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Jesus and Creation - Grade 4 CRE Revision Notes

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The Effects Of Weather And Water

Genesis 7:11-24, numbers 20:2-6, psalms 104:10-14.

  • Weather is the day to day change in the atmosphere.
  • There are good effects of weather and bad effect.
  • Good effects
    1. It helps crops to grow
    2. It helps to water land and prevent dust.
    3. It provides water for cooking, washing and drinking.
    4. Sun dries our grains, wind helps winnowing
  • Bad effects of weather
    1. Flood destroys plants and crops
    2. Wind can destroy the roofs, draught dries crops.
  • During the time of Noah, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.


  1. Name the three sons of Noah
    _________ ,_________ and _________.
  2. Noah build the _________.
  3. Noah was _________ years when he started building the ark.
  4. Write down three bd effects of weather
  5. Write down 3 good effects of weather

The Miracles Of Jesus Christ

  1. The feeding of 5000 people {John 6:1-13}

    • Jesus fed 5000 men with two fish and 5 loaves of bread.
    • After eating 12 baskets were left.
    • The food belonged to a small boy.
    • Jesus asked Philip where they will buy bread.
    • Andrew said that there was a boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish.
    • These miracles shows that Jesus cares for our spiritual and physical needs.
    • Jesus has the power over nature.

  2. The Raising Of Lazarus {John 38:44}

    • Lazarus lived in Bethany.
    • Lazarus had two sisters Mary and Martha.
    • Lazarus died and was buried 4 days.
    • Jesus raised Lazarus
    • Christians should have hope of life after death.

  3. The Miraculous Catch of Fish {Luke 5:3-11}

    • Simon peter and Andrew had gone fishing in the lake of Galilee.
    • Jesus asked them to throw their nest into water.
    • Simon Peter believed and trusted God.
    • They managed to catch 153 fish.
    • The disciples were amazed at the miraculous catch of fish.
    • Jesus showed that he had power over nature.


      1. Jesus fed _________ people with_________ loaves of bread and _________ fish.
      2. _________ baskets remained.
      3. The food belonged to a _________
      4. _________ and _________ were the sisters of Lazarus
      5. Lazarus and his sisters lived in _________
      6. Lazarus was dead for _________ days.
      7. In the miraculous catch of fish, how many fish were caught?

  4. The Calming Of The Storm {Luke 8:22-25}

    • Jesus and his disciples were crossing the lake in a boat.
    • A great storm suddenly appeared
    • The disciples were terrified and woke Jesus up.
    • Jesus Christ ordered the wind and the storm to calm down.
    • Jesus asked the disciple why they did not have faith.
    • The disciples were amazed.
    • This shows that Jesus has power over nature.

  5. Walking On Water {John 6:16-21}

    • Jesus and his disciple were on a boat going to Capernaum.
    • Jesus failed to turn up, the disciples decided go to Capernaum
    • As they were sailing they saw Jesus walking on water.
    • They thought it was a ghost.
    • Jesus told them not to be a afraid
    • Jesus got in the and they sailed on.
    • This shows that Jesus has power over nature.

The response to the power of Jesus Christ.

  1. God created everything through Jesus Christ.
  2. Jesus has power over all that God created.
  3. We should respond to the power of Jesus Christ by:-
    • Reading the bible
    • Obeying God’s commandment.
    • Trusting and believing God’s word.
    • Showing love to God and others.
    • Helping the needy.
    • Living in peace with neighbours.
    • Taking care of God’s creation


  1. _________ and _________ were the sons of Zebedee
  2. By raising Lazarus, Jesus showed that he had power over _________
  3. By calming the storm, Jesus showed that he had power over _________
  4. By feeding the 5000 people, Jeus showed he had power over _________ .
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