  18. The best form of action to take on your friend who has begun stealing is
    1. time him and chop off his hand.
    2. shout out for people to lynch him.
    3. organise for a mob justice.
    4. advise him on Islamic verdict on stealing.
  19. A woman who looses her husband while pregnant will leave her Eddat period ending 
    1. at nine months.
    2. upon giving birth. 
    3. at three months.
    4. at four months 10 days
  20. Allah (s.w) through His holy book Qur'an has warned Muslims against the use of Khamr (all drugs) describing them as 
    1. gatepass to all their sins.
    2. health destroyer.
    3. handworks on sheitwaan. 
    4. having more disadvantages.
  21. Which oone of the following is a measure of zakkat-ul-fitr package guided by the prophet?
    1. 21/2 percent
    2. 21/2 , qiratun
    3. 21/2 ,kilograms
    4. 21/2 , qulatein
  22. "Al-aziizul, ghaffar, muswawwirul, asmaaul busna" Which of the following attributes of Allah is not mentioned in the above phrase? The
    1. designer.
    2. forgiver.
    3. listener.
    4. powerful
  23. The names "Allah" and "prophet" are introduced in the ear of the newborn baby for the first time through
    1. Adhaan.
    2. Tashahhud.
    3. Tahnia.
    4. Iqama.
  24. A Muslim should count 40 houses, from his to know his............................according to prophets tradition.
    1. kinsmen
    2. neighbours
    3. friends
    4. relatives
  25. According to the teaching of Islam, a bad friend's behaviour is like
    1. a perfume.
    2. the smoke of a blacksmith.
    3. petrol.
    4. a smell of decomposed food.
  26. Though Muhammad received the first call of prophethood at 40 years, Raghib Bahira had these signs when he was at the age of
    1. 25 years.
    2. 12 years.
    3. 6 years
    4. 8 years.
  27. The present city of security where all Muslims today go for Hajj was the first settlement of
    1. Ibrahim's family 
    2. Adam's family.
    3. Muhammad's family.
    4. Nuh's family.
  28. In which festival should Muslims first attend prayers before eating anything
    1. Ídd-ul-fitr.
    2. Milad-un-Nabii.
    3. Idd-ul-Hajj.
    4. Isra-wul-Mirajji.
  29. Which one of the following insects did Allah (S.W) use to provide by blindfolding the magic friend Abubakar? A
    1. praying mantis.
    2. coackroach.
    3. butterfly.
    4. spider.
  30. Prophet Musa (A.S) fled to Madyan after running away from................................home. 
    1. Fir'aun's
    2. Shuaib's
    3. Egyptian's
    4. An Izraelite's


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