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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions and Answers - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 4

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1 adada

Study the map of Jada area and answer questions 1-7.

  1. The land in Suta Area rises from
    1. North
    2. South east
    3. South west
    4. North west
  2. What is the approximate length of the marram road in Sura Area?
    1. 3km
    2. 25km
    3. 4.5km
    4. 35km
  3. The residents of Suta Area are dominantly
    1. Hindus
    2. Christians
    3. Muslim
    4. Traditionalists
  4. The following economic activities are carried out in Suta Area except
    1. Fishing activities
    2. Crop farming
    3. Livestock farming
    4. Lumbering activities
  5. Which type of soil is likely to be found in South Western part of Suta Area?
    1. Black cotton soil
    2. Red volcanic soil
    3. Alluvial soil
    4. Sandy soil
  6. The settlement pattern in Suta Area can be described as
    1. clustered
    2. linear
    3. nucleated
    4. sparse
  7. Which one of the following essential services is urgently needed in Suta Area?
    1. Security services
    2. Administrative services
    3. Health services
    4. Recreational services
  8. Which group of communities in Eastern Africa consist of River- Lake Nilotes only?
    1. Kalenjin, njemps, Karamojong, fipa
    2. Alur, Luo, Pokot, Jie
    3. Allur, Marakwet, Shilluk, Padhola
    4. Shilluk, Anuak, Acholi, Nuer
  9. The diagram below represents a weather instrument.
    9 adada
    The distance marked x can be represented by
    1. 5cm
    2. 15cm
    3. 30cm
    4. 20cm
  10. The following are vegetation covers of a certain region in Arica:
    1. Thorny bushes
    2. Prescence of cacti
    3. Short and pricky grass
      The above vegetation covers are likely to be found in
      1. The savannah woodlands
      2. The tropical rainforests
      3. The deserts and semi-deserts
      4. The swamps
  11. Which group of mountains consists of mountains formed through faulting and uplifting process? Mount
    1. Kenya, Danakil Alps, Elgon, Adamaw
    2. Ruwenzori, Ringwe, Ethiopian Highlands, Ai wapin
    3. Pare, Usambaa, Damaki! Alpa, Ruwenzori
    4. Atlas, Cape Ranges, Drakensburg. Pare.
  12. The time at Malabo 30°W is 8.30 am. What time is it at Chogoria 20°E?
    1. 11.50pm
    2. 11.50am
    3. 6.10am
    4. 6.10pm

Use the diagram below to answer questions 13.

13 adada

  1. The above feature represents the formation of
    1. Land breeze
    2. Sea breeze
    3. Convectional rainfall
    4. Relief rainfall
  2. The river Congo carriers the highest volume of water because
    1. it begins from the highest mountain
    2. it has many tributaries
    3. it has many meanders
    4. it is the largest river in west Africa
  3. The following are achievements of a certain hominid:
    1. Invented fire
    2. Had an upright posture
    3. Could communicate verbally
      The above hominid is likely to be
      1. Homo Habilis
      2. Homo Sapien Sapien
      3. Zinjathropus Boisei
      4. Homo erectus
  4. A motorist came across the road sign below on his way to Nakuru town.
    16 addada
    What action should he take?
    1. He should drive
    2. He should stop for the highway police
    3. He should go round the round about
    4. He should look for the alternative entry
  5. The following are duties of a certain school administrators:
    1. He/she is the chief Executive Officer of the school
    2. He/She chairs all the staff meeting
    3. He/she keeps all the school inventory
      The above school administrator is 
      1. The Head teacher
      2. The senior teacher
      3. The Deputy Head teacher
      4. The school treasure
  6. The following statements are true about Nelson Mandela. Which one is not?
    1. He united the people of South Africa
    2. He was a trained lawyer
    3. He was the second African president to retire voluntarily
    4. He helped to bring peace in many African Countries.
  7. Three of the following are reasons why most of rivers in Africa are not navigable. Which one does not?
    1. Presence of rapids and waterfalls
    2. Some rivers are shallow
    3. The volume of water is not constant
    4. Presence of crocodiles and hippopotamus
  8. When French policy of Assimilation failed in Senegal, the French adopted
    1. The policy of association
    2. The Direct Rule
    3. The Indirect Rule
    4. The Paternalism
  9. The diagram below represents an erosional feature.
    21 sdada
    The above erosional feature is likely to be found in the
    1. Sea
    2. Desert 
    3. Plateau
    4. Forest
  10. Three of the following are common characteristics of the Fulani, Maasai and Turkana. Which one is not?
    1. They use horses to search for pastures 
    2. They keep large herds of cattle, goats and sheep
    3. They are nomadic pastoralists
    4. They mainly keep local breeds of livestock
  11. The following communities are found in west Africa:
    1. Ewe
    2. Fa
    3. For
    4. Nzoma
      The above communities belong to the
      1. Mande speakers
      2. Nilo-Saharan speakers
      3. Kwa speakers
      4. Voltaic speakers
  12. The tilting and spinning of the earth on its own axis causes
    1. Rotation
    2. 24 hours
    3. Seasons
    4. Day and night
  13. The following are conditions favouring the growing of a certain crop:
    1. High rainfall of between 1000mm- 1500mm annually.
    2. Cool temperatures.
    3. High altitude of 1500m above sea level.
    4. Well drained, deep fertile volcanic soils
      Which crop requires the above conditions?
      1. Pyrethrum
      2. Sugarcane
      3. Cloves
      4. Cocoa
  14. Which one of the following tourists destinations are correctly matched with the country it is found?
    1. Robben Island- South Africa
    2. Pyramids of Giza-Tumisia
    3. Victoria falls- Kenya
    4. Great Okavango Sanctuary- Zimbabwe
  15. Which statements below is not true about the population structures in Germany?
    1. High dependency ratio
    2. Low birth rate
    3. High life expectancy
    4. Majority are aged
  16. A programme of activities planned to take place in a school is known as
    1. School administration
    2. School routine
    3. School motto
    4. School logo
  17. Which institution of marriage is presided over by a government officer?
    1. Customary marriage
    2. Christian marriage 
    3. Muslim marriage
    4. Civil marriage
  18. The main crop grown at the Perizera irrigation scheme in Baringo county is
    1. Watermelon
    2. Chillies
    3. Seed maize
    4. Rice
  19. Which method of fishing is represented in the diagram below?
    31 adada
    1. Purse scining 
    2. Trawling 
    3. Long lining
    4. Net drifting
  20. Which tree species is unlikely to be found at the Great Usutu valley forest in Swaziland? 
    1. Cypress
    2. Pine
    3. Rosewood
    4. Eucalyptus
  21.  The following are uses of a certain mineral
    1. Making plastics
    2. Manufacture of fertilizers
    3. Making carbon papers
    4. Tarmacking roads The above mineral is
      1. Limestone
      2. Soda ash
      3. Diatomite
      4. Petroleum
  22. Flowers are mainly transported by the means of aeroplanes because
    1. they are mainly exported abroad
    2. air transport is cheap
    3. aeroplanes allow bulky goods
    4. flowers are perishable
  23. Which lake was not formed through the process shown below?
    35 adadad
    1. Lake Nyos 
    2. Lake Paradise 
    3. Lake Itasy
    4. Lake Shala
  24. Which one of the following countries is wrongly matched with its capital city?
    1. Liberia - Monrovia
    2. Libya - Rabat
    3. Lesotho-Maseru
    4. Benin-port Novo
  25. Who among the following early visitors to Eastern Africa was sent to look for Dr David Livingstone?
    1. Richard Burton
    2. John Speke
    3. Henry Morton Stanely
    4. Samuel Baker
  26. The following are reasons why chief Lewanika of the Lozi collaborated with the British. Which one is not?
    1. He wanted military support to supress some chiefs.
    2. He wanted to prevent the Portuguese, German and the Dutch from interfering with his region.
    3. He wanted to safeguard Islam against Christianity which the French wanted to spread.
    4. He was advised by Chief Khama of the Bamangwato of Botswana that he would earn great benefits.
  27. Which of the following is not a marine fish?
    1. Black Bass
    2. Snapper
    3. Tuna
    4. Mackerel
  28. The following countries withdrew from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) except
    1. Namibia
    2. Angola
    3. Mozambique
    4. Zimbabwe
  29. Which one of the following is a print media?
    1. Journals
    2. Internet
    3. Telex
    4. Mobile phones
  30. The youth in Kenya today mainly interact through
    1. Education
    2. Trading activities
    3. Games and sports
    4. Intermarriages
  31. The San and the Khoikhoi belong to a language group because
    1. they are pastoralists 
    2. they are hunters
    3. they live in bands
    4. their languages have click sounds
  32. Which one of the following is the main source of revenue for Kisii county? 
    1. Taxes paid by citizens
    2. Court fines
    3. Licences from traders
    4. Grants from the National government
  33. The main work of the Kenya National Police Service is to
    1. arrest and imprison law breakers
    2. control traffic in major roads 
    3. maintain law and order
    4. protect government property
  34. The new-elected and nominated members of parliament are sworn-in by
    1. The Chief Justice
    2. The Speaker
    3. The Attorney General
    4. The Clerk of the National Assembly
  35. Which one is not a function of the body in- charge of elections in Kenya?
    1. Prepares election materials
    2. Announces election results
    3. Nullifies election results
    4. Recruits election officials
  36. Jim and Joan had a dispute over their ancestral land. Joan decided to seek assistance from court. Which method of conflict resolution did she use?
    1. Mediation
    2. Conciliation
    3. Arbitration
    4. Litigation
  37. Kenya conserves her wildlife mainly to
    1. Protect rare plants and animals.
    2. Preserve beauty of the country.
    3. Create employment for Kenyans.
    4. Improve transport and communications.
  38. Which traditional form of communication was used to warn the people of the alleged attack by raiders?
    1. Smoke signals
    2. Beating drums
    3. Sending fast runners
    4. Blowing horns
  39. Which political party did Kwame Nkurumah use to lead the people of Ghana to attain independence?
    1. United Gold Coast Convention
    2. Ghana Africa National Union
    3. National Liberation Movement
    4. Conventions Peoples Party
  40. Which one of the following countries was not colonised by Portugal?
    1. Sao Tome and Pricipe
    2. Guinea Bissau
    3. Angola
    4. Gabon
  41. Which one of the following is the headquarters of a continental organization in Africa?
    1. Addis Ababa
    2. Nairobi
    3. Arusha
    4. Abuja
  42. Which colour of the Kenya's national flag symbolises peace enjoyed by all citizens?
    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. White
    4. Black
  43. In democracy, individuals elect other persons to make decisions on their behalf: This democracy is known as
    1. Indirect democracy
    2. Liberal democracy
    3. Delegative der socracy
    4. Nominational democracy
  44. The main factor to consider while locating a site for a bakery is
    1. Raw materials
    2. Good transport and communication
    3. Ready market
    4. Source of electricity 

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 57-60:

57 adsfsfs

  1. What was the main reason for the establishment of the multi-purpose river project marked K? To
    1. provide water for irrigation
    2. generate cheap hydro-electric power
    3. control floods at the lower Zambezi
    4. promote tourism
  2. The international highway marked M connects the following countries except
    1. Algeria
    2. Mali
    3. Benin
    4. Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. The winds marked J are
    1. Westerlies
    2. South East Trade winds
    3. Harmattan
    4. North East Trade winds
  4. The island country marked X is likely to be
    1. Seychelles
    2. Cape Verde
    3. Mauritius
    4. Comoros


  1. Adam and Eve hid from God in the garden of Eden because they were
    1. hungry
    2. afraid of God
    3. told by the snake to do so
    4. annoyed with God
  2. When did Abraham show his faith in God? When he
    1. made the Ark of the Covenant.
    2. took family to Egypt.
    3. left his home for an unknown destination.
    4. received visitors in his house.
  3. Who among the following people was a son to Isaac?
    1. Jacob
    2. Seth
    3. Joseph
    4. Reuben
  4. The main reason why God called Moses was
    1.  to perform miracles before Pharaoh. 
    2. To tell the Israelites about their tradition.
    3. To lead the Israelites out of bondage.
    4. To assemble the elders of the Israelites.
  5. Which one of the following commandments promises long life for the people who obey it?
    1. "Keep the Sabbath day holy"
    2. "Respect your parents"
    3. "Worship only one God"
    4. "Do not commit murder"
  6. Who among the following was the only woman judge in Israel?
    1. Ruth
    2. Lydia
    3. Deborah
    4. Esther
  7. Prophet Nathan was annoyed with the second king of Israel because
    1. the king had married many wives. 
    2. the king wanted to worship gods.
    3. the king had killed Uriah.
    4. the king refused to build a house for God.
  8. Why did Naboth refuse to give his vineyard to king Ahab?
    1. He wanted to give it to his relatives.
    2. He wanted to remain close to the vineyard.
    3. He wanted to sell it at higher prices.
    4. King Ahab wanted to take it by force.
  9. Which one of the following festivals is celebrated by the Israelites to remember the day they were released from Egypt?
    1. Tabernacle
    2. Passover
    3. Pentecost
    4. Easter
  10. When the wisemen visited baby Jesus they worshipped Him by presenting to Him
    1. Gold
    2. Silver
    3. Ornaments
    4. Holy Spirit
  11. Who among the following people were in the temple when baby Jesus was presented for dedication?
    1. Anna and Zachariah
    2. Elizabeth and Simeon
    3. Simeon and Anna
    4. Mary and Joseph
  12. Which one of the following activities took place during the baptism of Jesus?
    1. The heaven was opened.
    2. There was darkness over the earth.
    3. People spoke in tongues.
    4. The curtain was torn into two.
  13.  Which lesson do Christians learn from the miraculous catch of fish?
    1. Just
    2. Kind
    3. Loving
    4. Obedient
  14. Jesus taught his disciples not to judge others mainly because
    1. they will be punished by God. 
    2. they will be judged by God.
    3. they will be hated by others.
    4. they will be put to death.
  15. What lesson do Christians learn from the parable of the good Samaritan?
    1. They should pray for one another.
    2. They should preach the word of God.
    3. They should lay hands on the sick.
    4. They should beip people who are in need.
  16. Jesus was assisted to carry the cross by
    1. Nicodemus
    2. Simeon of Cyrene
    3. Joseph of Arimathca
    4. Justus
  17. Which one of the following events took place when Jesus resurrected?
    1. An angel spoke out.
    2. There was darkness over the land.
    3. There was an earthquake.
    4. The curtain in the temple was torn
  18. Which one of the following books of the New Testament is a letter?
    1. Mathew
    2. Acts
    3. Timothy
    4. Leviticus
  19. Who among the following people was a deacon in the early church?
    1. Paul
    2. Stephen
    3. Peter
    4. James
  20. Which one of the following is a gift of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Healing
    2. Humility
    3. Gentleness
    4. Patience
  21. What were the Ethiopian Eunuch reading about when Philip met him?
    1. The suffering of the Messiah. 
    2. The coming of the Holy Spirit.
    3. The transfiguration of Jesus.
    4. The baptism of Jesus.
  22. Which one of the following beliefs about God is similar to Christianity and traditional African religion? God
    1. lives in caves
    2. is powerful
    3. lives in heaven
    4. is trinity
  23. Which one of the following is the second right of passage in Traditional African communities?
    1. Marriage
    2. Initiation
    3. Naming
    4. Death
  24. In traditional African communities, children were taught morals mainly to
    1. develop their characters.
    2. make them respected in the society.
    3. learn special skills.
    4. worship the ancestors.
  25. On his way home from school Calvin a standard eight boy met an old man carrying a heavy heap of wood. Suddenly the old man fell down. What was the best action Calvin could take?
    1. Tell him to come up and continue his journey.
    2. Pretend not to see what had happened.
    3. Run back to school and inform the head teacher to assist.
    4. Assist the old man to get up.
  26. Michael and Hesbon have been close friends. In recent times, the two have started showing signs of misunderstanding. As a Christian, what advice would you give them?
    1. Tell them to stop talking to each other. 
    2. Ask them to seek guidance and counselling services.
    3. Tell them to leave each other in peace and look for new friends.
    4. Report the matter to the area Chief for counselling.
  27. Which one of the following activities of leisure is common to traditional African communities and the new religion?
    1. Watching gospel movies
    2. Attending beer parties
    3. Visiting the less fortunate
    4. Reading the scriptures
  28. Diana a grade six learner has been given house chores by her mother. Her friend Quinter visits her and asks her to join her in playing hide and seek. As a Christian what should Diana do?
    1. Accompany Quinter to playing site. 
    2. Tell Quinter to come another time. 
    3. Do the work as fast as she can.
    4. Ask Quinter to do the work for her first.
  29. Kasichana, a standard eight learner has been confirmed to be pregnant. Her friends advised her to carry out an abortion. As a Christian what action would you advise Kasichana to take?
    1. To keep the pregnancy
    2. Follow the friends advice
    3. Stop going to school
    4. Look for the person responsible for the pregnancy to marry her
  30. Early Christian missionaries came to East Africa mainly to
    1. build schools
    2. colonise countries of East Africa
    3. stop slave trade
    4. spread the gospel of Jesus


  1. Which one of the following surahs talks about the flames?
    1. Al-Lahab
    2. Kawthar
    3. Al-Tiin
    4. Qadar.
  2. The night of power that Allah (SW) showed Himself is found in surah
    1. Al-Qadar
    2. Fiyl
    3. Humazah
    4. Zilzallah.
  3. The day of judgement and the end of the earth is well mentioned in surah
    1. Zilzalah
    2. Dhuha
    3. Inshirrah
    4. An-Nasr.
  4. Which one of the following is the mother of all chapters in the holy Quran?
    1. Fatiha
    2. Aadiyyat
    3. Firaun
    4. Al-Tin.
  5. "Man was made from blood clor" This is a verse mentioned surah
    1. Al-Alaq
    2. Maun
    3. Al-Inshirrah
    4. Dhuha.
  6. During his teaching the prophet warned against frustrating one's neighbour and mentioned how many houses that form the neighbour hood. How many are they?
    1. One hundred
    2. Forty
    3. Eighty
    4. Ten.
  7. He who is not thankful to others is not thankful to....
    1. Allah
    2. Prophet Muhammad
    3. himself
    4. creation
  8. Which one of the following statements is not correct about angels of Allah?(SW)
    1. Angels have different duties. 
    2. They are neither males nor females. 
    3. They were created from Nuhr.
    4. Angels have a common duty to perform.
  9. Which one of the following is the festival performed to celebrate the birth of a new born baby?
    1. Aqiqah
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Idd-ul-Adha
    4. Rajab.
  10. According to the holy Quran the number of chapters written are
    1. 25
    2. 100
    3. 45
    4. 117
  11. Which one of the following is the category of the urine of a baby boy?
    1. Heavy Najjasit
    2. Light Najjasit
    3. Medium Najjasit
    4. No Najjasit
  12. Which one of the following is recommended in the Islamic law?
    1. Begging.
    2. Gambling.
    3. Hoarding.
    4. Mixing with other religion.
  13. The following can spoil the saum except
    1. eating deliberately
    2. drinking wine
    3. laughing loudly
    4. woman entering heidh.
  14. Which one of the following Angels of Allah (SW) was responsible for the rain falling?
    1. Malik
    2. Mikael
    3. Jibril
    4. Atid.
  15. Which one of the following is not a belief in the Islamic sherian?
    1. Books
    2. Allah
    3. Angels
    4. Qiyamah.
  16. Which one of the following festivals fallows the Ramadhan immediately?
    1. Id-itr
    2. Idd-ull-adha-a
    3. Hajj
    4. Aqiqah.
  17. How many children did the Prophet Muhama ed (P.b.u.h) have with Lady Khadija?
    1. Seven
    2. Eight
    3. Ten
    4. Four.
  18. Which one of the following places did the Prophet Muhammed (P.b.u.h) receive his Wahyi?
    1. On Mt. Sinai."
    2. At cave Hira.
    3. On Mt. Ararat.
    4. In the plane of Roja.
  19. The following are festivals in the Islamic shariah. Which one is performed to celebrate the reception of a new born baby?
    1. Aqiqah
    2. Idd-ul-Fitr
    3. Idd-ul-adha-a 
    4. Rajab. 
  20. Which one of the following Islamic celebration takes place only in the town of Makkah?
    1. Hajj
    2. Ramadhan
    3. Idd-ul-Fitr
    4. Makkah.
  21. Which one of the following is a najjis according to Islamic law?
    1. Cow
    2. Pig
    3. Dog
    4. Carmel. 
  22. The following are ways through which a Muslim can contract HIV and AIDS. Which one is not?
    1. Sexual intercourse.
    2. Donating blood.
    3. Sharing piercing object.
    4. Mosquito bites.
  23. The following are Islamic virtues practised by Muslim faithful. Which one is not?
    1. Sharing
    2. Kindness
    3. Arrogance
    4. Oneness.
  24. Muslims in the early times along the Eastern African coast met challenges while spreading the religion. Which one among them was the least?
    1. Lack of geographical knowhow.
    2. Language barriers.
    3. Lack of enough money.
    4. Inadequate preachers.
  25. When they were in the nature walk, the prophet (P.b.u.h) chose to do one of the following activity in order for them to prepare food. Which one was it? 
    1. Splitting firewood.
    2. Slaughtering the animals. 
    3. Cooking food.
    4. Searching for firewood.
  26. The following are some of the practices performed by Muslims. Which one among them is not wanted by Allah(SW)?
    1. Shirk
    2. Ihsaan
    3. Justice
    4. Wudhu.
  27. Which one of the following is not a belief of Iman? Belief
    1. in prophet
    2. in Angels
    3. in Allah
    4. Mosque.
  28. The following can be accepted by Allah and the teaching of the prophet to be produced as Zakkat. Which one is not?
    1. Produce from the farms.
    2. Clothes from the house.
    3. Money from the bank.
    4. A piece of land.
  29. The uncle of the prophet (P.b.u.h) was cursed by Allah (SW). Which one of the following lessons do Muslims learn from this?
    1. The bounties of Allah are not for granted.
    2. Allah (SW) does not sleep or slumber.
    3. Muslims should not disobey the prophet (Pbuh).
    4. Allah (SW) is the supreme God.
  30. Who among the following Prophets of Allah was swallowed in the belly of a whale?
    1. Nabii Issa (AS)
    2. Nabii Swalah (AS)
    3. Nabii Yunis (AS)
    4. Nabii Ibrahim (AS)


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